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Under eye bags, sagging skin. As a result of...

Under eye bags, sagging skin.

As a result of weight loss and a genetic predisposition for hollow midface/eyes, I was left with premature sagging and lack of volume in my face. It took me almost a year of research and several consultations with various surgeons before I found Dr.Jacono. During my two pre surgery consultations I was especially interested in seeing examples of younger patients who had undergone pan facial rejuvenation (I am 37). I was shown dozens of examples.His strategy for my facial rejuvenation included a deep plane facelift, lower blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and fat transfer. His execution was flawless. I look 8 or 9 years younger and more beautiful. The result is truly remarkable. The scars are already almost imperceptible after only 6 weeks. I do not look pulled, filled or fake in any way whatsoever. Because he used a deep plane technique (which repositions the deep tissues, not just the top few layers), when I speak or move my face everything looks and feels as it is supposed to. Working in the fashion industry I have seen many examples of bad fat transfers and bad facelifts up close. This surgeon has a keen sense of subtlety and balance. The recovery progressed smoothly, although because I had so many procedures done at once the swelling took some time to resolve. One must have the emotional fortitude and patience to deal with recovery. Through it all he and his staff continue to provide superb post op care. There is risk with any surgery but working with someone of Dr. Jacono's caliber can mitigate those risks significantly. I highly recommend him.

I can share pictures if you contact me privately.

Thank you so much mcat.
Hi zizi

If you speak with Diane at his office she is very friendly and will give you a breakdown of the costs for each procedure. It's more economical in terms of anesthesia, facility costs if you combine procedures. But you have to weigh the risks as well. I was under anesthesia for several hours. But unlike last time (when I had knee surgery 10 years ago), I did not feel nauseated when I woke up. My anesthesiologist was very good. I believe he also offers a twilight anesthesia option. It all depends on what procedure/s you are having done.
Hello mcat I just saw you changed the price to 17000. Thanks for updating.

8 months post op. I've added a couple of images.

8 months post op. I've added a couple of images.
You definitely look years younger, I'd say job well done!
Mcat you look absolutely stunning. I love the way Dr J sculpted your cute nose. He will definitely be my doc. I'm just waiting few more years. I really appreciate your review and the pics left me with a dropped jaw. I'm really happy for you.

10 months post op. Went to see Dr. Jacono today...

10 months post op. Went to see Dr. Jacono today for a follow up. I took a screen shot before/after from the front. My face is no longer square! My cheeks are higher (even though I didn't have a cheeklift, his style of facelift elevates the cheek pads). Really happy and enjoying the results. Thank you Dr. Jacono.
You look great!
Wow, turned an already beautiful woman more beautiful! Now....I have to find someone who does similar stellar work for a bit less money! Congrats to both you and your surgeon, job well done.
Thank you nadiahoney!

closeup of nose

I got a few messages requesting closeup before/afters of my nose. Here they are. You can see the boxy tip reshaped in the 'up the nose' angle. You can also see the nice effect of the fat transfer and the lower bleph from that angle (less bags/folds/shadows in the after picture).

I love your new photos, thank you for posting them!


another before/after image

This after pic is a bit older (8 months post op) but it's in the same lighting. No makeup, shiny skin in the after.
Hi Mcat, Would you mind if I could see more of your photos in a private message please. I am considering seeing your doctor in the near future, I have been thinking about it for a long time. Just a quick question- the fat grafting you received...is it still there? I know it can disappear in a lot of cases, do you think it was worth it. Also you said you could go out after 2 weeks, how were you feeling at that point? did it completely drain you? or were you pretty much ok by that point apart from scars. I'm asking this as I will be coming from the uk and there is other things I want to do and see while I'm there so I don't want to plan anything that will be too much for me. Thanks- you look great by the way
Hi an72. I would say about 50% of the fat stayed. There was a lot of swelling as a result of the combination of prcedures. At two weeks I could go out but definitely lost energy in the afternoon. I would say I was back to normal in terms of energy at about 4 weeks. I didn't workout until about 2 months after my surgeries. Different people react differently to swelling from fat transfer so it's hard to say. I looked very swollen until about 4 weeks but no one really noticed, I just knew. Of all the procedures, the fat transfer is the hardest for me to judge. I've definitely retained about half the fat that was placed in my upper cheek but the fat in my temples disappeared. Do have a look at my other posts regarding sculptra. I've been getting sculptra treatments and they are working out really well in terms of volumizing my temples and cheeks. There are more pictures there. Are you considering other procedures besides fat transfer?
Please look at the other reviews for Jacono as well to give you a better idea of what kind of surgeon he is. I've posted pictures under multiple bad surgeries.

images removed

Hi Ladies. I've removed my images because my identity has been compromised. Please contact me privately if you'd like to see before/after pictures.
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