Upper Bleparoplasty with New Creases: Hated It at First but Now Love It - New York

I had upper blepraroplasty almost 6 weeks ago. I...

I had upper blepraroplasty almost 6 weeks ago. I had skin removed, medial fat pads and my crease was raised. I was very disappointed and upset that one of my eyes had a lid alot larger than the other. I had alot of swelling in the inner upper lid area. it looked like I had large lids with one eye that looked like I had ptosis. I was very upset and hated the way I looked.I could not look up. The swelling was worse in the morning so I had to get up 2 hours earlier for work and hoped some of the swelling would go down. My coworkers all looked at me strange.

My doctor said it was swelling and would get better. I hated to leave my house and then at 4 1/2 weeks everything started to look better. I actually love my eyes now even though there is still some small issues. I have some skin that if it does not improve I want removed but the major issues with big lids and one eye larger than the other one is now alot better.

I plan on healing for 3 months before I decide if I will need anything else done to even the eyelids out. I had great doubts that my eyes would ever look good but my doctor was right it was swelling. I think I was not prepared for such a long recovery. When you read about blepharoplasty the information says you can return to work in 10-14 days and that isnt always true for alot of people. I think a month is a more realistic time frame to tell patients. I think if I was told that I would have handled this alot better than I did.

My eyes looked uneven and I didnt have alot of bruising but I had alot of swelling and my one eyelid was stiff and very large. The swelling is going away slowly but it looks better every week. I wished I never had it done until the 4th week when the swelling started to go down. I feel better knowing if the few issues I still have can be fixed after I heal for 3 months. I feel that I may not need anything else done if the swelling continues to go down. My scars look great and with makeup on you can not see them. I started to think the answer every Dr gives you is its only swelling but now I realize it can be swelling that will get better with time.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, lorir90. It definitely takes some time to heal and get the full results. I've heard that 90% of the swelling goes down quickly, but that 10% can still make a huge difference. I hope the rest of your recovery goes well, and please keep us posted on your progress. :)


My eye that looks like I have ptosis is still...

my eye that looks like I have ptosis is still looking like that. The other eye has continued to improve but the ptosis eye is still a problem. It did get a little better but now it just is not improving anymore. It dose not cover any of my pupil put it sits lower on my iris than the other eye. I have another appt with my doctor in a few weeks and I am hoping he will agree to correct it after its been 3 months. In downward gaze it is alot lower than my other eyelid. I do love the good eye but I am having a hard time dealing with the ptosis eye. I still do not understand why I would have this when I had no ptosis before my surgery.
I am having the same problem 4 weeks post op. I was wondering what happened after you passed the three month mark? I would appreciate any updates as I too am freaking out about one of my eyelids looking "droopy" compared to the other. It's improved a teeny bit in this 4th week, but not enough that people aren't asking me what I did to my left eye (the droopy one)? It's been very stressful. Thank you for any help you can provide.
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