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I recently invested in a smile makeover but I am...

I recently invested in a smile makeover but I am extremely regrettful about the whole thing. My brother needed to get a crown down on his front tooth and knew a cheap dentist. I was super excited because I was always insecure about my crooked front teeth. My smile was perfect but you couldn't tell because of the two front crooked teeth that pretty much took the attention off my other teeth. I was often teased growing up. My classmates would say that I have "V" teeth. I developed a way of talking to hide my smile.

Fast forward into my twenties. I finally saved up the money and went to see that "inexpensive" dentist. I explained to him that as an adult that I didn't want to wear braces. Between, I tried getting braces as a child but my insurance refused to cover the procedure because I supposely didn't have an overbite - and my parents couldn't afford to pay out of pocket.

I know of a few people who have a combination of porcelain veeners and crowns and they look beauitful and they are happy...

The dentist said we can do a combo of veneers and crowns- crowns for the two front teeth because my front teeth were crooked and veeners for the neighboring teeth. I expressed doubts about the other two teeth because they were perfectly striaght and did not need any work. But, the dentist insisted on bullying me, saying we wouldn't remove much tooth structure and that it would match better. I was excited but very nervous. He ended up shaving down the other two teeth and prepared all four for crowns. I was so hurt and was extremely depressed about it for weeks.

It gets worse though, he used porcelain fused to metal and choice to link all the teeth - aka - a bridge ( no false tooth attached). I started freaking out when I saw the bridge because I had little knowlegde on it and had only researched crowns and veeners beforw getting the work done. He stated that this is a much better option and will last very long. I agreed for him to install the bridge because I didn't know what else to do. I literally spent all my money on this and couldn't go anywhere else -- no one will get the work for that cheap. He said he will repeat the work if I am really unhappy but I don't trust him at all!

it's been a month since I've gotten the work done. My smile is very pretty ( I've uploaded a photo)but it won't be when my grums receed. I am already thinking about replacing this as soon as I get the money.

I guess I'm sharing my experience so that others don't make the same mistake. I wish that I had been more patient and waited until I had enough money to pay for invisible braces. And I wished I had done more researching before trusting a con artist..


Please do your research before investing in any type of dental treatment - why choose to go to a "cheap dentist"? This often leads to more problems and expenses down the road - at the end of the day, you have to appreciate that you get what you pay for. See someone soon to make sure you did not have irreversible damage done to you mouth, gums, and teeth. I wish you luck!

Thank you for deciding to share your story so others could learn from your experience. I'm really sorry to hear you are regretting the work you had done. :( Keep saving your money. Hopefully you will find a great dentist between now and when any further work needs to be done that you will feel comfortable with.

You had mentioned you had photos, but I don't see them on your review. Here is a link to our help section with directions on how to add photos. I'd love to see what things look like.

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