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Sorry no 'after' photos yet!

Wow - this is really going to happen! The day...

Wow - this is really going to happen! The day after my twin boys turned five (in Nov), I called my internist to let her know that I am finally ready to pursue my hernia repair, muscle repair, and tummy tuck! She referred me to the surgeon who will repair my hernia along with the plastic surgeon who will clean the whole thing up. A few consults later, and I had it on the calendar! Really surreal. My twin pregnancy was a doozy; I'm 4'11" and weighed around 110 when I became pregnant with my twins. I gained something like 70+ pounds and was stretched to the max. The kids were 6 pounds, 3 ounces each and tore my abdomen and produced a lovely umbilical hernia to boot. Good thing that they are so adorable and amazing. :) I've had body issues since they were born; hate being naked even in front of my husband. I've also had some very annoying and painful lower back and hip problems, likely as a result of having such a weak core. I'm looking forward to having my hernia finally repaired, my stomach looking the way that it used to (if not better!), and have a stronger mid-section to strengthen my lower back. Now if only I could stop freaking out and just have it over with already! ;)


Good luck Hun! U deserve it!
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Wow! Can't believe that my surgery is tomorrow...

Wow! Can't believe that my surgery is tomorrow morning! Hernia repair, muscle repair, lipo, and full tummy tuck. I was very scared about 2 days ago but suddenly feel really calm and ready to go. And my kids have been so difficult lately that I'm oddly looking forward to taking a step back for the next few weeks. I'll be spending the night at the hospital and will then be staying at a hotel for 2 nights to get some more rest and down time away from my twin boys (they are 5!) I will update again as soon as I can! Finally added some 'before' photos...


Good luck
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Hi TwinTuck - I'm going in tomorrow too. Our situations are very similar (height and two boys at home) I'm glad you're calm because I'm a wreck. I had done all I could do to prepare but now I'm just so nervous. Good idea to go to a hotel after, will you be alone there? I'm spending one night in the hospital but then I'll be home. I'll be checking on you so make sure you do an update. Good luck... see ya on the other side :)
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Hi! Best of luck to you! I'm still calm. :) I'll be staying at a hotel for 2 nights; a nurse the first night and just my husband and I on the second night. Look forward to hearing from you! :)

I had my full tt with hernia and muscle repair on...

I had my full tt with hernia and muscle repair on wed, feb 13th. The surgery took 3 hours and I spent 2 nights in the hospital. The hernia and muscle repair were much more extensive than originally thought and I was in a lot of pain; not ready to go after one night and the second night was much needed. Have been home since and pain is definitely manageable. Still taking percocet. I'm going in for my first post-op visit tomorrow and will hopefully have my one drain removed but we'll see!


Good to hear put up pics as soon as you can
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How did go I have twin boys they are 8 and I am doing my Dr March 22

My surgery was on 2/13 and I came home on 2/15. I...

My surgery was on 2/13 and I came home on 2/15. I have yet to see my tummy! Part of me is much too afraid to look. My mother came with me for my one week post-op where my drain was removed (ouch but oh-so-glad it is gone!) and she said that my stomach looked amazing. I haven't even taken a shower yet. I know that is totally gross but I am a sponge bath pro now. :) I ordered a shower seat and my husband is going to assemble it tonight and hopefully help me in the shower tomorrow. I know that I've just got a bad case of anxiety about this and I'm sorry for not having posted any pics yet, but I will as soon as I am emotionally able to. Other than that, I have been feeling pretty good. I went off of the pain meds about a day ago; tylenol is just fine at this point. No major pain unless I cough or sneeze. I'm still having trouble getting out of bed or off of the couch. Seems that I just can't get the move right. What else? Oh - I'm still walking hunched over. When does that end?? Hope everyone else is doing well!


Do you have any post op pictures?
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