Uncomfortable, but the Outcome Will Be Worth It!!!!!!!

I have two children ages 10 and 4yrs old, both...

I have two children ages 10 and 4yrs old, both were delivered by c-section. After my first child I was left with a flap and there was nothing I could do about it, and after my second pregnancy the flap became wider and more noticeable. Although, I was one of those types to always wear Spanx and a girdle under my clothes to make others not see what I see w/o clothes on, lol!!!

Anyway I've always wanted to get my Tummy Tuck done and I’m happy to say ladies, I DID IT!!!!! I had my surgery today 3/25/10 and I'm holding up pretty well.

DAY 1: Today 3/26/09 and I’m feeling the pain a little more since the anesthesia wore off. I have drains and a pain pump. The pain pump automatically releases medicine to the abdominal area which I think is helping out. I woke up every 25 minutes and it wasn’t because of pain, I just couldn’t really sleep. I’m glad I took the advice of a Realself member that advised renting a recliner will help out if you don’t have one. Actually, the recliner I rented is a medical recliner from Rent-A-Center. It lifts me up til my feet reaches the floor, which is absolutely fabulous and affordable.

As far as help, one of my girlfriends offered to take off from work for a week to help me out which was nice. My husband has been helping me with the kids and cooking.

I have to go back on Tuesday for my first post-op appt, so at that time I will upload some post-op pics.

congrats!I just had mine on the 24th as well. I am so happy i did it as well. Good luck with your recovery!
I had a tummy tuck on the same day as you!! I finally got my draining tubes out today. I'm gonna attempt to go to work tomorrow but I still feel really stiff. Do you feel your belly at all, cause I feel nothing?
Glad you finally did it, all the best with your healing and post some pics as you go along, good luck

So I'm six days in and I truly feel like I'm...

So I'm six days in and I truly feel like I'm getting better everyday just as everyone said. My belly button looks a little crazy to me, but I know that I have to be patient. I went for my first post-op visit yesterday and everything went well. Unfortunately, I forgot my drainage calculation sheet, so my doctor didn't want to remove them until he was sure I was draining less than 30cc within 24hrs., which I was okay with.  I took my first bath today since the day before surgery and it felt soooo good!!!! I've posted some post-op pics below, just as I aid I would. Hope this will help anyone who's considering or has done it around the same time frame. I'll update more pics next week.

Absolutely Fabulous, I am happy for you! Yes you can tell already so just imagine when your healing is over. I get my TT with Lipo of back and flanks with BBL in December. I am so excited.
you look great, keep us posted with new pics so we can see how well it is coming along.
wow you're looking good.. I am going to look into the doc that did yours...congrats on your new beautiful belly
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

The doctor and the his staff are very nice. They made me feel very comfortable. He answered all my questions and concerns. I had asked to speak to a patient who recently got a tummy tuck done so I could get more insight on recovery and they did it with no problems. He's the only Doctor in his office. All I can say is I'm really happy I chose him!!!!

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