Smart Lipo, One 50 Year Old Man's Experience - New York, NY

50 year old male. I am having upper, lower and...

50 year old male. I am having upper, lower and flanks. Don't have alot to remove, but I haven't been able to get rid of what I have with diet and exercise. I want to do it now while my skin elasticity is good. Will post before and afters after surgery.

Had about a liter removed I was told. Other than...

Had about a liter removed I was told. Other than feeling a bit out of it for a few hours from the anesthesia, I felt no pain. In fact I went and had a bite with my friend who picked me up. Felt no pain till this morning when I tried to get out of bed. But even that wasn't unbearable. I guess about a 3 on pain. I have taken a couple of extra strength Tylenol. Took a walk this afternoon and that has helped. Drainage stopped last night and showered this morning. Took a peek, looks scary.
I know the scary feeling! I also had my flanks and abs done yesterday. I am very sore and in a quite of bit of pain when I move about. If I am still, I am in no pain. I also had a liter removed which don't seem so much to me--I wanted more removed!! haha. I just hope the liter was enough but it don't seem like enough at the moment--hopefully it is just the extra fluid/swelling. I hope you get better soon and that your recovery is fast! By the way, I'm from Houston and had the smartlipo done with Dr. James Kern--very sweet man!

I have felt little pain, just a little bit of...

I have felt little pain, just a little bit of soreness upon getting out of chairs, bed etc. Seems like some of the swelling has already gone done. Probably could have gone back to work today, but glad I took the day off. Definitely still wouldn't be able to do anything too strenuous today. Honestly, the worse part of this has been the abdominal binder. Really scratchy and itchy again the skin. Finally had to put it over a tee shirt, much better. Doc says I should try to wear it as often as possible for the first month.

Called dr. because I noticed that I had a...

Called dr. because I noticed that I had a horizontal indent across my belly from my garment pressing in while sitting. He assured me that was not permanent and not to worry. Yesterday was day 4 and for a little while the most painful it has been. I was sitting and upon standing felt what seem like nerve running along my left side that hurt and felt wierd (like a rope that moved inside--hard to describe). Took a extra strength tylenol and that helped. Have not felt much pain at all since then. Swelling not too bad. I can see that my love handles are gone and bottom part of abs look flatter even with the swelling.

Hi Jack,

Just checking in to see how you're doing now pain-wise? Has it gotten any better?

thanks for checking in. This morning seems like things are going well. However, last night (day 8) I made a move in bed that sent the sharpest pain to date up my right side. Fortunately, these episodes are very few and far between and seem to be getting better every day.
How are you coming along? Care to update?

I had my first follow up today, 1 day shy of 2...

I had my first follow up today, 1 day shy of 2 weeks. It seems that there is a difference in opinion on the importance of the use of the abdominal binder. My doctor said I was welcome to stop using it during the day, and wear it at night while I sleep. A few more weeks is fine. He wants to see me in 3 months. He and I are very happy with results so far, although there is still swelling and lumps in areas, but the abdominal "pooch" is gone for sure, even with the swelling.

I have been reading some of the posts here and I...

I have been reading some of the posts here and I realized that it helps to include as much info as possible as it might help someone out there. One of the things that I left out on my post was that 2 days after I had the lipo I had a bursa sack removed from the bottom of my right foot. Foot surgery is not at all fun. Being a haircolorist, I am on my feet all day long, and after a 4 month struggle with this thing my doctor said it was best to remove it. I was told that I would have to be off my feet for 2 weeks, with the first few days having my foot elevated 24/7 above heart level.

I decided to take advantage of having the 2 weeks off from work to have the lipo at the same time. Wow, I did not really prepare for that emotionally. I go back to work tomorrow, and the end is in site (although I can still only walk on the heal of my right foot, and so this is going to be a challenge--more later).

Having to sit and lay down for long periods of time I think sometimes didn't help with the lipo, and it was when trying to get up out of these positions that I was in the most pain.

I will be putting together a video soon along with pics. I realize there are alot of woman on these posts, and I have gotten much inspiration from them, but thought there might be some men out there that might like the point of view of a man that has been through SmartLipo.

I have gotten myself back into my regular routine,...

I have gotten myself back into my regular routine, and not wearing the ab binder during the day, only at night, and what I have noticed is that I have been swelling alot.  I also have many areas that are hard.  And some have lumps.  I am sure if i wore the binder more often i might have less swelling or not notice it as much, but truth be told, i have a hard timing fitting into my clothing with the addition of the abdominal binder.  I have been wearing the binder at night. I have a lot of confidence in my doctor, and he has assured me that these will resolve themselves over the course of the coming weeks/months, so I am not too concerned.
I have also noticed the swelling when removing my garment for showering. Right when I take it off my body looks better than before the procedure, but after having it off for about 30 minutes or so I notice that my body starts to swell. I'm hoping that this does not go one for too much longer. By the way, some of my before clothes still does not fit to comfortably just as you have described. I am not too worried about this since I know I am still healing because I still have some numbness/hardness in some areas:) Well I hope you are doing good!

Yesterday was day 19, and it was the first time...

Yesterday was day 19, and it was the first time I'd been to the gym in about a month. Between lipo and foot issues, I had stayed away. Pleased to say that I was able to do a much lighter weights version of my workout for about an hour, and then rode the bike for 20 min, with little resistance. I also did usual ab routine and all felt fine. I didn't however do any exercises for the obliques (side muscles) as that still doesn't feel 100%. I still have swelling around navel and some lumps, but wore a form fitting tank top to gym and looked way, way flatter from sides and front, irregularities only visible to me with clothing off. Very happy and satisfied I did this. What little remorse I had over the expense is gone.

It has now been 5 weeks since lipo. Things have...

It has now been 5 weeks since lipo. Things have gotten pretty flat, but my flanks are still hard as a rock and I can't say I am comfortable all of the time. I have had to go back to using compression most of the time, as I feel that when I don't I swell up and get uncomfortable. The definition to my abs are returning. The ab skin is looking a little crepe-y. I guess I was hoping the laser part of the lipo would fix that (it was there before lipo). But I guess I have to be realistic, after all I am in my 50s. although I have to say that it looked much better today, then it has, so perhaps it will get better with time. Overall what I am thinking about this whole process is that although not unbearably painful, I do feel that the recover process is more than many would have you believe.

I am a few days shy of 10 weeks. I am still happy...

I am a few days shy of 10 weeks. I am still happy I did this, but I have to say that the recovery is not nearly as rapid and smooth as one might believe from tv shows such as extreme makeover. My obliques are still pretty hard and a little tender to the touch. I have to put my girdle on for short periods of time after working out because I swell. I can see alot of flattening and improvement from the side, front on not as much, but I suspect there is still some residual mild swelling and shrinking that needs to go on.

Here are some pics

Here are some pics
Thanks so much for posting so extensively about your experiences. I am a man, about to turn 40, and I'm considering this. Your experiences are very helpful to read about, especially since there are relatively fewer men writing about this. Thanks again and I hope we keep hearing from you.
Wow, you look great. Are you still feeling sore.
Yes, sides still a little sore, and sometimes swell after a long day, but that seems to be getting less and less as the days go on.

So, it is now approaching the 5 month mark. I...

So, it is now approaching the 5 month mark. I have continued to follow and read posts here on lipo. Here is my take on it at this point. I STILL have very mild soreness on my flanks, and still swell a little bit after being on my feet too long, or working out too much. So it is not in my opinion, a easy fix. I have also, since my lipo been hitting the gym extra hard, and doing cardio and eating very healthy. I was doing a lot of this before, but the surgery has inspired me to do more. So what you see is a combo of both. Now, many would say, well, why not just do that and forgo the surgery? Well, over the years I did do that, and stomach fat was still there and over the years was getting worse. So I don't think lipo is a magic pill, and expectations need to be checked, but I think it is an amazing tool, to be implemented along with other life changes.
Hello Jack! I know its been over a year since your surgery, but would you do it all over again? I am 39 years old - male and just had smart lipo on March 27, 2012. i am experiencing a lot of the same things you described in your posts and I want to say thank you for sharing them. Not to many men post about having smart lipo, your posts are helpful and so true. So far I do not regret the surgery and know I have a ways to go before I see the final results. You are so right about the adverstisements not being 100% true. Advertisements make you think the results are instant and although I can see a flatter stomach and flanks - the swelling and garment make me look and feel larger than I was pre-surgery. I am concerned about the on-going swelling you had expereinced because I haven't read anything about that anywhere and was lead to believe once the swelling is gone its gone. I am anxious to get back to the gym and see what my body can actually tollerate. Thank You for Sharing.
May I ask who was your doctor?
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