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I am 29 years old and live in NYC. I was an...

I am 29 years old and live in NYC. I was an overweight kid who lost 60 pounds at 16. I have struggled my entire life with the spare tire and back fat that will not go away despite my good diet and rigorous workout routine. I am in the best shape of my life.

The procedure was done today and he expects a great result. At the moment I am in some discomfort and my skin looked like Jello after the procedure but they say that will take time to contract. I will keep posted with pics as I heal.

I was happy with the staff.

Price maybe higher than others but he seems to be the most experienced in this field. Looking forward to my new body.

*Day 2 Saturday, April 3rd...I have to say I was...

*Day 2 Saturday, April 3rd...I have to say I was in much more pain when the meds wore off than i anticipated. Surprisingly my flanks and back are completely pain free but my abs hurt a lot,. When i sit down or get up there is a very deep pain. I am getting better though each hour. I also had a TON of drainage. soaked through 4 pairs of boxers and t shirts and several wee wee pads that my wife put on the couch under me. Based on what I read here it will take a week or two for the swelling to go down and see some results. I am a bit concerned that my penis and pubic area is pretty swollen, particularly because i didnt have anything done there. I still have hit 24 hours at which point i will shower (not sure i am looking forward to that. My biggest concern is going back to work Monday. I hope i am in less pain at that point.

Will keep posted on progress..

 Day 3 - Swelling seems a little better but...

 Day 3 - Swelling seems a little better but still a long way to go.  Pain is defiinetly more manageable but also stil a long way to go.  I walked a couple of miles earlier which felt good.  I am 6ft and was 195 prior to the procedure, this morning I weighed in at 200.  I know it will take time to heal and I am not getting discouraged.    The drainage seems to have stopped as well.  Hopefully I manage ok at work tomorrow.  I can also say there has been a tremendous improvement in overall feeling each day so far so I am encouraged by that as well.  Not sure if its helping but i am also taking Amico as some others posted about.  Will keep updating and post pics as I progress.  Thanks for the encouraging responses!

I am 34 and had my abs and flanks done too just over two weeks ago. I am still in a bit of discomfort when I stand and move around or when I drive and go over any bumps in the road. It is not a true pain just over sensitivity when it comes to the bumps and walking around. However, when I stand after sitting for a while it feels like my abs are ripping apart. They say that it is normal and they fact that my skin now feels like modeling clay is normal too. I have a post on here with some pictures, it is a huge difference then before and I still have some swelling but I am not as big as I was prior to it. I ballooned up and then got back in shape but could never lose the stupid spare tire. I still have to update with my two week photo and my bio for the week. Since I had it done I have lost and additional 12 lbs after. I really don’t have an appetite and the doc said that your metabolism speeds up when you are in the recovery stage, which is fine for me. Plus this stupid garment or wrestling singlet sucks to wear. They told me I only have to wear it for half a day now and when I workout but I find that when I don’t wear it I swell up all lumpy and it feels weird too, like having your cast off for the first time. Good luck guys and I am glad to see other guys on here too. I felt weird that I had it done and have kept it a secret from everyone.
Thanks for the response, its great to hear your experience. I know what you mean about keeping a secret, not everyone understands that you cant always lose the fat. I was 6 ft 195 prior and worked out like crazy. This morning I weighed in at 200 but I am still very swollen and I know it will take time. Are you able to get in a full workout now? How soon were you able to go back? It very encouraging to see other guys on hear. I will keep updating my experience and post photos when I have a better after shot.
I am 40 and I had amartlipo on my abs ( lower and upper) also my bra rolls 13 days ago, the recuperation has been pretty hard for me, the day if my procedure was great I didn't feel any pain and I slept throughout the hole procedure ( @ 3 to 4 hrs ), the Dr had prescribed some Vicodin for the pain before the procedure and I had them ready just in case I was in pain and OMG let me tell you they came very handy the next day when I woke up and I was in a lot of pain!, I took 5 days off from work ( which I was very glad I did) the day I went back to work I was in allot of pain and I was swelling allot ( I couldn’t wait to get home that day) . My swelling has gone down a little and the swelling seems to be worse at night. I have exactly the same oversensitivity u have been having too and I feel my abs are ripping apart if I stretch as well. Today was my first day working out and I did 10min running, 10 min elliptical and 10min walking and I was in a lot of pain when I got home ( I took ½ o f pill of vicodin) feel much better now. Please let me know how you are progressing

 Day 4 - Still in a considerable amount of...

 Day 4 - Still in a considerable amount of pain when moving and swelling is not much better.  Wasnt easy getting though work today but I made it.  My waist is almost exactly the same size as before the procedure (not saying this bc I am discouraged but just an observation, still very swollen).  My guess is it will take at least another week to begin to feel normal.  As far as meds go I do not like being on codine and managed to only use the tylenol with codine the night of the surgery.  I have been on max strength tylenol since and its been reasonable.  Will keep posted on progress.  

Day 16!! I'm feeling pretty good today, I went to the Gym this morning, I worked out legs and did 20 minutes cardio, so far so good, I'm using my 2nd stage garment. I'm starting to massage the area, I have some lumps (small ones) on the side of my abs, I've noticed that if I massage them they kind of go away so I will keep on massaging hopefully this will help. I took some measurements yesterday and so far I show 1/2 inch difference from last week. Still swelling. It gets worse in the afternoons.
Are you seeing a major difference in size and looks yet? I am now 5 days into recovering and I measure the same and feel like I look and exactly the same. I know i am still very swollen but its hard to picture seeing my body change into what I am hoping for. I am physically feeling much better everyday and starting to move very well. Please let me know what your experience has been like. Was week 2 drastically better in results from week 1?
Hi 4961anon, yes, I have seen a difference but is not a "major" difference, I get very frustrated some times because the difference is very little and my cloths still fit me the same. I took some measurements this morning and I’m about 1 inch difference from last week around my waist and around my chest ( under my breast). My compression garments feels better now whenever I out it on.(last week it was pretty painful to keep it on all day). One thing I've notice last night though is that I have some "lumps" , I am so hopping they will go away soon. I've notice I get some swelling at night but it is gone the next morning. let me know how are u doing with your recovery.

Day 8 - I am now one week into recovery.  I...

Day 8 - I am now one week into recovery.  I have to say every day has been drastically better as far as the physical recovery is concerned.  I am moving around much better and I am going to try a very light workout tomorrow.  I still have yet to see any results.  I measure the same as when I started and am about 2 pounds heavier.  After reading several blogs it sounds like it may take a month to begin to see any progress.  I am staying patient and positive through the process.  I am thankful at this point that I am healing well and I can't wait to not have to wear the garment!

Day 8 - I was able to get a light workout in today...

Day 8 - I was able to get a light workout in today with squats, pushups, stepups and the elliptical machine.  I am feeling much better overall.  I think I am begining to see some difference in my body an while I still have a long way to go its encouraging.

 Day 13 - Feeling pretty good, had a solid...

 Day 13 - Feeling pretty good, had a solid workout yesterday with some light to moderate weights.  Now down about 5 pounds from my pre surgery weight.  My waist is down about an inch, but I think I stil have a long way to go.  Almost all my bruising is gone.  I am feeling some hardness in spots but it comes and goes.  I have also had 3 lymph massages in the last 3 weeks and I think its helped tremendously  While I am looking for more as far as results my midsection is definetly looking flatter.

So I'm thinking of doing this. I see most of the comments on here are a few years old. I'm interested in hearing of some final results stories several years after the procedures.
If you go here you can see all the info we have on Smart Lipo, and can read some current reviews.  Hope that helps :)
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