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I had a bad accident as a kid that damaged the...

I had a bad accident as a kid that damaged the right side of my face including breaking my nose and twisting my septum. My parents didn't fix my nose when I was a teenage and I always hated it. As I got older the breathing problems, sleep apnea and post nasal drip were an issue. I finally decided to fix it myself with a septo-rhinoplasty.

It's the 5th day since my surgery. I get my splint off tomorrow. My nose is completely stuffed and I have a new bruise on my right chin, which is odd. But I know that sometimes bruises can appear days after trauma and perhaps I was inadvertently bumped during surgery or that's where the breathing tube was. Don't know but I will ask my doctor.

I hope I am overall pleased and contented with my rhinoplasty and that my breathing problems resolve. For now I'm in that uncomfortable transition stage. I will post pix and under a separate post list things that helped me.

Ok almost two weeks later -- and I'm feeling much...

Ok almost two weeks later -- and I'm feeling much better. I never had pain, just the discomfort of breathing thru my mouth 24-7.

The first week I ran the vaporizer at night, slept elevated, and kept water nearby. But I didn't want to drink too much bec I didn't want to keep going to the bathroom during the night.

The first week, I'd awaken every hour or so completely dried out in my mouth- ew. What helped was taking a piece of cotton gauze and wetting it and keeping it near so I could suck on it to moisten up. This helped me fall back asleep. I was tired from the procedure and the anesthesia for several days. But that was about it, along with swelling and bruising. Mostly you just need to be patient and drink a lot of water .

After a week I got my splint off. I was so pleased with the results! And it's swollen, so it's going to get even better-- but still, the work Dr Guida did was just wonderful. I cannot recommend him highly enough. He is thorough, extremely gifted, and has genuine concern for his patients and enthusiasm for his work. And it showed in the results. My nose is already so much improved, and I can't wait to see how it shapes up over the months to come.

Day 10 I started running a low fever (100.6) and my nose got hot and swollen. Dr Guida took my after hours phone call right away and advised me to see how the night went. By morning my ears were hurting and so he prescribed an antibiotic, which has done wonders. It's even helped with some of the swelling. I think if things aren't draining so well in the sinuses there's a potential for infection and maybe that's what happened to me. But I'm definitely feeling much better.

Still stuffy but not like before. Once I got my splint off I could take Afrin spray which I take at night to clear up congestion for sleeping. During the day I take Mucinex dm-- which I think has helped me a lot to thin the mucus and get rid of it. I found a great wedge pillow online-- made of memory foam, I still sleep on it bec it helps me stay in place, otherwise I'd roll Onto my stomach and that wouldn't be good for my nose.

Today is 3 weeks post-op, and the bruising is gone...

Today is 3 weeks post-op, and the bruising is gone. My nose gets cuter every day! I love it. It's still swollen, and numb/tender, but each day it gets better. I'm less stuffy than I was, but still stuffy with the occasional gigantic disgusting goo coming out :) but that's to be expected.

One thing that I did to help me through the surgery was to hire a cleaning lady. I hired her to come the day before surgery to clean the whole house, and it was super nice to come home to a really clean home after surgery, believe me. I hired her for the month after, to come once a week to do my bathrooms and kitchen, so I wouldn't be bending over cleaning, etc. Another thing I did to help was to hire a woman to cook a few meals for my daughter and me, since I knew for that first week I would not be eating anything solid and didn't want the kids to suffer :) I had just moved two weeks before the surgery, so cooking myself and freezing ahead was not something on my agenda, nor was ordering takeout that week, since we had eaten so much takeout during the move. Anyway, it was nice to have the cooking and cleaning covered. A real relief for me that helped me rest easier.

my nose is definitely more tender than it was before surgery, it gets colder than it used to in the cold air, and it still feels "wooden" on the tip, as my doctor described it. but these things are so minor, and the improvement is already so significant while being subtle--that it's worth it. totally.

I've been getting some nice feedback from friends...

I've been getting some nice feedback from friends who say I look really good, so I'm glad I amhad my eye and nose done. If you're wondering about it, you should really look into it. Well worth the hassle!
Robert Guida, MD

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Your eye and nose are both a big improvement - you look fantastic! Enjoy!
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Thanks for sharing! I actually just had similar surgery by Dr. Guida on Thursday (3/7) so it's nice to read about someone else who also went to him. I can't wait to see my results, and it's reassuring to read how happy you already are with your results. (I'll admit reading less-than-satisfied reviews by people on here has gotten me a little nervous). I'll have to try your tip about soaking a piece of cotton gauze to wet my mouth. The stuffy nose/mouth breathing is by far the worst part of recovery!
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HI CTNJ! How is it going? Don't you just love the work Dr Guida did? he is so talented, my friends cannot believe how good it looks, so natural and yet so nicely improved and refined. A few of them have had nose jobs and are a little jealous of the superior result i got ;) Let me know how's it going and if that trick with the wet gauze worked.
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It's going great! Like, really great. Dr. Guida seriously knows what he's doing. I just have a tiny bit of bruising left under one eye (the top of my cheek almost) but my swelling is very minimal now. The few people I told all said it looks great, and no one else has noticed (although I've gotten vague comments about looking pretty :) yay haha). I was ready to try your gauze trick but by that night I was breathing much better through my nose, so I didn't end up needing to use it. Thank you though! Your nose looks great by the way! :)
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Thanks so much for sharing on RealSelf! What do you think now that your cast is off?

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Hi Jennifer! I had septo-rhino 7 weeks ago and has lots of bruising, with my jaw and even spots on my neck showing tinges. I think the bleeding under the skin just drains south sometimes....bruising on the jaw fades quickly. All the best with your healing process and results.
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Thanks for sharing that tip. Yes that is what happened--I got chipmunk cheeks when the Fluid from my eyes and nose drained downwards :)
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Thanks Newnose4me! Yes, it does drain downwards, which is what the doctor told me. I hope your nose is coming along well. :)
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Good luck with your recovery, Jennifer! I also had a septo-rhino, and the first week is tough, especially with the stuffed nose! Hang in there and get lots of rest.
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Thank you!!
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Hi Jennifer! Who is your surgeon?
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Robert Guida of Manhattan. Wonderful!
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