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Thinking of Getting a Nose Job This Year - New York, NY

Hi all, Im 26 years old, have been feeling...

Hi all,

Im 26 years old, have been feeling insecure about my nose since middle school, although it wasn't to a point where i felt i needed a nose job... It wasn't until a few years back that i finally started saying to myself, i want this done before i get married and get older. Ive seen amazing results, although the thought of having my nose look worse afterwards scares me very much. I have already consulted with Dr. Steven Pearlman, and thought he was great. Anyone in the nyc area have any experience with him or with others that you recommend me consulting with? Would really appreciate your input!


Thanks for posting your profile shots! That gives us a much broader picture of your situation. You're a beautiful girl either way you decide to go.

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sarah dear thank you so much for your lovely comment. yes ive wanted to fix the hump on my nose for quite some time buttttt of course i have my doubts because i think its best to do as much research as possible to make sure I'm going to a good doctor. I know that if i am very careful with my selection the percentage of failure is very low, plus the doctor assured me that my nose was not complicated and that he didn't need to make many changes to it, just what i posted below responding to pinks comment. Im sure your super excited to see your results tomorrow!!!! post pictures!!!
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You are clearly a very smart and articulate woman; I have no doubt that you'll do exactly what you need to do for yourself, and do all the research :) It's always good when you see someone who cares a lot about being prepared! It's always unfortunate when you read reviews where people are constantly panicking and freaking out and you can tell that they didn't do any research going into it - I just don't know how I'd do that, I'm such a control freak about these kinds of things, haha. If it's any consolation at all, it definitely doesn't sound like you'll be having any drastic changes to your nose. In fact, some of the changes your surgeon recommended are similar to what MY surgeon had recommended for me. He also said that my nose was a mild case, not difficult or complex at all, and I've been very happy with my results and have had (in the grand scheme of things) a very easy recovery so far. If you go through with this, I am sure you will be absolutely fine! :) And thank you, I will definitely post pictures tomorrow, haha. I told my best friend over the phone today that if it looked really weird and I was uncomfortable with it, she'd have to wait for photos, and she goes, "Umm, NO? I'm your best friend, I'm using this moment to play my friend card and demand that you show me!" I laughed; she's right, she does have that right as my best friend ;) And since everyone here has been so supportive and wonderful during my experience, I'm comfortable sharing it with all of you as well :)
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