Ready for round 2

I really didn't want to do a blog but, I took into...

I really didn't want to do a blog but, I took into consideration how helpful everyone has been so I had to. Work and school has been busting my ass :). I just couldn't find the time to get started. My surgery is just 3 days away and other then not having my blood work back everything is going great. I have an appointment Monday to drop it off at my Drs office & Tuesday is the big day!!! To be honest I really don't have an exciting story to tell like most of you. I have been struggling with my shape (notice I didn't say my weight) for as long as I can remember. I probably tried every diet there is. Succeeded at some failed at most. I'm actually ok with my weight. I just think its in all the wrong places. I like my Dr. for reminding me that all I'm doing is adjusting my fat.

Originally I was planning to see Dr. Perry but, I found a great Dr right here in New York City. It's a few grand more however the difference is the same money I would have spent on a flight, hotel & an Aid to help me through recovery. It took me almost a year to convince my BF. I know for sure he couldn't handle watching me in pain. I feel good being in NY with my family & friends. I didn't tell my grandma yet but, I'm sure she will be moving in with me for the first week. My BF wanted to take off of work. I told him he can just have the night shift lol. Tonight I'm posting my pre opt pics. I'm 5'7 & 206 lbs. don't be fooled by the number my breast are about 20 lbs each lol 40 DDD. Oh I have a wish pic that I love. It maybe a little to much bootie for an aspiring Principal/Professor or it may be the bootie that gets me the job. I have a list of things I purchased. I will post them tonight too. I'm actually in the laundry washing my night gown & linens.

Oh so yeah about me. I'm 33 the proud mother of 2 beautiful children my daughter will be 17 in April @ my son just turned 10 this past December. I am a Family Therapist & currently is my last year of graduate school at NYU. This is actually my graduation present to myself. A huge part of me feel guilty about not paying off some bills or using my saving for something a little more productive. At the same time I feel like I'm always being responsible & right now it's about me. No regrets at all right now I'm just praying that everything goes ok & that I'm happy with my results. My PCP has been very supportive. He even agreed to give me an extra week off work if I needed it. No one at my job knows. I actually didn't share with too many people especially not anyone who I didn't think would support me. My sisters have been my cheerleaders through it all I love them both. My friend who is going to Dr. Perry next month has also been my motivation. Oh yeah & my Surgeon is Dr. Morrison who has a private practice in NYC. He's from the islands & I think he's super charming & a cutie. I did 3 consults 2 in person & Dr. Perry via email. I'm glad that I decided to stay here & I'm just trying to stay positive about everything. I feel a little cough coming on but, I serve an awesome God so, I'm not stressing about that either. I think that's it for tonight. I'll have my babe take some pics tonight. I'm trying to get as much xxxxx in as possible before Tuesday. Not to many people talk about that on this blog. I would like to know how long you ladies waited before you started xxxxxx again lol. Yeah 3 1/2 years with my man & still very ouch attracted to him. Not sure how many days I can go without it. So I will post a list of my supplies & mommy pics. The next time you ladies here from me I will be heading in. Unless you have questions just pray for me.

2/12/13 4:36pm my surgery date which was scheduled...

2/12/13 4:36pm my surgery date which was scheduled for 2pm still hasn't happened. My Dr. Called to say he was running later. As if I wasn't anxious enough. I haven't eating since 10:45pm. I'm really trying to keep positive but, the staff at the facility are starting to get annoyed and its making me anxious. I would have postponed to another date but, they insisted I didn't. I have mixed feelings about it all 1st I feel like I've been waiting all my life for this new body. The last thing I want is for anyone to be rushing me. 2nd thing is I'm wondering if I should really ask him for some free hips???

Dr. Morrison ended up getting there after 4...

Dr. Morrison ended up getting there after 4 o'clock. I thought it would be best to reschedule. He looked tired and I can't afford to have a sleepy surgeon being rushed on this body. I was very anxious, I even cried when he arrived. He was very apologetic and still willing to put in the work. I said "It's ok fine, can I get some free hips"? He laughed but, I was not joking. So Friday it is..... Operation take 2 and I'm still trying to be very positive about everything. Happy my blog went through.
Good luck and very smart move. You dont want a tired surgeon. I always schedule first in the AM..I hope you hit him up before your markings so you can get some free stuff done..LOL..then he cant say no!! I think you will have great results. I had a lot removed 1 month ago. It hasnt been easy but I am a lot older. Last kick at the can. 60year old makeover. Had my facelift 1 year ago and now most of the whole body lipo. He removed 4000CC..good luck and keep posting. I can see huge results just irritated with lots of things...
:) Im havin surgery next friday. I pray all goes well for you and I will make sure I keep up with your blog.
Good luck girl, I'm praying for u n the gift of your Dr.

Sorry that I'm taking so long to update you. 2...

Sorry that I'm taking so long to update you. 2 days post opt & everything is still sore & swollen as expected. My Dr arrived on time Friday. He was ready & excited as was I. I had a sugery buddy who was getting a Tummy Tuck after me. She said her friend went to my Dr & she was really happy with his work. I was in sugery for almost 4 hours. I was excited to see my sisters, my daughter & my boyfriend of course. The pain is alot. I gave 2 natural births with no epidurals but, now I know that C Section feeling. My first shower experience was horrible. I called Dr. Morrisons 24 hour line & he got right back to me saying it was ok for me to take a shower. The bathroom was way to hot & I ended up passing out. Scared my family to death. My sister was right by my side. They helped me change my garment & get back into bed. So far I'm just taking the meds. So sick of lying down on my sides but I did a sneak peek pass the mirror & I saw curves lol. I know it's to early. I first post op appointment is Tuesday. In the mean time I will be tossing, turning & eating lite. I may try to get some studying in. My. School is having a ball next Saturday. I would love to go show my face but only time will tell.

Did I mention I was the Vice President of my graduation class? Yes this teenage mom turned her life around & it was time for my body to match my image. I will post some post op pics when I get a chance. I took 2 today but I still think its to soon. I'm gonna post them anyway. Thanks again ladies for all of your support. Unless anything comes up. I won't be posting until after my appointment on Tuesday.
I am going in right now for lipo after a tummy tuck 2 years ago. I'm am so nervous but read one last post before going in. I too have two children am 205 and 5'7". Your post was good to read. Ill be watching for pictures and ill also be posting. Good lock with recovery!
Thanks Free2beme I'm praying for you now!
Thanks so much! I'm praying for you too!

My 1st post opt appointment went great. My Dr...

My 1st post opt appointment went great. My Dr reminded me of all the swollen areas. "It's still just the beginning". I can see my shape forming. I'm still very excited. He said not to concern myself about not having an appetite & eating light. My skin looks good & my spirits are up now. He extended my time off of work until 3/4/13!!!!!! Oh he also suggested that in 2 weeks I start taking walks. The Arnica pills really help with the internal swelling. My stitches are out & I'm ready to start living again. Oh & FYI I can sit on my butt for up to 2 hours. I will post some more pics soon.
wow really good news for you. You sound really positive...
It's all about patience

So I'm in a weird kind of mood bc I just read a...

So I'm in a weird kind of mood bc I just read a blog from one of Yily clients & it made me happy & sad at the same time.

As for me lastnight was rough for sleeping. I tossed & turned all night long. Very uncomfortable. I don't like the way the meds make me feel so I'm not taking them anymore. I did take a crap today & that made me feel a little better.

What I really wanted to share today is how good my sister has been to me. I've seen here everyday since surgery & she has really been so good to me. (Although we generally speak everyday & have a great relationship) I really don't know where I would be without her. Today she came to check on me (my BF went back to work). She ended up washing & combing my hair. She gave me the best showerI ever had. Got all the tape & markers stuff of. Moisturized my entire body & helped put my garment back on (not as bad bc I'm shrinking lol). She put on the neosporin & benedryl for scars & itching. I say all this to say how greatful I am for her. She is a Nurse Assistant so I'm sure knowing her stuff helps. She was more excited about the SX then me. I'm not posting any pics for another few weeks. I'm still very greatful for a smooth sx, a good recovery & hopefully great results.
you look great!
Thanks hun updating my blog now.
Hey Lady! Wondering how you are? I am doing as well as can be expected, but I went through TT two years ago and it was mind blowing how hard it was. It will take time to get through but one day you will feel like your old self again. Don't over do it and take it easy

The last 2 nights have been really rough for...

The last 2 nights have been really rough for sleeping. Although I said I wasn't going to. I took the pain meds lastnight bc I couldn't take it any longer & needed to sleep. Missed class today (no worries I'm an A student). I really just want to get pass this stage. My menstrual came early & I'm really considering not getting my first massage tomorrow. Really trying to keep as much positivity as possible. Waiting for my sister now. Day 6 & I'm still not comfortable showering alone. Oh & one of my favorite girls & here baby came by yesterday with flowers that made my day.
Oh how awful stay strong! Does it hurt when you move or all the time?
All the time
Sorry to tell you but it does hurt and for a while. I am 1 month and once the numbing starts to leave its like so tender and sore,. Now its like I want to scratch and rub but after it hurts. So I know the nerves are coming back. So good you have someone to help you. My hubby was my saviour and still is when I get so grumpy and want this all better. The big key is to rest and not overdo things. We want instant gratification but be patient and keep posting as it helps so much.

Had a long talk with my sister this morning & she...

Had a long talk with my sister this morning & she made me feel so much better. Today is day 7 & I went to get a mani, pedi & wash & set with my boopy pillow. Everything is still very swollen, sore & tender but I have to get back in the swing of things. I don't see enough change to post any pics. I cancelled my first lymphatic massage because my cycle came. (A blessing in disguise) I was not looking forward to it anyway. Have a good weekend everything. Stay strong
Hey happy healing. Bromelain will help with the swelling and eating pineapples or drinking pure pineapple juice not the can stuff. The massages will make a world of difference you will feel a lot better. Take it one day at a time.
You are going through a lot! A TT by itself is no joke! No one can explain the pain of it so I can't imagine what you are going through having so much done at once. Thank goodness for the friends and family you have. Focus in the outcome. You are going to look amazing! You have good akin so I am sure your results are going to be hot! Can't wait to see. Be easy!
Oh we'll feel better and stay strong

Woke up at 9:30am & my babe was out of sight. 3...

Woke up at 9:30am & my babe was out of sight. 3 1/2 years & he has never gotten up to do laundry without me. Day 8 still very stiff & swollen. I actually took my garment off to wash it. My stomach looks lumpy & I'm ready for my my massage. Pain or no pain I need to see my $$$$$. Ok hard boiled egg & protein shake coming right up. I really want to attend my school ball tonight but its not very likely that I will
you look great, doctor did a nice job
Hi I was following your story I hope all is well you look GREAT!!! I just wanted to know do u think dr morrison did a good job with the butt transfer and if not y if so y I'm asking because I have not seen any post regarding is work for a butt transfer. Thank u :-)
Just checking on you seeing your progress. Now I want to do the bbl

6 months & really considering round 2

So I did my research & found out that there is nothing wrong with going for a round 2. Especially when you started over 200 lbs. Its very likely that I would want a second round. I think I'm ready!!!!
Thanks Hun!
Thanks!!! Dr. Morrison makes it very clear that he doesn't do ghetto booties. I'm a 34 year old professional & still growing in my career. My biggest fear was going on a interview looking like Nikki Minaj. (I had nightmares about it) Lol.... True! I'm pleased with my new body but I have to admit I would have liked some more curves. Now that I have the new job & I'm seriously considering a round 2. Posting pics today!!! If you are looking for a conservative booty he's the Dr!

Happy but not satisfied. Ready for round 2

On 4/20 I have a consult for my breast reduction & lift. I'm super excited about it & really considering a round 2 on my Lipo

6 months later & really considering a round 2

I have another consult on 8/20 for my breast reduction & lift.

6 months post op

Revision! Round 2! Ready!

2 piece!

And I'm not talking about chicken Lol

First beach trip 4 months post op

Boy oh boy was I turning heads. Private photo shoot with the ladies!!!!


Muffin Top 2/2013 Pre-Op

I want that sexy from the front look

I've always been a all or nothing kind of Gal!!

Wish pic #2

A girl can dream, can't she?
So you got lipo & bbl? Can you please tell me how much everything was? I'm thinking about goin to him too
Moment4life almost 10K

Round 2 coming soon

I scheduled my round 2 and its not costing me anything. I waited 9 months & I still don't have the look I was going for. Yes I asked for conservative..... Next time around I'm asking for curvy conservative.
You look great and I think your curves are perfect as is! :) Excellent upbeat review too!
Thanks Wellsdeserved

Round 2 stiff & swollen

2 days post opt. I'll post pics after some of this swelling goes down. Less painful than round 1 but, still very stiff and swollen. Oh and I'm going to work tomorrow. Friday is my check up and my final consult for my breast reduction. Whoop whoop I hope I can get them done before New Years!!!!!

Round 2 was a success

Hey ladies I've been meaning to update you all. I went for a revision on 11/15/13. Exactly 9 months later. My surgery was on a Friday. I was at work on Monday morning bright and booty.... Ooppppsss I meant bright and early. Although I had more leakage and stiffness the pain on a scale of 1-10 has been about 4/5. So Dr. Morrison touched up my lower back, abdomen and a few little more pumps in my upper butt. I still look VERY natural and conservative but, juicy. Oh and he did some lipo to my inner thighs. I told my colleagues I was doing to squat challenge (that explained my stiff walk). Anywho I will post a pic or 2. Not much of a big difference but closer to what I wanted. To be honest I'm more excited now about hitting up the gym. Oh & finally guess who has a round 3 scheduled....... Drum rolls please..... Yes that would be me. My insurance is paying for the breast reduction, anesthesia & facility fees. Dr. Morrison is throwing in my life. Get ready for my full perky 38 C's. As a matter of fact I need to look for some wish pics. Until next time be safe ladies.

Excuse the typos

*the squat challenge
* throwing in my breast lift
He did a great job! Really enjoyed your page:))

Round 2 post op

2 weeks post op. Still swollen..... Still natural
Thanks Booty4Real

Round 2

Post op pic

Breast reduction & lift coming soon


New Boobies

Hey ladies,

Just dropping by to say that I had my breast reduction and lift on 1/14/14. I'm actually at work the next day feeling great!!!! Other than my Dr not telling me that he would be using drains everything was a success. I haven't got a good look at them but when I came to work people noticed right away. I will post pictures when I get the drain out next week. I did take a little peek at them at 4:30am. Looks like I go my perky C cup I wanted. Good luck with all of your surgeries I am done with going under the knife LOl....
Any update? What was the cost?
Round 2 looks great!!
Thanks Buying me a booty cant wait for you to come over to the flat side
New York Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to him by a friend.

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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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