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Journey to a Much Needed Transformation, Tummy Tuck, BBL and Liposuction, Dr. Yager! - New York, NY

First I want to say how happy I am to have found...

First I want to say how happy I am to have found this website, and I want to thank all the brave sister that have had the courage to share their journey to allow us to make a much more informative decision in such a delicate matter. Am 36 years old, 5'7", 195 lbs, mother of 7 ( ages 15, 12, 9, 7, 5, 4, and 3) .

My journey......

After 8 pregnancies (7 live 1 twin still birth) I like many women , started to see my body like the aftermath of a natural disaster . Before babies I was never bigger than a size 6' and now I am close to a 14-16' I hate shopping for cloth , I look like am 5 months pregnant, it is starting to affect my self esteem so I decided to do something about it while am still in my 30's. I first consulted dr. Yager in 2002, I was very at ease with him, he was very professional and his staff was really attentive , he suggested a lipo of full back, fat transfer to the buttocks and a tummy tuck.... I agreed 100%, only the price was a little out of my reach then, (7000 abdominoplasty, 4000 lipo, 2500 fat transfer= 13,500 total), so I was sad I could not afforded then, but I decided to postpone it and start saving. Last Saturday feb 22, 2014 I saw him again and we decided to go ahead with the original plan. He explained that the full back includes the flanks and love handles, I asked him if we could lipo my upper abdomen too because I wanted better results with the tummy tuck and he told me not to worry that he would do it no extra charge, I was so happy!!!!!!, so I paid my deposit and we set the dates.... April 18 I'll get the lipo and buttocks , and may 2nd tummy tuck....

I can honestly say am not scare, I know I might seem odd, but am not afraid "yet", maybe is because I want this so bad, or maybe as time comes closer I will start to, but so far all I feel is a lot of anxiety , can't wait to be done.... I find myself thinking about it many times daily....I'll try upload some picture and keep this blog updated, please keep me in your prayers ....

The before

Before pics

Just a little correction...

Just a little correction I first met with dr. Yager in 2012, not 2002, am using my iPad, please forgive the typo. Thanks

1st pre-op today!

Today was my first pre-op, I saw the nurse and we took pictures, measurements for the garment, I was given the clearance papers for my physician to sign, she took my weight and blood pressure ..... Overall was smooth, I felt comfortable talking to her, she answered my questions to my satisfaction, she showed me the garment I'm going to get (I was very impressed to see they give you MARENA garments, in all my research they come with the highest ratings)... I also met with Lisa , I can not stress enough how kind and professional she is, she is also easy to reach, I don't know how she does it, always multitasking but always helpful....
I only have 2 more appointments before my surgery, one with dr yager and one with my physician for the clearance .... Am still anxious, not scared "YET"... I will try to keep posting, until then please keep me in your prayers...


A friend of mine who already had this surgery done told me I should se a psycologist only because I told her am not afraid of the surgery.... she looked at me like am a chicken with ears!! I asked her, are you trying to get me discourage? if you was able to get through it why you think i will not be able to?? she told me if she new how much pain she would endure she probably would not have done it.... so I ask, should I be worry that am not scared, ?? I know it will not be easy, but beauty hurts, and i feel the outcome will by far outweight the pain.... it has also help me the fact i trust the reputation of the doctor I've chosen.... I dont know if me feeling anxious, not scared, is a bad thing... what you guys think?

1 down 1 to go.

well my friends, ive completed the first part of my sx, am now back and chin fat free, and hopefully bootylicious, we'll see.... doctor told my he took 2500 ccs out my back an inyected 1 litter on each side, booty and hips...i woke up in a lot of pain (felt like i was wraped up in a bag an beetten with a aluminum bat) right away dr gave me iv meds, made it batter, of course didnt go away completely (maybe 3-10 pain scale), went home af ter an hour in recovery, trip wasnt so bad... ive been trying no to take tghe vicodin so far i've managed with 2 extra strenght tylenol, but still hurt, very sore, but i preffer it rather than narcotics... hopping tomorrow go by fast, maybe the soreness will go fast too....
for what i can see my doctor lipoed my whole back and sides to my breast , waist and love handles, he told me since am doing tummy tuck in to weeks he would be more agressivein those areas to avoid dog ears (at no estra charge, wich i apreciated it) .... i can already see a nice waist but i know after the tummy tuck will be even better... i can only imagine the pain of that since am told is worst than lipo... am still not able to take pictures, maybe tomorrow....thank you ladies for your payers and i keep posting the best i can....

forgot to say..........

i was intubated with the anestesia, my throat hurtso much when i swallow my meds and food and i can still taste the anestesia....took some honey with lemon... hope it will help.

Hubby took some pics, he is not the best photographer but I have to take it, hopefully we can take better images tomorrow

Hubby took some pics, he is not the best photographer but I have to take it, hopefully we can take better images tomorrow
New York Plastic Surgeon

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My tuck is may 1st! good luck!!
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Thank you, you too!
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Hi! Hoping this first surgery was a total sucess. Good luck! Hope to hear from u soon
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hi newbeequeen, man you are right, this is no joke...i feel you girl!!! thanks for having me in your thoughts and i'll keep praying for you too... cant wait to get past this phase of aching pain and nasty drainage, i know you feel the same, i can only imagine you with lipo and tummy tuck pain at the same time..uff youre tough! happy healing , i'll see you on the other side soon.
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Hi mommy7 I'm glad you are done with procedure #1. I can tell you this drain is driving me insane and just to think it will b out thrusday makes more anxious. Good luck with the next procedure, I should have gotten the bbl!! Lol you look good. I just wasn't feeling all that recovery time. Happy healing love!
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Am going Thursday too, maybe I see you there!
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I will b there on thrusday! With my moody drain face, lol I hate this! Lol
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To mommyof7! Guess what? I'm 195 and 5'7 like you!!! I'm doing almost the same thing as you. However, I'm not doing the BBL, thought if it...but it will be too much time off from work, can't wait to see your results! Good luck
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Oh goodness, no no no do not feel worried that you are not worried haha. Everyone handles this differently, and your journey might look completely different than your friends because you are two different beings with different minds and emotions. I'm so happy for you that you are not scared! Not a bad thing at all! I was nervous/anxious the days leading up to surgery, but like you I wanted it to badly I was more excited as it got closer. I remember waking up on the morning of surgery and I just had a calm over me like "let's do this!". No no, don't feel bad for not being scared :) I think you have a very great and accurate perspective: beauty hurts sometimes. And you know that going into it, and perhaps afterward when in pain, may need to have some girlfriends remind you that the pain will not last forever….but I think you will do great!
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OMG sheeney7! Thanks so much for your input ... I was starting to get the feeling of that of an alien jejeje it really does help to learn other peoples experiences and also the utter trust I have that god will walk with me on this journey. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!
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Please keep us posted!
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Thanks novprincess, it still not settling with me, am so exited and anxious, the wait seems eternal, but I know he will take good care of me and he is worth the wait...
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Congrats! - Dr Yager did my TT and I could not be happier - his work is amazing. Good luck dear!
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Welcome to the community and thank you for starting your journey with us.  
You will do great and soon be home recovering with a beautiful new body.  So excited for you and can't wait to see your results.
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