Horrible Breast Lift Results

PS performed a full anchor BL, mind you I'm...

PS performed a full anchor BL, mind you I'm 5'5" ht., 111 lbs, don't have children was a b cup before BL and after and I don't have sun dammaged skin.

NEVER mentioned it during the consultaion that I would be left horizontal scars, only said she was doing a vertical scar. Left breast now droops 4 months after procedure, which means she OBVIOUSLY undercorrected. A total rip off.

Plastic surgeons have proven to me, from her performance that they are out for a quick buck. When I mention the horizontal scars in the subsequent follow-up visits, she totally minimizes my concerns. And, that, is what hurts the most!

First PS sent me to a dermatologist ($180) for a...

First PS sent me to a dermatologist ($180) for a consultation. Dermatologist said she could not do anything for the inframmary scars until they were 12 MONTHS OLD! I complained to my PS about the horizontal scars (which she NEVER mentioned of during the consultation, but only that she would be doing a lollipop scar) and the 2cm difference (unevenness) of the nipples position from the sternal notch, but she said she could only perform revision after one year of the original surgery. Seriously folks, my results look like two different surgeons perfromed my BL. I advise anyone to DEMAND that only the surgeon they paid for perform the entire surgery and never some PS fellow under the supervision of your surgeon! I never imagined this could be a possiblity until much later. My 1st BL was performed in a teaching hospital.

She became very dodgy after my complaint and called me in June 2010 to state she didn't think she could help me and would refund her surgical fee if I signed a waiver that would prevent me from complaining publicly about her results (in print or online). I have her lawyers waiver still with me, and can send copies of it to anyone, which I didn't sign or mail back. You can view my results on realself under the heading "What is the best option for a breast lift revision?" and read what the PS commented/recommended. I'm not deluded or an alarmist, but I knew she did a terrible job.

Fastforward one year later from original breast lift: I had revision BL surgery for the still ptotic left breast and scar revision in the right breast. I am still in the healing phase so I won't know the full results for another 1-3 months. I have now spent $20,000, between the 1st surgery and the 2nd, but I'm not out of the dark yet. 2nd PS is now injecting scars with Kenalog (which 1st PS should have been doing from the start once the inframmary scars were turning hypertrophic.) I just had my first V-beam laser treatment today ($450) to reduce the redness and visible capillaries that are a result of the Kenalog injection + revisional surgery.

Austin Plastic Surgeon

Dismissed my concerns. Poor outcome which obviously were a result of extremely poor planning. Little communication before surgery. Would not recommend her to my worst enemy. My only mistake was choosing her as my PS. I urge anyone to please type "What is the best option for a breast lift revision?" in the custom search right here on realself.com to view my results from the first surgery which was posted last year and read what the surgeons on realself commented/recommended. I don't have pre-1st surgery pics to upload, they can only be scanned and then uploaded, which I will try to figure out how to do shortly.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I took your advice and read what the other surgeons said. All said the same thing, except for the one at the end who wanted you to get implants. I hope things go better for you the second time, and that you are happy with the results.
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K your horizontal scar is tiny! I dont know why your freaking out and bashing this surgeons name. Your results look a lot better than a lot that I have seen. I definatly think your being a little dramatic here..
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I also had a very BAD experience with this doctor, where I looked absolutely mutliated after a breast lift by this doctor. Do not dismiss this doctors lack of skill or honesty before knowing first hand. I can not comment on her skill in other procedures but I would be cautious in choosing her for any procedure.
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I can see what her complaint is and being this part of your body is part of ones sexuality don't be so quick to judge. I FULLY understand her being upset.
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Was this a lift and reduction? Mine was both so I have the horizontal scar under the breast.
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I just had a BL. Scars will appear red during the healing process, which takes about a year. Hypertrophic scarring is not considered normal. Any PS worth his/her weight in gold will treat theses types of scars early on after surgery. Silicone sheets, silicone gel and massaging scars does very little for people of my ethnicity. My revision PS, Dr. Lloyd Gayle, kept a very close eye on how I was healing after the revision. He scheduled appts. every 3-4 weeks. First he rx'd Cordran tape and then moved onto steroid injections. Dr. Walden was extremely lax. She referred me to a dermatologist because it appears she lacked the skills to treat them herself. It was quite obvious after 6 mos from the 1st surgery that surgical revision was going to be needed. Many more PS today are not performing breast lifts using the anchor scar, in part, because of the horrid horizontal scars. Dr George Beraka, in NYC, is one of them. Many continue to use the Wise pattern lift because for most learning a new technique requires an artist's touch, which many lack.
I met two of Dr. Gayle's pts prior to my surgery. One had a total bodylift (after losing 100 lbs.) The other had a BR/BL (he reduced her from a size G cup to a D). Their scars are virtually invisible. It's my opinion that because Dr. Gayle is African American and truly listens to his pts concerns, especially in my case, that he will do whatever he can to ensure his work (and our money!) is well spent.
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Wow. My horizontal scars are hidden in the fold of my breast and are very thin lines. I also had a reduction. I sat with three different surgeons in my area of Northern CA before choosing mine, although they are all experienced, respected docs. I'm so sorry you are having all of this difficulty. You mentioned your thin skin and ethnicity.....what ethnicity are you? Do you normally scar or bruise easily? How are the scars now?
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I'm from the Caribbean and of mixed heritage. My skin is by no means thin. All other full-thickness scars on my body (arms, legs) are white, thin and flat. I never in my life developed hypertrophic scars, until the first breast lift and they were all located on the lateral portions of the horizontal scars. Abnormal scars feel very itchy and extremely uncomfortable to the touch. The pain feels like being jabbed with pins and needles. You may read on the internet that performing deep massages on them for 10 min. three-four times daily 4 weeks post-op for the first few months will help break up the thick tissue, but it did absolutely, positively nothing for me.
I'm only 6 mos. post-BL and scar revision so I still need about 6 more months to fully heal. Some of my scars are white in certain areas, pink in others, but the horizontal scars are still red.
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Hi C - I hope your healing is going well with your 2nd revisional surgery. I was wondering what your measurements are. I went to the NY Ear & Eye Infermary last week and spoke with a Fellow Doctor. So, far the opinions I have gotten regarding the outcome of my breast surgery is, they dont think its that bad. And they seem reluctant, However, I just know it isen't right. There is a 1 1/2 centimter differance between the the right and left nipple. My left measures 18 1/2 and the right 17. Are your measurements similar to this? I had to reschedule my apt with Dr. G. I was really excited about but had to reschedule it. I wish so much I never had this surgery. I was trying to correct something I was self conscious about and I was left with something I am again self conscious about.
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Isn't the scarring somewhat normal? I had mine done a few months ago, and my scars are still red...and a few others that had the procedure done had the same type of scarring?
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Get a consult with Dr. John Farella in White Plais. He is the best boob dr in NY. Every one who gets breast aug with him is beyond satified. Good Luck!!!
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I STRONGLY urge women to stay clear of Dr. Jen W.

And I wish I had read something like this ack in the fall of 2009 when I was reading all of her excellent reviews on citysearch.
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Thank you. I could only hope
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I too went to Dr.W and was horrified at the results. My initial surgery was June 15, 2009. I was scheduled to get a MINI Tummy Tuck with an incision that would be above my pubic area. I found out the next day that I got a FULL tummy tuck because she thought I would not have been happy and it is much higher than she said it would be. I was only 20 years old. Who wants that a scar that big at a young age?? I couldn't stop crying for days. I also had a BL/BA. I hate that she wouldn't even let me show her pictures of what I wanted for breasts, she picked the size and that was it.

I went back in February of 2011 and she said she would do a scar revision on my tummy tuck scar and my BL. My left aerola was much larger than my right. After spending almost $23000 i was hoping I would be happy and I am not. I now have to wait until my tummy scar heals to get a tattoo to cover it because it will never be hidden.
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WOW! is all I can say. Did she offer any other options besides a tummy tuck considering your age? DId you have significant weight loss or children that required a BL/BA AND a tummy tuck? PLEASE don't think I am being judgemental, I am just trying to get some back ground information because I looked at your previous posts and you didn't write a review about your experience so I have no clue and just wanted more information.

Let me say that I am so sorry that you went to her expecting a wonderful experience and had the opposite. I hope your revision meets your expectations. Good luck with your continued healing!!
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I went to another DR and she said thing. The mini tummy tuck would have been a good substitute until I had children.

The scar sits high and I am not even able to cover it. Not with pants or with underwear. Sometimes if I wear a shirt that is a bit short, my scar is visible if I reach up. I will have to wait for the scar to heal to cover it with a tattoo.

I did write a review but it isn't up yet.
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So sorry to hear of your ordeal. My heart goes out to you. For months after my procedure I thought I'd been the only one to have had such a bad experience with Dr W...but little did I know. I've received over a dozen private emails from women who have not been happy at all with their procedure or women who personally know of a former pt. who was not happy either.

I was thinking of getting a flesh colored tattoo over my horizontal BL scars after they mature, if worse comes to worse. But the PS who performed the revision (Dr. Lloyd B. Gayle) in 01/2011 did such a nice job that I may not need to. I absolutely refused to return to Walden, even for a revision. I was left too traumatized!

I sincerely hope you heal nicely :)
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I am another dis-satisfied patient of Dr. J - W. And I'm very sorry you had to endure this.

I had a breast lift that went horribly wrong and D. W performed a second surgery at no charge to re-do the entire thing. I had to live with toally mutiltaed breasts for 6 months. I refsed to look in the mirror for 6 months because the first time I did I was absolutely horrored at what I saw. Now after the second surgery, its slightly improved, I dont look like a practice exercise from medical school anymore, but its still not a very good result. My left nipple is slightly low andabove my right nipple had poor healing, which I am self conscious about. Working full time, and living on a budget makes it dfficult to look inot a 3rd procedure, however, I have already frequented a few doctors and have another appoinment set up.
Dr. W. really changed the way I view doctors. I guess there is this naive part of me, that is trusting and I extended that to her innitially. It was a huge mistake. I have also suffered rashes and skin infections/irritatins on my skin since the second surgery. I like you also discovered Dr. Walden did things that were not discussed beforehand to me. I found out afterward that she decided to re-arrange my glands to give me more upper fullness. Although this may be desirable for some women, this was not a concern of mine at all. Now the tops of my breasts feel lump and hard. It seems she was trying to immitate a breast implant look for me using my own glands. She NEVER discussed this with me before the surgery. I would have objected because upper fullness was not a concern at all.

So, thats my story. I have wished out loud when I am by myself that somehow Dr. W loses her medical license. She doesn't deserve to be a doctor. Maybe she had good intentions at one time in her career but she lacked sincerity and skill and treated manipulating someones body as no big deal...and thats because she doesnt have to live with it!!

I wish you luck to improve your scar.
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Perhaps everyone could join forces and take her to court..... even though she's left NYC, you could sue for all kinds of damages....at the very least get money for the procedures you all have to undergo to correct her arrogant incompetence.

My heart goes out to all of you....
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Thank you for your comment. This decision to choose her as my surgeon for this surgery is a decision I have regretted constantly. ...arrogant incompetence is a very accurate way of describing it. Seems like plain old honesty and decency, concern for a fellow person, was forgotten in Dr. W's practices. I hope to move forward, however I have reminders all the time of this mistake...
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Good thing you got into see him quickly. That sounds very scary. Take it easy for 6 weeks this time. I am happy they look great again. Feel better!!!xoxo
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Its a fancy word that basically means I was bleeding and it wouldn't stop. I am all better just a little swelling left over, but it looks just as it did before the bleeding so he did a wonderful job repairing.
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Thank goodness it was caught in time! A hematoma is nothing to take lightly.
I wish you all the best Manhattan6074!
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You are so right!! Nothing at all to take lightly, those things can take you out! It was so scary and unbelievably painful! As I said, it felt as if the implant was trying to eject itself and that it had a flame around it! Best way to describe the feeling. Rnuch and Madison...Thanks so much for following up with me, really means a lot :) This entire process has indeed been a life changing event. I know I keep saying this but thanks again for speaking out and for making such a great referral! If I had this done with JW and this complication happened, I feel like I would be depressed and devastated because she didn't seem like the person that would have calmed my nerves and immediately made things better like my doctor did. She probably would have sent Alix in to tell me she couldn't help me or charge me an arm and a leg to repair it.
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