Horrible Breast Lift Results

PS performed a full anchor BL, mind you I'm...

PS performed a full anchor BL, mind you I'm 5'5" ht., 111 lbs, don't have children was a b cup before BL and after and I don't have sun dammaged skin.

NEVER mentioned it during the consultaion that I would be left horizontal scars, only said she was doing a vertical scar. Left breast now droops 4 months after procedure, which means she OBVIOUSLY undercorrected. A total rip off.

Plastic surgeons have proven to me, from her performance that they are out for a quick buck. When I mention the horizontal scars in the subsequent follow-up visits, she totally minimizes my concerns. And, that, is what hurts the most!


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You can see my results under the heading "What is the best option for a breast lift revision?" on realself. That pic was taken just 5 months post-op. I also went to see two PS in person and they also agreed that the left breast was too saggy for just 5 months after the procedure. What did she do wrong?
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One thing that you must consider here beyond the technique used and the talent of the surgeon is the nature of your own tissues. By definition, someone who needs a breast lift has somewhere between challenged to outright poor elasticity and this has a significant bearing on the outcome. In other words, it is possible that one's starting point is much worse than others.
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First PS sent me to a dermatologist ($180) for a...

First PS sent me to a dermatologist ($180) for a consultation. Dermatologist said she could not do anything for the inframmary scars until they were 12 MONTHS OLD! I complained to my PS about the horizontal scars (which she NEVER mentioned of during the consultation, but only that she would be doing a lollipop scar) and the 2cm difference (unevenness) of the nipples position from the sternal notch, but she said she could only perform revision after one year of the original surgery. Seriously folks, my results look like two different surgeons perfromed my BL. I advise anyone to DEMAND that only the surgeon they paid for perform the entire surgery and never some PS fellow under the supervision of your surgeon! I never imagined this could be a possiblity until much later. My 1st BL was performed in a teaching hospital.

She became very dodgy after my complaint and called me in June 2010 to state she didn't think she could help me and would refund her surgical fee if I signed a waiver that would prevent me from complaining publicly about her results (in print or online). I have her lawyers waiver still with me, and can send copies of it to anyone, which I didn't sign or mail back. You can view my results on realself under the heading "What is the best option for a breast lift revision?" and read what the PS commented/recommended. I'm not deluded or an alarmist, but I knew she did a terrible job.

Fastforward one year later from original breast lift: I had revision BL surgery for the still ptotic left breast and scar revision in the right breast. I am still in the healing phase so I won't know the full results for another 1-3 months. I have now spent $20,000, between the 1st surgery and the 2nd, but I'm not out of the dark yet. 2nd PS is now injecting scars with Kenalog (which 1st PS should have been doing from the start once the inframmary scars were turning hypertrophic.) I just had my first V-beam laser treatment today ($450) to reduce the redness and visible capillaries that are a result of the Kenalog injection + revisional surgery.


I took your advice and read what the other surgeons said. All said the same thing, except for the one at the end who wanted you to get implants. I hope things go better for you the second time, and that you are happy with the results.
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K your horizontal scar is tiny! I dont know why your freaking out and bashing this surgeons name. Your results look a lot better than a lot that I have seen. I definatly think your being a little dramatic here..
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I also had a very BAD experience with this doctor, where I looked absolutely mutliated after a breast lift by this doctor. Do not dismiss this doctors lack of skill or honesty before knowing first hand. I can not comment on her skill in other procedures but I would be cautious in choosing her for any procedure.
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Dismissed my concerns. Poor outcome which obviously were a result of extremely poor planning. Little communication before surgery. Would not recommend her to my worst enemy. My only mistake was choosing her as my PS. I urge anyone to please type "What is the best option for a breast lift revision?" in the custom search right here on realself.com to view my results from the first surgery which was posted last year and read what the surgeons on realself commented/recommended. I don't have pre-1st surgery pics to upload, they can only be scanned and then uploaded, which I will try to figure out how to do shortly.

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