Fraxel Dual for "Melasma Mustache" - Worked when Other Treatments Didn't

Had third fraxel dual to rid my face of the rest...

Had third fraxel dual to rid my face of the rest of the melasma that the IPL did not get off. I have tried the other Fraxel's which did not help with the melasma at all, including Fraxel Restore and Repair. I would go so far to say that those prior treatments (including other lasers such as Thermage and CoolTouch) may have helped exacerbate the melasma. However, the Fraxel Dual really helped eradicate whatever remained. I had a melasma-mustache (that looks much better, if not totally gone.

I will know in a few days as I just had my last (hopefully) treatment today, if it is totally gone.

oh, sorry. i dont like IPL. it is light, requires multiple treatments where u can get results with one treatment of Lasers. IPL is not a laser and can be done by non physicians.
Yes. I have worked with fraxel. There are some people that get results but u can get the same results for 500 dollars with the aura laser with less downtime. Lasers generally are not for skin of color period. For most people, if some topical is not used to turn off the melanin, the pigment will return and be worse. Stopping waxing of the upper lip etc can alleviate the pigment as well if this is what caused it in the first place.
I have to disagree with Dr Anita.

One year later I am maintaining an 70-80% improvement. So, if I have to have this done once every 2-3 years, I would consider it long lasting. I do have some 'resurfacing' and there is a broken capillary now, which I think was caused by the Fraxel. And I've mentioned that it didn't help any wrinkles, in fact, it may have made them a bit more noticeable. My melasma was very bad.
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