Under Eye Dark Circles with Restylane and Juvederm - New York, NY

I've had dark, hereditary under eye circles my...

I've had dark, hereditary under eye circles my whole life. Once I turned 30, my under eyes became hollow and the circles were even more prominent.

I wanted Restylane in my tear troughs. Since the eye area is so delicate, I did my research before letting anyone inject me. I found that Dr. Eviatar was THE MAN when it comes to oculoplastic procedures and boy, was I right.

He told me that I needed Juvederm in my cheeks before using Restylane. 2 weeks later, he injected the Restylane. The procedure itself was extremely easy breezy. Aside from a few pokes of pain, I barely felt anything. I had mild bruising the first day but nothing that kept me down.

I look AMAZING. I never thought I could leave the house without gobs of concealer under my eyes but now I can!!!

A Week Later… Do I Need MORE Restylane? :(

After I initially got the treatment, I loved it. However, a few days later, the "Wow" started to decrease. I don't think 1 cc of Restylane was enough for me. The doctor did mention I might need more. but honestly, after spending nearly $2000 on this, I don't know how I feel.

One Month Post-Op : Overall Pretty Good

A month after I got the injectibles, I'm overall pretty happy. My hollows are nearly gone and I often go outside without any makeup (which I would never do before). Although I do want a litttttttle more Restylane in my tear ducts, Dr. E recommended that we wait 3 months before doing any more.
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Do you remember how many injection spots did he make under your eyes?? Your results look beautiful !!
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I don't remember exactly but I feel the right eye had fewer injections (3-4?) while the left required maybe 10? The whole process took under 30 min.
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So you had 1cc of Restylane under eyes and 1cc of Juvederm for checks and it was 1900.00 ??
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Wow that is expensive !! Did the doctor charge you a appointment fee as well?? Prices for restylane and Juvederm are usually 550 to 600 1cc (or for syring of each) you do look beautiful and I heard the doctor is very talented !!
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There is an appointment fee but it's folded into the cost if you get a procedure. I don't know how different docs price but I'm guessing that one of the most famous ones in NYC would charge a lot.
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So true, I had not heard of him before being on realself but he is worth it because he is very talented and I have heard of so many horror stories off injections hone wrong under the eyes !! Your eyes look beautiful !!
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Thanks. I specifically wanted a board-certified oculoplastic surgeon to do it. The eye area is so delicate I'd rather pay more and get it done right.
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Regarding your concern of needing more filler 1 week post procedure, book a follow up with your surgeon. Only he will be able to properly assess your results. If you end up requiring a touch up, it may only require a very small amount of product. Some clinics have mini touch up syringes of product on hand at a fraction of the cost for this very purpose. In the future, always insist on a 2 week post procedure follow up. I've both had the same treatment as you numerous times, and I've also worked in the industry. Resty and other hyaluronic fillers tend to take up lots of water immediately following treatment. Thus, docs will often under-treat the area and have their patients come back after 2 weeks to assess whether more product is required. This is especially yhe case when treating the finicky undereye area. It's far better to add than to take away. Don't fret! I'm sure your doc will take care of your concerns.
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Thanks! My doc suggested waiting a few months since my body would probably produce collagen in the area. I do appreciate him being conservative.
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I just had voluma done to my cheeks and now I feel I need the restylane under my eyes as well. I too have had dark circles all of my life and apply concealer probably 15 times per day. Were you left with any lumps or ridges?
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I had a tiny bit of bruising under one eye but it faded a few weeks later. Overall, I'm very happy that I did the procedure. I used to think I had dark circles but in reality, it was more just hollow tear ducts.
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Hey truebluegirl u look great! How much was the restylane by it self and did they charge you consultation fee?
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1 vial was $800 (They had a promotion going on for $100 off) and Juvederm was $1100.
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Great results. Why did you need Juvederm prior to Restylane?
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Dr. E said that my cheek area was lacking fullness and he wanted to build up the area before attacking the under eyes.
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Your results DO look great! Thank you so much for sharing. Was there much pain involved with your injections?
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Not at all. As someone with moderate pain tolerance, it was fine with maybe 2-3 areas that were a bit more of a prick. If you've gotten your eyebrows waxed, this is LESS painful.
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