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Drooping Eyebrows. Will They Stay Like This?

I am 32 and I had Botox for the horizontal lines...

I am 32 and I had Botox for the horizontal lines on my forehead and frown lines 1 week ago. While my frown lines are perfect, and my forehead is smooth as a baby's, my eyebrows have dropped significantly.

I told the physician (who is a family member making this a delicate issue)that I only wanted the top creases of my forehead done. I was told that I would have complete movement of my brows. Every day since the treatment my eyebrows drop more and more, I thought after day 3 they would stabalise, but they have not, and I am worried that they will continue to drop to a point that is grotesque. Also, I cannot move my forehead at all. Only the tiniest movement, which even as I type seems to be diminishing. I have also had terrible headaches, and trouble seeing out of my left eye.

Since I am slightly neurotic and a 1st time user maybe this is all perfectly normal, and I am just overly sensitive? Luckily, I have large eyes and I have a large palate between my lid and brows. All in all, no one seems to notice any difference whatsoever, and I suppose I look ok.

I worry that the Botox may not wear off, or I will be left with lower eyebrows, since some studies show that Botox can actually reverse some creases.

Some facts about the procedure and effects:
1. I was given 55mgs of Botox. 8 for my mouth and the remaining 45 (or so) for my forehead.
2. the forehead was injected in 5 pints along the hairline, at my temples, between my eyebrows, over the base of my brows and the arch of my brows.
3. On the left side of my forehead, something was hit that caused bleeding and later a large bruise. At first this seemed to explain why the left eyebrow was lower, but now both eyebrows are relatively the same.
4. I would estimate my brows have dropped 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch (no exaggeration).

The bad: Eyebrow droop, headaches, strained vision out of left eye, no movement of forehead. The good: smooth forehead, no more frown lines, great doctor. I am concerned about the effects of this treatment over time.

Updated on Jan 5, 2010
I am in my 30s, and was given approximately 45units injected in my forehead. I had several horizontal lines on my forehead, I was injected in 5 points along the hairline and 5 points along the brow (1 in-between, 1 along the base, arch and temples). My eyebrows have dropped, I have headaches and I can't move my forehead at all. I believe I was given MUCH to much, and in too many places along my brow. WHEN will this go away, if EVER? Will it take longer since I was given 45 units instead of 15?

Any ideas why this happened or what I can expect? Needless to say, I am extremely concerned about taking "corrective" measures. I also feel extremely badly for my physician/ family member.
I was encouraged to go for botox after frowning on a sunny day with my sunglasses. a distant friend i was with when complaining i hate the frownline between my eybrows said: "i did botox, because i didnt like that either." I thought weather try botox at the age of "just" 30 years for about half a year, but am happy i did it little before my 31 birhtday. After the treatment (forehead), first reaction was that i could still see the vertical line between the eyebrows. However, in about two days, it dissapeared and the horizontal frownlines were gone too. I think my other eyebrwon rose sligtly, but not much. I was very surprised to realise that it took some days for the horizontal line to "dissapear". i certainly did not expect for not being able to "make" them by frowning - my forehead just did not move. now 3.5 months after if i raise my eyebrows, i can see some very small lines. in total im very happy with the result. For me the biggest annoyance were the frown lines between the eyebrows and now when around three sunny months are behind everything still fine (i used to get the lines very heavy in the summer and then getting them lighter during the winter). no one directly commented they noticed any change (except those i had told), so i guess its looks natural. as so many people judge the procedure, i have decided to keep to myseld. im 100% happy so far but sure the result depends on the skills of the doctor!
Hi Everyone. My internet has been shifty, so sorry for the lag. I have more movement now, and no strange lines. I am feeling much better about it, although I notice every time I put on eye makeup that I need to put it in different places. I hope that the brows go back up, but at least for now, I can have some expression on my face again!!! Yes, it is like Russian Roulette. I would have to say. My doctor (the family member) did not want to do this. She said I didn't need it. She was right. I BEGGED her to do it, because I was turning 32, newly single, and living on a new continent. Now this all sounds so trite. My advice. If you don't need it, if you look "ok" but you are trying to look like a magazine model, DO NOT DO IT. Maybe one day, when I have popped a few kids out, and I am looking my age, I won't care if my eyebrows drop. But now, it wasn't really worth it. All in all. I still look ok. The irony is, I am a feminist. And I fell into the trap of trying to look like a movie star. At least it wasn't bad breast implants! Blessings all.
Hello Tried but Failed! No, it was filler (Restylane) injected under my eyes, and not Botox. There was just a little left, so he decided to inject a little in my hollows. With eyes and with any part(s) of your face, you need to take more time and make sure everything is evened out. I do not have bags under my eyes, and I'd rather have the hollow look, which I am stuck with right now. As the doc was injecting, I did trust that he knew what he was doing, but I knew he didn't have enough so wasn't sure what to expect. Now it looks like my eyes are swollen. It's been a few months now. The doctor said it would wear off, so I'm waiting! I just had an IPL yesterday, which I am excited about. I did show the nurse (she also injects Botox) my eyes and said that she could fix them so they raise, but I am going to wait. I am sorry if this is confusing, as I am talking about being unhappy with my Botox results and the fact that I had filler injected under my eyes, which was left over (I had my Nasolabial Folds filled - happy with the job at least). I will remind my friend about the article and as soon as I find it, I'll let you know. I am glad you are seeing some improvement. That says something. Time usually mends/heals and can make a difference. Happy With Me, looking forward to seeing your pics!! Will you let us know how to find them? I am not that savvy with this site yet. It's good to know that our situations can resolve. It's just a waiting game, but it's scary. To opt for these procedures and trust that we will see improvements, only to be surprised with the opposite, is very upsetting.
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My doctor is wonderful, I would recommend him, just not in this forum

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