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I had my breasts reduced 10 months ago. A week...

I had my breasts reduced 10 months ago. A week after the surgery( with the swelling) I was a D, though I wanted a small C,and I am now a DD going on a DDD, to top it all the left one is visibly much bigger then the right one. I know you say that it is impossible for the breasts to grow back, well in my case they did. Before my surgery I was a 32 J and weighed 145LBS measuring 5,8 inches, now I weigh 136 Lbs so I lost weight right? How come my old bras purchased immediately following the surgery don't fit anymore like they did before. What can I do? Can I have a second reduction, liposuction Will the insurance cover it. My back, neck and shoulder pain have come back. I am miserable. Please tell me what to do.

After reading this post and a few other posts similar to this one, I noticed that women like us with H cup breasts and bigger seem to have our breasts grow back after having breast reduction surgery. Thank you so much Natalie1982. You are 100% correct! This would be my first time ever having major surgery. Breast reduction surgery is a major medical operation and every time you go under the knife you are putting your life at risk. Surgery is not without risk and don't let any physician tell you otherwise. So true.... Oh and I am going to research "breast reduction and regrowth." I am so sorry East Meadow. Your ordeal was definitely not worth your pain and suffering. I am going to rethink breast reduction surgery for now.
Hi, I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago. I was a 32JJ/K and the surgeon told me he would take me down to a 32 DD/E...which I was happy with. Two days after the surgery he came to see me and told me it went well and I should buy a bra in a size 36E/F until the swelling goes down, but when I went to buy some bras, I was in the store over an hour and then realised my left boob was larger than the other. I ended up with 4 bras that didn't fit me, and now i'm wearing one of my old 32JJ bras, which is a little big but more comfortable than the others. I feel so down. I know its early days but even one of my nipples looks like its falling in while the othe one is raised. I can't even look at them in the mirror, I feel like a freak. : (
Hi im browsing around and noticed your post and wonder how you are doing now? have you gotten comfy with your new size or did you have redo? ,i think a J to a D is fabulous! i hope all is well!
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