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Hi All, I am 31 years old 5"7 and about 145 lbs....

Hi All, I am 31 years old 5"7 and about 145 lbs. This Sept I decided that I really wanted to have a breast augmentation. I have no credit cards so I have been saving up cash over the last few months not buying anything just to reach my goals thinking of the big prize. I already meet with a surgeon and paid my down payment and I already got a week off from work from my boss. Now that I am getting within the last month in the waiting Period for my surgery I have been freaking out hoping I'm making the right choice I getting bad anxiety and just hope I am making the right decision I know it is a big risk and also a big reward but I just fear the worst my sister had a B.A and a few months later had to take them out so she went through 2 surgerys and spent about 10 k I have not told anyone in my famIly that I am doing this since what happen to my sister she is my step sister and I really don't have a great relationship with her I want to ask her what happen but I am afraid she wil tell my family . Also my surgeon told me to come off birth control so I would be starting my new pack tomorrow so it's all coming more and more a reality to me I am just torn on what to do I want it so bad but just scared of the worst please tell me is it worth it please help also do u think I should get health insurance before the procedure just in case of anything job Offers it but I have to pay a few hundred a month for it let me know if it's worth it thank you all

Just did my bloodwork and mammogram done yesterday...

Just did my bloodwork and mammogram done yesterday hope im making the right choice!!

My blood work and mammogram came back okay so now...

My blood work and mammogram came back okay so now last step is for me to make payment on Friday im so nervous im just scared for the worst i want to call my step sisiter and talk to her about whathappen but i fear she will tell on me

I came so close i cant turn back now its like going up to city hall and not going in.

I have fears for after the surgery cause i live withmy mom and i cant go home and i have to depend on a friend to help me out i dont like depending on others im so independent this is all becoming so real

My fear is paying the money then being broke and...

My fear is paying the money then being broke and if the surgery doesnt go right i dont want to look funny we all are women and boobs are sacred to us im scared scared tell me what to do i dont want to not do it and regret it i think im gonna go for it i feel like im driving my friends crazy idk.......

Some of my friends are telling me its a big...

Some of my friends are telling me its a big mistake i will be sorry but i wonder if they are really concerned or just jealous hard to tell

Making Final Payment tomorrow here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Making Final Payment tomorrow here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 days to go i went on friday and paid the...

10 days to go i went on friday and paid the balance and got all my prescriptions and meds !! now im just getting ready im going to get a few more little things like a few hoodies and button ups from forever 21 the most important thing my doc said was to go in with a postivie attitude and remail stress free

PS said 355ccs is what hes giving me i hope thats...

PS said 355ccs is what hes giving me i hope thats good!!

So my PS told me he is going to do 355 on the left...

So my PS told me he is going to do 355 on the left and 375 on the right to fix one being bigger than the other and to even them out i hope this would be big enough !!

4 more days !! Im feeling more relaxed and ready...

4 more days !! Im feeling more relaxed and ready for this!

Hi Girls i need to know are you able to eat...

Hi Girls i need to know are you able to eat regular foods after the surgery?

Also do you girls have a list of things i may need...

Also do you girls have a list of things i may need or that can help me after the surgery i already have all my meds just need to know if there's anything else that can help me

To all my friends on this site thank you all for...

To all my friends on this site thank you all for the help and support tomorrow this time i will be done i will have boobs!! i am so scared even sweating now thinking about it but i am going to be strong and face my fears and worries tomorrow. I know i can do this!! to me the worst part is waiitng to get it done i hope the nurses are nice and help me cause i am a big scardie cat!! I decided to go tomorrow norning alone and then i am having someone pick me up. Its funny but my own best friend didnt even call me or offer to come with me tomorrow its funny how some friends even get jealous for boobs but it wont stop me just motivates me more!! My boyfriend is picking me up then i will be stayiong in a hotel for friday sat sunday and checking out monday then after i checkout i will go to my follow up appointment Ps said he wants to see me on monday then after that i plan on going home to face my mother and family i know im 31 an adult i just hope they dont reacct crazy when they see me i told them all i was going to A.C for a few days to get away!!! lol ha i also have 2 small dogs a yorklie and shih tzu so i hope they dont try to jump onmy too much when i get back wish me luck girls 24 hours and coutning!!!!

Hi all I'm one day post op so I finally did it my...

Hi all I'm one day post op so I finally did it my doc gave me 330 left and 370 right to even out symetry the worst part is the fear before but the whole staff where I went was so nice I even told them about my anxiety so they covered all the tools and I held the nurses hand while being put asleep I just I imagined I was on the beach in Florida then I was knocked out when I woke up I was nauseous a little and it was hard to get up but the nurse helped me and I made it through !!! I had little pain after and the vicoden had worked miracles my boyfriend has been helping me out and getting me whatever I need from the store I'm staying at the hotel till Monday then I have to go for my first follow up visit then I will go home I will post pics as soon as I can for all of you out there scared it's not that bad I am totally scared of everything even needles and I was ok u can do it I don't think I look that big but I trusted my doc on size and I think it is better a little smaller for me

Hi all just wanted to let you know that I had a...

Hi all just wanted to let you know that I had a really great recovery I was in no major pain at all I had my BA on Friday and by Sunday I was out at the movies I wasn't in pain but needed help getting up to go to the bathroom that was the worst part for me I stayed In a hotel that Friday sat and Sunday and checked out Monday and went home I told my mom and she didn't believe me and I said I'm not kidding she was like why did u do that to yourself then after 5 minutes she said it's ok I understand u are young and she even went with me to my first post op visit on Monday i came off the pain meds on Tuesday and just take a muscle relaxer once in a while now I am ok but the only thing is that when I put clothes on you cabt even tell I had anything done everyone says Its the compression bra holding them down I just feel flat and I want to see results I'm a little disaponted now but maybe I need to be patient I am posting all my pics on Monday when I get back to work I am also dreading going back cause they all want to see me and i feel there is nothing to show

Back and need to go bigger

Hi all hope all is well its been about 5 months now and although I like my new size and what the doctor has done I believe I need bigger I got 330 left and 375 right I am thinking of going bigger been going back and forth with it I already paid a 500 deposit towards the redo and they are giving me a discount also need to decide to go with silicone or saline

Need to go bigger

Need to go bigger but 2nd guessing it

Almost 1 year post op

Hi all so I haven't done the redo yet I'm thinking to just leave well enough alone

Almost one year post op

New York Plastic Surgeon

Ad on newspaper and close to my job

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5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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I think they look perfect! I similar stats 5"5 130 and I'm asking for 350. I am in even so the numbers will be different depending on what evens me out but I hope my outcome looks as lovely as yours!
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hi there i actually now am regretting not going bigger i may do a redo soon i just feel dispointed
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wow your boobs look amazing i actually have them as part of my inspiration photos!
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first of all, thank you so much for sharing this journey. You've been an amazing tool for me to decide myself! should i just stick to my semi saggy boobs or go all in? i'm just wondering if i should spend the money. i don't know...
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I say go for it.. I am happier with them than my old version but just really think about size. I personally feel I went too big and I feel uncomfortable with anything that shows them off. I feel like everyone checks me out and im not comfortable being that girl.. good luck
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I say go all in I have no regrets with doing it and it was a good investment in myself it took me six months to save and was worth it just wish I went bigger I think u should go for it or wait until you know for sure I just rescheduled my redo for feb 6th still deciding to do that or not
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And that's my fear, I have saggy 36c and would just like them perkier for side boob view, I don't want them bigger, that would mean an entire lifestyle change especially when working out
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I will make an appointment with him, my mother recommended him because her friend did hers with him (the irony) thank you so much ill keep you posted
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With bienstock ? He was really good I had no pain after he just went way to small with me dr jones is gonna do my redo cause he didn't feel comfortable going bigger
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I say go for it I had no pain at all after see what he says
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Yes things I'm thinking about I have 36c now sometimes I think I should just be grateful for what I have I'm getting used to them now at first I was really upset but now ok with them
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Ok I got 330 and 375 and still workout it feels very natural but I had nothing before u already have a c so may be different
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Yep Dr Bienstock...I will tell him what I want, if he does em like yours I'd be happy, they're up, they're not huge, I had to search for your scar, they're perfection, that beach photo is perfection
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Thanks u make me feel great also now after all these months I'm 100 scar free everything faded good luck !!! I just told him to do what was best for me good luck !!!! Tell him I said hi lol ;)
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Also I had my surgery on Friday and was out and about at the movies on the train by Sunday it was pain free
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I'm almost 500cc and have no problem working out.. High impact and heavy weights.. In even going back for bigger boobs
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Wow you do look great tho! I just booked my redo today. I know I want bigger but now I'm second guessing,,, prob mostly cuz of the $$. UGH!! So frustrating. Keep us posted with what you decide to do! 
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Thanks wow we have the same issues my PS is charging me $3500 for the redo and I already paid 500 so it would be 3000 more I just feel like I paid so much already and I am scared of complications of going bigger but there were the same risks the first time I will keep you posted
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Money is a big thing for me too! I'd be getting a loan... They look awesome though!
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Thank you please make sure you go big enough I didn't and now am in the process of getting the money for a redo
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Hey long time no talk... I have big ones but I dont think there all that there cracked up to be.... I almost wish I was smaller. But your not going too too big.. also I hot saline but would have done silicone now. I hear you dont feel the silicone through your skin as much as saline... good luck with everything
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Yes hope all is well after the surgery I just took a little break from things but I have to admit that I am disapointed in the size I ended up a 36C I have a redo scheduled still deciding to do the redo or not
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I think yours look great and perfect size for you. Mine feel huge and im not loving that but starting to wonder if were never happy with ourselves. . Who knows but ill deal with mine til I need serviced in 10 years or so lol
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Lol lol I think u may be right either too big or too small going crazy over here cause the surgeon offered me a very low price I scheduled the redo on feb 6 so I have plenty of time to think about it then I think if I go too big I don't want to be disproportionate u know i think I'm crazy lol one day I want to do and next I don't idk anymore lol
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Yes Def no peeking. Remember they keep forming and softening up as the weeks go on. I actually am starting to like how mine are forming now 6 Weeks later. So that Being said - if you like them now you will love them more as time goes on. ... keep us posted
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