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My Whole experience has been AMAZING!! I am happy...

My Whole experience has been AMAZING!! I am happy to have found my PS. He has truly given me my sexy back ;-)
Let me start off by saying I am a 43 year old mother of 5 children. Breast fed 4 out of the 5 and my youngest is 10 now. I have been wanting and waiting for my BA for years now. My quest was long and informative. I have met a handful of surgeons and most have tried to convince me to not only get a whole lift but get the gummy gel implants. I was looking for a surgeon who listened to what I wanted and give me what I asked and paid for. After meeting my PS Dr. Ayman Shahine I was at ease and feeling good about looking good minus the ugly scars of an "anchor lift". I know that breast feeding had left my breast saggy and sad but I refused to do a BA procedure if it meant having to get the lift. My PS preformed my surgery under local anesthesia. Yes I was awake throughout the whole procedure. I must tell all you ladies who have done the procedure under general anesthesia I didn't feel anything, nothing, zilch, nada... The only thing I felt was the first few pinches of the needle being used to administer the anesthesia. After that I was so comfortable that when he was done I couldn't believe it. I sat up and BAMM! BOOBS!!! ... He did a peri-areola incision and went under the muscle to give me a more natural yet fuller look using HP saline filled NATRELLE implants. I was impressed and in love instantly even though they looked like torpedoes ( FRANKENSTEIN BOOBIES ) but I did not need the lift at all. He gave me instruction.. Don't wet the incision area the sutures are self fading and wait for surgical tape to fall off on it's own. He gave me scripts for antibiotics and percs. His assistant wrapped me put on my bra and assisted with dressing me. I literally walked out of surgery feeling relaxed and good about the whole experience. My older daughter who was in the waiting room could not believe how good I looked coming out of surgery. The drive home was answering all of my husbands questions. I arrived home and my husband had the bed ready with my body pillows, neck pillow and warm blankets. I really didn't get much sleep that night but not because of any pain more the discomfort of having to be sitting up. I eventually went to the living room and fell asleep sitting on my sofa. I took one perc that morning and after that I honestly didn't need them. I refrained from doing anything. My daughters ages 22 & 17 cooked dinner every night and have kept my home super clean. I have read a few reviews and I'm blessed to say that although there was some discomfort I have not felt any pain. My breast the first day felt and looked different my right boob was stiff and high and my left started to settle. I take pictures every day since the surgery because I want to record the transition. It's only been a week since my surgery but so far so good. I'm happy and cannot wait until the whole dropping & fluffing is complete. I'm excited to see the final product

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My first week

I forgot to post pictures and I wanted to share. The pictures are from my first day up until today. My first week has been really surprisingly good. Drinking my post operative Make MeHeal vitamin's I purchased from Amazon,my medication minus the Percocet and having the the time off work doing absolutely nothing. My kitty's keep me company :) I know that with such surgery patience is key..This forum has helped me a lot. I have seen and read the progress of so many women that I want to share mine as well. Wish me luck ladies with my two new editions


Scaredy Cat, I was feeling fantastic adrenaline rushed I suppose. I swear that the only discomfort I felt was a stiffness and soreness in my right shoulder blade that went down the back of my arm. I didn't feel it 'till after being home in bed. And of coarse I felt too heavy but no pain at all since my procedure. My implants are saline filled high profile NATRELLE. Right breast 450cc & left breast 425cc. Im hoping to be D cup when they settle. I'm 43 years old and I think the braids make me look younger. My daughter did them before I was led into surgery. But my youthful skin is due to caring for my skin like my granny showed me. It's nice of you to say I look young because sometimes I feel the opposite
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Looks like you were feeling good right after surgery! What type of implant and size did you go with? By the way you look so young to have grown kids!!
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My implant info

Just as an FYI I paid an xtra $100.00 to have my implants insured. Warranty so God forbid they ever need emergency replacement it's free

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Healthy & Hearty Healing

My 17 year old daughter Queen has always been good in the kitchen ( she gets it from her momma ;-) ) she has been cooking almost everyday since my surgery. She chefed it up for me and whipped up a shrimp & linguine pasta with fresh everything.. Spinach, Asparagus, Carrots, Basil, Cherry Tomatoes in a lite WhiteWine garlic butter sauce. Home made garlic bread and fresh detox water made of Grapefruit, lemons, cucumbers and mint. We are what we eat so it's important to eat good when after any Surgery healing from the inside out.


im in love with your BOOBS!!!! yes Yes YES!!!! they look freakin awesome! if you don't mind me asking… Aren't you also on the lipo/bbl section with Dr. Shahnine? Im scheduled to go to Dominican republic to have some work done with a very reputable family dr. in april. God willing I'm going to get a tummy tuck and some slight lipo to my side with BA. She does wonderful work and I'm in lve with how she performance her tt and BA but i was kinda of skeptical of placing any implants into my body out of the use… But the way he did yours looks like how she does hers clients. Ive wanted to find a doctor that would give me large saline implants to achieve the look I'm looking for which is the look yours now have. My question is did the implants include the meds and after care…. and is it 5000 for everyone? thanks in advance, any information you can reply with would be more than helpful. hope to here from you soon and CONGRATULATIONS on your new twins! ;-)
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Yes I'm the same girl and thank you very much, I just left his office and he recommend dart massaging my right breast and wear my band in an angle on an angle if that makes sense. Ill posts pics latter when I'm home. Otherwise he complemented me and said I'm looking good and to splay take care of my new babies :-) I'm not sure because I haven't checked your profile therefore I haven't seen any pictures of you to give you my personal option, but to you honestly need a tummy tuck? That scar is so.., ummm idk the word to use. Although to each is there own. However I have 5 children and I went for the lipo and I love my results. Proper care and proper use of a faja is all you need. Think about really good. As my my PS you should go in for a consult and meet him yourself. He sees me when ever and doesn't charge extra my meds were covered with my insurance 10 bucks. Dure if he does your breast you will be more than happy. Thanks keep in touch
Yes …. i know exactly what you're talking about when it comes to the TT scar. The thing with me is my stomach has been held hostage by a mammy pack do to my wonderful big belly pregnancies!…lol so i think the only way to get rid of my FLAP is ti to cut it of1. i think that for a big girl i have a pretty flat stomach but evn if i just did the lipo i would still have the loose flappy skin at the bottom of my tummy ,. i don't know though …. i have thought about just having the lipo. take a look at my profile and tell me what you think! Other then that i definitely keep in touch with you! i absolutely love your results and i hope to have just as nice results as you one day. please keep updating those pics! He should really make you a poster model of his work cause he really transformed you nicely!


Today is day 12 since my surgery and my first day back to work since my BA. It wasn't too bad but wasn't a great day either. Although I've been pain free and I work sitting at a desk typing and clicking away at the keyboard and mouse had me feeling a bit sore and my right breast is still feeling very stiff. I know patience is key but I decided to go see my PS being he is always willing to accommodate his patients be it via a phone call, text or visit. I work in the city so it is easy for me to go into his office. He recommended I wear my surgical band in an angle, on an angle. He showed me how to massage it and then He removed the surgical tape and the insicion areas are looking pretty darn good to me. He said I'm looking good ( THANKS TO HIM) my thoughts.. And said to simply take care of them.. I most certainly will just like new born babies ;)


I see what he meant for you to do in order to just put downwards pressure to the higher one.... smart. Your incision look like they're healing pretty well too!
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Boobie Blues Bluring my Brain

Today I woke up and as usual since day one. I go in my bathroom mirror to remove my bra and now my strap to reveal my breast. As I stand in front of the mirror to examine my breast I realize that left breast is so settled it looks sagging and sad. My right is round and right where I want it to be. The stiff rock hardness has subsided and now I'm feeling the boobie boobs. I'm sure I need to wait to see the true results being its only been 15 days since I have the surgery, however I'm feeling regretful and shameful to show my husband my breast again. Im thinking maybe I needed a lift as well to achieve the the best look. However my PS said I didn't and beside that the scar itself would be substantial. I am hoping to see a change sooner than later. If not then it's back to the breast drawing board and my husband will not be happy therefore I will most likely have to pay for it myself. I'm an overthinker and can stress out but these boobie blues are blurring my brain


Hey honey.... im dying to here from you!!!! Please update! I will soon be fly out to DR myself in 30 days.
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hey lolita! just stopped by to say Hey and hope all is well. Hopefully everything has fluffed out nicely by now for you. Hope to see updates soon! take care.
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Wow, your transformation looks wonderful. Happy for you:) congrats
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Dr. Shahine

Great bedside manner.. He answers every question and listens to any concerns big or small. Unless he is in surgery he will answer his phone. If not he will respond as soon as he is available

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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