Tuberous Breasts corrected - Albany, New York

Will post after shots in the coming weeks and...

Will post after shots in the coming weeks and months.

I am having corrective breast augmentation to address numerous breast issues.

These are my before and after (8 days post op...

These are my before and after (8 days post op photos).

I flew from Australia to New York especially for Dr. DeLuca and because of my condition. He is a great surgeon and really knows how to treat this condition. I am healing slowly but surely and I am so glad I chose Dr. DeLuca for my surgery. It was certainly worth the distance.

I have now added photos of my 5 weeks post op. As...

I have now added photos of my 5 weeks post op. As you can see, I am healing well. I have been very patient with myself to ensure I heal correctly. I haven't resumed exercise just yet, only walking at this stage. I have been taking vitamins to assist my healing process including Vitamin A and C and Zinc.

Also for some reference I went from a A/B cup - my...

Also for some reference I went from a A/B cup - my tuberous breasts were different sizes - and am now a cup size D. I requested a C cup but I think the breast implants always are one cup bigger as I have spoken to a few people around the world who have had surgery and they also ended up having one cup bigger than requested. You get used to them and they don't seem to big for my body at all. I weigh about 52 kilos (115 lbs?) and am 163cm tall (5'4?).

Well, it's now February and I'm still doing very...

Well, it's now February and I'm still doing very well! My breasts look and feel great and am now back into strength training and yoga full-time. Some people said I may not be able to do yoga postures again, but if anything, I have regained my strength plus more. The key is to not push your body and allow it to heal properly. I really didn't exercise for 2 months after the operation, because I wanted my body the energy and time to heal as tuberous breast surgery is no doubt is major for the body to heal. I still remember New York and Dr. DeLuca fondly. What a great choice I made to improve my life. My confidence is ten fold! and I couldn't be happier.

2013 - 2 years post op!

Thought I would give an update as I am back in the States and was thinking about my surgery and experience from when I was in Albany back in 2011. I hope I can come visit Dr. DeLuca to say hi soon.

I am STILL super happy! I weigh 56 kilos now not 52 and so they suit my body great. Sometimes I get pain in them and I'm not sure what is going on.... So I just massage them and they seem to be ok after. I also have to be careful what moves I do during yoga sometimes as it does create some pain. It could be hormonal pain too. I still have some scarring but I only used scar cream for about 3 months and let them be after then. I think they look the same as after surgery, but more natural now which is what I wanted. People think they look amazing but still think they are natural so that's only a good thing.

If you were born with tuberous breasts, then Dr. DeLuca is the surgeon to see. I'm still feeling very blessed and thankful for making the choice I did 2 years ago. The only question I am left with is, "who will I see when I'm 50+ and need to get them redone and who is as good as Dr. DeLuca?!"
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These are amazing! I contacted Dr DeLuca right after seeing them! It's so hard to find a doctor that can deliver like this on tuberous breasts!
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How much CC's did u put in on?
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You look gorgeous!! You are deffinitely convinced me to go to dr de luca. I searched and searched here in boston but no one seems to be as good as he is!!! Mine look a lot like yours. And I just had a question I was wondering if blue cross blue shield covers reconstruction of tuberous breast deformity? Since it is a congenital deformity?
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Thanks so much!! Yes, you will not be disappointed if you go to Dr. DeLuca. I've been researching doctors for yearsssss & he was the only dr I found on the east coast, that had aesthetically pleasing results that I would be more than happy with. Many other drs do perform this surgery, I just knew I would be furious if I ended up with most of the results I saw on other surgeon's websites, after going through major surgery, and not to mention spending a small fortune. And no, most insurance companies won't cover it or reimburse you, but it is worth a shot. You just have to go the "my self image, self-esteem, sexual/mental health is suffering" route if u want a fighting chance for any insurance company to even consider it. I've only heard of one person getting reimbursed, but again, can't hurt to try. Good luck, & please tell Dr. D I said hello.
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How embarrassing... I thought I was on my profile!! Ahhhh!!! Sorry lol
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Thanks so much this was a lot of help and reassurance! I booked a consultation for the 20th and March 12th if all goes well for my surgery. I know its too soon to say but i feel good about finally feeling positive about a surgeon... And yea im really gunna try.. How much did you pay for yours ? And did you get saline, etc what profile?
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Hey there, I just saw this convo. I am 2 and a half months post op with Dr. Deluca. I as well had tuberous breasts and after doing research he was the one I picked. I came down from Canada. I promise you, he is an artists and he will make your breasts a masterpiece. Put your trust in him. Just some facts. They were $9000 with the lift. I had silicone 350 mod+. I love them.
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Thanks so much for the info and the encouragement!
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You look amazing, lucky girl! I'm from Australia too with tubie boobies and after searching everywhere for someone with decent tuberous post op galleries I've decided to fly to the US as well. I'm also considering Dr Deluca, his work is amazing.
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I'm a little more than 6 weeks post op tuberous breast correction by Dr. DeLuca & my results are AMAZING. I couldn't have asked for better results, and am SO GLAD I put my trust in Dr. DeLuca... I'd do it again 10 times, no question.
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LaurenT58 - send my hellos to Dr.DeLuca. If you tell him I am Australian on Real Self he will know who I am. All the best with your surgery. You are in good hands.
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I told him u said hello, & him & Karen remembered u :)
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Hi All, You are best to just go see Dr. DeLuca as he will know what is best for you by looking at you in person. If you are worried your surgeon won't fix the issue, do not go to them. I went to Dr. DeLuca because I not once doubted. After all, I flew from Australia to have him as my surgeon. And I researched places across the world.
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Both my breasts look almost exactly the same as your right one, & I too am going to Dr. DeLuca (10/22/13). You say you were an A/B cup & are now a D? What size implants did you get, and what type of profile?
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What was involved in your corrective surgery? If you could take a look at my profile I look JUST LIKE YOU did. I'm worried my surgeon will not fully fix the issue.
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Go to Dr. Deluca. Can u imagine how you'll feel after going through surgery & spending all that $$ and STILL not being happy? I'm sooooo glad I went to him.
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Lowering of the inframammary crease (fold), implants & a lift.
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so happy for you, you look great!
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Just reread what I wrote, what I meant to say is that initially I was worried about getting it done because I didn't want them coming out worse than they were, but Dr. DeLuca answers all your questions and I felt very at ease with him. He knows tuberous breast cases well so this surgery is not foreign to him and that's why I chose him. So many other surgeons made my case out to be really difficult, but Dr DeLuca never did. And from my results and the others you will see on his website, you will see he knows what he is doing. Go into surgery with a positve, optimistic outlook and after surgery, heal with a positive and optimistic outlook and it will make all the difference, it really will.
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Hi there, he is based in Albany, New York. I traveled from Australia to see him after seeing his before and afters on his website. PM me if you want his details, not sure if I can post them publicly. I will upload recent photos of them now. He is an excellent Doctor and am so pleased I chose him. I was very reluctant to deal with my case initially but he has been great with follow up, any questions I have had. I have been strict with myself and ensured I rested a good 3 weeks before and it's coming on 6 weeks now and I still haven't started exercising just to allow my body to heal properly. I think when you have tuberous breasts, a lot more happens in surgery, i.e. lowering the fold, moving the aerola if necessary, so I'm aware a lot of healing is going on and probably more than most people who simply go for enhancement. Let me know if you have any other questions. I am happy to share my experience!
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is he based in New York city or NY state? How do you feel about your breast now since its been over a month of healing? i have the same condition and looking for someone with experience. thanks!
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