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After waiting 2 years to get my BBL, I finally got...

After waiting 2 years to get my BBL, I finally got my lipo and fat transfer (BBL)done on March 24, 2011. It's funny because as the days got nearer to my surgery date, I was not the least bit nervous. I had a great doctor in NYC, his staff was unbelievably awesome.

I always had a square shape and no rear. When I went for my consultation, Doctor T first spoke with me and explained the entire procedure, including healing process and what to expect as I healed. He was honest and upfront about everything. He was then opened to answer any questions I had. His staff are great!

The day of the surgery my doctor made me feel comfortable, he has a great sense of humor and had me laughing all the way until I was knocked out. I had lipo done on my upper abs, flanks and lower back. I had 750cc's put in each cheek. When I woke up I felt pretty good. I remember someone sticking a cookie in my mouth and having me sip on some diet gingerale. Doctor T's bedside manners were outstanding.

The first two nights was not too bad, I was very sore and bruised, thankfully my bruises went away in 4 days. Amazingly, I did not take any pain meds (Viocodin) I did take Tylenol 3 times, that's it. I didn't get naseous. On day two I did feel light headed, but once I layed down I was fine. I didn't have much of an appetite, but mom and sis (who took care of me) made sure I put something in my stomach. I was fine going to the bathroom as well (doing both 1 & 2).

Today marks my 3rd week post op. I sleep pretty good and wake up feeling sore, but after I am up and walking and shower I feel great! I walk a lot as well. I definately see a huge difference. I now have a waist and shelf. I must say however, I am a little concern with the rear bottom part because although I have a shelf and hips now, the bottom part of my butt seems a bit flat. After reading some reviews and seeing my doctor's assistant, I hear that in time it will drop and form nicely.

Today I am still sore around my abs and waist area and am still swollen but love my new look. I have gotten a lot of compliments from people at work that do not know I had this procedure done.

I would definately recoommend this procedure to those of you who want a butt.

I am waiting till I am fully healed to post some pics up. I am sorry I don't have any b4 pics, only my doctor does.

Thanks for reading!

Best of luck girl!

Can't wait to see your pictures! I'm in California and have been waiting a year to get the procedure done. I've saved enough money...I'm just so scared! I'm doing my research and heading to some of the best doctors in Cali. but I still sweat at the thought of the procedure.

Anyway, wish you the best! And I'm happy you got the results you wanted :).

Going on Week 4 - feeling great, still sore,...

Going on Week 4 - feeling great, still sore, especially in the mornings. I am also still swollen, not as much, but can tell on my lower back (above butt). I have been getting a lot of compliment from co-workers and friends. I haven't weighed myself yet, but will soon. Prior to surgery I was a size 12. Yesterday bought a pair of pants size 8!!! My butt looks good. It's still a little high up and rounded on top, as it goes lower, it seems like it's a bit flatter, however, when I am in my clothes I look pretty good because I have a shelf.
I told my co workers I was having surgery but nothing else. Definately not plastic surgery. My doctor showed me how to roll up thick towels to put under my thighs and behind my back so my butt is not touching the seat. All and all I'm jus ready to be healed. Lol
Wishing you a speedy recovery!! :)
Get well soon and post some pics!!

Okay so tomorrow makes 5 weeks post op, I'm...

Okay so tomorrow makes 5 weeks post op, I'm feeling good. I am still a bit swollen in my belly area and my lower back. I believe, and per my sister, my butt is dropping. I still wake up a bit sore in the mornings and throughout the day feel sore mostly in my mid section, but I get up go to the bathroom (at work) and massage myself in the areas where I feel soreness from time-to-time. I am still seeing that the bottom of my butt is a little flatter than rounder, I hope that this will change. I do however, have a shelf. I am posting two pics I took yesterday evening on my cell phone. I don't have b4 pics, my doc has those. I will try to get them next time I see him.

Thanks for reading!

Great pics, SexxyNezzy. You have a fabulous shape, even with all the swelling and healing still going on.

Thank you so much Sharon!
Why did you wait so long? You said you waited 2years? Why?

So today makes 6 weeks post op. I'm feeling good....

So today makes 6 weeks post op. I'm feeling good. I still feel sore when I wake up, but for the most part good. At times when I get home from work and take off my compression garment I an still see the swelling on my lower back and my abs. I like the way I look in my clothes, especially skirts and dresses.

Not sure if it's me, but I think I can see my butt getting a bit rounder now, so I am happy. I will try to post pics up soon.

Thnks for reading!
Hey SexyNezzy...congrats on finally having your surgery. I consider myself shaped like sponge bob square pants and can't wait to have mine done. I live in NY as well and really didn't want to travel to florida if I don't have to. Could you please send me some of youe before and after pictures to see if your doctor can give me my desired results. Also did he lipo your back to shape you out more. Any info you can give me will be greatly appreciated. All I ever wanted was a shape ! Tell me is this doctor worth the $10,000 ?

Hello my RealSelf Friends! Today marks my 7th...

Hello my RealSelf Friends! Today marks my 7th week post op and I am feeling great! I still wear my compression garment, however, I don't sleep with it. I wear it to work and throughout most of the day but at nite the dam thing comes off. I can see that my butt is dropping a bit and it's getting more rounder, however I still see it a little flatter towards the botton. The swelling from my abs is going down too. I still have swelling on my lower back. During my evening shower, I massage the areas on my stomach that I feel lumpy and I do the same thing in the mornings, and I see a big difference. My waist is small, I LOVE IT. I still feel tender in some areas of my back and sides. I bought a new pair of jeans yesterday (Skinny jeans size 8)!! I love the way I look now. I still get a lot of compliments. I can't wait to hit the 3 month mark to see what my final results are going to be.

I am posting a pic I took this morning with my cell. I still have to get my b4 pics from my PS, hopefully soon.

Thanks for reading!!!
You look good girlie! How is everything going!
Hey Girl, all is well taking it day by day, how are you feeling?

I can't wait for my third month! LOL
I will, and thank you!

Well today I officially make 2 months post op. I...

Well today I officially make 2 months post op. I am feeling great. I am still a bit sore around my ab area and lower back, but not as much as last month. I can see my butt getting a bit more rounder as well. I love the way I look in dresses more than pants. It's out there, lol! I will be going to a GALA first week in June and bought a beautiful gown that shows off my curves. I will take pics and will post soon!

Thanks for reading!
Looking hot booboo!!! I bet you're stopping traffic, naw wait, causing car wrecks with that booty! :) :) :)

Hello RealSelf readers!...so yesterday I made my...

Hello RealSelf readers!...so yesterday I made my 11th week post op. I feel great. Still a little sore around waist area and back, but not as bad. I am happy with my results and still looking forward for the 24th of June, which will make my 3rd month post op. Many of my friends and family tell me that I look great...and I feel great. I love the way my new clothes fit me, especially skirts and dresses. I added two more new pics taken yesterday. I still haven't gone to my PS to get my b4 pics, but I promise I will.

Thanks for reading!
Hey, could you give us a one-year update on your new backside? I think we are all curious on how things are after such a long time has passed. Thanks!
Hey, Nezzy I wanted to know how you've been doing you look great! You're swelling should be completely gone now and I wanted to know how the bottom of your butt worked out you were concerned with it Does it look better now? Are you still loving your results?
you look great! what did u do preop to only take tylenol post op?i really dnt want to take heavy meds after.im researching and really want this bbl.after five babies i have lost my feminine shape.at one time i had a beautifl dancer shape.:( not anymore not even with exercising
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