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I have recently lost 30 lbs after having 4 kids...

I have recently lost 30 lbs after having 4 kids and I feel great! But since my teenage years I always thought that one thing was missing: a nice round butt! I want to be FABULOUS at 40! So I decided that this is the year! I discussed it with my husband and he's been so supportive! He's not only gone to consultations with me, but he's also helping my pay for the butt I've always wanted. I am SO excited!!


Hey! Just wanted to check in with you and find out how you're doing...
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Thanks DashaD and sultrysarah! As the time gets closer I'm probably gonna be asking you guys more questions! Hope you don't mind! Team Schulman baby!! :D
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Kirsty You're the best! Thank you!!
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Alright, ish just got real! Just paid in full for...

Alright, ish just got real! Just paid in full for my bbl, did my bloodwork ($87 at Labcorp), filled my prescriptions and signed my waivers! 18 days to go! Something must be wrong with me, cuz I have NO NERVES! Just excited for the new body! I have to go shopping for the arnica, bromain, boppy and a few other little things, but I am soooo ready to do this! #TeamSchulman


Hope you are doing well, healing hugs xoxo
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Good positive thoughts your way :) Keep us posted!
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Okay, today is the big day! Still no nerves, just excitement!! I have an afternoon appt..please keep me in your prayers, even though I know I'm in good hands. "I'm going in!!" Lol
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So today I am 4 days post op. I must say, as...

So today I am 4 days post op. I must say, as someone who has a high tolerance for pain It hasnt been easy. Walking around is fine, but bending is impossible, and if you've been laying down, getting up is almost Impossible also. I got 1100 ccs In each cheek and 200ccs in each hip. Not sure of the total amount that was taken out. I've been urinating fine, and the Percocet helps if I take 2 at a time, but it makes me sweat like crazy! Anyone else experience that? Only problem is I haven't had a bowel movement since Tuesday! That can't be good. Colace, warm prune juice and dulcolax haven't done sh*t, literally! Hubby says I may have to do a fleet enema...any suggestions before I go that route? Ugh!!! I've also been faithfully taking the arnica, bromelain, drinking water like crazy, but my boobs are soo bruised from sleeping on my stomach! Can't wait till the swelling goes down some more. Then I will be able to take some pics. Right now everything just hurts. But I can tell its gonna be crazy, I already love my ass and overall shape. Dr. Schulman did lipo on my abs, flanks and back. Hoping to go back to work next thursday, not sure if its gonna be doable. Please keep me in your prayers, RS fam! The journey isn't over yet. Peace &Love


Hope your feeling better!
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Are you drinking a lot of water (that will help too with getting that bm going along with plenty fruits and veggies) One of our bbl sisters went for a walk to cvs and the bm came out of her like nobody's business! So it's good that you can walk! Unfortunately the Percs are probably contributing to the binding which stinks. Hopefully with all your doing-- the warm prune juice and everything that bm will hurry on up! xoxo
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My bad sweets....I c your also drinking lots of water....that bm is probably right around the corner!

Hi RS fam, sorry its been so long. So I went for...

Hi RS fam, sorry its been so long. So I went for my follow-up to get my stitches out this week. Dr. Schulman says I'm healing as expected. I still didn't feel well enough to start driving to work and being there for 8 hrs so he extended the time for another week. As far as my body, I swear it's just short of 2 weeks, but I really see a big difference! The bruising has diminished a lot, my pouch has gone down a lot, and most importantly my ass is CRAZY! ! It has gone down a little, but not much. Hoping it stays that way. I've been trying on different dresses and I love, love, love how I look!! The only complaint I have is my back.
It is soooo sensitive, swollen and numb! Dr. S. Says its the nerve endings healing. Whatever!! I'm scared that when I go to work people are gonna touch my back and I'm gonna freak! Lol! Anyway, the bm's have been going well and I've been able to walk around for longer periods. I'd say at a little less than 2 weeks out I'm at 70%. I'm debating putting up pics for a number of reasons. The main reason being I like being anonymous. Not sure yet, we will see. Any other questions feel free to ask/inbox me. Thanks for reading and supporting me! ?


Hey Hon, if you come thru this weekend, inbox to let me know that you saw my pm in your inbox. Hope your doing well :)
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Hey sweets, I forgot to mention I got your inbox message so check your inbox when you get a chance. xoxo
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Hi Flowerbomb39, How's recovery going? I hope you're doing well today. I was curious since you mentioned massages, who will you be using for massage? I'm tempted to see if I can find someone who will come to my apartment for the massages, but I have no idea who to ask... I bet Dr.S will have someone he prefers even though he doesn't really recommend massages any time soon after surgery. I hope your Sunday is going well~!
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I went to two consultations with other doctors before I went to Dr. Schulman, but after reading his bio and all the reviews I think I knew all along that he was going to be "the one". He's been an awesome, upfront, honest, and informative doctor so far, and I'm secure in knowing I've made the right decision.

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