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Hello all! I've always had these dents on my...

Hello all! I've always had these dents on my butt cheeks, and finally decided to go to a consultation and see what could be done to correct them. I am 24 5'5 and my normal weight is 140lb. This past 1.5 yr I've gained about 25lbs so when I went to my consultation the dr. suggested a bbl. I was sold, this is like a 2 in one, I get to get rid of the excess fat and of the ugly dent!! I am scheduled for this Friday 4/20!!I'm extremely nervous and excited!!This website has really helped me with all my questions and I have received advice from other ladies going through this, so please ladies if you have any more advise they are welcomed!!and for those still researching I am more than happy to share my experience with you all!

Tomorrow is the big day!!I am soo excited and very...

Tomorrow is the big day!!I am soo excited and very scared...I got all my vitamins, prescription, today I will go grocery shopping I want to get papaya, and other fruits that are known to help with inflammation and promote healing.

Okay ladies good night!! Surgery @ 6am!!

Okay ladies good night!! Surgery @ 6am!!

Day of- a lot better than I imagined. He said I do...

Day of- a lot better than I imagined. He said I do not need the little pump thing. I'm home now, my wonderful mother and sis taking care of me. I'm a little concern though the dent on my right side seems gone but the left one Lthouh reduced is still there :/. Hopefully it'll get better in the days to come. Thank you ladies for all the support. Thanks Sheaven for letting me know what to expect it wasn't so bad since I had an idea of what was gOint on. Okay ladies I will keep you updated and put pics up when I get it together a little bit more!!

Hi ladies, how soon after the bbl did you guys shower?

Hi ladies, how soon after the bbl did you guys shower?

Hello all, Today is day 4. All in all a good day...

Hello all,
Today is day 4. All in all a good day I had a follow up appointment with Dr. Francis today. Let me first start with the day of.
I got there at 6am Anela took us (My mom and sis) to the room where we went over some information about after care whether I at anything you are not suppose to eat after 12 because I'm o paranoid I didn't eat after 8pm, didn't drink anymore water until 11pm. Dr. Francis came in then came i the anesthesiologist. I don't remember the anesthesiologist name but he was amazing. He calmed me down because I am such a scary cat, Then we went to the operating room, the nurse was running late so Dr. Francis started the iodine rubdown. Lol soo awkward!!!!but it was okay besides he was going to be all up in my booty anyways.
Next thing I know I am waking up soooo thirsty and in pain!!not sore not uncomfortable but pain!
My mother and sister and the nurse were right by my side they all helped me get up, honestly I don't remember much my mother said I was draining a lot all I remember was feeling tired, nausea and thirsty. The car service arrived and we came home. I spent most of the day in bed, on m stomach. I had some soup not really much.
Day 2 was much better I am very swollen but nothing too crazy. I spent most of the day sleeping, I would get up walk around for a bit and then back to bed.
Sunday the same deal.
Monday I felt much better. I spent most of the day up and running.So back to today.
Like I said day 4. I feel good, we left at 12pm, took the train into the city my appointment was at 2:30. We go back at 3:45ish. I ate and took a nap I was exhausted. It sucks that you can't sit anywhere, so it is a lot of pressure on your legs and back since I was trying to walk straight. Dr Francis said I was healing nicely, I have 2 small bruises nothing serious and have swelling. I aksed about when can I start getting massages he said in 2 weeks. Another thing we spoke about was changing my body compressor. I personally do not like the one he gave us and rather something fuller not just for it to over the belly. I will go tomorrow to a Colombian store to get a Salome faja. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Hi ladies, So I am 10 days post. Overall I feel...

Hi ladies,
So I am 10 days post. Overall I feel good. I don't have pain or anything. I been good so far not sitting or laying on my back. I basically either stand or lay on my stomach.I am growing restless, my back is swollen and it looks worse than it did before. I know I have to wait bu honestly I getting frustrated. My dents are better but still visible :-(. I am wearing my body garment 23/7. I take an 1hr break, a day. My stomach is flat. but still a little swollen.

Hello! I hope everyone is doing well, I am a...

I hope everyone is doing well, I am a little over 6 wks post sx. I feel great. I just started sitting again (although my dr. said after 2 wks I could sit, I wanted to play it safe and wait). I am really paranoid so I only sit for increments of 20-25mins and then get up. I still sleep on my stomach. It’s funny because my BF tells me “Its already past week 6, we can sleep like before”. Poor guy, he’s been really supportive through all of this.
I feel almost 100% I still have some soreness on part of my butt, my stomach has a small bump on the top left side but nothing too big. I wear a BG most of the day, my doctor told me I didn’t have to but I feel better with it on and I feel that it helps mold you better.
Overall I am not very happy with my results. I am still hoping my stomach and waist will get smaller, but I don’t see a big difference. My butt has me extremely sad. I wanted a more shapely butt, a nice round plump butt. While it look somewhat better I am definitely not satisfied with my results up to now. I still have dents. The doctor told me the left one was extremely deep so while it might nit be 100% gone it would be significantly better. I honestly don’t think it is significantly better, but instead a little better. My right side was my good side( WAS), it looks exactly the same. The dent there was not improved AND NOW when I put my leg up it looks like there is something missing. I don’t know if you can imagine this, I’ll put pics up soon.
Again I am a little past 6 wks, I am hoping something will happen and it will get better….:(,
For everyone that asked I got 350cc on my left side and 300 on my right side.
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Francis is great, I was very comfortable with him. While he is very good at answering all my questions I also think he doesn't spend a lot of time with the patient....but let' see as I have more followup appointments with him. The rating is subject to change. The bedside manners so far are good, he is always polite and respectful.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Any updates
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Hey Jellyely - How are you feeling? Are you still undecided about your resullts.
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Hi bigbootygal, I am okay. Thank you. I will be 6 months this month definitely not happy. I want to wait until i have the full 6 month and my last followup to put a final review. I have a couple of issues i am hoping will resllbe themselves. One side of my back seems to have mre fat the ln the other, i have a couple offlat spots and i have a painful lump on my left buttcheek, my stomach is also weird. I been working out an trying to eat as healthy as i can to jmprove my results but in all homesty right now i feel like i wasted 5k. I am trying to stay positive though and hope working out will help.
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Sorry for the typos I'm on my phone.
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Great im glad u are thank god i barely go on fb I'm like stuck on this site.
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Hi jellyely I hope all is well with you n that ur healing perfectly. :)
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Hi Carmen 2012 thank you! I am still healing. I meet with the doc next wk I'll
Let you lovely ladies know how it goes and post some 8 wks/2 month f/u.
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;) just checking on u sweetie...hope all is well..
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Hi I was wonder g if your butt is still going down or when it stoped shrinking and stayed it's size? Thank you!
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HI Brat2486,
Its still going down a bit, people say around wk 8-12, but everyone is different.
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Rosy913, Everyone is different, I will also pray that your experience is wonderful and you get the results that you want :-)
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Just put my down payment praying to god all goes well. I am getting a Tummy Tuck, BBL, FULL BACK LIPO, AND FLANKS WITH FRANCIS. I LOVE HIS STAFF.
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Lovethyself How are u liking u Tt/bbl? Would u recommend having mine doe with de Francis pls advise thanks
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I wear the cushions on my back with a clincher and an abdominal binder over it
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Hey Jelly you look great. I had a consultation today with Dr. Francis...and I might be doing a TT, lipo and BBL...but I am still thinking about it.
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Hi Rosy913, thank you. I'm going to update hopefully this weekend as I make 4 wks today. I'm going to be honest im not happy with my results. The dents are still there and while my butt is bigger it looks square. I didn't ask him for a bigger butt but to fix the dents and to shape mine, rounder C shape. I don't get that. As far as the lipo areas I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt, hopefully I'm just swollen and once that goes down I can appreciate it more. As of right now I think you should maybe look at other doctors. I know for lipo and TT dr. Ronald here in NY works very nicely. I saw 3 of his patients and they looked gorgeous. Idk of he does bbl though.
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Are you still using your body garment? Yeah the lipo areas have not really changed much.
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That's good to hear. I made 4 weeks yesterday and my butt is a great size I am satisfied my lipo areas are the size it was before surgery I'm hoping that it's just swelling. I started to sit a bit on a cushion not for long periods of time tho. I go back to work on Monday idk how it's gonna be becuz it feels very uncomfortable when I sit. I just can't wait to wear some jeans. Do u kno how long until we can wear jeans again
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Hey how is it going with your recovery
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Hi Tamar,
I am doing well. Tomorow I make 4 wks. My but is still pretty big, however the denta are still there. My lipo areas are still swollen and while they have gone down not really a lot. I havent really sat yet and im still uskng my bg,I'm going to take pics and update sometime this weekend. How are you?
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Hey ladies, on Friday I went to the doctor and I was 16 days post op and I lost NO VOLUME!!!! My butt was actually bigger than it was when it was swollen. So no sitting n no pressure is sure worth it
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thanks tamar Jr. ill look into that.
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@reggie_babez go to I had the one piece crotchless compression garment and it was really comfy and easy to use the bathroom. After the 1 st week I brought a compression binder but make sure it's 12inches/4 panels because you want it to cover your entire abdominal area. I can gaurantee that for at least the 1st week the full body garment is def needed to control swelling and fat from moving and spreading to the wrong places in the butt. Hope this is helpful and good luck with your surgery
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I used the binder that he gives you for the first week but it was sorbof pressing into my skin. He told me that I could use a different one. The one piece one is okay. The part of the butt is thin so it doesn't press on your booty. I also just got a corset/vest, but I'm finishing that while is is great for my side and abs the belly is not really tight. I think I'm going to use the best at night and the Full g during the day.
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Sorry for the typos I'm on my phone
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