Thrilled with Breast Reduction!

I'm 40 yrs old 5'3", 130lbs, size 32F. I have been...

I'm 40 yrs old 5'3", 130lbs, size 32F. I have been trolling this website for a year. Reading story after story crying and laughing and nodding my head in agreement, acknowledgment, sympathy, and praise for all of you who have taken the road trip to a BR! Well I'm FINALLY taking the trip as well. I have had large breasts probably since 11 years old. It was hell. Nothing fit right, my friends would stare and joke, and I just laughed along. But I'd look at my body and wish the big boobies to deflate somehow. But NOOO...they just grew as I got older. I went to a PS with my mom when I was 17 yrs old. My mom saw how I was so sad ALL the time, shopping was dreadful, especially lookin for cute summer clothes. Everything I wore made me look like I was begging for attention (side note: as women I believe we do this to ourselves we criticize each other and judge each other harshly) but I hated wearing tank tops or anything fitted. I felt women would think I was slutty and men would think I was easy (again judging). Anyway at the time my parents insurance denied coverage saying I was too young and blah blah. My PS had agreed and told me to wait. Well that was about 22 years ago! In between that time many friends and people thought I was crazy for wanting a reduction. They all said it was in my head, I wasn't that big, I should be thankful, I was lucky, blah blah. Well I guess it worked me and I started to question my reasoning behind wanting a BR. I learned to live with them and hide them very well! Nobody EVER believed my size. As much as I was able to hide my large breasts visually, my body felt their weight! I have horrible posture from the years of rounding my shoulders forward to hide them. The weight of them have strained my shoulders and neck. I get terrible pains in my shoulder, shoulder blades, neck, collarbone area, and headaches. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of money I spend on buying bras that fit and support them!! Traveling an hour and a half to Manhattan to spend $125 on a European bra is outrageous!!! By the way, THANK GOD for those European bras cuz at least they fit and made my boobs semi decent! Since dumb Victoria Secret or department store bras wanna shove us big boobied girls into double Ds! And I hate that They don't sell large cups with small band sizes. Not everyone with large breasts is overweight or big all over. It made bra shopping insanely difficult. Anyway, after obsessing over your ladies stories and before/after pictures you shared I finally decided to go to a PS one more time on July 13 2014. He saw me and agreed I was a good candidate. He sent my info To insurance. Two days later PS office called and said the ins needed a letter from my general doctor. The next day I went to see her and she wrote me a letter of recommendation for a BR as well as my latest mammo. I faxed it over to the PS office. They said I may have to wait anywhere from 2 weeks to 5 months depending on insurance. I was prepared for this since once again I read many of your reviews in which you stated the process took months. Well much to my surprise the PS office called me exactly 2 weeks later saying my insurance approved procedure! I screamed and jumped up and down (while holding down my painfully pendulous boobs) and asked the PS office whats the next step. She said "pick a date!" Now I'm a 1st grade teacher and school starts sept 2 for us while students come in on the 4th. But if your a teacher you know we usually have to go in couple weeks before to set up classroom. So I asked PS office how soon and they told me Aug 12! I said ABSOLUTELY! I don't care about my classroom at this point! I just want my BR done! Besides I can get my family to help me set up my classroom and do all the heavy lifting. So... This is my big summer vacation road trip! And I couldn't be happier!!!!! I am so excited and I can't wait to be on the "other side." Aggg!!! I'm so frikkin beside myself with all this! I can't even IMAGINE what it will be like with smaller average boobs!!! I'm hoping for a size B/C. My preop is Aug 4 so we will discuss all that!! YAY!!! Again thank you to all you lovely ladies for your inspiring stories! And please please please if you have any advice for preop and postop things I will need or should have PLEASE SHARE (: I will keep reading through past BR stories to find out more about the necessities and what you ladies got before and after surgery ! Thank you! I will be sure to post pics. I do have some under my profile. But I will be sure to take more and post them! I will share again soon! (:

Cost of my BR

Just to note... I have no idea what the cost of the procedure is since my insurance is covering. When posting, I had to write a cost, it wouldn't allow me to leave it blank. I did not ask about cost during my consultation because honestly my mind was set...I was going to hv surgery at any cost! I just wrote that it would be $7,000 just because I averaged out what most people paid. Sorry about that! I will ask the estimated cost during my preop tomorrow! (: Also, I will post pics very soon.


A few pics. Tank top is semi shapewear. I wear it around house to get some support (ha! NOT)

Feeling Lighter Already!

Well I had surgery bright and early yesterday and was home by 12:30pm. Was feeling groggy when I got home but actually felt very good. I took my meds as ordered by Dr. That part wasn't as fun since I set an alarm to go off every 4 hours to take my meds. But I definitely feel no pain so it's worth the alarm going off every 4 hrs. I'm trying to rest up but I guess I'm still excited and just want to walk around because I can't believe how much LIGHTER I already feel! The surgical bra I bought from amazon (marena 2 inch) is very supportive. It's a bit tight but I know it's from the swelling. I'm looking forward to showering tomorrow! I wanna take a good look at the new girls! All the nurses at hospital said "they look great!" And "Dr. Fugo did a beautiful job." So that makes me happy! I will def post after pics by tomorrow! Thanks again to all the well wishers! To all you ladies who have not had surgery yet or are contemplating's worth it! (:

Pre-op Photo and Post op! WOW!

I took a shower today and finally got a good look at the new "girls." First of all I can't believe I actually looked that huge!! Ugh! It's so different seeing yourself in photos. I am SO HAPPY with the after! I'm 2 days post op and slightly swollen, but Dr. Fugo did magic! I'm so happy! I literally feel so much lighter! I'll post more pics soon (:

More Pics...third day post op

Took my second shower today. Still feel queasy "washing" my breasts..keep imaging they're gonna fall open or something...sorry for that visual. But so far they r fine! I put A&D ointment 3 times day as suggested by my PS. The marena surgical bra finally fits. I couldn't wear it yesterday cuz I think I was too swollen. I'm less swollen now and it feels good putting on the compression bra. I freaked out a bit when I asked my sister to take pictures of what it looked like under my breasts. As you can see there is some bruising and the stitches look creepy. So far this morning I only took one percocet for pain and 3 ibuprofen for swelling. My pain has been very minimal. Overall feeling well. (:

Hope I Didn't overdo it!

Well ladies I'm 4 days post op and hope I didn't overdo it! Today I was officially off all pain meds too. Since I've been inside home for 3 days i decided to venture out and go bra shopping. My hubby drove to kohls and I bought some great great bras...thanks to amcvoy80 who recommended them and she's right...very comfortable. So I walked around kohls and did everything in my power NOT to look at clothes cuz god only knows how long I've waited to just grab a cute top or dress and not have to think about the "girls"...but I avoided the clothes (for now) and just tried on a few bras. The Bali comfort revolution, one is a 2 pk seamless crop top bra and I got 2 comfort revolution flexible bra. Well after walking around kohls hubby and I went to TGIF (shame on me) but I was craving their spinach artichoke dip and chips and I got some grilled chicken skewers..yummy...anyway that's when I realized I wasn't ready to go out in public...NOT because I felt woozy...but because I could not stop STARING at other women's chest!! Every woman that passed by I would stare and wonder "once my swelling is down...will I be her size?...I wonder what size she is? mine look like hers?...she's about my weight, are my boobs like hers?...that's a cute top, could I wear it?...she's kinda chesty, I hope mine don't look like that.." And the staring and the thoughts went on and on until my hubby dragged me back home! So I'm tired now! Lying propped up and feeling kinda pooped! Hope I didn't overdo it. Tomorrow's my birthday! Whoop whoop! And I finally FINALLY got to cross off my list the ONE thing I've wanted for my birthday!......little (•) (•)...those are supposed to be boobies! Well happy healing ladies! I'll continue to read and learn from ur posts! (:

Questions about a few things...

I have a couple of questions that hv been on my mind and wasn't sure to ask but hope u can help
1. A lot of u share how u got reduction with lipo..what does that mean and why?
I didn't get lipo just the reduction..should I have also gotten the lipo?! What does it do?

I'm a little nervous cuz so many of u said u had it done should I worry? Based on my after pic should I hv gotten it done too?

2. When u shower how are you "washing" your breasts? I'm so scared to really touch them with pressure! Are u using a washcloth or just with ur hands? I'm 6 days post op and I still have some of that orangey lookin iodine they use during surgery still on my breast! I'm kinda embarrassed saying that! Don't want u to think I'm not really bathing!

3. How much "compression" should the bra give u?
Sometimes it feels like mine is too tight especially from wearing it all day. I can breathe freely and move around but it just feels kinda tight sometimes.

4. Is it bad to constantly look at urself?! I look at my new body all the time! Mirrors, reflection from TVs, windows, any appliance... Lol some of u hv shared ur feeling quite vain as well and I think we've ALL earned it, but I don't wanna be that annoying person who is always looking down at herself and checking herself out. My 17yr old nieces tease me all the time saying "they've created a conceited monster!" And I tease them by asking if I could borrow their clothes lol...obviously I'm 40 and not about to dress like a 17yr old...or will I ??!?! That's where it must stop! But I hope u all find urselves gliding ur hands over ur clothing and checking out ur chest and waistline in mirrors too!

Hope u can answer/clarify questions! Especially first one and second one!! Thanks (:
Newburgh Plastic Surgeon

My experience with Dr. Fugo and staff at Dr. Fugo Plastic Surgery has been fabulous. The office is immaculate. The lovely ladies at the front desk are very polite and helpful. During my first consultation with Dr. Fugo, he put me at ease. He was very friendly, professional, and spoke with ease and confidence. I immediately felt I could trust him. Dr. Fugo explained procedure and expectations clearly about breast reduction. His office handled submitting insurance paperwork very quickly and I received approval within 2 weeks. Dr. Fugo gave me all necessary prescriptions and post op instructions during my pre op appointment. He explained all instructions and answered/clarified questions. Having all this information before surgery was very helpful to me! The day of surgery Dr. Fugo was very positive and again put me at ease. I'm thrilled with the results of my breast reduction! This surgery was well worth it! I would highly recommend Dr. Fugo to anyone living in the Hudson Valley /New York area.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Well, you look amazing. Such better proportions now. Congrats. I'm your height & weight, done mine 2 months ago and I still have the "pleated" ripply look around my nipple. My PS said it'll fill out over time. It hasn't yet. Is that something you discussed with your PS too?
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Thank you VanGal! In my pics the pleating/rippling around my nipples/breast is from my surgical bra and gauze. I don't have any rippling. I probably should've stated that on my photos. I'm sure what u r experiencing will definitely fill out as your PS said. But I'm 18 days post and thankfully healing well. My PS did an amazing job and I do feel lighter and better proportioned! Btw ur photos look incredible too! We finally did it! (:
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How are you and the girls doing today or are you now one?
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Feeling great still! Thanks reborn (: how r u????
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Oh that is good to hear. I have so many question running around in my head like, should I use the dry weave sanitary pads or the regular texture ones - do I get the dial soap bar or is it the one that you put in your bathroom with a pump - etc....
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Cree11 - I am cracking up about washing them...Why? You are worried about Iodine and I am fairly confident that there is still marker hidden in some places from before surgery. They feel foreign to me and obviously washing with soap is going to make them fall off....
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Lmao!!! Frankenboob (amcvay80) u r gonna make me pop a still hidden somewhere since before surgery ...hahaha...u r HILARIOUS! It's so good to know there's a more neurotic person out there than me and on top of that u hv a slightly dark sense of humor! Lol gotta love it! Well since my 1st post op is tomorrow I REFUSE to walk in there as he looks at my iodine-tainted nipples from a week ago! I'll frikkin die! And u went to ur PS looking the way u did!? Just so you know they probably talked about u and ur markered-up boobs after u left...
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I do not care if they talk about me! My boobs do not look like yours right now. And when I got home I noticed that the nurse put my bra on inside out....and now I am talking about her! I am going to catch up and post pics of my boobs :)
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Just so you know....I took off my bra to change my dressings. ..and purple marker on my bra. I have photographic proof
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Lol! I'm SOOO looking forward to ur profile story cuz I know it'll 1) make me laugh 2) reassure me that someone else is more neurotic 3) reveal pics that prove your bruising is NOT as bad as u believe!!! Side note..ur poor nurse! Lol
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LOL - y'all are cracking me up!
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Southern swinger I'm telling u it's frankenboobs...shes too funny.
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1. I didn't have lipo. PS said I didn't need it. Not everyone needs it. 2. I was told to shower and soap them after the second day (Surgery was Thursday. Home care nurse came Saturday morning. She called me first and told me to take the bandages off, take a nice long shower and she would be at my house in 1 hour). She said I could and should use soap. I used a washcloth and scrubbed off the yellow iodine. 3. My doctor doesn't want compression bras worn. I went home with light gauze on my incision and then switched to a bralette or loose fitting sports bra. 4. Look away.....we deserve it! :)
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Thank u mj1964. I trust my PS to tell me if lipo was needed. Good to know. And I was also cleared to shower after 2 days which I did and I have been showering daily and he told me to use soap n water I am just nervous about the "scrubbing" part w a washcloth lol gotta just do it I guess. ESPECIALLY SINCE MY 1st POST OP APPT IS TOMORROW N I DONT WANT TO HV THAT IODINE ON ME FROM LAST WEEK!!! Better just scrub it off and I'm def gonna put a sports bra on..he did say to change into one so I will and I will also continue to stare (:
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I am 3 weeks post op today, and here are my answers. I hope they help. 1. I had lipo done. My PS says it isn't part of a reduction, but he says he does it for better contouring. It just depends on the doc. 2. I use a loofa when I shower, and try not to get my boobs wet, but that virtually impossible. I do the best I can, and blowdry myself when I'm out of the shower. Not sure if you have someone to help you, but I had my hubby scrub the iodine off. 3. I wear a compression bra during the day, and switch it when I start to feel uncomfortable. At night I wear a soft pullover bra, because it's comfortable. 4. I stare at myself in the mirror all the time now. I hated looking in the mirror before, didn't feel normal. I constantly look at other peoples boobs too (I know, it's bad). I was telling someone that today haha. I can't help myself. Now I'm starting to look at the clothes people wear, because I don't like the way my clothes fit. I've worn loose fitting clothes for so long, it's hard not wanting to wearing to change my wardrobe.
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During my first two weeks I was paranoid by the fear of having an infection. I would take of the bra and stare at my boobs 10 times during the day looking for signs of problems (even at night). My surgeon took of the Micropore tape off very early into recovery (1,5 week) and replaced it with a silicone tape that does not breathe and reserved for much later (around 3 weeks). So, I got very anxious, as the possibility of oozing and infection increased. But, thank G..d - nothing happened.
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YEES! Curlyqueen! I say a prayer everytime I remove the bra and gauze! I'm so paranoid of seeing lots of blood or a ripped stitch or infection of some kind. That's why I think I keep them tightly compressed lol so nothing moves! But like u, thankfully it's been good at 6 days post op. Thank u!!
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Thank u hallyluhopper! Gotta tell u I got weak at the knees at the mention of ur hubby "scrubbing" off ur iodine! I'm so nervous to put any pressure on my breasts and my husband is a chicken when it comes to things like that..he'd be way to nervous. Thanks for clarifying the lipo ques. I think my PS would've mentioned it if he considered it necessary for my outcome. I do trust him. I just wasn't sure if it was something that was standard. I also started using the blow dryer to dry my breasts and incisions! So thanks..and def gonna wear sports bra type thing at night cuz after wearing compression so long I need a break from it..and most of all yes u r so right for so long I avoided mirrors or if I looked in them it became a "bashing" myself session! So it finally feels right to take the time to look at myself in clothes in a new way (: glad I'm not alone in that !
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1. I didn't have lipo, but my PS did say he does it on a case by case basis. I trust my PS's decision in not doing lipo on me. 2. I'm 12 days post-op, and I started two days ago with lathering my hands with soap and gently wiping my breasts. Before that, I'd wash every where else on my body and kinda let the soap run over my breasts. 3. Up until yesterday, I was exclusively wearing my surgical bras. I am now alternating them with a less constrictive, front-closure bra that still provides support but isn't as binding. I've found that my sides near my back have felt a bit bruised,and this new bra makes me feel a bit more comfortable. 4. As you can tell from my comment, I've been checking myself out, too. I think we've earned it after years for hiding or feeling ashamed of our bodies!
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I COMPLETELY AGREE! We have earned the right to check ourselves out and be proud of what we see! :)
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THANKS tits McGee! My PS never mentioned lipo during consult or anything but ur right I can see if he thought it was an issue he would've brought it up as an option. And like u I trust my PS 100%. And now I don't feel so bad about the showering question so thanks! I rather use my hands and let excess water run over my chest. Def gonna start alternating btn sports bra so many of u suggested so I'm gonna do it. And u were def my inspiration for the vanity question! Lol! Just wanted to b sure we were all at the same level of vanity! (:
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Yes' thank u mj1964! It's our shining moment (:
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Lipo is used on the sides when there is an issue with fatty bulges under the arms, known as side boobs. i would wash the breasts gently with your hands using medicated or baby shower gel or soap. nothing to be overly anxious about, everything is secure. i patted them dry with kitchen paper, more hygienic than a towel and lets you see if there is any seepage. the bra should give support but i don't understand the concept of compression. if the bra tightens with swelling you can use bromelain to ease this. and what possible harm can come from enjoying your new boobs and looking at them!!!! nothing could be more natural
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Thank u so much peediewife! The lipo thing was really throwing me off and that def clarified it. And I sooo like ur idea of using paper towel to dry. I can see if things r oozing and def more sanitary than towel. I was using clean gauze pad but I was wasting them! And I think I'll start using regular sports bra too. The compression one is not so comfy after a while. And ur right!! Why not love our new bodies! Thank u! (:
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