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Botox for Crows Feet - New South Wales, Australia

I have been very unhappy with result. Too much...

I have been very unhappy with result. Too much botox was injected under my eye and I have ended up with a bag under the left eye due to pseudoherniation of the orbital fat pad for this eye. There has been an increase in wrinkles under the eyes (creping) and i feel my eyes now look older than before the treatment. The photos attached were taken 3 weeks before and 12 weeks after treatment. I liked my old eyes better. Hope I get them back soon.


Botox gives amazing results when properly injected. For craw feet injection of angle of eye upper, mid and lower part of angle, not ever in lower lid. Also, injection of outer angle of eyebrow raises the brow, reduces laxity under the upper lid and gives a fresh look
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Amazing Results...... Botox Injection
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I had exactly same result - I have had botox before for my crows lines but this time my dr advised I should have corner of my under eyes done - I too have bags and creases under my eyes - also since I had this done my eyes seem dry and sticky - even blurry eyesight....can anyone tell me if this will wear off please?
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