I am a mom of two and decided I'm donr with kids. ...

I am a mom of two and decided I'm donr with kids. I have been able to maintain my weight for a year. This all as happened rather fast I mentioned getting it done, did research and now I'm surgery is ONLY 4 days away. I'm extremely nervous. Just called ps office with more questions. I have been unsure about implants and really scared. Orginally ps said 300cc but when I called today she order 325cc. Not I'm scared. Not sure why she decided bigger, so they are going to bring 300 and 325 to sugery. Hope this is the right decision for me!!

2 more sleeps

I am starting get get alittle excited. Two more sleeps for me. Tomorrow I will do my cleaning and cooking hopefully to keep busy. Hope I have all the supplies I need!!! Glad to see everyone so far is recovering so well. Hope I have the same great experience.

tomorrrow is the day

Today I been cooking, cleaning and laundry. Can't believe I am doing this!! Never ever did I think this would happen. Please keep me in thoughts and prayerz tomorrow for waking up and then a speedy recovery. I will be staying at hospital so not sure if ill be able to write tomorrow but ill try!

5 days PO

Friday was my surgery, I stayed over night in hospital and that was the best thing. Could not imagaine going right home. I was on a pain pump every 10 mins, nursing to help, and cather for first day and over night. Dinner time I got extremely neausa shakey and felt like my legs were numb. It didn't last long but scared me and my husband.

Came on Saturday and slept most of day in bed with pillows propping my head up and legs. Sunday woke up with pain and vomitting. I was not happy, vomitting is NOT fun. Since I was vomiting I was scared to take pain meds so I cut them back.

Monday came and docs office called to check on me. They called in a script cor nausea meds and new pain meds. That seem to help. I was very upset that I did this to myself.

Tuesday. Feeling better. Sat in rocking chair most of day. I'm not liking part of my incisions but I have an appointment tomorrow so hopefully she can reassure me they will heal fine. As for the boob. My chest is itchy and breaking out.

I'm not allowed to shower yet so I feel kinda nasty. Hoping tomorrow I get drains out and can shower.

Still have not had a bowl movement. Stomach feels very weird and leathery.

I can't wait to get drains removed and start moving around and doing more activity normally.

day 6

Post op day 6 and had my visit with the PS. I was really hoping for both drains to bre removed but she only removed one and I have to keep the other in for another week. Having drain removed was not painful just a weird sensation. PS said itIts not that long but hubby watched and he said it was long. PS Just didn't want to freak me out. Lol.

Had planned on going out to dinner this weekend and I'm going to try and find something to hide my drain so I can still get out.

Can't believe tommorrow marks one week already!!

10 days PO pic

Can't believe I'm posting this but wanted to hear what you all thought. The middle of incision is where old BB is.. its prob the top of it. Thoughts?


2 weeks today and I'm wearing compression garment 24/7. Just started wearing a soft bra today and feels good to wear regular clothes.

Before and AFter Pics

after Pictures are taken 2 weeks post-op.

300cc implants

Added this pic so you can see the 300cc. I was expecting to have the lolipop incision but PS did donut instead. Still is lumpy but PS said it will take time to even out. I'm so happy I don't have the lollipop incision going down the boob and under. Less healing :)


This is the side of my incison. I feel like it may not be fixable and I have to deal with it. Its hate this part.. thoughts?

more pics

Just some more pics of side skin tab. Dont think its dogs ears.

5 weeks

Just got back from seeing ps. Only need to wear binder at night. Allowed to exercise and go about my life no restrictions. I'm allowed to start wearing under wire bra so that means I need to go shopping.. Hoping to get back into running soon.

Also curious what is the best scar treatment. I didn't want to pay $100 for a small tube at ps office.. advice?

6 weeks tomorrow

This is how my belly button looks. At first i thought it was a rash and ps said its a rash but I'm thinking its the scar.. thoughts? Seeing pics I don't see anyone that has a scar around bb, does anyone?

6 weeks tomorrow

6 weeks and so much swelling. Look pregnant :(

six weeks today

Six weeks and still got rolls.. discouraged!!!

6 weeks

Here is an update on my 6 weeks. I'm doing ok, Been kinda down about all the swelling, but been reading everyone else is going through the same thing so that makes me feel better. I am not alone. I have dog ears that will need to be fixed. Also was surprised to have a scar around BB. Haven't see anyone that had a scar, so for some reason didn't think there was going to be one. I don't think I will be in a two piece because my bb scar is so noticeable... OH well. Will have to find a sexy tinkini

another pic

WOW. didn't realize im still so rounded in the shoulders. I need to focus on poster


Just went to khols and got two new bras and they are 36c... that is what I used to be and then dropped to b. Still have trouble looking for clothes.. my incision has bee. Very sensitive. Wonder if its from silcone sheets or exercise.

7 week bb

7 weeks and not happy with bb incision. Will what ps end of august. Can't wear bikini with bb looking like this!

almost 9 weeks

I'm almost 9 weeks and the swelling is really getting to me. About two weeks I was at a low of 144lbs for a day then it when up to 150 today I'm 152. So frustrated. Is this really all swelling? I have rolls when I sit :( also my belly button still looks bad... getting depressed..


Also I'm still so very numb!!

belly button 3.5 months

Thoughts on bb.. I'm not liking it. See doc in november, maybe for bb revision. Anyone ever have one??

got fitted

I went out several months ago and sizes my bras myself. I bought a 36c.. well went to VS today and I'm a 34DD.. I WAS WAAAYYY OFF!

still obession

Still not happy with bb..... thoughts??I don't see ps until november.. i also seem to have an indent in lower belly hubby said its muscle. I still feel swelling, but thinking at this point its fat!!! ; (

almost 5 months

Surgery was june 7th. Please please.. thoughts on bb.... see ps end of november. Still swelling. My incision is starting to buring to touch. Guess feeling is coming back. I need to get better belly pics but I feel like its lumpy.... advice on bb

belly pic. ugh

Here are a few morning pics.. please thoughts?

6 months checkup

December 7th, will be six months for me. At my last doctors appointment she told me she would fix my dog ears without a problem. Just alittle snip and they will be gone. I was expecting it to be done today since she told me at this appointment she would do it. Well she looked at me, I told her I was not happy with bb she said she will give me a steroid shot to help with redness and steroid shot in boobs to up with the red raised inci sion. I asked her about the dog ears and she told me they are small and are fine. I told her I didn't want them, She then asked me if I was going to be a swim suit model or just a girl in a swimsuit. I was livid. I am a girl in just a swimsuit, who paid ALOT of money for it to be perfect. She said that im human and I am meant to have imperfections. I thought this was a joke. I told her I will wait it out but I don't want to live with them for the rest of my life. SHe again reminded me that I was not a swim suit model and proceded to turn around and doing something (I could tell she rolled her eyes and was not happy) So time comes to give steroid shot. She does it in bb and was done. I said aren't you doing the boobs too and again she didn't look at.. I then said well you just said you were going to do and she said fine.. I guess since she is paid she wants to be done with me. Well I will stand my ground and will have the things done that she said are fixable.... Im so upset right now!!


Working out and look down and it looks like I'm 4 months prego.will be 7most post op . Anyone else have same issues?

dog ears

Today I had my dog ears removed. It wasnt bad. Ill have to see what it looks like once the gauze is off and I need to clean it. Ps was very nice today spent more time talking to me and was not in a rush like last time. She told the swelling that makes me look pregnant is from intestinal issues and recommend seeing a stomach doc. Im going to try some times first bc I see another doc. She explained to me if it was swelling from surgery there would be pockets of fluid that she can remove not the whole tummy. She said by this stage there should be no swelling from surgery. She poked around and said i had no fluid. I showed her a pic of my belly and said nnd its not surgery swelling.... anyone else doc say this? Any advice for stomach bloating? Could it be from protein?

dog ear revision

Here is a pic of my dog ear revision. Im having an allergic reaction to the stuff they clean you off with. I think if I didnt have the rash I would feel fine, but with the rash I have extreme burning and itching. ..


Please share your thoughts


This was after a 5 mile run and was feeling good about myself. I read through my review and im up 8 pounds since surgery. Really hope I can get that off my summer. Cant believe its been 8months so far. Don't see ps until 1 year and I'm done seeing her after that. She only covers a year from surgery. Hope everyone is doing well.

one year

Its been one year tomorrow. And over all I am happy. I look good in clothes. Still up in weight. There are a few spots on incision and dog ears.im not happy with but she told me its just fat :/ never liked bb im.insecure about the incison hope it will fade SOON.
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Hi there. I read your review and I can so relate with your ups and downs but you look absolutely wonderful in your bikini! Your PS does not sound very personable or understanding tho! Good for you holding your ground on the dog ears. I have to share that it's been 8 years now since I had a TT and I went through a lot of ups and downs. I gained weight (depressed) and had to really learn to eat differently. Once I lost the weight it made all the difference. I went to an anti-inflammatory Paleo diet and started really working out like a did previously before TT. It took awhile but i realize now that my PS did a great job and a lot of my problems with swelling were from what I was eating. My scar is low and you can barely see it. I just wish at the time I would have had someone to talk me through the rough times. It looks like you don't have any weight issues and I think your scar looks great. In a few years you will not even notice it!
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Thank you.. alittle down about not losing the weight but I really need to get full blown dedicated to exercising again. Workout here and there but not the same. I was around 144-148 before and now im 151-155. She tells me its the inplants..idk. cant believe its been a year can't imagine 8 :)
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Hey There, I just read your comment on my page and wanted to tell you that I think you look fantastic. You look trim and tight which is what you want. It did take me awhile to get to the flat stomach, and anytime I eat unhealthy I still get boated, but I'm almost a year and it's so much better. I think I really started feeling a big, difference like I really couldn't tell I had done anything around 9 months. I also still take 1 Colace a day to help with digestion, I'm not sure if that would help you or not. From the sounds of it your PS wasn't the right fit for you, but I don't think it's bad at all and we are all our own worst critics. However, when you go back I would definitely voice your concerns to her, don't keep your mouth shut because she rushes you or makes you feel uncomfortable. You paid a lot of money for this surgery and you have every right to get questions answered. If she tells you, your boating isn't from the surgery, then what does she think is causing it....kind of thing... I personally feel you look great, and you can totally rock a bikini!
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I think you look great! The last pics of the BB look fine to me. I wouldn't worry about that at all! No one else is paying as close if attention as you are. ;) Would you do it all over again with the same results?
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Hello! Thank you.... hmmm. Would I do it all over again. Some days I say yes, other days I say no. Im still numb in my stomach. So that bothers me still. I still bloat and notice increase gas after it. I didnt consult with many PS and sometimes I wish I had. Felt comfortable with her but after having it and at checkup appts were rushed and she gave me a hard time with fixing dog ears. I sti have a small skin tag that im not happy with but after talking with husband and having a rash break after the dog ears I decided I will just deal with it :( I feel my stomach could have had better results. I think she did good with boobs and im happy with them. Scars long there are fading and I had no problems so far. I probably would do it over again but search around and interview docs. Did you have it done yet?
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My MM is scheduled for 3/26. I have tormented myself with reading posts online and for some reason it's horror story after horror story. I do not have unrealistic expectations. I know it's going to hurt and I'm not going to come out with a hot body...I'm 36...3 kids...those days are gone. I just want the flabby extra skin gone and the boobs blown up to prepreganancy volume. Do you think your bloating and gas is a result of the TT?
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I wasnt expecting a scar around bb, every picture I saw that my ps did you couldn't see it. So was suprised with that esp since I had broken out. Im def happy without the skin but I get discouraged because I weigh more after tummy tuck then before. I never had the bloating and gas before surgery, but ps swears it has nothing to do with surgery. It will be a year for me in june so I havent seen my ps since January. I see her again in june. The first couple weeks are tough, very tough. Are you staying in hospital? What size implants are you going with?
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It's an outpatient procedure. I'm not sure there are any PS in this area that do overnight hospital stays for this procedure. I am doing 300cc. The Dr. said that I have a lot of good breast tissue (and a lot of extra skin) and because I am having a lift, he doesn't want to go any bigger. I don't have to have enormous boobs...I just want full ones. I'm not looking for a flat tummy. I just want the flab gone. I'm positive I will never wear a bikini, have a 6 pack, or even be "skinny". I am 150lbs, 5'7" inches, and currently in about a size 8; I usually wear a size 10 in jeans just because I don't like them snug because I fear muffin top! LOL. I have read that a lot of people weigh more after a TT. I am curious if it's because of a change in eating habit? The lack of exercise due to recovery? Hormonal? Idk. I don't mind the scales as much as I mind how I feel in my clothes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I will have my boyfriend, my sister, and my 20 year old niece to help me for the first 10 days. I'm positive that if I can survive THAT, the soreness, numbness, burning, the pain, the bloating, the swelling, and so on... :)
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You will do great! I stayed over night and had a pain pump every 10mins.Could not Imagine getting up that same day. i was hoping to feel confident in a bikini but im not sure I will. - but know I will feel comfortable in tankini now. I am 5'8and 154. BBefore surgery I was 144. Never got above 150 but now I cant get lower then 154. I also got 300ccs. Any questions I can help with please ask :)
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Thanks. I truly am not too worried about the pain at this point. I have a pretty high tolerance and I plan on doing everything recommended, eating clean foods, and resting during the first two weeks with only enough activity to prevent blood clots, etc. I am absolutely determined to make sure that this is a positive experience. I'm not expecting fabulous when I'm released for "normal" activity. I'm expecting no flabby skin. :) Thanks for sharing and I'm sure that I will be talking to you and will need to be reminded that this is going to be a positive experience. lol
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It will be a positive experience and you will feel great. You def will have a roller coster experience of emotions. I cried the second day upset I did this to myself. Second day is the wrost but after that each day gets better and better. When drains come out that is when you feel your best. Im excited for you. Do you have before pics?
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I'm already an emotional roller coaster!! In the past three years, I've divorced, had 2 long distance moves, left long term employment, and now my boyfriend and I are in the process of buying a business that will require another long distance move in August, which was anticipated to be NEXT March. That is the reason I scheduled surgery for this spring; so I would have a year to recover and LITERALLY the day after I scheduled surgery things escalated and the move/business plans changed and will be happening in August! So...needless to say, there's a LOT going on in this head. But I have convinced myself that the long days of recovery will give me plenty of time to get my mind set and ready AND of course this will probably get me out of a ton of work associated with moving :) I'm going to post before/after pics after the surgery. So stay tuned...
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You will be up and moving fine in August. Perfect timing to do this because it wil be done for summer. I haf minr done june 7th so my summer was wasted away. Good luck with anything. I love talking to other ttuckers :) no one knows I did this so I cant talk about unless on here :)
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I'm sure I will be fine by August, as long as there are no complications and I'm in very good health, never been a smoker, and have a pretty high pain tolerance. I have a big family reunion at the lake June 29th so I hope that I can be able to enjoy that without so much swelling that I'll have to wear a muumuu! I am still on the fence whether or not to let other people know about my surgery. I've told close friends and family of course and my kids. There are so many judgmental people and since I've been through a divorce recently, it seems people are even more free to talk crap. However, I'm not really one that has ever cared what other people thought about or talked about me...so who knows...I may post some before and after boob shots on Facebook! hahahaha. I'll be on the other side in just a few days and we can compare notes even more! :)
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I didn't even tell my mom. She isnt local so has no idea. My kids are young and they havent seen the scars I have been able to hid it. The day after when I came home they knew I was sick bc I was throwing up and they just thought I was sick. My dad and husband are the only ones that know so not much boob talking going on there..lol. I think my boobs look the same I clothes bc I always had a huge padded lift up bra on. So now its just actually filled. Since im not super flat and still have a buldge I dont think people know. I didnt want people to ask how u paid etc. It was something that I wanted to do and hubby was on board and supportive so thats all I needed. Other people dont need to know my business. Never told friends either...lol
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I can definitely see a difference in your bathing suit top picture and the shirt picture! But maybe it's subtle when you're not looking at side by side pictures. I've told friends...some that I was getting a boob job and close friends that I was doing the mommy makeover. And yes, people ask "how much is that going to cost you?!" and "WHY!? What's wrong with you now?!". I have determined people are stupid. lol. Luckily, the ones that I have told I was either willing to disclose everything or tell them "none ya biz"! I have a lot of friends and family that have had some type of cosmetic surgery. A few have tried to talk me out of it and some where excited and said I would be glad I did it. Everyone is different I guess. I'm an investigator and a talker...so I think I would blow up if I hadn't asked people that I know questions about their surgeries and be able to talk about it anytime I wanted to around the house. lol
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I'm so relieved to see that others have had an increase in the scale since surgery. It must be normal. I'm 6 weeks PO and up between 5-8 pounds. And I'm working out and counting calories religiously! I suppose it's all part of the process and only temporary. :/ Happy healing, ladies! :)
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I with you on the 8 pounds :-(
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How are u doing with weight? Mines still up. Been running 3-4 days a week also..
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Your new pictures look awesome! I'm still up 11 pounds since surgery. I'm trying to slowly lose it for good. I LOVE my flat tummy though.
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Just FYI. Dr oz posted this anti bloat drink recipe for first thing in morning. I plan to try it from tomorrow or so 1 cup coconut water 1 tbsp psyllium husks, 1 tbsp acacia fiber powder 1/2 cup pineapple 1/2 cup papaya 1 handful spinach 4-6 ice cubes
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What is psyllium husks and acacia fiber can you use regular fiber? I stopped taking fiber powder and think I may have been bloating from that. Just taking fiber pills seems alittle better.
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I started surveying my friends because its been So long since I knew what 'normal' was. Apparently, they all engage their core muscles when up and about but if they consciously relax them, they get a little pouch, too. ( they all refer to 'engaging the core', not 'suckin' it in' lol) So. I guess we carry on engaging our core.... Btw, my stomach looks just like yours if I let it relax.... xo
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I guess I assumed after tt wouldnt need to do that. Was expecting a super tight sexy abs...lol
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I'm the same way with my BB and side tummy tuck scars. My tummy is the same, I suck it in and I'm flat, I let loose, I look like im 3 month preggos and I'm way over a year since I had my MM. Good luck and hope you also get ur issues fixed
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