Got SILICONE INJECTIONS Wanted It Removed Got It 20 Years Ago - New Orleans, LA

Well of course it looks fantastic at first, laugh...

Well of course it looks fantastic at first, laugh lines are gone, boobs are huge and hips rounder, but eventually reality sets in over time...

I have very nice breasts, so far, I have always...

I have very nice breasts, so far, I have always worn a sports bra, they are actually tear dropped or so Im told, but I have just started to notice a little discoloration on the bottom of the left breast... And it could be nothing or who knows... There are 2 great plastic surgeons here in NEW ORLEANS, DR KHOBEHEE and DR MATHEW WISE... Ive just I got to get the courage to make an appointment ....

they were pumping parties held all over the city..

Im talking about a nurse who worked for a plastic surgeon who traveled the country and had pumping parties in ever city in the country, and made a killing, literally, the silicone can fall and do a lot of other horrible things that you will regret...

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I'm so happy to read your story. Please I need the name of your doctor,so I can spread this good new to a lot of friend that need help.
Thank you so much.for sharing you story.
I had almost two liters removed from my butt and hips! Dr Lazaro cardenas is very experienced not only in silicon removal but also doing facial fem. surgery! you will find a lot of info on you tube he performed surgery on a famous male Model from male to female. I feel much better now that my butt is smaller and im planing to remove even more in about a year. you guys can find his contact phone number on youtube! and NO I was no crazy and I m still NO crazy for going to Mexico to have this done I spent no more than 2500 dlls !! crazy I will be If I had to spend 9 k in the USA for the same procedure! :) Im happier now.
Did u get my message?? there is hope for us who made this big mistake! Dr Lazaro is the one to take care of your problems ... he did warned me that there was a risk of even death! since the silicon while being removed could end up in the lungs! I took my chances I thought there was a greater chance to die when I had it inyected... thank God everything went well Im back home two liters lighter!! :)
Well first of all i'd like to say, if you're a transsexual, make sure you're positively sure about your transition, because once you get silicone it's very hard to remove.
Speaking from experience, i had work done, i had my chin, cheeks, hips and butt done, However the work was fine, i never had any problems since Ive got them, besides minor pain that comes and goes in the beginning but that's because your body is trying to heal it's self, with any type of surgical procedure, recovery time is necessary. Ive had the work done 6 years now, and still have no problems with it, or with the appearance, nothing is wrong, i understand that this is a dangerous procedure, but any procedure you do is very dangerous, You really need to know the person that is doing it, research him, and ask your friends if they have gotten it done, so you know what to expect, i understand that some transexuals are not financially secure, and this is the only way for them because of greedy cosmetic surgeons that charge you an arm and a leg to become who you are, and the governments do not recognize transgender people so you get no help with your transition, and your family in most cases have disowned you, so silicone injections are the only way, just be careful and know who's injecting you, once you get injected, do not go over board because you want to be more fem, going over board will make you look like a blow fish and unlike plastic surgeon augmentation, there is no control over the silicone, it's not contained, so you could develop extra scar tissue more than you need and that will make you look disproportionate, so remember less is more, for cheeks, get pumped TWICE ONLY, trust me, again speaking from experience, i went 4 times, your hips you can do up to 4 times, and make sure you tell him , i want a natural look, because you have to be realistic about what you're doing and what you're putting your body through. As for injections for the chin, i do not recommend at all, the area will always stay red, not matter how little or how much you put in there, you're better off going to a plastic surgeon and get chin augmentation. that costs about 2500 -3500 depends how greedy your plastic surgeon is, but girls come on now, when there's a will, there's a way *wink* Ok o now i come to, WHEN YOU WANT TO REMOVE THE SILICONE INJECTIONS (speaking from experience) Although i was happy with almost all my work, i was not happy with my chin, i injected too much being naieve that it will change my apperence, but like i said earlier, the scar tissure my body produced was too much, so my chin protruded outwardss and i looked like a witch, very disporportonate, but it didn't look bad, the things was my old chin was better, i guess you don't know what you got till it's gone, so i wanted to get it fixed after having it for some time, i posted questions on how to remove it on here, and asked different doctors, they all gave me the same answers and scared the shit out of me, " you're in trouble, it's going to get infected, there is no way to remove it, it's very difficult" blah blah blah, nobody was telling me what i needed to know, just lecturing me, i'm going to add that i'm a transexual, and i know many many other transexuals that have and silicone injections for more than 30 years, only one of them that i know of has had problems because she got over pumped so to speak, and she got her breasts injected, which i don't recommend, even i was not that stupid, but what im trying to say is, IF YOU HAVE THEM AND HAVE HAD NO PROBLEMS, DONT SCARE YOUR SELF IN TO THINKING YOU'RE EVER GOING TO HAVE PROBLEMS,MOT LIKELY YOU WILL BE FINE - anyway i finally got a doctor to remove the silicone injections from my chin and cheeks, there's nothing wrong with them, i'm not infected, i don't have complications, i just want a different look, i liked my old look better, and i'm thinking of transitioning back, it can be done, we as humans can do anything and everything we want, so i will not let anything set me back on what i feel is right for me, anyway i got the surgery on my chin, it was local anesthesia, it took about 45 min to 1 hour, he got most of it out, stitched me, i have a scar underneath my chin, but it doesn't show and i can get it taken care of with a laser later on at my own convenience, it doesn't show, my chin is taking a little longer to heal, i still don't have all my sensation in my chin, but it looks 100% better, not perfect yet, but i still need time to heal, each body is different, it's been 3 months, i have no redness, no bruising it's all healed, i just have a little bit of swelling and with time me and my doctor think it will heal, i will never get my original chin back, but i will get one that closely resembles it's diameter. I will be getting the silicone removed from my cheek later on this month (may 2011) i will re-post what happens with that, but silicone removal is possible, you just need to find a more experienced plastic surgeon that is willing to actually help somebody instead of scaring and lecturing poor people that know they made a mistake but are reaching out for support. If you ask me, would you get silicone injections again, i would say, for the duration that i had the injections, it did transform me, and the injections served their purpose, without me having my look, my big hips, my augmented looking cheeks, and the cleft on my chin that was erased after the injections, i don't think i would of gotten this far and had the life experiences i did, So i don't regret them, but i would not do them again only fopr the mere fact that if i wanted it removed, like i do now, it's complicated, and you could be deformed after removing it, the doctor really needs to know what he's doing, it would help if you had an MRI before going to consult with a doctor, with an MRI, it's more likely that he will take your case, because he can see exactly where the silicone is injected, now if you're having now complications and like your look and you have nothing wrong with your face, don't unnessarly go get it removed because a doctor says it's gonna get infected, yeah maybe it will, but theres a great chance it wont like so many other happy people that have gotten it done and are happy, don't make any mistakes, i am not deformed, i have no complications, for 6 years i have to emphasize on that, i just want a different look, that's all, my chin surgery was a success, I'm just sharing my personal experiences and information in hope that it may help somebody else that is worrying about this, if you're fine now, you will be fine later, just be a good person, and have faith, you'll be fine. love and peace
Thanks for sharing your experience I m having silicon removed from my butt and hips with Dr Lazaro Cardenas in Guadalajara Mex. U guys can type his name in youtube you will see his videos and info.
thank you girl 336365 for sharing,your totally right about some.negative scary remarks doctors state,it makes all the diffrence when someone who actualy has gone through that, is what makes a diffrence, im glad there is honest helpfull people like you here on realself, that dont judge, wishin all the best, thanks again.
san diego2091 iI thank you also for sharing the doctors info, and ive seen his work, its great, hes actually here on realself, or make me heal, but thats real awesome that you posted, thanks, thats what is all about info.and help.
Yes I know how painful (emotionally in my case) this situation can be ... just trying to be helpful with others here who MIGHT think there s no solution to our problems... there is a way to have the silicon removed we just have to find the right doctor. some Doctors who have no experience will tell US that there s nothing they can do ! or anything that can be done. well they are wrong and I m here to tell my story .

Thank you Angel you give me some hope I'm a real women who friends are all Trans Girls had mind Breast injections done about 13years ago and one breast just itch a lot I don't have monies to have them remove maybe you can help me find a doctor here in Las Vegas where I live I wanted to be like my Girls went to a pump party in Los Angeles had it done I've had my beautiful Sister die from breast cancer and my mom had breast cancer in is still here 12 years later thk you God !