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New Recover House Opening January 2014 - Dominican Republic

Greetings Ladies, This is my first post. Like...

Greetings Ladies,

This is my first post. Like many of you I have been a stalker on this site. I am obsessed with this. Dr. Yily recently sent me my quote for $5900 TT, BBL via fat graphing, BA w/lift, and lipo to abdomen, full back, arm pits, waist, and i requested knees. If I remove the BA w/lift the quote drops to about $4250. She also shared inportant information on blood levels, meds, and extras. I am really impressed with the details and thoroughness of her quote most importantly the concern regarding your health status. I appreciate that her first concern is that you are healthy and in good condition for surgery. Well back to why I'm posting. A new recovery house is opening January 2014, I am pasting the information straight from my email:

There's a Recovery House named ‘’DELUXE RECOVERY’’ that will be open in January.


I am writing this to inform everyone that a new recovery House is opening January 2014. The name is called Deluxe Recovery House. I am pasting the information straight from a email I received:

There's a Recovery House named ‘’DELUXE RECOVERY’’ that will be open in January, not associated with me but i'm helping them with tips in order for them to provide the patients with the correct attentions.

Ø Rooms with 1 bed: $85 dollars a day.
Ø Rooms with 2 beds: $75 dollars a day.
Ø Rooms with 3 beds: $65 dollars a day.
Ø If somebody who is not having surgery joins you, it's $50 dollars charge for that person

The prices include:
ü 3 meals
ü The room with bathroom inside
ü Nurses
ü Security
ü Roundtrip from the airport and back, also to the clinic for post-op appointments.
Yily or Duran

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Hi Hun do u know the exact website for deluxe recovery house I can't find it on google ??? Thanks for the info
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I was thinking June or July........
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I'm here in New Orleans, when are you going....
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When r u going I'm flying out of N.O in june
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Whose your doctor? June may work for me
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Yily's email included info on upscalerecoveryhouse.com not deluxe and it's 100 a day
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She sent me a different ine called Deluxe
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Where can more info about Deluxe Recovery be found??
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I dont have it
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What ever you guys do watch out for Virginia rh. I'm in DR right now and the bullshit they're trying to pull on me I'm not having it. I originally paid for a single room but now I'm being told someone will "MOST" likely be in the room with me but meanwhile I'm paying the same damn price like a fuckin asshole. Not having it. Whatever u guys do, don't go there.
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Hello Ladyneworleans do you have the contact information for the Deluxe Recovery house?
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Good luck with everything. I freaking love new Orleans. ... I can't wait to dance to bounce in front of my mirror in my room after my bbl lol
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Yay for having started your story here! I'll be watching this space for your updates. When are you hoping to have your surgery?
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Late march early April 2014
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Late March early April 2014
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Do you have a website?
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i emailed for the information and am waiting for a reply.
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I emailed for the information awaiting a reply.
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