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Latisse for Lash Puller - New Orleans, LA

Cons: red eyes; dry eyelids near lash line;...

Cons: red eyes; dry eyelids near lash line; initially I could see the difference but after 2 months my mature lashes seem to be coming out very easily.

Pros: initially saw results in less than a month

I have suffered from untreated trichotillimania (lash pulling) for decades. I initially saw some results with Latisse within the first 3 weeks, but after 2 months the seemingly mature lashes 9longest) are falling out on their own. Are my lash follicles too damaged from the pulling?


After 40 years I'd tried them all. I found Trich Stop Hair Growth Oil to be MUCH more effective and MUCH cheaper than Latisse. Plus eventually I could stop using it, but I stayed pull free. I still keep some with me in case I get a sneaky urge. I highly recommend it.
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I've been pulling for 2 1/2 years and trying so hard to stop but can't. It's making me incredibly miserable because I have to think about all things I'll have to do with no eyelashes (if I ever get married, when I perform onstage, when I have to do a junior/senior recital, etc). I always feel like if I got my lashes and brows to grow back in, they would look beautiful enough and I would be so grateful I wouldn't pull them anymore. Has anyone felt a similar way? Maybe if Latisse would make them grow back in and I actually psyched myself into believing it would help then I could stop. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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This is life changing!! I have been a puller for 36 years and can go years between episodes. My lashes have become short and thin with age and take forever to grow back. I had a pull-fest in Jan 2010 and 10 weeks later there was no growth. My MD gave me latisse and within a week the bald spot was growing (likely just good timing, but hey, I'll take it!!) Now my lashes are long and gorgeous and no desire to pull. My question/comment to the community is that right after my first 16 weeks were completed, I noticed that the former gap in my lashes was shorter and growing in at angles, not straight out... Has anyone else experience this and have suggestions to "even things out" again?
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She listens to you. Great office hours.

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