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I have been reading the answers to questions on...

I have been reading the answers to questions on how to reduce Breast size with exercise. All answers suggest that exercise will not do much to help or make matters worst. Not to disrespect anyone in the medical profession at all, but I disagree with the answers I'm reading. Most all the answers lead to one having to submit to breast reduction surgery... I am a HEAVY chested woman. I was 11 years old when my breast finally appeared, looks like I went from having a flat chest to a B Cup. By the them I was 13 I fit a C Cup. At 18 years I was D Cup. Now I'm 40 and three beautiful children later I now wear a 34 H. My youngest child will be 2 this month, before conceiving I was 34 DDD, a size I remained for the about 14 years. During the time I was DDD the inches fluctuated some from 34-38 mostly a 36, I one felt it was time to get my body back into shape and began to work out faithfully to achieve the look I wanted for myself. I worked out and changed my diet eating healthier foods to also aid in my weight loss. I managed to tone and strengthen my muscles, all muscles including my chest. For the first time in my life science having my first child I had FIRM breast. My breast were firm, had regained a beautiful shape to them, they had lift to them, something I never thought I was ever going to see again. I still remained a DDD cup just a 32 DDD a size not easily found, if you can find it it's costly. Point is I managed to firm my breast, maybe I was one of the lucky one but it worked, it takes time and commitment and it can be done. I'm not a doctor but I am in the medical profession. All I'm saying is before you choose to go under the knife for reconstructive surgery do what you can with full commitment first to excercise and tone up as much as possible, then if reconstructive surgery is what you need if needed at all by then to complete the look you are going for then do so. Besides you will heal much better and the results will be even better than if you didn't put the physical work into yourself first.


Yeah what did you do to reduce them and did it firm up your back?
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You making a very important point. Since I stumbled on to this site, I've done alot of research. I'm convinced that chronicly high insulin levels are causing most of the issues for the women seeking BR. You are right in saying fitness (carb restriction and excercise) could resolve the problems for some women, but alternate and preventative medicine is not part of our consciousness in the U.S. We are programmed to think the drugs or surgery is the only hope. 95% of women who seek breast reduction and significantly over weight or obese. This is why I believe high insulin levels that cause fat accumulation are also causing breasts to grow larger. Using carb restriction and exercise would not work for everyone, but it would work for many and possibly could prevent breasts from growing as large as well. Hormonal response can be very specific to certain body areas, so it's possible that even a slim women who restricts her carbs and exercises could reduce the size of her breasts.
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Kudos to you! That may have worked for you and you Regained firm, lifted breasts. BUT some of us have never had firm lifted breasts and you can't exercise to gain something that you're genetically predispositioned not to have. I am not over weight and I workout 5 times a week with 34 G breasts. They're long and saggy and trust me no amount of exercise will make them firm. Exercise can only help if your breasts consists of a large amount of adipose tissue and losing that will result in them looking like a long deflated balloon. I see your point but its not realistic.
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