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Ready to Change my Weight and Body -New Orleans, LA

I have been overweight most of my life and with a...

i have been overweight most of my life and with a big butt...so i kept the weight.now i feel its silly to compromise my health for a certain body. i got a trainer and have already lost 40 pounds. unfortunately i have lost my inches around my hips, so decided to look into BBL and see if it would help a lil. plan on getting it by Nov my boyfriends birthday.
currently 150Lb 38-30-44
i plan on getting to 135Lb
initially planned on smart lipo but i read you cant transfer those fat cells cause there dead. have 2 Dr in mind so far. no money saved up yet but am starting as off with today's paycheck, my Mom is willing to add another 2,000. credit score 600 so i dont know if i can get any loan.

Is it the size of the Ass or your Waist line???

kim kardashian is 30-26-39 chyna is 32-26-41 they both have big butts...but those hip Nos seem low compared to some people on here post-op. Am wondering if a smaller waist might make it look you have more junk...if this is the case then i need to look for Dr with good lipo technique compared to transfer if i cant get one whose good at both.

Dr Fischer it is

i have been so relaxed about this all i know is that i will have it done this summer. i tried calling Dr Kerr but they were either busy or i couldnt make it to a consuktation. anyway maybe it was Gods plan i was following another girl that went to Dr Fischer and i loved her results. i called them last week and got a call back next day. spoke to Diana who is really nice.


sorry my dog hit submit before i was done...
anyway Diana asked me to email my pictures which i did, i called her back on monday and she said i would be great candidate. she said i need to pay 500 to secure the quote of 5000 and 2500 to set a date. i paid the 500 the next day since am scared his prices might go up as Dr salamas did. now i need to come up with 2000 to set a date. am hoping soon.
wish i can get a may date but she told me dates are going by first....
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Congrats and good luck
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Welcome and congratulations! What PS have you researched!
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Thanks...either Dr Kerr in Austin a or the usual Dr salama
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Who are you thinking about going with? And congrats
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Thanks...either Dr Kerr in austin or the usual Dr salama
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