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Super new to the site and hoping you beautiful...

Super new to the site and hoping you beautiful ladies can help. I'm a 27 yr old single mother and nursing student on a budget. I initially was interested in Dr. J but his prices are way out of my league, (5-10, 000) also I notice that he gives "shelves" and I'm looking for more of the slope heart shaped backside. I came across Dr. Salama and his prices fit my pockets. Also i noticed he's very aggressive with lipo and bra rolls which I LOVE being that I need intense help in that department! Then reading on someone wrote that he doesn't do hips. If this is true then he is most def not the doctor for me. I have NO hips so I need a doctor who knows how to give me that coke bottle shape. Ladies I'm at a complete loss and don't know what to do. Is there any goid doctors that are reasonably priced, good with hips, and give the sloped heart shape instead of the "shelf"?....PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!


trying to find help anyone get me at melaniemark999@yahoo.com I'm a caribbean girl needin hepl
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Welcome and I am new also and booked with Dr. Salama in April 2014......he does it all and you will be happy....ask for Nancy, she is a patient coordinator and an angel!
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Go with Salama. He doesn't call them hips, but he will fill you in nicely!
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Need a Duran Surgery Buddy for Dec. 2014

Hi ladies!!!!!! So on my last post, I was leaning towards Salama but I'm totally sold on the gorgeous Duran. I emailed and called her for months with no answer. I got to the point where I was just like fuck it. I understood that she was busy but damn! Then I ran across Bella Vita. I was convinced if anyone could get in touch with Duran, Bella Vita could. So I paid the 150.00 and got a quote from Duran within a week!!!! 3800 for lipo of my full back, flanks, stomach, arms, and armpits, and 4800 if I wanted to add a tummy tuck. I have to send a 250 deposit to secure a date. I'm going either late December or early January but I need a buddy. I don't want to go through it along. So if any of you ladies are going in Dec or Jan inbox me.


Hi, I'm looking for a buddy planning on being in DR 12/22/14 and Surgury 12/23/14 with Duran. I'm waiting fit deposit info and I will start my journey. When ate you scheduled for ??? Are you going with Dr. Duran???
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Hey girl. Yea I'm going to Duran. I hired Bella consultants to get in contact with her but I haven't set a date yet because I having difficulty sending money to duran. Do you know any bank that wires money to DR??? I will be scheduling for Dec though.
Hi, I called Friday and spoke to her Secretary and she advised me emails are full and Dr. Is Busy due tax season. She assured me that my name is on for 12/23/14 and come in 12/22/14 for lab work etc. I advised her I've been sending emails for a month and no response ;( She stated Dr. Duran likes to answer her own emails and due to being busy is very very behind. Soo, she mentioned to wait until she emails deposit info untll then plan on being there on 12/23/14. I told her meantime I will be applying for a new passport and starting look for airline flights. I told her if I don't hear from her by July then I will call her again lol.. She said not a problem ;) I'm going start preparing for my trip :) FYI: She also mentioned 12/23/14 wil be her last Surgury date for 2014 but has openings if I wanted to bring a friend for Surgury too.
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