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I have been thinking about implants for two years....

I have been thinking about implants for two years. I wanted my clothes and bathing suites to look better. This was going to be the year to do it. I did my research, and talked to people that had it done. Everyone said it was no big deal, so I lined all the appointments up, gynecologist, mammogram and plastic surgeon. I wanted to make sure I was healthy. I talked to my gynecologist and she wasn't to keen on breast implants but gave me a recommendation of a plastic surgeon that I had already been looking at. My first appointment with the plastic surgeon went well. I decided on 250cc I didn't think that would make me overly big being I am 5'2 and weigh 115lb.

Two weeks later I had the ore op and then 2 weeks later I was scheduled for surgery. I was so nervous but excited at the same time. The days leading up to the surgery I started having second thoughts about something being in my body. The day of the surgery I was literally shaking I was so nervous. I told my husband that I didn't want to go in and he assured me it was just nerves. So I went in and had the surgery. I came out of recovery wondering what the hell did I do to myself. It felt like an elephant sitting on my chest. I was almost in tears as to what I had done to myself. The next two days was awful and slowly I started to lose the ability to pee. By day 4 post op I could not pee at all. I made a trip to my MD where I was catherized and sent home after begging them not to leave it in. They told me to try and pee but if I couldn't I would have to have a permanent one. Well by that night I was in the ER having a catheter inserted where it remained for the next 4 days. The days I had to lay there made me evaluate my situation.

I was perfectly healthy and now I am bed ridden for 4 days and my daughter would cry daily thinking I was going to die. I was so depressed and so mad at myself for what I had done. I couldn't eat at all as my throat was so soar from surgery and I couldn't bathe myself. I no longer wanted these things that were ruining my life. I couldn't sleep because it was so uncomfortable and I couldn't even hug my daughter or husband. I know these things go away eventually but I am not willing to wait. So I started researching the things that could go wrong more carefully. These were the things that I said will probably never happen to me. Well eventually you will indeed need more surgeries. I was not willing to go through more of this pain. I contacted my ps and I am scheduled in 3 days to have these removed this time not with general anestesia as this is what contributed to my problem. I am still not able to pee normally as this will take time. I just want my normal self back. No extra weight on my chest and I want to be able to breath again. I am always exhausted and hot now like when you are sick. I just can't wait for this nightmare to end. Its going to cost an additional $1400 to remove these things but i dont care because nothing is worth feeling like this!!!


You go girl I feel ya I just got mine and I want them gone so I can worry about my boys not about me
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I am 5'1 and 98lbs. My doctor chose 300cc's!!! I hated them just as much as you did. After my surgery I never got my breathing back to the way it was pre-surgery. So I told the doctor to remove them except I waited 2 1/2 months. I am now 8 days post-op. I am also very mad at myself for putting my body and my family through this. Let me know how your healing goes. The removal should be an easier healing process than the original. But remember you're technically still recovering from the original.
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Please tell me how your PS took the news and was he willing to work with you? I am feeling the same way you do. I would love to get your feedback and how you are looking and feeling now?
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