7 Months on July 3rd, Happy but still swelling :(

Hello, I am 47 years old & I have 3 Children.....

Hello, I am 47 years old & I have 3 Children....26/24/17 They were all c-sections with the 1st being an emergency. So I have been wanting this for SOOOO LONG!!!! I have never been a THIN GIRL! Before kids i was around 165 I am 5'5", I am now 210 and have been this way since my last baby.I have backaches from the large breasts & a terrible constant rash under the large apron of skin that hangs very low :( I have body issues and now for the past year or more I no longer want to have sex due to the way I look :( The rashes are discusting and smell and are painful.... My plastic surgeon is sending in my precert papers in the morning so I cant wait to find out if I get approved. I live in NY and have Blue Cross, Has anyone else had this insurance & can they tell me the outcome? Thanks for any help :)

Well all my insurance paperwork was sent in, I...

Well all my insurance paperwork was sent in, I hope I get approved for this :) Fingers Crossed !!

Well I just got the letter from my insurance...

Well I just got the letter from my insurance company telling me that I DON"T need this done & there is nothing that will change if I was to do this!!! WTF?? Are they kidding me!!!! They don't see enough evidence that removing this HUGE hanging fat blob from my body will make the rashes stop or help me! I am so pissed off right now :( I am going to have this surgery either way! I have lived with these rashes for 20 years now & they don't feel they are bad enough??? maybe they should have them and see what it feels like :( I just had to vent , I am sorry for sounding like a bitch :(

Ok so I am so happy right now :) My husband is...

Ok so I am so happy right now :) My husband is taking a loan from his pension so that I can finally be free of this HUGE PANNUS!! I am having a TT/ Lipo & panniculectomy :) My insurance company refuses to pay for the panniculectomy and my doctors all think that I should have this done to get rid of these horrible rashes that I live with everyday!! I am going to sue the insurance company if they dont reconsider paying for this, I am not sure if I will win but I am going to give it my all to try to win!! Has anyone else had to to this? So I am asking anyone for any help that they can give me in getting ready for surgery & afterwards for recovery.... Thanks for any help you can give me :)

I just got home from my doctor & I am so...

I just got home from my doctor & I am so HAPPY!!!!! I have my surgery date of 1/3/13 :) I have waited so long for this I am confident that Dr. Baroody will do a great job! My insurance company are assholes to say the least !!! I will pay for my surgery and I will be a happier person! To not have to lift this HUGE PANNUS to clean under it and to NOT HAVE A DAILY RASH will be wonderful!!! And to have my sex life back with my husband will be awesome ;) He is a great man!! He understands what I am going through and never pushes me about anything. He knows how horrible I feel about myself :( Well I will keep posting on here & THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR HELPING WITH YOUR STORIES & HELPFUL INFORMATION !!

Wow!! can't believe that in 2 weeks I will no...

Wow!! can't believe that in 2 weeks I will no longer have this fat apron hanging from my stomach!!! I am starting to get nervous & feeling very guilty about being "down" and unable to take care of my family & work :( I hope that these feelings are normal before surgery? I have had my appendix out at 11, then 3 c-sections at 20, 22 & .30 & my gallbladder removed at 42.... so I am familiar with the OR.... But this time I am a little scared :( Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Lisa

Just got home from my pre-op with my MD.. All is...

Just got home from my pre-op with my MD.. All is good and I am ready to go :) I hope Jan 3rd gets here fast!! I have waited 20 years for this and I am so excited !! Now just cleaning, cooking and getting the house in order for my recovery. With 4 men in the house and me the one who pretty much takes care of everyone, it will be intresting to see things from their side. LOL I will post after pics as soon as I can . Good Luck everyone who is going before me :)

Forgot to add, I just opened the mail and my...

Forgot to add, I just opened the mail and my insurance company is reversing the denial !! I appealed and won!!!!!This is a Merry Christmas to me after all! :)

Happy New Year Ladies :) Have a great night!!!

Happy New Year Ladies :) Have a great night!!!

So my plastic surgeon removed 11 lbs!!!! Unreal :)

So my plastic surgeon removed 11 lbs!!!! Unreal :)

So I am 6 days po and had a bm today, what a...

So I am 6 days po and had a bm today, what a relief! I have been resting in bed since i got home Friday , I stayed overnight and so glad that i did. I have to say that the pain in getting less and I only get up when i really have to. The insicsion and drains hurt right now :( i am standing almost all the way upright, which i hope is a good sign? Not much pain on the muscle repair areas.... well the ps took off 11lbs and i lost 5 so 17 down,! Yay!!! I will post pics tomorrow from my post op visit :)

Just returned from the ps and all is good!! No...

Just returned from the ps and all is good!! No drain removal today :( hopefully on monday, but all is going great! Alot of rest still and so far i am very happy :)

Hello, this time last week I was in surgery, can't...

Hello, this time last week I was in surgery, can't believe how fast time is going by . I still have my drains and hopefully they will be out on Monday :) I have been staying in bed and not doing much of anything , but this weekend I am going to start resting downstairs on the couch. . It gets Boring in the bedroom alone. I can only watch so much tv :( my recovery is going well, I have had the binder on 24/7 and I love the way it feels on , nice and tight ! I can't wait to get back to myself and back to work :) I took the month off so I hope that is enough time. I also can't wait to shower !!!!! Omg it sucks not being able too wash my hair :( yuck .... Lol but I hope to have pics soon !!

Hello ladies, I am finally on my laptop :) So...

Hello ladies, I am finally on my laptop :) So just a quick update, I have been resting in bed since I got home, I keep my feet up and I am propped up with my contour pillow. I went for my first PO on Wed.. he took out some belly button stiches and took the tape off my incision.It is super low and all the skin on my legs and vajayjay is pulled up tight, I havent seen it in a long time!! lol I havent taken off the binder myself yet.... still scared to do it and look.... I have to go back on Monday & I think that the drains will come out then. Then I will be able to move around and get back to normal.... I work at a bakery. I am the Baker and do everything..... so i need my abs and strength back to normal... I took the month off to heal, I just hope that is gonna be enough time :( It is so not like me to be in bed and resting this long..... I never ever stop moving, so this is new to me.... Well I hope to have new pics soon,and did I mention I need to shower & wash my hair!!! Still no shower and I don't know how much longer I can sponge bathe :( I am down 17 lbs and couldn't be happier :) Good luck everyone going and recovering !!!!

Hello, I just left my PS office and he removed the...

Hello, I just left my PS office and he removed the drains and said that all looks great :-) he did put me on another week of antibiotics, because my drain holes are a little red. I have to go back in a week. I have to say that overall I am very pleased and would do it again. I will post more pics after I take my shower :-) Good luck everyone !!

So I had my TT with MR on Jan 3rd, I had my drains...

So I had my TT with MR on Jan 3rd, I had my drains removed yesterday & what a relief :) My Doctor did an amazing job on me!! I know that I am still very very swollen, but I know that I am gonna look awesome! For the first time I put on a pair of Yoga pants & saw a flat stomach ...

Hello ladies, just thought I would update... I...

Hello ladies, just thought I would update... I finally went out today, drove myself to the store & the Post Office and have to say that it kinda wiped me out :( I am 16 days PO and was swelling ALOT this past week, I got my period today :( But maybe that explains all the extra swelling? I tried on my jeans before and they are so loose that when all the swelling goes down, I will need to buy new clothes :) I am very happy with my results!! I was considering a breast reduction..... I am a 44D but with my smaller waist & flatter tummy I am starting to like the way my boobs look now ;) Maybe I will just buy myself some nice new support bras that hold the girls up. Well time to rest some more. Happy healing everyone !!!!

So today I am 18 days PO, and I have to say that I...

So today I am 18 days PO, and I have to say that I feel good today! I am getting bored but I am still resting like I should be. I want to get back to work, but I know that isn't happening yet I know :( I would do it again ! I can't believe that I have no more huge belly hanging there :) I can"t wait for summertime to get some new clothes & a new bathing suit, maybe even a 2 pc this year ;) Well I will keep posting and I will add new pics today too...

Nothing really new to update... going to the...

Nothing really new to update... going to the doctor on thursday which makes me 3 weeks po :) I am trying to rest like your told to, but I really can't stand not doing anything anymore :( I need to get back to normal real soon!! lol I will post after my Dr. appt with any new updates.

Hello everyone, I had my 3 week post op today & my...

Hello everyone, I had my 3 week post op today & my plastic surgeon said that all looks great :) He doesn't see or feel a seroma, but he said that I might have one deep inside.... if so then he will drain it next week. Also another 24/7 for another week until I go back. He did remove 12 lbs and I have lost 6 since I have been home, so a total of 18 lbs gone!!!! I am so happy that I did this for me :) Good luck everyone!!!

Hello :) Tomorrow is 4 weeks PO and I can't...

Hello :) Tomorrow is 4 weeks PO and I can't believe how fast time went bye.... I have my 4 week PO appt. tomorrow and I think all is going well! I thought I had a seroma, but at my last week appt. he said he didn't think so and that if I did, that it was really deep. So no needle :) I have been doing nothing but resting, but yesterday I went food shopping & went down to my job to see how things are going without me, I can't wait to get back!! I have not gained any weight since I started, I had 12 lbs removed and I have lost 3 so YAY!!
! I am going to clean my house today .... my husband and sons have been keeping up with the house...... but it is time for MOM to get busy cleaning :) lol Well I will keep you all posted ... good luck everyone :)

So today I had my 4 week PO visit, Dr. says all...

So today I had my 4 week PO visit, Dr. says all look great!! I am still swollen, but he said that is normal. What I can't believe is that in a few months he said that the swelling is gonna be gone & I will look even better!! Yay :) What an ride this has been... I would do it all again!! Next year I am really thinking about getting a breast lift& reduction, I love my Surgeon and that is what will make my decision even easier :) Good luck everyone!! I will post some more new pics soon!! PS... I am down 29 lbs from when I started this journey :)

5 weeks yesterday :) Feeling great ! Still swollen...

5 weeks yesterday :) Feeling great ! Still swollen off and on...I am going back to work on Monday .....I can't wait to go clothes shopping on Sunday, weather permitting :( Good luck everyone!!!

Hi Ladies, I am 6 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe...

Hi Ladies, I am 6 weeks tomorrow. I can't believe that it went by so fast! I went shopping today and cried in the dressing room.... I was a size 20/22 when I went into surgery, I thought that I would be about a 18/20, I tried that on in jeans and they were BIG!! KI couldn't believe it, so I tried on a 16W in J-Lo jeans at Kohls & they fit GREAT!!!! I know have curves :) I also wore a 2X shirt so that it covered my HUGE belly, now a XL :) I am so happy today !!!!! Best thing that I ever did for myself!!! Good luck everyone :)

So today I am 8 weeks :) can't believe that time...

So today I am 8 weeks :) can't believe that time has gone by so fast . I am down to 193 from 224 when I had my surgery .. I am so happy :) I was a size 20 jeans now a 16 also shirts were a 2XL now a 1XL ! I am so happy and can't wait for spring and summer to show it off! I am wearing a stage 2 garment when working. I starting exercising at 6 weeks and feel great !! Anyone on the fence , don't wait do it !! Just look at my before & after pics... I hope my story can help someone , just as all the reviews that I read helped me :) good luck ladies ... I will keep posting as time goes on & my swelling goes down :)

Hi everyone, I am almost 10 weeks post-op from my...

Hi everyone, I am almost 10 weeks post-op from my full TT and was wondering if anyone else has the same issue? I get up at 3:30 am for work and I work 8-9 hours a day (on my feet) so by the end if the day, around 5:00 pm my belly swells and gets hard around my belly button and I look like I have a pop-belly :( Then I wake up and it is down... the other night it was so bad I put my binder on as tight as I could and slept with it. My PS said that he didn't think that I ever developed a seroma, but if there was on that it was really deep. Could it be that now that I am working I "woke" it up?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks ladies :)

So my PS said that my swelling is from work and...

So my PS said that my swelling is from work and doing to much :( He said that it should get better and I don't; have to go back until June, that is when I will be 6 months post -op. I am now 32 Lbs thinner and was given the go ahead to start abdominal work-outs, but to start out very slow ! I bought the Wii Fit plus and have been doing some of those exercises and it does work :) I will post some more pictures as soon as my swelling goes down :) Good luck everyone!!

Hello ladies :) well I am now 3 months post op and...

Hello ladies :) well I am now 3 months post op and love my new look !!! But I am not happy about the fact that I am still swelling :( especially around and above my belly button. It looks so protruded at times :( I am no longer wearing anytype of garment. I just hope the swelling goes away before summer gets here. I would do it all over :)

6 month before& after pics!

New Update

Hello Ladies :) Well I am going to be 7 months PO on July 3rd & I still cant believe that this is me :) I have been swimming in my pool every chance I can.....Oh & I wore my first 2 pc suit in over 20 years !!!! It feels great not to have that huge hanging belly & no more rashes and pain....... I will post new photos soon :)
Danbury Plastic Surgeon

If you are looking for a plastic surgeon in the Danbury CT area this is the one!!! Dr.Baroody is a great doctor & person... When I speak with him about anything he answers all my questions and never rushes you out. When I was going onto the operating table he held my hand and told me that I was gonna ok & and that I was goon look GREAT!! And he wasn't kidding :) I am over joyed with him , his staff is also great :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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What did u do to lose weight
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Wow ... You are looking great ... Fine as wine ... Enjoy your beautiful self
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You look great!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!
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Thanks :)
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looking great!!!
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Thanks :)
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Congratulations u look fabulous, keep it up
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Thank you :)
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You look AMAZING! :)
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Thank you Jenn :)
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I'm 4 weeks post op tomorrow and we have the same body type. I went to see my ps earlier this week and was told I will need a revision in 8 months. My upper abdomen pops out just like your and is worse when swell hell hits. I was told it was fat and I need more lipo from my incision on up. Have u asked your ps about a revision? If u are not 100% happy, say something!! We all spend $1,000's of $$ and we should get the results we were promised! Good luck!!
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I am gonna ask about that !! Thank you :) He said another 6 months till I see all the swelling gone :( But I don't think that my upper belly is going to go away, I don't think that I had enough Lipo done there :(
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Hi there, you know with our bodies being similar before our tt and then after too. I have a thought that may or maybe not help. I too still have some swelling in my upper tummy, it comes and goes. Most the time it is down more. But my upper tummy is still a bit rounder than what I want. I would love to have that flat belly so many people end up with. Maybe it is just not going to happen to all of us. :-( I diet and exercise and feel I do all I can to get it flat but still no luck. So as much as I would love to have that flat tummy... All I need to do is look at my before pictures to remind me how far this journey has taken me to this point. And then my tummy looks awesome!
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Wow... what a complete transformation... difficult to believe it is the same body, you must be soooo happy at 6mths post op. Can I ask about the swelling at 3mths. I am now 3mths too and I seem to be swelling a lot... I don't wear my CG every day; someetimes I wear it to bed, sometimes I don't and sometimes I wear control pants - the high waist that comes to the bust and sometimes I don't - all depends on the clothes I am wearing... anyway, it doesn't seem to make a difference at all! When did you see a difference in the swelling? Please tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel cos it feels so horrible! Thanks for the update - and again, you look terrific! x
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Hello and Thank you!! I am 6 months today and I am still swelling :( My ps told me to expect another 6 months of swelling because of the large amount of tissue that was removed( 12 lbs ) I wore my garment for the 1st 4 months all the time... But it will get better!! You will be so glad when it does!
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Lisa, you a looking fabulous. Thanks for the great review, loved reading your TT journey. Our bellies do look similar, where did you have lipo?
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your belly looks great! thanx for sharing your journey!
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Your welcome :)
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Hi you look great!!!! I hear you on the swelling, i'm also 3 months and i get swelling for a few days in a row and it sucks. Mind you it never does go away it just isn't so bad some days. I am back to wearing cg at night time just because i think it might help. My swelling is above my incision line, i just hope it goes away soon but i think we may need a few more months. So happy you are happy about doing tt, i feel the same way. What made us wait so long to do it? lol
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Thank you :)
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Hi Lisa! You look wonderful! Oh, the things we do to our bodies to feel beautiful again, but so worth it! Congrats on the new beautiful you! :)
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Thank you :)
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Wow! I love your new pictures. I know when you started I remember how much our before pictures looked like each other. Now, same thing. Our afters look very much alike again. Isn't it awesome? You look great. I am still dealing with some swelling as you are. But I would have the tt again without a second thought. Wouldn't you?
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Yes I would !! I am still swelling too :( After work especially...But would do it again!! The clothes that I bought are starting to get big :) I am glad that I only bought 2 pairs of jeans & 3 t shirts. You look great too!! I have a dog ear on my left side, but don't know what I want to do yet? Did you have to take time off of work for that?
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When I started shopping. I only bought a few pair of jeans and shirts too. It was only about a month before I went down another size. Went shopping for more jeans. Lol. They are starting to get a little big. Well I decided to just get some yoga pants for everyday. And wear the jeans on outings! The yoga pants feel awesome! Comfortable. I don't know if I'll ever wear jean again. Lol. Just joking. The yoga pants are so adjustable. You can roll the waist where you want. Anyway about the dog Ears. You don't need to take but maybe one day off. And that would be the day that you have the procedure done. With me it was done in his office. I was not put to sleep. He just did a local, numbed me up. Fixed all 3 areas. He just said to not exercise for a week. So it's just a matter of not being to strenuous. You asked if I took time from work. I don't work. Or at least don't earn a paycheck! Lol. If you have a dog ear. And your anything like me. It will bother you til it is fixed. I tried to ignore it. But knew I would regret it if I didn't get it fixed. I'm very pleased with the results. And love my new bb. Let me know what you decided. Have a great day!!!!
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