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I'm 26yrs old, 5'6, and I weigh 206lbs. I...

I'm 26yrs old, 5'6, and I weigh 206lbs. I gained about 60lbs in nursing school and was at the same time in a crazy relationship. I've done Jenny Craig, exercise and low carb dieting. I always manage to lose 17-20lbs but nothing more, and my gut still remains =( I gained weight all over but my torso is what I'm MOST unhappy about.

SO I decided to help myself out and get some work done on my MAIN problem area. My whole torso...gut, love handles, bra roll. I want to start feeling better about myself again. I figure if I get help in this area I will have a much easier time working out (not feeling so heavy) and REALLY sticking to a healthy regimen. I'm scheduled to have my upper and lower abdomen, waist, and bra rolls done March 26, 2012. I will post pics as soon as I am able to.


I FINALLY had the procedure done yesterday. It was...

I FINALLY had the procedure done yesterday. It was a very different experience. They gave me pills to "relax" me which were Benadryl, Valium, and Clonidine. The doc made several incisions into which he administered huge amounts of Lidocaine. Nothing every really hurt, just some stinging and burning here and there. Once I was all plumped up with Lidocaine he started to melt the fat away with the laser. After that, the real magic began.

When he was actually sucking the fat out, it was a vibrating sensation. I actually fell asleep during some of it. The doc and staff were wonderful and every 2 seconds, it seemed, they were asking if I was ok. Anytime I felt anything from the laser or the actual fat sucker, he stopped and dosed me up with more Lido. After everything was said and done I was bandaged up and put in my compression garment.

When I actually poked my stomach it just felt like it was full of fluid, not fat. Felt like a water balloon lol. He took out a total of 8lbs, full abdomen, bra roll, love handles, and waist. I've really only felt sore, but not real pain. Nothing that has made me want to cry. I actually felt like an immediate tightness once he was done. He looked very pleased with his work which was very reassuring. I took pics of myself right after, while I was still on the table. I am super swollen, as ya'll can see but I'm excited to see how everything turns out. When I take my shower today, I will take more pics. If you want to see enlarged before pics just let me know and I will post.

Two days later and I'm feeling really good! I only...

Two days later and I'm feeling really good! I only drained for a day so that was great. I have minimal soreness now and a lot more of the swelling has gone down. Looking pretty good =) OH and did I mention that I haven't had ANY bruising? Way excited about that. Will continue to keep ya'll posted!

Sorry it's been SO long since I've updated, been...

Sorry it's been SO long since I've updated, been working like crazy! I feel really good. I still have hard spots and numbness/tingling but nothing terrible. I'm still enjoying seeing the results take place. All my uniforms are big on me now and I fit into my first medium shirt in FOREVER! I really want and need to start working out but I've really been so exhausted with work. Planning on starting Monday! Will post more pics soon!
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the results look great I have a similar shape. I am on WW and did Jenny Craig and still the fat will not disappear or disappears in the wrong areas. What are you doing to maintain the weight? also show us some more recent pics. I am having my surgery done in October cant wait woohoo!
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you had great results!
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Thank you Honeydrop! Sorry I took so long to reply, been working like crazy. You will be great! It's really an exciting process!!
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Wow I love ur results! U look amazing! Mine is 3 weeks tomorrow and I can't wait!
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Nope just the tumescent Liposculpture =) had it done on a Monday and was back to work Wednesday night. I needed something quick you know?
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I was wondering did you have a mini tuck as well?
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That's awesome...my procedure is tomorrow and for some reason I am having alot of anxiety about it which is weird to me, I'm not the type of person who gets anxious about much at all...I think I'm just afraid that I am spending ALOT of money and that I might not look that different. I'm getting married in July which was the main catalyst for doing this, although I have thought about it for the last year because I am sick of being fat and tired of not being able to be as active as I used to be! I feel like I will also use this as a jump start for a healthy lifestyle...in my mind, the cost of doing this is motivation enough to not backslide :) And I have to say, if I saw you on the street, there is NO WAY I would have guessed that you weighed anything over 150 and I am not kidding about that...so that gives me hope that even if the scale is not what I want, at least I will LOOK more like I want to look :) I also have that big deposit of fat on my abdomen which is why I am getting upper and lower abs done and I think that by having that removed, the rest of my body will look more proportionate...but I am also getting my chin, hips, inner and outer thighs, and bra roll done so I hope that all of those areas combined will result in a new shape for me. Did you need to use any stool softeners to deal with constipation from pain meds? Keep updating your profile, I want to know what to expect!
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Hey girlie! I must say that each day is better than the last. I have MINIMAL soreness and just the hard spots. I had the procedure on a Monday and was back to work the following Wednesday. I worked 4 12hr shifts in a row lol It might have been a bit much. The draining was done but I was still very tender and sore. Not to the point of tears, but yeah. Honestly I've really been too busy working to exercise, BUT I have cut out ALL the bad foods that I had been eating previously. As far as the scale goes, per my f/u appt I'm down 8lbs, not counting the 8 that he sucked out. I weighted 206 the day of and when I had my f/u I was 198. He says I am still swollen but I'm healing great, and eventually I will flatten out. Try not to do TOO much that first week. They say it's ok to go back to a "desk job" after but you and I know that nursing is far from a "desk job" lol I've only told a handful of people as well, only 2 at work.
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hi! How have the past few weeks gone for you? I am scheduled for a similar procedure on Wednesday, just looking for some advice on what to expect for the next few months...I am also a nursing student, graduating in June and gained about 30lbs of my 60lbs to lose in school as well :) Do you find that it is easier to exercise with those targeted areas gone? One thing that I am concerned about is my ability to perform some aspects of patient care like boosting in bed or assisting around, afraid that I might not be able to support someone. I have only told one other student about doing this, as I know she has had some cosmetic procedures, and I have the ability to take an entire week off from clinicals since its my last term.
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Wow, sounds like you had an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and please keep us updated on your progress.

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