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By the time I have my Extended TT, BL/BA, I will...

By the time I have my Extended TT, BL/BA, I will be 44. This is my birthday present to myself (bday is July 7). I am 5'7" and weigh between 165-170, depending on what day it is. I have had 2 csections and I had Gastric Bypass in 2007, before the bypass I topped 300 pounds. Having the bypass was a wonderful decision. I have done well using my tool, but my tummy is a constant reminder of the major damage I did to my body, for years and years. I feel so good about the weight loss and then when I look in the mirror, or even just look down in my clothes, it is depressing. I am so blessed to be able to have this opportunity. I can't wait to have the pouch gone. It is funny, because people have told me how good I look after the weight loss (and I am very grateful that I have lost the weight and I am sooooo much healthier), but I tell them that they don't see or know the naked truth. They are not there when I have cried myself to sleep over this, or felt that I would never want to be naked in front of anyone, or hid so that people wouldn't see me. I know that a having these procedures will not solve any of my problems, but I will feel better about myself. As a matter of fact, I already feel better about myself since I am writing another chapter in my self improvement journey.

I have been an emotional roller excitement one minute and then scared the next. I had preop today and that calmed me a great deal. I am ready!!! It will be here next Tuesday and I can hardly believe it. I have been looking forward to this for a very long time and thought I would never be able to have it done. Well, this opportunity is such a huge blessing. I want the days to fly by!! I can't wait to not have a big apron hanging there all the time.

I have gained so much knowledge and comfort reading many of the reviews, posts and questions here. Thank you to all that post!!!! Reading about the various procedures and experiences has been wonderful...priceless.

Ugh, my surgery was postponed!!!! My bloodwork...

Ugh, my surgery was postponed!!!! My bloodwork came back saying I have an abnormal thyroid function. Have to get that fixed before surgery. Very bummed out.

PS office called this morning and the T3/T4 tests...

PS office called this morning and the T3/T4 tests yesterday came back normal. Seeing a regular doctor Wed morning. (too bad I couldn't get in today!!) He has to give ok and I could have surgery as early as next week. Trying to stay positive!!! Most of what I have read on internet says surgery will be ok if T3/T4 levels are normal, but will still have to get high TSH levels taken care of. We will see. Thank you all so much for the encouragement, it kept me going yesterday.

OK, went to doctor about my thyroid today. I am on...

OK, went to doctor about my thyroid today. I am on meds again. Not a big surprise. I told her that I needed clearance for surgery and she said it was plastic surgeon's decision to do the surgery, not hers. She said she would give me a statement stating the summary of my visit. So, called PS office and they then called. Well, it seems they got a verbal clearance and my dr office is to fax the written clearance. based on this, they changed my date once again. My original date was the 10th, then it went to the 24th and now it is set for the 18th. They will let me know for sure on Friday. Please send positive thoughts and prayers as I need the extra week to recuperate. The countdown has started once again. YAY!!!!! I know that anything can happen, but I am trying to remain positive that it will take place on the 18th. We shall see. Again, thank you all for your support.

Update....regular doctor won't clear me for...

Update....regular doctor won't clear me for surgery, just states that they are treating me for my condition and that it is my plastic surgeon's decision to do the surgery. After back and forth phone calls between me, reg. doc office and ps office and faxes back and forth, the ps office said that since my freeT3/freeT4 levels are normal and I am being treated for the thyroid issue the ps and anesthesiologist say it should be good. PS will double check this weekend but said to go ahead and leave the date for Wed, the 18th and they will let me know 100% on Monday. I totally understand their point, but the waiting is so hard. So, trying to be reasonable and positive, but not get hopes up too too high!

Please send prayers, positive thoughts, cross fingers toes and eyes that it is a go and that everything will be good. Thank you!!

Keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed as a friend...

Keeping fingers, toes and eyes crossed as a friend of mine says. Also, saying many prayers. Got a call from ps that they still did not receive clearance from regular doctor's office and the person that saw me wasn't in today. So, went to mom's doctor and they did a ekg and chest xray and reviewed bloodwork. He said he would clear me as soon as the coagulation test results came back. Thing is my surgery is scheduled for Wed, the 18th. So, waiting to see if he can fax it first thing in morning so I can have surgery on Wed. I really liked this doctor and believe I will now be seeing him. I feel better too, at least he did a physical and other things to give me clearance. Other office did not, just gave thyroid meds and said it was ps decision. This has been so frustrating, but now hope to be on the road to the flat side!!! Please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers my way in hopes that my surgery gets done. Thank you!

Wishing those who recently received their new flat tummies are healing well.

Whoohoo, it is gonna happen tomorrow. I can...

Whoohoo, it is gonna happen tomorrow. I can hardly stand it, I am so excited!!!!!!!!! My mom and I will leave to Cruces tonight, tomorrow is surgery, and then we will come back on Thursday. Thank you to all who have been rooting for me!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!
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Procedure was postponed....I am sure it will be worth it when it happens!!! Praying it happens soon.

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Happy belated birthday! I hope your surgery went great and you are recovering well. Can't wait to hear your story!
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Hi, Thankful that you are doing well, keep up the nice recovery. Can't wait to see the new you.
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Super glad you are healing well :) Please be sure to post pics, I am super eager to see your results!
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PO day 5. I have had no pain since day 2, only the burning sensations that come and go in the breasts. I have shoulder boobs, it is funny. I know that those are only temporary. I feel really good, just bored and very swollen. I will post a picture from yesterday soon. I think my biggest issue is not having a BM yet. Sent mom to the store for some MOM so that should help. Thank you for all the positive thoughts. They have helped so much. Happy healing to all!!
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YAY! Congrats! Best of luck and I can't wait to hear all about it xx
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Thoughts and prayers all around you! It will go quickly and you will begin the next phase. Be strong and keep your eye on the prize.
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Yay!!!!! Super excited for you....let's do this thing together!!!!! Good luck to us tomorrow =) try and post when you can. Hugs!!!!
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Goooooooooood luck!!! Keep us updated when you can.
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Thanks to all well wishers......It has paid off!!!! Surgery is tomorrow. I am soooooooo very excited!
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Had my one week post op visit today and everything is going great! I wanted you to know I have a thyroid disorder as well and have been on meds for years. I hope you are able to get your surgery. Be prepared mentally for recovery. It's rough. no other way to put it. But you can do it!
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Just wanted to wish you good luck and prayers be with you on your surgery day. Can't wait to see the new you. Happy recovery.
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Keeping fingers crossed for ya girl!!! Hopefully you will get to get in on the 18th and see your TT already! Definitely keep in touch k?
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Thank you Aussie....I hope I will feel and look incredible!!

@kattmoccio....I actually live in El Paso and am just having the work done in New Mexico. Since they changed my date again, to the 18th (praying that stays that way) you will be a day ahead of me. Good luck. This is so very exciting.

BTW...went to reg doctor, they put me on meds for thyroid and now my surgery date is set for the 18th if all is good with PS. I will know for sure this Friday. Let's all hope for the best.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!
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And I must wish you a late Happy Bday!!! Awesome present isnt it? Mine is July 21st and my TT is my present from my hubby! Bestest one eva!!!
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HEY there girl!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!
Las Cruces huh? =) I lived in NM for a while before I moved over to Hawaii. My cousin graduated from NMSU, been to the caverns many times (I was very sad to see part of it collapsed and the bats were/are dying), and I had a friend that used to live there too.
Good luck on your surgery! Dont you just love doing this awesome thing for yourself? You are going to love it and its going to be awesome and the doc is going to use you as an artistic canvas! No worries!!!
I am having a full TT on the 17th of this month. Its also a Bday present for me, 7/21, from my honey! YAY! I am so excited!!! We will be healing together =) Please keep us all posted.
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wow you are going to look and feel incredible after this! Congrats on your weight loss :)
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PS office called this morning and the T3/T4 tests yesterday came back normal. Seeing a regular doctor Wed morning. He has to give ok and I could have surgery as early as next week. Trying to stay positive!!! Most of what I have read on internet says surgery will be ok if T3/T4 levels are normal. We will see. Thank you all so much for the encouragement, it kept me going yesterday.
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Oh, that REALLY sucks!

What do you have to do to get that under control? My mum is hypothyroid, so she has to take thyroxine tablets everyday for the rest of her life and has been since she was 24.

I really hope you can get it all sorted soon!
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Thank you for the birthday wishes. I had a great day!!

Wow, I can't believe that at this time, day after tomorrow, I will be going into surgery. It is all I can think about. I am so excited for this next chapter to begin. It is all I can think about. That and the fact that I have gained a few pounds, since I am about to have my monthly visitor. (Yes, at the same time as surgery. Ugh!) I just tell myself that the weight gain is temporary, to chill out! I feel like I am crazy obsessed with this. The good thing is that my anxiety is going away. I have peace about this, thanks to God, a wonderful supportive boyfriend and children. My friends have been great too.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend.
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First off Happy BIrthday and second as I read what you wrote it was like reading about myself and then looking at your pictures it was like looking at myself!! I had the gastric sleeve done last April and have lost about 100 pounds and the daly reminder of the weight stares me in the face eveyday. I am having surgery on July 23 and while I am nervous and anxious I am excited and feel guilty all at the same time. My husband has been great through all of it and very supportive but I feel horrible that I let myself get as big as I was and that I am spending the amount of money I am to make myself feel better. I hope all goes well for you :) and thank you for sharing this it puts my mind at ease reading all of the stories!
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Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you're doing this for yourself. Keep us posted!

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Happy bday tomorrow! Good luck with surgery!
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Thank you. I am wishing that the days would fly by. Today I was thinking by this time next week, I will be recuperating!!!!

@mustangwine: glad to have a surgery buddy. I will pray for you as well, always helps!!

@MegsyGeeAU: The way summer is flying by, August will be here before you know it. I will post picks and updates as soon as I am able to after. I am hoping for the best, anything will be an improvement!!
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Good luck with it all! I cannot wait to see your results as it is almost like looking in a mirror! have to wait until 22 August for my surgery.

Happy Birthday for the 7th!
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Hey, our dates are the same. I've never gained too awful much, but with 3 boys I've been left with a lot. lot with my last son less than 2 yrs ago I was about 30 lbs over weight when we got pregnant and I gained a total of 10. But my body looks like I gained 200 and lost about 150 lol. I am stretched from here to there. i want my sexy back!

Best wishes and prayers for you
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