35 Yr Old with Bags for the Last Four Years. - New Mexico

I have always had dark circles and a huge fan of...

I have always had dark circles and a huge fan of concealer but I had to draw the when I got the bags. I finally decided to do the surgery after seeing a picture I took over the weekend. I had been doing a ton of research and had some different opinions from different doctors but I went with the doctor I knew the best. I was too scared of fillers. I was getting really self conscious. I felt like I looked young until the bags came. I hated looking in the mirror especially in certain lights. The bags really bothered me.

Up date.

Most of the swelling and bruising is gone. This is a photo with just a little bit of makeup from the morning and after a light workout at the gym.

lower bleph

I had a conservative lower bleph. Local anesthesia.


Before surgery my left eye had a bigger bag than my right eye. Now nine days after surgery my right eye looks perfect and my left eye has what I think is a slight bag or maybe still swollen...or maybe that is natural for my face. Over all I am a lot happier now but I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience.

11 days post op

Well I have not received too much feedback on this review but that is ok. I love love love my eyes. We have been taking pictures on every type of light and NO BAGS!! I am so happy and for once I'm not self conscious. I feel like my self again except I appreciate myself more than before. When I had acne I wanted my face back but when it cleared I was still so self critical. Now that the bags are gone I feel even more confident than before.
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