35 Yr Old with Bags for the Last Four Years. - New Mexico

I have always had dark circles and a huge fan of...

I have always had dark circles and a huge fan of concealer but I had to draw the when I got the bags. I finally decided to do the surgery after seeing a picture I took over the weekend. I had been doing a ton of research and had some different opinions from different doctors but I went with the doctor I knew the best. I was too scared of fillers. I was getting really self conscious. I felt like I looked young until the bags came. I hated looking in the mirror especially in certain lights. The bags really bothered me.
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Up date.

Most of the swelling and bruising is gone. This is a photo with just a little bit of makeup from the morning and after a light workout at the gym.

lower bleph

I had a conservative lower bleph. Local anesthesia.
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Before surgery my left eye had a bigger bag than my right eye. Now nine days after surgery my right eye looks perfect and my left eye has what I think is a slight bag or maybe still swollen...or maybe that is natural for my face. Over all I am a lot happier now but I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience.
I just added you to the eyelid surgery community so you should be able to see it there.  Like I said in the comments over on my review- I think you look great for just having surgery fairly recently.  Give it some time- the swelling will be all over the place for a while.  My swelling was seriously different every day for months.  

11 days post op

Well I have not received too much feedback on this review but that is ok. I love love love my eyes. We have been taking pictures on every type of light and NO BAGS!! I am so happy and for once I'm not self conscious. I feel like my self again except I appreciate myself more than before. When I had acne I wanted my face back but when it cleared I was still so self critical. Now that the bags are gone I feel even more confident than before.
Did you mention who your PS for the eye surgery was? And if not, is there a reason? The results are great and I just thought you might want to publicly give him or her credit....grace
Dr Nayak in St. Louis ,Mo he really is the best and so nice.... And really wants to make you happy.... It's not all about the $$$ with him either..... As you can see he redid it for free the 2nd time ...... But it's been three weeks since the 2nd surgery and it's doing the same-thing last time..... Which is so weird ..... But I go back for a 6 week check up and ask him why is it doing this....yes it's better but in person I still have puffiness .... So maybe it's to much fat in my eyes ..... Cause he took fat from my stomach to fill the hollowness ....
With my surgery he just took the fat out so the recovery is not as long as a fat transfer. I think your results look really good. I think that under some lights my under eyes have some puffiness. I have always had to use concealer because of my dark circles. I will not leave the house without concealer under my eyes. I don't think my under eyes look as prefect as I would like but I was born with it. I'm just grateful that when I smile the skin doesn't crease up with a bag poking out underneath. I bet that your going to heal great. Does it help when you have your makeup on. I love makeup. I use the sheiedo eye cream, then I put a eye shadow primer under my eye then I put on my foundation and dab the dark area with bare minerals concealer which has spf. Sounds like a lot but it makes a diff and lasts still day. Worth it for me that takes care of the dark circles. Now when I smile I'm not self conscious of the bags.
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