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Hi Ladies! Let me introduce my self. I am a 43 yr...

Hi Ladies! Let me introduce my self. I am a 43 yr old with Huge breast almost the the same age. My breast started taking over my body in the fourth grade when I wore a 32C cup. As I continued to grow so did they!! My story is not much different than others that I have read except that I have not seen a cup the same size or bigger then mine. Right now my shoulders and back have the burden of holding up not one but two very large and heavy 46L's! I have been wanting a reduction since I was 16 but for some reason I can't remember the doc wanted me to wait. (not so thanks doc)

So here I am with my mind made up to finally do it! October 29th I had my lastest back and shoulder pain attack. (I have pain all the time but attacks are so much worse) I couldn't even lift my purse without the pain shooting up my neck and down my arm and the next day up my into the side of my head to the point I couldnt turn my head. I told my husband that weekend that enough is enough, I was going to look into getting it done. The following day I called my insurence, and they said all I had to do was make an appt with my primary care provider to get a referral to a surgeon, if they both think that I qualify for it then they would cover it. (I so Love Triwest and my husband who served 20 years in the navy so we can still recieve the coverage)

I was resurching on line and came across this websight. I am very happy to have found RealSelf, I realy didn't know what to expect from the surgery but thanks to all of you brave women who have shared your stories and pictures I am more calm. I have to admit that the first set of recovery pix I saw scared the **** out of me and I cringed and just about turned off my laptop never to turn it back on again, but the reassuring words helped change my mind and now I am ok with the fresh post-op style I hope to be sporting.

Well I followed the dirctions I was given and tomorrow is my very first appointment with my primary doc. I am excited but like the entry from Not Sure...My boobies are a part of my life, everything I do,I do around them. We have been through a lot together! All though they do not totaly define me I will miss them. I have realized and need to keep in mind, I will not be getting rid of them totaly just slimming them down a bit. I will still have them. Hey maybe I will have a boobies-be-gone party and celebrate the fact that they have had a good life and it is time for them to move on... Anybody wanna join me? I will post what the doc says tomorrow. Have a good night ladies.

Yesturday I had my first appt. My Primary care was...

Yesturday I had my first appt. My Primary care was understing and thought that getting a BR was a great thing to do. So know I just wait 7 to 10 days to hear back from my insurance company. I am getting more excited but I have to keep reminding myself that there is still a change that it will come back denied. I dont want to think about that, I will be upset. I also have all kinds of thoughts running through my head stuff I probably shuld not be focusing on as much I am but i can't help it. Stuff like what if the doctor realy doesn't do a good job and my breast come out looking bad. thoughts aobut my husband who is a booby man not want me andy more because they are smaller. He realy is not like that and would not do that which makes the thought even more ridiculous but i still have it. I think my biggest thought is not being totaly asleep when they start the to procedure and I lay there not able to say anything. I am sure after I talk to my PS I will feel better about things. I will tell my husband about my fears of him and that will help also.

Wow that was realy fast i got my approval today...

Wow that was realy fast i got my approval today and I scheduled my first appointment with the PS for the 21st. I am realy excited, more than I thought I would be. I want today to be the day I met the PS. I have looked him up and survays filled out by others who have used him or good. he gets 3 or 4 stars out of 5. I didn't get to see the comments left just the star. I am a little bummed I would like to see what others have to say. I will not hesitate to call a another doctor if I am not comfortable with him. Now that I have approval i will post pictures soon.

I am getting more and more excited for tomorrow....

I am getting more and more excited for tomorrow. At the same time I am getting more nervious, What if my PS says that I don't need a reduction, what if he says it can't be done. There are so many reasons that can make this a no go that that is what I am focusing on. I should be thinking positive stuff I know but I have waqted this for so long and have been told in the past that it couldn't happen so I am setting my self up so I won't be so disapointed if it does go that way. Tonight I'm in a lot of pain in my shoulder. It feels like it is on fire and there is a sharp jabbing at the same time. I just want it all the pain to stop forever not just for the moment.
The more I think about not haveing my chest in the way they more aware I become of how much thay are in the way. I was taking clothes out of the washer to put in the dryer and I had to arch my back to raise my chest so I can lean into the washer so I could reach farther down to get the clothes out, otherwise I would have smashed and pinched my boobs between me and the washer which is very painful. I have been doing that so long that I don't know any way different. The other day I dropped something in my car down by the emergency break between the two front seats and I couldn't see it I had to squish my boob closer to my body so I could find it. My friend sitting in the passanger seat was laughing. I was embarrassed but a joke was made out of it to keep the mood lighthearted. Through out the years I have had to learn to balance my body in different situations so I wouldn't fall over while doing somthing. I will have to bend down differently after my surgery. I can just bend, I won't have to put then between my knees to so. wow I like the thought of that!!!!! I won't fall over the dogs or the little ones I nanny for. I have come up with a saying "if it is under my boobs I don't see it." which saddly is very true :(
I have talked to my husband about my fears I have of him not being happy with me afterwards and he put them to rest so that is not an issue I have to worry about any more. I just need to keep busy and not think about what will happen tomorrow until it happens tomorrow. I will post the new news when I get home. Goodnight everyone. My prayers and thoughts are still going out to thoses recovering and those getting ready to have their procedures done Hope they all are doing well.

Last week when I got my referral for my PS I was...

Last week when I got my referral for my PS I was excited to get it however I had this feeling that he wasn't the one for me. I should have listened to that internal voice. He was AWFULL!!!! I took a friend with me and invited her into the room with me. I am not that great with coming up with question until after I have left the Doc's office,so I took her along. When the PS walked into the room he said absolutly nothing but sat infront of me and stared at my breast for like 3 mins just staring at me it was a bit creepy. His first commint was "So tell me what's up" I told him I needed to have a BR he asked why I felt like I should have one. I told him all about the pain and the reasons. He looked at my friend and asked "who are you", she said she was a friend and came for moral support. He responded with "moral support hu?" He then turned to his computer and for 10 min - not kidding- 10 min kept going back and forth from one blank form to another. I don't think he knew I could see the screen from the exam table. He was in his own bubble and it was like we were not in the room. He finaly asked if my HUSBAND'S name was David, he took extra care to pronounce the word husband as he looked at my friend. My friend glared at him as said "yes we are Just friends". He asked if my husband was active duty, I told him no that he was retired from the navy. He said in a disaproving tone "oh". He finally looked at me and said point blank that "I will not do it." He told me that lypo was a better choice for me. and I had to loose a considerably amount of weight before he would even think about it. He didn't feel like I was in a weight loosing mode, and I would come back in a couple years and be heavier than I am now and be mad at him for doing a bad job. I agreed I needed to loose weight, I am not against that at all but I need to be able to exersize to do that and with the added weight of my chest and the pain that comes along with exersizing makes it extreamily hard to loose anything. He told me that I could control it by my diet. That made me so MAD like all I do is sit in front of the t.v. eating whatever I can get my grubby hands on. It just got worse from that point. I ended up tell him I didn't want him to do because he wouldn't do a good job anyway. His answer to that was he couldn't guarantee the rusults. I thanked him for his time and walkout. He didn't even take the paperwork full of questions I was given at check in. He had his mind made up before he even walked in the door. We is a 65 yr old jerk that needs to retire!!!! I called my insurance to find out what I needed to do to change PS's. I did it and my next appointment with the new PS is on the 9th of December. The only thing is is my insurance will not approve another doc so I have to stay with this one or pay for it my self.
The night before I was to meet the old fart, I couldn't sleep, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach and couldn't fight it off. I went to the websight for my insurance and went through all of the PS's listed in their network. It took me until 430 but I found someone who specializes in breast surgery. I loved her website and everyone that filled out a survey gave her the highest marks possible in every category. The more I read about her the more I felt at ease with getting the BR done. So when renewing my referral I requested to have her. At first I was given an appointment on Dec 23. She spent a good amount of time looking for a sooner date and I got in on the 9th. Just 2 1/2 weeks :I

In the past couple of weeks as far as my Br goes...

In the past couple of weeks as far as my Br goes it feels like time has stood still, like I had to put my excitment for getting done on hold for a while. Now that my appointment with the new PS is on friday I am getting excited again. She has asked for proof that I went to P.T. and documented proof that I have had problems for a ong time. I went through my medical records and found SO MUCH stuff that I had forgotten about. I don't think she will have any dout that I need this done. The only thing I am still worryed about is my weight. My insurance gave my until mid May to get all procedures done so if she wants to wait I am thinking spring break will be the next time frame it can be done. I guess that is not such a long wait.

So I went ot meet my new PS, I realy like her. She...

So I went ot meet my new PS, I realy like her. She had answered all my questions before I had the chance to ask them. well I did ask one that was because I got to it befroe she did lol. It was ifshe uses drain tubes which she does not. where she got her taining they did a study 5 yrs befere she got there and they found no difference in healing when using the tubes or not so she doesn't use them. I am ok with that they just look so uncomfortable and having to go back just have them removed seems like a bother. She showed me pictures of her works (lots and lots of pictures)you can barly see any of the scars on any of them. She was very nice and had a great bed side manner. I was very pleased with her. She is putting in a request to my insurance company for approvel for the surgery. That is the only thing I am waiting on. I am prepairing to hear that they will not approve it. My weight is in question in my own mind let alone theirs. I am 5'4" and weigh 260 lbs. i won't be able to get it done now until march so i have time to loose but the refferal is in for what I weigh now. I hate the waiting game. You would think that after 20 years of being married to a guy in the navy where their policy is hurry up and wait for answers to everything I would be more patient LOL. She said I should hear in about 2 to 3 weeks. I called the insurance company and they say 3 to 5 days I would know but I am not counting on that estimate, that just doesn't sound right but what do I know about such things I thought I was already approved for surgery but it was only to see the PS. You can tell I have never done this before. Some thing I found amusing was that I am a member of the belly button club.... my boobies are so big they are friends with my belly button. I didn't know about that club, one learns something every day. I will keep posting and let ya know what they say as soon as I get the news. Merry christmas everyone!

Hello, Now that the holidays are over and the snow...

Hello, Now that the holidays are over and the snow has started to melt we are able to get out of the house again. Just an update with my journey. The PS office has gotten the paper work needed from other docs. I still need to get a mamogram and then my file will be ready to send off the insurance. My mamogram is scheduled for next week on the 9th.
I have been thinking and just in case I do not get approved due to my weight I have done some research on gastrobypass. They have come a long way since they first started doing that type of surgery wow. However I am not sold on it yet. I must say that I have been educated when I was thinking that it was an easy way of getting the weight off. It is not and is probably more work and dedication than losing it without surgery. If I am going to go through that much work I personaly prefer to do it naturally. Now if do get denied for BR it will be painfully hard to loose the weight due to my chest but I will do my best at it. I am just so tired of lugging the girls around that I pray I get approved :/
On a happier note I wish all a Happy New Year!!!

I wanted to update yesturday but with all the...

I wanted to update yesturday but with all the phone calls I needed to make to my family and other things that everyday life brings I didn't get the chance to. I found out yesturday that I WAS APPROVED for surgery. My insurance has a website, when I was looking it it, I found a new refferal number. I clicked on it and it took me a few minutes to have it regisure what I was reading. I couldn't beleive it and wanted to make sure I was reading it correctly, so I called them and had the rep tell me that I was approved. I was in chuch disbelief that it took her telling me three times lol. It finaly sunk in and I was able to set a date. March 13th is the day!!!!! Two months from today. I am still in shock. It is time to plan my party. I was only joking when I first mentioned having a party but the more I thought about it and talked to some friends and family members the more I wanted to do it. So it is my "Tah-Tah to the tah-tahs" party. complete with tah-tah before and after cakes.
Is there anything that I will need for post-op care that would be helpful, things they don't tell you you will need? My pre-op is not until a week before. She will go over everything then but I need more time then a week to get ready. Any suggestions would be great. Tah Tah for now (hehehe)

It is after midnight so I can say that day after...

It is after midnight so I can say that day after tomorrow I will be in the hospital!!!!

March 12, 2012 Ok You would think that i would...

March 12, 2012

Ok You would think that i would be in bed gettting some sleep at 5 min to mindight. 12 hours from now and I will be at that start of my surgery. 12 noon is the start time. I have 5 min to finish this bottle of water. I am not sure if I will be able to sleep tonight. I have every thing washed and packed. I am going in with clothes on going in and just my new button front jammies coming out. I took my big bra off tonight and thought I realy don't want to wear it again EVER, so I have chosen to go braless in the morning. I am starting to feel liberated and free by this choice. I will be a little embarassed while checking in but I don't know those people and the next time I see them they won't remember me. It is the last daring thing I can do while I still have the big girls. I layed down with my 10 yr old daughter and we talked about again what will happen and she got excited when I told her that I will be able to do more things with her after the doc clears me. That got her smiling. She is very sinsitive and I was worried about her but after our cuddle time she will be fine. I am ready for this to happen. Well I didn't finish my water, oh well it will be here when I come home tomorrow evening. I just wanted to post one more time before I go under. I will be thinking about all the procedures for tomorrow. Good luck and let us know how things went as soon as you are up to it. I will do the same. I have told my mom what I want pictures of so I will get them up as I can. Good night every one and see you when I am the new me.

Hello Hello Hello, I have rerturned! From what I...

Hello Hello Hello, I have rerturned! From what I can see of them I couldn't be happier. I didn't get drains but she packed me tight and put these yellow fome pad things over my nipples so I feel like a 30's pin up girl with pointy boobs. LOL

I got to the hospital at 10 by 1030 I was taken back to my bed and changed into my gown and hooked up to the monitors, and got cuffs put around my legs to prevent blood clots. I was suppose to be in the day surgery part of the hospital but there wasn't enough surgerys that day to justify it being open so they moved all the scheduled surgeries to the main hospital, which backed up the schedule a bit. My PS finaly got there and marked me up with her road map. The anithiesiolgist (sp) came and talked to me. I was board so I was playing with the co2 clip on my finger making the line on the monitor go crazy. All the attendings were laughing at me. At 1 I was moved back to the OR. They explained what they were going to do and the mask went on. The next hing I know was hearing the nurse say it was 4:15 I tried to open my eyes but it didn't happen. I remember taking the mask off my mouth and nose, they put it back on. I took it off again. They realized I was not going keep it on so they put the tubes in my nose. I was happier with that and I fell back to sleep for a little bit longer. I kept hearing the nurses telling my to breath deeper. I was causing the machine to beep all the time because I could not breath deep enough to get air in my lungs. I was getting aggrivated with them because in my mind I was breathing just fine. LOL About an hour later, I'm guessing, I was awake enough to feel that under my chest was burning realy bad. I kept saying I'm on fire, I'm on fire!! It wasn't my boobs, it was under them were a bra would be sitting if I had one on. It felt like a realy bad rug burn. I felt around it and figured out it was the tape. They pumped more meds in my IV. It felt better after a while. I asked for for ice chips and crackers and got them. The nurse said that she looked in my chart to see if she could find out what my size was and what I went down to. I told her I started at an L cup but had no idea what I am now, I asked her If she wanted to look at them. So we looked at them together for the the first time. All I could see the the top of them and the yellow points. My comment was "My 10 year old had more then I do", I was realy worried that she took to much off. The nurse chuckled and said they look like a D and told me that they didn't take to much off that I was just all taped up and couldn't see it. I wasn't so sure she was telling my the truth lol. I was in the rocovery room about 2 to 2.5 hours. I was taken to the discharge room to see my mom, get dressed and pee. It took about an hour and a half to get discharged. I remember we had to hurry to get to the pharmacy with in minutes because it was closed at 9. The discharge nurse's husband is the manager of the pharmacy I was going to so she called and told them I was on my way, to please wait for me before they closed. They did which was realy nice. We got home about 930. After I was wheeled out to the car I stood up to get in the car and threw up. Boy did I feel better after that. By the time I got home I was starving. Some friends brought dinner over earlier so I had a yummy bowl of chicken noodle soup, crackers and water. I took more painkillers and slept all night in the recliner. when I woke up I took another pain killer about 7. The tape was still the only thing that was realy hurting, I also had icepacks under each side and one in between the boobs sitting on the tape. I have found the icepacks to help so much. I slept on and off all day. I take my antibiotics 4 times a day but I have only had 3 pain killers since I have been home. Once when I first got home, again at 7 the next morning and then not again until I went to sleep fot the night about 11:30, and that was just so I could sleep all night. I woke up at 6 and still haven't had one yet today, it is now 10:55. So far the hardest part was the waking up part and the burning but the icepacks takes care of that. I has not been hard at all.
My PS told my mom that I did realy good , it was a textbook surgery. she took roughly 7 pounds total about 3.5 from each side. I get to take the tape off tonight. but I have to keep the yellow pad things and the tape on my nipples until I go see her. She left instructions for me to make an appt for 6 to 8 weeks and told me before I went under that I can return to my normal movement in 2 to 2.5 weeks. I am doing well with moving. I can lift my arms above my head. But can't pick things up off the ground. bending over is harder than putting my shirt on. I will be able to shower later tonight, can't wait for that or to see them after the tape is all off. I have gained about 4 inches in my reach and looks like I have grown about 3 inches taller LOL. I can't get over the fact that I have a waist now and I can see my feet!!!!!! I will post more pictures when I take the tape off later tonight.
Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. I hope every one is doing well. Love ya all. Thanks for your support!

Last night was a little rough. I just didn't feel...

Last night was a little rough. I just didn't feel good. the gasses you get during surgery was starting to break up in my tummy and made me uncomfortable. I was having a hard time getting air and felt very light headed. Somthing was just off. I slept pretty good though and this morning I feel so much better. I took my bandages off. WOW there is a lot of brusing!!!! In the pictures you can see some blood under the tape just below my nipples, but for the most part all the red stuff that you can see is bruises. It feels great to get the bandages off. not so restrcked in my movments. My PS did a great job putting them on because they didn't want to come off, we had to leave the last littel bit on because it was just hurting to bad to take it off, we just cut it close to the skin. I have s couple of spots of blood on my bra that happend while I was sleeping, Isay that is normal and my mom wants me to call. Oh funny thing. My mom handed me the instruction sheet yesturday and when I read it, it said i g back in 6 to 8 days to see my ps. Mom told me I don't go back for for 6 to 8 weeks. I thought that was a bit long to go with out seeing her but we had a chuckel over it. I was told I would not have feeling in my nipples at all because of the nipple graf. but I feel twitching every once in a while from the healing, so I am a little excited about that. but getting my hopes up to much. Places are starting to itch. Kimmers warns us bout this so i cut my fingernails real short so i don't cause anymore damage. I am trying to write down everything I am going through so that others can have some idea of what things could happen to them. Every body is different but some of the things we go through are the same. I will keep updating as days go by. I hope that the other i shared the 13th with is comfortable and good well. Any questions you might have I will do mybest to help out, so just ask : ) th pictures look so way worse than I feel. It realy dosn't hurt, it's just red.

I just re-read my post. boy oh boy the mistakes I...

I just re-read my post. boy oh boy the mistakes I made. I am sure you can fill in the bad spots and have it make sence. I will just blame it on my state of mind for the moment. LOL. Today is 3 days out.

Yesturday (friday) was a good day, I was able to...

Yesturday (friday) was a good day, I was able to take a shower, that felt so good to get clean but it sure made be want to take a nap. I wanted to stay in and soak but knew it would make my stripes to come off, so I had to get out : ( After getting dressed and a short nap my mom and I went to walmart just to get out of the house. 2 days of just being home was driving me crazy. I was getting my clothes ready for after the shower and I reached for my old huge granny bra just out of habbit. .It was a major relief to know that I didn't have to ever put that thing on again. Back to the day, We didn't stay long at the store but it was enough to say I got out. I feel like I have a small cell phone inside my boobs that is set on vibrate LOL. Every few minutes it feels like someone is calling me bc they have that type of bussing in them. I was tired at the end of the day that I didn't have to take any pain meds to get to sleep. I also didn't have to use any ice packs for over 24 hours. Does this mean that the healing process is almost over?????
Today was another good day. My husband has today off, ( the first time I have realy seen him all week, he works nights) so we all got up and descided to go to the aquarium and the botanical gardens. Oh my goodness I am not sure if it was the water from yesturday's shower or just the mature of the surgery but my boobs were itching like crazy!!!!! I was so selfconscience about scratching I felt like everybody was watching me but at the same time I didn't care, I had to do it. It feels so good so satisfying like stratching a mosquito bite. I didn't go into my shirt of course I just strached on top as not to do damage. I am sure I looked absolutly funny walking around scratching my chest, but realy what is the difference between that and a ball player scratching himself on national TV right, at least I stayed out of my crotch. The large clear tape that my PS put over the wounds is realy driving me crazy, It feels like tiny little sharp pokes jabbing me, sometimes I can sooth them and sometimes I can't. I can't wait to go back to her on tuesday and get them changed. I know they will go back on but it will be a break. One of things I am getting tired of is I can't bend. To brush my teeth I have to arch my back and fold down to the sink. I am still so stiff I can't make my chest fold in the middle. I have to walk around like I have a thick wide piece of cardboard wrapped around me. I am not use to having my boobs sit so high even though I like them, It is getting annoying. I imagine myself looking like the little brother on the movie "A Christmas Story" when his mom puts the coat and scarf on him and he complains that he "can't put my arms down." but I say "I can't put my boobs down" lol Another thing is that I keep pulling the band of my bra down in front. After all these years of my bra crawling up and binding me I automatically go to pull it down to stop the irritation but it is not the bra, it is the tape and lack of being able to move with it. I love the bras, they are so comfortable, I don't even feel it at all. They have the nice soft band that holds the ice packs in place. It is funny when it is time to change the packs because they fall out the bottom, I can't bend to pick them up so I just say "My boobs are poopin again" and that has come to mean that there will be a trail of ice packs on the floor on the way to the kitchen, and whoever is closest will come and pick them up and get new ones out for me to put in. Yes things have become quite comical around here. It helps to laugh about stuff it makes the time go by faster. Well I guess that is all the updates I have for now. you can probably tell by the length of this update that I am tired of watching TV. But I have kept you long enough so until next time I wish all well and a Happy St. Patricks Day! Oh one more thing I have not had any neck, shoulder, back, arm pain what so ever since I woke up......HUGE PLUS

Hi there Ladies, I have wanted to update for a...

Hi there Ladies, I have wanted to update for a couple of days now but I have been so tired it just didn't happen. Well I went back 2 days ago to see my PS for my first follow up. She took off my yellow nipple covers. I was excited to see them and look at the stitches. My left nipple looked realy good nice and pink and all ready popping back out. From the view of that side it looked like a nice cone shaped. The right side was not so good. It had a few black spots and she is worried about my loosing it. As she was looking at it she was peeling the top layer off and she was shaking her head. She said not to worry about it, that we will watch it and see what it will do. There is nothing I didn't do, nothing I could have done, it is just the luck of the draw. I knew that there was a 50 50 chance of this happening. She said we will deal with as we can if it does happen. I guess a normal thing to do at this point is to put neosporin on gause and tape it over the nipples. Well yesturday which was the next day after my appt. the nice pink side was turning darker like on the way to black. This morning when I changed the gause, I thought it was darker even more, not as dark as the other side but I am still watching it. Other than that, She said that every thing looked realy realy well. Next week I go back and get my stiches out. It felt so good to get the tape off. I am still very swollen and it itches so bad. the ice packs works wonders with soothing the itching away. I went back to work on Monday. My mom is still here to pick the baby up and down for me. My days are good up until about 5 when I get uncomfortable and need to take my bra off for about 20 mins. I get really tired and run out of umpffff, it's time to start calling it quits for the day. I'm loving my new ta-tas can't wait until I can go shopping. I have added new pictures at my one week mark.

Man I am bummed right now. I had an update almost...

Man I am bummed right now. I had an update almost done and I hit some key on my keyboard and erased it all GRRRRRRRRR! It is 12:45 am and I have to go to work in the morning so I will do a full update tomorrow, which is later today, but for now I will post my new pictures taken at 14 days post-op.

I am 19 days out and I feel pretty damn good!!!...

I am 19 days out and I feel pretty damn good!!! lol I had a little bit of a rough week though. I wasn't in pain to much I was just tired and slept A LOT. It was the most I have slept since my surgery. Boy it felt good to do it. I am glad my mom is still here to help out. I had my 2 week appointment on Tuesday. I got my stiches out and oh my goodness, that felt so good for a couple of reasons. 1) because they come out 2) as they came out it scratched all the itches I had under the skin. If there was a way to wind a bunch of the stitches string under the skin I would do it over and over, it was like scratching a misquito bite very satisfying!!!. Getting them out smarted a bit though because they were embedded in the skin and she had to dig them out. My nipples are getting better. I still have to put gauze and neosporin over them. The tape is really uncomfortable, it gets old fast. I itch all the time but I would say that 90% of it is from the tape. I don't have any allergeries to it, it is just itchy. I have tried different types but it doesn't matter. I am feeling really good. The swelling has gone down enough to make a difference. Their shape veries from day to day, so I don't think abut that part. I am just focused on getting my nipples back to normal. She said that I willl probably not lose all the right one. It is healing better then it looked like it was going to in the begining. I was releaved to hear that all the black will come off and if there is some dead parts it will just be a very slight change in color. I thought it would be black forever LOL. The pain is just about gone, I do get uncomfortable in the evening about 6 or 7. That is the time I find out if I over did it for the day and know how the next day will be. I would say the worst thing going on now is the gunk coming off my nipples. Who knew that such a small area could produce so much yucky stuff lol. I have to change the gauze twice a day instead of just the once she wanted me to do. I don't go back to see her for two weeks this time. I have finally started sleeping in my bed again. It is GREAT to sleep on my side and my tummy!
Well I guess that is about all the updates. I will do it again in a few days when it's week 3. Happy Easter!
Dr. Gladys S, Tsao-Wu

I was impressed with Dr. Tsao-wu. she told me exactly what to expect and there was no suprizes. Her staff was very helpfull, answered all my questions.kept following up with other docs to get my file together for insurance. I didn't mark after care yet but will when I get to that point. I will recommend her and would do it over again with her if I had to. Her after care has been wonderful. She is so pleasent to around. I am enjoying being under her care and will go back to her when I lose weight and need to have loose skin taken off.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I am a 44K and 260. I was wondering if you would feel comfortable putting an update photo up? I too am wondering how things will turn out. Anything would be better than dealing with back spasms and neck pain everyday, but still want a nice shape : ) Thanks so much for sharing!
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hi iI found your story amaxing iI am a 44 k myself my daye is for nov 28 my doctor wants to do a fng as well iI am alittle nervous as a african american we lose some pigmention . how did your nipples heal?As for breast feeding iI dont plan on having any more kids. can u post a updated pic because most fng iI have seen were boxy shaped. iI would like to see what im in for. thanks
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Hi there Ms. Lala, I am glad that you wrote to me because I need to update my status. I am 7 months out and have recoverd beautifully. I did have some problems the my nipples but as time went on all the black went away and I am mostly pink again. However I do have some different sized dark spots on each areola and some dimple spots that died but, they are small compaired to the size of the everything. I have some scar tissue around the left nipple that hurts every once in a while. Because of the locationof the black spots I couldn't massage that area while it was healing so a tuff ridge that circles the nipple formed. My stich scars are very light and no proplems with that. I am so happy that I had this done. I would do it all over again if I had to. I will post some pictures soon. Keep me updated with your progress.
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Hey Red. Just got to thinking about you today and was wondering how you are doing. Hope everything is progressing for you and that you are getting back to a normal routine. I'm sure this has been a long arduous journey but am hopeful that the worst is behind you.
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Totally know what you mean about the touch pad...I obviously drag my hands when I type and I'm forever clicking on things I don't mean to. I finally turned the tap feature off on my laptop so that wouldn't happen anymore.

I'm glad you are feeling so well. Sorry that you have had to work so hard the last couple of weeks, I'm sure you weren't feeling up to that grueling pace! Sounds like things are turning around for you though and that you are on the right track now!

Don't worry about not getting to update very often. I was just wondering about you and though I'd give a shout out! I don't talk with Glory personally...I too hope everything is working out for her. Maybe when she hits her year mark she will post an update. I do like reading everyone's stories and am always excited to hear how they are doing, but once you go back to work it sure seems to not allow much time for posting.


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Opps I didnt' mean to post that yet. I realy hate the touch pads on the laptops and where they place them. I had another the other part of the up date just about ready to post and for some reason lI again lost it. GRRRRR! So let's see if I can get retype it. Why do they have to chang things that work. I realy realy hate the touch pad.
anyway I am gettting my energy back up and beyond what it was at before. We have a jeep and I use to not like to drive it. A couple of weeks ago I had to drive it. and I was very suprized I love to drive it, I now get why my husband loves " his jeep". I have short legs and in order for me to reach the pedals I have to move the seat up so close to the wheel that my old boobs would sit in the bottom of the wheel and it would hurt at I had to steir, well I still have short legs But, my new boobs don't even touch the wheel now and I have more room around me to move. I can shift gears with ease and it realy is fun to drive now. I get amazed every day of the changes I discover. I even have lost my ballance a few times, thank goodness it has only happend once in front of someone and that was my mom. I love to go out and "shoe off" the new ones. I have to admitt that I expect every one that I see, if I know them or not, to notice them new size. LOL I have to remind my self that I am the only one that knows they are new, to them I have always been this small, I want to go up and tell them 'Hey you did you notice how small I am now" LOL About 3 weeks ago I tried on a bra and it hurt so bad I didn't finish puttin it on. The Doc told me it would be about 8 weeks before I would know what size I would be. I was so up set with the last try I have not done it since. I have 3 weeks to go still.
My husband is not yet ready to see them yet. I was putting vit E and almond oils on them He walked into the bathroom saw that I was doing and turned around and left. It made me laugh. My daughter on the other hand likesdsc to look and them every few days. She is so good at remembering what they looked like at the last look. She notices things I don't even see. Her hugs come more often and last longer too. She says that she does not miss the old ones lol Neither do I!!!
This part of the updte is way shorter then the one I lost but I think I got most of it in here.
On a personaly note, Do you remember Glory? she had her Br and her nipple turned black. She was realy upset because her story was not as happy as others that are on the site. she posted only a couple of times post op. Do you talk to her personaly? I am just wondering how she is doing. and if things turned around for her. It makes me sad when people don't post anymore after their procedures because we dont' get to hear about their progress. I know I need to get better at posting as well. Now that I am not keeping up with two household any more I will be able to. Have a good day and I thank you for your thoughts.
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And I forgot to reread it so there are a lot of mistakes, sorry, hope it isn't to hard to go through. Just laugh at them and shake your head. LOL
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Hey there Iowa, I keep meaning to do an up date, but I have been so busy I barly have time to respond to the comments of others. The mom I nanny for broke her arem in two places and had to get 7 screws and a huge plate put in. I have been with her for like 12 plus hours a day for the past weeks. When I get home like 8 or 9 I have to feed my daughter and get my own house work done. By the time i get on line, if i do get on line i have jut enough energy to check my e-mails and read the updates and comments and only answer ones that realy hit me. Around last thursday though I told her I couldn't do it any more. I was so tired and worn out. Not good for one that is kind of recovering still. Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks out and things are looking good! I have lost all the black spots form the naughty nipple. It is still ooizng but the skin is healing well. It looks like I will have a copuple places that it will be dead but they are not very big. One of the spots has a dimple thta is the perfect fit for a finger tip wonder what that could be used for HMMMM LOL. The good one is started to turn back to a normal pink. It has some red marks that I hope will go away with more time. I will take some new pictures soon and get them posted.
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Hi Red, Haven't heard from you for awhile and I was just wondering how you were doing. I hope you are feeling better and that you're healing is progressing.
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Thanks Ladies, it looks like a huge chunk of dead skin is getting ready to come off the good nipple. Yeah!!!! Today I have been itching like CRAZY!!! I am having a problem... I hope that I am just swelling underneith my left breast. I can't reach very high because it is pulling the skin from my tummy and hurts realy bad when I do. I know, I know, don't do that right lol it is hard not to. but believe me i try not to.
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Your other incisions look real good. Glad you got those stitches out!
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Glad you are doing better. Stay positive.
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Glad you are doing better, Red. Your nipple is looking really good. Hope you continue to progress so wonderfully!
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How is the progress coming with your nipple? Hope you are feeling well!
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Hello Red, stay positive. I hope it will resolve it's self, best wishes.
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Sorry about the nipple. You do look great and so much smaller!
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Red I concur with Iowa, I said a prayer for you, I think that things can turn around, but you have such a great outlook on things. I wish you so much success in your healing:)
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I'm so sorry you are having trouble with you nipples. My prayers are with you for a complete healing. I love how positive you seem even with this complication. You are an inspiration!
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Thank you so much every one for your supportl This site is so awsome. You all went with me into surgery and continue to be with me as I recover. you "guys" have been so helpful and even though I have had full support from my famliy, it has been wonderful knowing that I am not the only one that has had this done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!
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Sounds like you are doing wonderfully! So happy for you :-)
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I can't believe how well you are doing so soon. My doc won't even let me take a long walk and it's been 3 weeks on Monday. I get tired real fast. I know what you mean about that tape. It feels real good to get it off. I hope you get it off soon, Glad you are doing well! Happy St Patricks Day to You!
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You are looking fantastic! How is the release from pain!?
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Oh inspire me! I read your story, looked at your pictures and thought "THAT is what I look like!" Now seeing you with your new tatas makes me even MORE excited to get my reduction done next week! You look fabulous.....even with the bruising! Thank you so much for sharing your story and your pre/post rock!!!
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REDDDDDDDDD!!!!!! I just read your update, thank you so much for sharing, it was funny and thorough! And your shape is looking wonderful already, I hope its all smooth sailing from this point on, reading your review just got me excited for my surgery (april 5). So happy for you:)
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Congrats, You look great! So happy that all went well for you and you can start a new life without all of that excess weight. That is such a relief & I'm sure you feel so much better. Please continue to keep us posted!
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