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Hello ladies. Here's my story and I'm so...

Hello ladies. Here's my story and I'm so glad to tell it as I am glad to hear your stories as well. I am a 41 year old mother of 3. I had always been satisfied with my breast size, not so happy about a small about of asymmetry but it wasn't bad enough to go under the knife for, in my opinion. I was really happy with my breasts when I was nursing! Just within the last couple of years I have begun to feel the effects of time and gravity on my breasts. I went through a divorce about 3 years ago and lost a good deal of weight rather quickly and don't feel that my breasts handled that sudden drop very well. So for the first time in my life really I started thinking about breast augmentation. I went to a consultation a year ago then talked myself out of it saying that my breasts are fine and that I'm being greedy and besides the operation is expensive and somewhat risky. A year later I still want to improve the look and feel of my breasts so I'm doing it! I had consultations with four surgeons this time around and have settled on one.

My surgery date is March 21, 2012. That is just 16 days from now. I go back and forth between excitement and anxiety, sometimes daily. The final outcome, the end result, seems like it is kind of up to chance in a lot of ways. Theres no way of knowing exactly what my breasts will look like after surgery, exactly what size they will be and what size implant it will take to reach my goal, and if my goal is reasonable for my body, and if I will need to have follow up surgeries. I want to be a 34DD, starting from 34B, is that too big of a jump. Do I increase my risk of complications like bottoming out or having my breasts drop to the sides leaving a gap and no cleavage by going that much bigger? If not, will 450 CC's get me to a DD? That is my current dilemma - size. If anyone could chime in on that I would really appreciate it. :) I feel like I need to speak with my surgeon again but I have already had two consultations with him and have increased the size of the implant twice already. not sure how much more of me he will be willing to tolerate! Lol My stats are - Bra - 34B Ribcage - 29 BWD - 12 Height - 5'5" Weight - 130 Goal - 34DD provided this size increase wouldn't be too risky for me I look forward to your feedback!

Hello. So Sunday I made rice sizers that are...

Hello. So Sunday I made rice sizers that are similar to the size of the 450 and 475 implants that my doc and I have decided on. I bought a 34DD bra and put tired it on with the sizers. I'm real happy with that size and look.
Today is kind of a big day because I paid for the surgery in full!! I also took my 34DD bra to the doctors office with me and tried it on with the implants in their office. Since we will be using 450 on the left and 475 on the right I decided to try on 400 and 425 implants today because the nurse said that in my size range about 50 CC's is kind of lost to compression of the implant and I thought I might get a better feel for the actual outcome by trying on smaller implants. I am happy with that look and feel so I THINK I'm done stressing out about the size. ;(

It's 5 days till my surgery and I have been...

It's 5 days till my surgery and I have been keeping my mind off of it by taking a trip to visit relatives. I've been traveling and visiting for 6 days now and it is really helping the time FLY. I needed to get my mind off of it for a while and have some laughs and good meals and relax with family. I have an appointment with my surgeon on monday when I get back home and my surgery will be on that same Wednesday. I'm meeting to talk with him about size one last time. I may want to increase to 500 on the left and 550 on the right but I'm pretty sure 450 and 475 will be good.

This is the morning of the day of surgery. It was...

This is the morning of the day of surgery. It was originally scheduled for 12:30 today but on Monday they moved it down to 2:30. I think the antibiotics are messing with my stomach as I had nausea off n on all day yesterday. It got real bad last night even tho I was keeping busy and not worrying about the surgery at all. I was worn out and didn't feel like I was going to need a Valium to help me sleep like I had originally thought I would last night. BUT at around bedtime the nausea got so bad that I decided to take a half a Valium just to sleep throught the tummy upset. It worked! I feel a better this morning and am excited knowing that TODAY I will have new and improved boobies. :)
I will update as soon as I feel up to it and I'm setting my mind to that being this evening.

The day after surgery I have felt fine. some...

The day after surgery I have felt fine. some soreness but I wouldn't call it pain. I have been sleepier than I would like though but I guess my body needs rest but I am concerned about being too sedentary slowing down my recovery time. I'm just trying to listen to my body right now tho.
I'm going to try to post some pics I took today,

Ok day two post op n feeling really well. Out to...

Ok day two post op n feeling really well. Out to eat lunch with my sis today and SO hopin that when my girls drop they don't lose ANY size cuz I'm totally loving their size. How possible is that? I'm kind of a wuss n I'm handling all of this really well. Even Lu an over my read shirt instead of a button up on today.

Just wanna let you all know that my recovery is...

Just wanna let you all know that my recovery is going really well. I was so nervous about this aspect of the process and it has been a breeze. I sleep when I'm tired and I'm active when i want to be. I've had no pain and I know that may sound odd or unlikely to those who are still waiting for their surgery but it is true. The day after surgery my sister and I went out to eat and ran a couple of errands but mostly I slept. The day after that we did the same with me having only one nap though. I drove my car under her supervision and did well. The second day after my surgery the only meds I had was a a1/2 valium early in the morning and some ibuprofen throughout the day. The recover is much easier than I had anticipated. If anyone has any specific questions for me I will be more than happy to answer them. I would also like to add that I did do some visualizations prior to my surgery. I imagined myself having a speedy recovery and healing really fast and well. I barely have any bruising and that is located to the actual incision sites. You can barely see the bruises around the surgical tape.
My implants are riding quite high and I understand that is normal for this time. I am looking forward to seeing what they look like after dropping. I have been a good girl and have been wearing my strap and bra 24/7 but removing them to shower is such a wonderful treat.

Day 5 post op - This was my fist day back to...

Day 5 post op - This was my fist day back to school and work. It was a long day because I had school/work from 9-4 then rush to pick up my son and take him home. Then take my youngest to the doc for some nasty virus thing she has going on then the grocery store and home to cook dinner and clean up. Sounds like a typical day but it really wore me out. This was the first day that the elastic band/strap velcro boobie pusher down thing began to bother me. I haven't taken any thing stronger than ibuprofen for a couple of days now and have felt fine but today my chest and back felt SO tight and the band/strap HAD to come off for my drive home. I couldn't wait to shower and get in bed. I decided to take a valium and hop in the shower first. While there I though it might be a good idea to soap up and very gently massage my chest muscles. I think this was the best idea I have had in a long long time. I gently massaged while warm water relaxed my back muscles. I could feel the chest muscles and my breasts soften after just a couple minutes of massage. I was amazed at how helpful this was. I'm fairly certain it didn't have much to do with the valium. I just don't think it could go to work THAT quickly. Tomorrow I plan to bring a small bottle of lotion to school with me and if I begin to get sore I will slip off to the bathroom and lotion up and massage that muscle. I won't go all day with that discomfort again. It made me grumpy and that's no fun! :(
Glad I found a relief.
Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Today is the day of surgery so I don't feel I can accurately answer the "was it worth it" question but I believe that Dr. Gallegos will do a fantastic job and I will be SO pleased with my results! :)

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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Yours look really good those are the exact ones that I want but 475 in each breast.
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They look great Congratz. I can't wait to go shopping for bras, im going to give it another 3weeks Before i do that,just to let them settle Some and b sure of the size. That DD bra looks great on you. I feel u on the being paranoid part. Im constantly massaging becuase im so Scarred of CC. And Sometimes i worry If i massage to hard im going to bottomout...LOL its just crazy all the thoughs that go thru my head..lol
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Thank you! I think you picked the right size for your frame. How are you feeling about it? And Oh yeah, I have been buggin out for weeks now. Thought it would stop after surgery. LOL! I kinda avoided massaging because my doc hadn't told me to but good grief it provided such relief that I really wish I hadn't. I also worried that if I massaged too soon that it might cause symmastia or bottoming out or just tear the muscle or fill in the blank. Gentle massage can't really do any harm especially when it feels so good. Do they say it helps reduce CC?? I def wanna do whatever will help prevent CC.
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I wouldn't worry that the massaging will hurt anything. It is THE only thing we can do to try to prevent CC! Many girls are told to start massaging from day 1, and if you could feel them softening up and it wasn't too painful- IMO, you are ok! Some docs dont recommend massaging which I think is Kuh-razzy!
Symmastasia (sp) and bottoming out is caused by the doc placement of your pocket and are not affected by massaging. Your boobs will only drop as far as they made the pocket- so if it feels good, massage away!
(BTW my opinion is based on all the posts that I have read by patients and doctors)
And btw, you look great!

P.S. Symmastasia is when they try to give you more cleavage by opening the pocket more towards the center of your chest (i think it's better if they dont do this- too risky), and bottoming out is when they make the pocket too low.
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Just curious -- what profile are your implants? High, moderate, etc? 

I apologize if you have mentioned this somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

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I may have overlooked mentioning it. They are natrelle style 20 high profile and I did get 450 in the left and 475 in the right. I am LOVING them so far and I seem to have great cleavage. That was the first thing my doc said at my one day post op. I am a little concerned, but it's probably paranoia and inexperience on my part, that they may become too close and I do not want to end up with symmastia. I'm sure I'm worried about nothing and I have an appointment with my doc this coming Wednesday and I can have him calm my nerves over this one. Other than than I really think they're gonna be great when I'm done healing. Tell me whatcha think? ;)
I see that you got 400 CC's but did notice what profile you went with either.
I'd like to tell you that your list of after tips was very useful to me. Before surgery I bought a cute satin black with white polka dot PJ set for easy sliding about. I also bought some straws and a back scratcher.
I just noticed that you tried the Genie bra and I had just noticed them at the store the other day and thought it could be good for recovery. What did you think of it and how soon did you start wearing it?
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I don't think you'll end up with symmastia... and I especially wouldn't worry about anything until they're fully settled :) 

I have moderate profile. But I must admit, the more photos I see of you girls with HP, I'm almost wishing I did that! I didn't think I'd want the cleavage-all-the-time look, but I find I do. I'm getting cleavage greedy now that I actually have some to play with!

Re: The Genie bra. I started wearing it 2-3 weeks post-op. I will say this: it is very comfortable and supportive. But as it promises, it does give you a lift. For me, this is still slightly uncomfortable to wear all day (mostly in my left breast, which is the only one I've ever been able to feel my implant in.). So, I don't wear this on a regular basis ATM since I have a wireless nude bra from Target that works most days. Once I'm further down the line, I have every intention of wearing the Genie bra more. Eliminates back fat, and I'm really impressed at the boost a wire-free bra can give!

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Yay! Congratulations girl! I imagine you are just wiped out, thanks for taking the time to post pics. II think thay are gonna look great and I bet you'll be the DD you wanted. Congratulations!
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Today I couldn't resist trying on the DD bra I bought before for the rice test. The full it out n then some so I'm thinking after dropping n the swelling goes down it'll fit nicely in my goal DD! :))
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Glad to hear you're doing ok post-op :)

I can see why you might feel that being sedentary will slow your process, but don't overexert yourself too fast! Adequate rest is so important for your body to heal. My pain meds made me feel pretty good early on, but I definitely pushed too hard and regretted it by being sore for few days. 

Looking forward to your next update!

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Hope everything went by smoothly. Looking forward to reading about ur experiance and how ur doing.
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I do beieve everything went very well and I am recovering quickly. Thank you for your well wishes!
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Bravenewtina, How are you? How is recovery going?
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Thank you for asking and I feel like my recovery is going great! So much better than I was expecting. The pain is minimal and in fact I would say its really more like soreness than pain. The first two days I was RIGHT on top of taking meds wether I felt like I needed them or not then after that I cut WAY back. today I had 1/2 Valium in the early morning and just ibuprophen for the rest of the day and felt great. I wish I hadn't wasted so much energy dreading the recovery process!
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Sending positive thoughts to New Mexico! 

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Thank you do much. Just one more hour now!!!
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I saw this message shortly before my surgery and was grateful to know Positive energy was heading my way!
Thank you!
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Good luck today!
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Thank you so much! All went as well as can be expected. No complications and I didn't even have nausea! No major pain just some soreness and I feel real good. Went out to eat with my sis the day after and have had a good experience.
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Can't wait to hear what size you settled on! Good luck on Wednesday :) 

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450 and 475 Makenzie. I really think that'll be a great size for me. It would be super great if what I have going on not isn't swelling at all but I'm sure a good deal of it is. Still yet I will be happy with the size. Wouldn;t have wanted ANY smaller and wouldn't have wanted much bigger so I think I found my sweet spot. :)
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Which ever one you Pick I'm sure will look good. I think you can pull off the 500 very nicely
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Thank you :)
I certainly hope so. I talked with a friend today who just had hers done last week and has been having a super speedy recovery and that was really encouraging.
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Which ever one you Pick I'm sure will look good. I think you can pull off the 500 very nicely
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The 34DD looks good on you... very natural.

I'm gonna have to try the rice test!

Good luck w/ your surgery! Keep us posted!
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