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Tummy Tuck Less Than 2wks Away....so Panicked! - New London, CT

I am seriously thinking of cancelling......money,...

I am seriously thinking of cancelling......money, pain, and the thought of not being able to do much for awhile has me sooooo nervous. I had breast reduction surgery when I was 30 with the same PS and we have a great relationship so he knows I'm scared but now at 45yrs old and the only parent of a 9yr old and an 11yr old I AM FREAKING OUT!!!!:). Talk me off the ledge ladies......I had a hysterectomy 5 years ago and laughed at the six wk recovery time....went back to work and the gym at 10 days - zero pain. I wil share pictures later today when I finish running kids from sport to sport! Thanks in advance for taking the time to read my story! These types of forums were of great support to me when I had my breast reduction....I so appreciated the understanding that only comes from other women in the same situation. Thanks again,

You will be fine. I'm positive we all go through these thoughts. Heck I know I have and still do at times. My sx date isn't until 12/5. Just think... You'll be in the other side soon. Recovering and enjoying that flat belly.
I keep telling myself I will be fine....it is sooo hard to keep your mind logical when all year irrational thoughts are fighting for space!! Lol...thank you and good luck to you in December!
I've had the surgeries you've had (breast reduction, hysterectomy, even gallbladder removal) You're a pro at this operation thing. LOL! You're going to do fine. It's natural to be scared though. I'm shivering in my booths but I'm ready to get rid of this nasty tummy. Wishing you all the. Best.

Must haves pre-op?

My PS hasn't mentioned a thing about a binder or supplements etc....and I have seen these things mentioned on other posts...any ideas, suggestions? Thanks again!

Before photos....beware!:)

Posting these with great horror!!!!!
Best of luck to you! It'll be over before you know it. Don't cancel! You'll be thrilled with your results. Everything you're feeling preOP is what we all felt preOP but once you get to the other side, you'll forget all about it!
Thank you sooo much! Glad to know everyone feels the same angst! Lol
I have consulted with 2 doctors, both with very different prices. How happy with his work are you. I'm so scared of investing that kind of money only to be disappointed with the results in the end. I have lost a lot of weight and this is the only way to correct what is left, so I really want to do this, just very nervous.
Dr. Thomas Sena

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