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I guess I'm considered entering into this game...

I guess I'm considered entering into this game late - I'm a 51 year old mom. Don't feel 51 and certainly don't want to look it. My daughter is getting married in May and I have been putting this off for years.

I have had multiple abdominal surgeries over the years that left my tummy looking like a bad tic tac toe design. I work out: team tennis, pilates and weights, P90X, spinning, etc. Tried em all and still this belly hangs on tight. I'm looking to feel great in my clothes no matter what I put on. My husband is retiring soon and wants to travel to more beaches, etc and I want to feel good. So here's my chance to just do it!!

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Hi Trabay,

Thank you so much for all of your advice. Everything went well with surgery and I am now 4 days post-op. I feel pretty good today. I haven't has much pain at all and have been sleeping really well. I am still taking percocet, but plan on cutting back starting today. I only have one drain and I really haven't had too much drainage...only about 17 ccs yesterday. It has changed to more of a yellow color. I haven't been able to see anything and won't be able to see anything until Tuesday at my 1st post-op. He said that he will probably remove my drain at that time as well. When I look in the mirror it seems as though I am swollen underneath, but it is very hard to tell with the binder and the foam pads underneath. I have been trying to stay pretty low sodium, eat a ton of fiber, drink miralax, take stool softners, arnica and bromelain so hopefully, it won't be too bad. Still no BM yet, but I think it is coming soon. I am debating whether or not to take MOM tonight on top of the other stuff. I felt really good this morning until I hit my husband in the head by mistake while trying to get a fresh shirt on...I started laughing so hard and couldn't control it. Oh my god...the pain...then I was crying because it hurt so bad. Otherwise, everything seems manageable. Did you start taking Tylenol or Motrin when you switched off of your prescriptions?

I hope you are feeling well and are continuing to have a good recovery. If you have any advice, tips or words of wisdom, I would love to hear them. Thanks!
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Just checking this for first time in a few days. So glad to hear you are doing well, I was wondering. I did take Tylenol for a while after pain meds. I'm still wearing my binder at night. It's hard to give it up. Hope the bm happens soon if not already. I was eating prunes on top of what you are doing. And drink lots of water. Just keep babying yourself, move slow, and don't be too hard on yourself. I'm still swollen over 7 wks later. Start great in the am and then by bedtime, I'm swollen all over again. I had lipo on muffin tops but not on the back. Wish I did though. I was bruised for a long time.

My biggest help during recovery was my heating pad and recliner. Did you have the drains out yet? We were all left with big fang marks in our pubic area plus it was really swollen there too for a long time. But I love the flat areas so all was worth it. Did you end up staying overnight and are you glad you did?

Hope you are feeling better every day and let me know how you are doing.
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Hi NJ33, I absolutely loved my ps and have had a great experience with both him and morristown. I definitely would recommend staying over if you can. I didn't get out of surgery until 5 pm and I was thankful to just be wheeled to a room and have the catheter in for the night. I stayed in a private room and in the Franklin area which takes care of a lot of cosmetic patients. Staff was awesome all the way through. I don't know your surgeon. Dr. Glatt had me start on arnica before surgery to deal with bruising and swelling. Do yourself a favor and start taking Colace or something like it as a stool softener about a week before and continue well after. And have things on hand for constipation. That was the worst for lots of us from the anesthesia and pain killers.

Anyway, I'm sure you'll do great and will look amazing. It is awesome not to have the belly anymore! If you have any questions, etc feel free to ask. And stay connected to the forum, it was a lifesavor as you recoup. We obviously needed to talk 24/7 with all kinds of things that no one else gets. Hope you have someone staying with you. Good luck!
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Hi Trabay!

I am scheduled for my TT with MR and hernia repair on 2/22. I have been following the January group for about a month now and you guys are doing amazing! It is so helpful to see the recovery process and how supportive you have all been to each other through all of this. I just realized while reading your review that you had your TT by a surgeon in Morristown. That is where I am having mine, but I am using Dr. Daniel Pyo. He gave me the option of staying overnight, but told me that it wasn't necessary...I figured that I would save some money and go home the day of..now I am second guessing my decision. Did it help to stay over? I only went to 2 consultations based on recommendations from other people. I feel very confident in my PS, but it is always interesting to see who other people in the area chose. I am really happy to hear that everything is going well for you. Good luck with the rest of your recovery!!
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Good luck tomorrow! Did u decide to stay over?
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Hi Taylors, all went great. I will be 52 next month and I was a little worried about the healing process being difficult now. But, I had no problems and have been doing fine. He was surprised at how well I've been. I had a full TT and lipo on the flank areas. I think it depends on your ps and your health going in. I've been pretty active and the pilates helped me tremendously. If you have any questions, please ask. I would do it again though! Good luck.
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Awesome! I'm in fantastic health and am very active, so I expect a great result. Thank you so much for your encouragement. BTW, did you have a pain pump?
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My ps had me stay overnight the first night and I had a pump for that night. From there had vicodin and Valium. I only took the vicodin for 2 - 3 days. Valium was more helpful. Then used Tylenol with that. Been off pain pills after Several days. The drain sites are where is most tender. Then just feels like sore muscles. You will do great. Keep on this site. It has been invaluable in so many ways. Everyone is so supportive and not everyone in our lives want to breathe it 24/7 like we all want to. Lol.
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How did it go? I am older than you are and am scheduled for my TT on Jan 27.
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It's never to late, and just in time for the wedding.
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Hi Trabay, It is never too late! I seen women in their 60s and they look awesome :)

Can't wait to hear more about your journey!
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Welcome to RealSelf.  

No you are not entering this late.  Soon you will have a beautiful new tummy and will be out shopping for new bikinis!   You will be all set for the beach travels and loving your new tummy.  

I will be thinking about you this week and sending happy thoughts your way.  Please keep us up to date on how you are doing after surgery.

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