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Almost 61 and Nervous !!! - New Jersey

I'm 61 as of May 5th. I've never had a...

I'm 61 as of May 5th. I've never had a flat belly, even at my thinest. I had a face lift done 2 years ago, and really liked my ps. Ever since then, I've been dreaming of having a TT (with lipo). I've been working a 2nd job and saving, and I finally have enough $$, and my husband's blessing to proceed. I'm so nervous ! I work in a school setting, and I'm scheduled for 6/26. I'm taking the summer off to recuperate, and have told no one but my 29 year old daughter that I'm doing this...

I think its awesome! Please post pictures and keep us updated on your progress.
Good luck to you and I wish you the best.

I'm a month away and I'm excited and nervous. What...

I'm a month away and I'm excited and nervous. What are people doing about comfortable clothing post op? I'm a jeans kinda person, and I can't imagine that being comfortable. Do I need to buy a whole new temporary wardrobe? Would stretchy yoga or leggings do the trick? I want to be prepared. What kinds of clothing is best ? I guess I sound a little strange worrying about such a trivial thing... I know and trust my ps, so I'm not too worried about the surgery (yet)... Anyone else fretting about post op clothing ?
Thanks for the advice !
I went to target and bought two sets of long PJ's, they are a soft thin cotton. The top is a button down type. I wore that outfit home from the surgery center. after the first day or two, I found that a cami under my compression garment, then binder, then another cami on top, was very comfortable. The CG is for your lipo, and the binder is for your TT. The ladies you see with just binders, didn't have lipo. The CG will get warm, but I just wore my PJ bottoms or Yoga pants over it. Don't stress to much on your clothing, you will find that it won't really matter at all. As long as your not naked, you won't care what you look like. LOL
I did buy a size up, thinking the garment would make me bigger, but it was actually a little big.
The first day, you will have a hard time sitting on the toilet, so PJ bottoms were a wonderful choice, because they slid right off over that CG. I didn't have to bend to far to lift them afterwards. Your CG will be crotchless, so thats a real PLUS !!!
I think I've been eating more because I'm nervous! Got on the scale and I gained 5 lbs. in 2 months! Yikes.....!

Is it true that you need to be on a liquid diet...

Is it true that you need to be on a liquid diet before surgery? My doc just told me to "eat lite " the several days before surgery... I'm getting so nervous about what to do and when to do it...! Wish I had a list of exactly what to eat and when.
Three more weeks exactly to go! Tuesday the 26th is my big day.. Yikes!
Hi I am on the 27th too! and on the 28th I am getting my TT with MR and Lipo... I am doing the breast lift/aug the day before that is how my surgeon does it.. Ohhhhh I am scared... I ordered my sports bras tonight from Wal mart.... one in a zipper and the other has a clasp..... Will be thinking of you Rosalita 2000
Best of luck to you. I live in NJ too and getting my done on 6/27. Nervous but definalty overdue. Cant wait, keep in touch!
Totally going thrift store and craigslist to keep costs down - imho what's the point of buying new when it's not going to fit after all the swelling is done (only exception being underwear, lol). Got electric lift recliner from CL, and toilet seat riser and walker from thrift store. Need to get some more PJs I guess, PS tells me the lipo will be messy at first.

I went to my preop today and my PS is also sort of laid-back but one of *the* best in town, recommended by my primary care physician and his results for weight-loss patients and others are awesome from what I've seen and heard. They did not make a big deal about preop diet, only nothing by mouth after midnight the night before, and no herbals or blood-thinner meds.

They gave me a binder, and okayed my "wear-your-own bra" style Flexees for afterwards but said it would not fit until a long time afterwards (swelling) so to not even try. I am having lipo but they didn't give me a compression garment and didn't mention me buying one; I will keep an eye open for something at the thrift store though, something soft and snuggly maybe but not as tight as the Flexees.

I'm getting very excited and of course nervous. I...

I'm getting very excited and of course nervous. I just bought a really soft nightgown at Macy's (on sale), that could double as a sun dress. Maybe I can wear it home from the hospital. Hey, all you post op's what kinds of foods do you recommend right before/ and after surgery ? Yogurt, smoothies? Chicken, meat, what should I have in the house?

All right, my day is TOMORROW morning ! Have to...

All right, my day is TOMORROW morning ! Have to be at the hospital by 10:00 am ! Yikes, I'm excited and nervous all rolled into one. I think I'm ready. This site has been so helpful with all kinds of advice. Got my little overnite bag packed. Got all my Rx's ready, just have to make it through today, and then I'll be (as everyone says) "on the flat side"... Decided to wear some light weight sweat pants home with a tee shirt. that should be comfortable, I hope. To all my good friends who are going in the next few days... good luck, G_d speed, and talk to you soon !
hope you are well my friend... I am doing great.... going to my ps today and with a prayer I may loose these damn drains...... I love my results how about you???? keep me posted...
I love my results ! My drains are out. Still quite swollen (of course), but the ole tummy is flat! I can't believe it. Itchy and a little sore, but nothing I can't tolerate. Going to drive for the first time tomorrow for a manicure and pedicure ! Glad to hear you're doing so well Jhowell825. Keep me posted on your progress. Good luck with the drains tomorrow...
The first few days are just a drug haze to me! Doing much better now! How are you guys doing?

Ok, I think I'm day 10 p.o. (June 26 was my...

Ok, I think I'm day 10 p.o. (June 26 was my surgery). I'm doing pretty well. My drains came out last Monday, day 6 p.o. I consider that pretty lucky because from what I read, a lot of folks have to deal with them for much longer. Getting them out wasn't bad. The one on the left was more uncomfortable than the one on the right. Now those spots are scabbed over and a little itchy. Went to my p.s. yesterday and he removed most of my belly button stitches, just told me to put a little triple antibiotic ointment on it, and that's it. He also told me my cg wasn't tight enough !!! I'll try harder. I'm off the narcotic pain killers since Tuesday, which means I used them for one week. Last night I did take an oxy before bed, as I was hurting. The discomfort definitely is the worst in the evening. After dinner (no matter what I eat) I feel bloated. My tummy looks flat and that is amazing to me! I am so thankful for this web site. People are so supportive and caring and share so much information that helps me cope.
Glad to hear you're drain free! Yay!!
Can't wait to see your before & after:-)
Sure, hope it works!
Hey Jhowell ! The weekend will be over in a flash, and then out they will come..! I don't have any pictures to post basically cause I don't know how to do the photo thing.... I have an iPhone I could use to take photo's.... or I could try to use my hubby's digital camera, but not quite sure how to go about doing it. Am I the only idiot that doesn't know how to do the photo thing ?

Today is day 13 post op. I finally figured out how...

Today is day 13 post op. I finally figured out how to put a photo on my profile (I think)... It's not great, I took it with my iPad, and had a hard time figuring out . Let me know someone if you can see it. Still kinda swollen. I'm feeling better, but I still get tired easily, and I'm not doing a whole lot...reading, watching TV, quick trips to the grocery store, napping, resting, and more resting.

Went for a Dr. visit today 16 days p.o. ...

Went for a Dr. visit today 16 days p.o. Everything looks good. Dr. took my last couple of stitches out of my bb. Didn't feel a thing. No gauze, no more antibiotic cream, nothing. He put some new steri-strips strips on my incision (which I think looks really good) and said when they fall off, that's it. At 1 month p.o. we'll start with the silicone strips, which he said are reusable ????? Anyone know anything about that? I asked if I could go in the pool (my daughter is visiting tomorrow) and got the green light to get wet, but he said to rinse off in a shower when I get out to get the chlorine off. So far so good... Forgot to ask about these daily headaches. Maybe I'll call. Next appt. is in 2 weeks.
What a day/night!!! I got a call last night, my 94 year old mother fell and was taken to the ER. It's about an hour away. She's got 3 broken ribs and a broken nose ;-(
I know it has nothing to do with TT's but I had to share...
Thankyou! Your blog has been a help to me because I am 60 and needed to find someone who I could really relate to. Hope I do as well as you have done.
Hi there Mollyata - I just turned 51 so yes you can do it and deserve it! do it for you : )

It's 20 days p.o. today. Things are coming a long...

It's 20 days p.o. today. Things are coming a long nicely. My tummy is looking good, still a little swollen, but not too bad. Had an emergency with my 94 year old mother yesterday, and today I'm wiped out ! I'll be taking a nap today, for sure. Discomfort is minimal, and of course still wearing my binder 24/7.
I decided to wait until Monday, when I have an appointment... I don't think it's infected(at least I hope not) .
Sorry to hear about your mother.. hope all is well now?
Was your PS able to get you in today about your BB?
waitin for hembgolhim to go up right now its 9.9 i go back on 14 next month for labs

Today was my (almost) 4 week p.o. check up....

Today was my (almost) 4 week p.o. check up. Everything is coming along well. Of course there is some swelling. I've posted some before and 4 wk. p.o. pictures... I guess for 61 it's not too bad. The Dr. told me to try to reduce my salt intake. I love salty things, but I will try.
Dr B just did my TT. I am 10 day PO. Feeling good. And looking good. He is such a great doctor to work with. He did my BR a couple years ago. Happy with results.
Did you find out what those headaches were about? I get them over the very top of my head. I'm 13 days pat op fro a granny takeover.
you are lookin good how u be iam goin oct1 for tt/lipo mr
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