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Self-administered 11% TCA Peel, Permanent Scarring?

I did a 11% TCA peel a couple days ago and the...

I did a 11% TCA peel a couple days ago and the results were not good.. Underneath the flaking dry skin was: Blotchy, raw, larger pores than I began with and even darkening of my scars..although texture was baby smooth.. Petrified and infuriated, I decided to do something really dumb and try again (logic being I needed it stronger to work) So I dabbed 2 quick coats of the 11% ontop of the fresh raw skin (stupid I know).. It immediately frosted and almost immediately (less than a minute) I neutralized with baking soda. I am now left with a very very deep red color that appeared almost immediately after washing off the TCA - and it's showing no signs of lightening.

I'm just worried because I have never read anything about putting TCA peel on already freshly peeled skin, and how deep I might have actually went by doing this.

I did this peel to restore my skintone, treat shallow acne scars and shrink my pores. The opposite happened, I should have listened to friends and just gone to a professional, and now I'm faced with even more skin issues than I started with...

If I had any suggestions for anyone out there looking to play doctor on their own face, it would be not to. The derms get paid for a reason!

Is this permanent???? Is there anything I can do...

Is this permanent???? Is there anything I can do now or is the damage done? I've been drenching it with hydrocortisone cream, vitamin E, neosporin... Can I expect that maybe this will heal once it drys up and sheds?
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Your experience with such a mild solution of TCA is strange. I used 30% tca on my face recently and left it on for 90 seconds -- it was a mild peel and no redness at all.

The instructions with these acids suggest a spot test first. That's really important, otherwise how can you know how your skin will react?
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I'm really sorry this happened to you. Although, generally if you read the information they give you it states that by purchasing a peel you are taking responsibility for what it does to your skin- so suing may not be an option. You should look into the company you bought it from and see if you find reviews of other people who've had the same experience as you. If not, then you're probably out of luck in that venue. Also because you peeled freshly peeled skin, that would probably disqualify you from any sort of lawsuit since that's usually stated in instruction as dangerous and damage causing. If a few people out of hundreds have a bad result the company probably won't get in trouble because everyone's skin is different. You could just be extra sensitive to this type of acid or even allergic to it. I've done peels on my face that are known to be intense, and have had very minimal peeling- but I find glycolic peels to be intolerable. Everyone is different. Have you done other peels before? Or was this your first try? Also, TCA peels aren't known as a good treatment for acne scars- I've read in a number of places that they do absolutely nothing for them; though their real strength is tightening and lifting skin and treating small wrinkles. I know you're horrified by peels now, but if you did actually do damage to you skin the only way to remedy it noticeably may be another type of peel or procedure- though if you go that route I'd suggest a licensed person to perform the peel or any other procedure you choose. Also, topical vitamin C in the proper form I've heard can work wonders on skin, especially for texture. Your skin in the pictures does not look horrifying at all- but I know how awful it is to be unhappy with what you look like. I don't think you're permanently damaged, though you might have to take active measures to fix it.
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hbiker, are you referring to hyperpigmentation after a peel that lasted 3 months Or the worsening of texture/pores? It's been 2 months since these pics and although the redness did infact subside completely the next day, my skin is more or less ruined. All more pores look scarred (orange peel texture) and my skin now has odd shiny/scar tissue looking texture in some places. I will never touch another peel again but the damage is done.. I'm considering suing the company who sold it to me because with proper application and followup care, THIS should not have been the result
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don't worry. i made the exact same mistake as you. it took about 3 months and my face returned to being completely normal. looked the same it did before i messed it up. use neutrogena 100spf sunblock whenever you leave the house. even if you are just going to your car or stepping out to get the morning paper. you'll see that wearing this sunblock at all times it will heal quickly with no permanent damage. you'll be just fine. trust me, i went through this too and i was pretty scared but no permanent damage. you'll have your face back soon.
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OMG. Thanks for posting this!
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If the two pictures are of different times- it already seems as thought the redness is fading. It should go away completely in a few days
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How long ago did you do this and has it gotten better yet? It doesn't look as if it will scar, it can remain pink for quite a while. Time will heal it I believe. It may take up to a year. Keep sunscreen on it religously! try not to worry. Try Mederma and or Emu oil as well. I have read that vit. E could hurt healing, so don't use that.
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Hi, my case is even worse, i used 21% TCA peel, bought from makeupartist choice, hoping to peel 2 hyperpigmented are on my face last Oct (2009), it immediately burn my skin, my skin was bloody red like bleeding, and after it healed up some time later, about a week or so, it leaves my skin black mark, i was so sad, it was much darker then my orginal hyperpigmentation, so i used Malederm trying to lighten its color, about a month's time it has much,i guess abt 50%, improved, but the dark color is still there on my face, still using Malederm until now for several months, guess is 70% improved, i just start using IPL in beauty salon, and a little improved.
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How long ago did you do this and has it gotten better yet? It doesn't look as if it will scar, it can remain pink for quite a while. Time will heal it I believe. It may take up to a year. Keep sunscreen on it religously! Try not to worry. Try some mederma or emu oil as well.
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I think the Tca you are using is stronger than 11% ,but don't worry after few days you will notice that your skin become dry and start to peel its will take about week.
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