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Picosure Beats Old Laser Technology Hands Down! - New Jersey

I am having a couple tattoos removed, and I had...

I am having a couple tattoos removed, and I had been going the YAG route for the last year or so. YAG was producing slow results. Luckily, I found the Picosure laser for tattoo removal. I am seeing major results after only one treatment with this laser. If you are using the old methods, especially on a blue or green tattoo, stop immediately and find a Picosure!

28 Days after first Picosure treatment

Tattoos are still fading. I'm waiting a full 8 weeks to have another treatment hoping the additional fading will be significant.

56 Days after first Picosure treatment

My next treatment is Tuesday. As you can see in the side by side photos , Picosure did make a huge difference! Parts of the large tattoo are completely gone. I don't think she treated the orange at all, and it actually looks darker because the other colors have faded so drastically. I am going to ask her to pay special attention to the orange this time. In addition, because of the phenomenal results on the fading of the hand tattoo, I am going to remove the star from my ring finger as well. I have heard that tattoos that have never been treated respond better to Picosure, and it will be interesting to see the level of fading on that compared to the others because the others were somewhat faded to begin with.

I'm already dreading the pain, but it is obvious that the pain is completely worth it with this laser. I have not had any hyperpigmentation, and I have kept these tattoos slathered with sunscreen during the healing process.

Second Picosure Treatment

Photos from second Picosure treatment today. I decided to remove the start on the ring finger as well. I'll be interested to see how that responds to the Picosure since it has never been lasered. The others had been treated with the Qswitched prior to these two Picosure treatments.

Photos from the day of second Picosure treatment

13 days after second picosure review

just some updated photos - one from prior to second treatment, second photo is as of today, 13 days after. Next appointment is for 9/26.

19 days after second picosure treatment

two weeks after 3rd treatment

It has been two weeks since my last treatment. It is slow going, but quicker than with the Q switched laser. As per the last two treatments, I expect that it will fade more as time goes on. My next treatment is scheduled for November.

side by side comparison

fading between treatment two and three so far

fading between treatments two and three so far

Dr. Delvecchio

This facility is clean, modern, well staffed and efficient. I am very happy with my treatments, and have recommended them to many people.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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You are making great progress, have you had treatment #4 yet? Would love an update :)
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Hey jenax9 Anything new with your progress?
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Hi! actually, it is lighter, but I have not posted since it has been a while since I took photos. I will do so in a few weeks, just had another picosure treatment so I'm waiting to see the fading on that. I am having problems with the orange, so I might do another YAG treatment on those areas and see if that helps.
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Hi jeanx9 i had my first treatment with picosure a week ago..the blue has almost disappered and has removed some black too.but i have sort of purple/maroon and very little orange and when she passed on them with pico it didnt frost and neither sting/hurt..do you think the pico had effect on the colours? Also i didnt see any changes at all as the blue and black
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Hi, Buddy. I have seen a little fading of the orange, but compared to the green and black, it is minimal, and it is really hard to see just how it is fading in pictures because it is still so much brighter than everything else. I have a consult with a different plastic surgeon here in NYC on Tuesday, and I'm going to ask her opinion as to whether I would be better off treating the orange with a qswitch as I keep the Picosure for the other areas. I'll keep you posted. Picosure is working great on the other colors, though I feel like the person running the laser isn't as thorough as they could be so we'll see if a different operator makes a difference also.
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Hi thanks for the reply.will be waiting for your reply whats the better laser to treat the orange..
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Hi jena, Thanks for posting your progress. I'm getting my brand new tattoo removed, and I'm considering this place. I live about half hour from Montclair. How is the pain compared to the other laser? Do you think your tattoo can be removed COMPLETELY?
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As far as the pain, yes it is VERY painful. But it is very quick compared to the other laser treatments I have had, and it heals much quicker. I do think that my tattoo can be removed completely, but obviously I don't have any guarantee of that. It's hard to see from the photos how much fading I have had after using the Picosure, but I'm pleased to say that I am actually able to cover the tattoo now, and that was not at all a possibility with what was happening using the standard Qswitch treatments. That has made me very optimistic, but only time will tell. It is obviously going to take several more treatments to remove it, but I'm committed to doing what I need to do to make these a memory. Good luck with your removal!
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Hang in there, you can do this!   

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amazing results after 1 session, i got lasered with a picosure last week! (green, brightblue, purple ink). im still amazed by the fading after just 5 days!
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Hey - I actually went for a consultation at New Jersey Plastic Surgery for partial removal of my blue ankle tattoo, back in June. The doctor I met with, I think it was Delvecchio said she hasn't seen much improvement with the Picosure vs. the older lasers, however as you can see on this site it definitely seems to work better. She was not very convinced that it would work well on my tattoo. She also said they don't offer any numbing... was it very painful? I am thinking of going back in the fall and trying the Picosure.
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Hi. Dr. Delvecchio is the Dr. that I am going to. She didn't seem excited about the Picosure, but I had already seen some photos of the difference in removal. That said, I don't think she had it turned up enough, I didn't really blister much, but I did see good results. I think they can be better based on some of the photos I'm seeing on this forum. I'm going to ask if she will turn it up for the next treatment. It hurt just as badly as the old treatments I had, and I used numbing cream. The upside is that the Picosure treatments are VERY quick. The Q switch treatments I had seemed to take much longer. I'll post side by side photos of the total fading after my vacation. My next Picosure treatment is for August 25th.
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I just had my first Picosure treatment today. I have the same color blue in my tattoo and it's almost gone after one treatment!
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Great! Curious, where did you get it done and where was the tattoo located?
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On my shoulder and upper arm. I had to drive 3 hours to the Skin and Vein Center in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Definitely worth it!
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Just reading this is giving me motivation. I too need to drive 3 hours next month for my 1st treatment :)
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Thank you for the update:)

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Looks good. Very positive for removing tattoos. Id def try it!
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In my opinion it does work much better and faster on the blue than it does on the black!
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Wow the Picosure is making the tattoo fade alot! Looks good!
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So you recommend picosure? The closest one to me is an hour and I'm debating if its worth it. Is it a lot more expensive ?
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I totally recommend the Picosure. I think if I would have had access to this laser from the start, I'd have saved A LOT of money because I'd have needed less treatments. The place that I am going charges about the same for 3 treatments that I paid for a package of 10 with the old laser, but the old laser didn't clear the tattoos. I'm no expert, but I definitely think it's worth getting a consultation to find out your options.
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Welcome to the community.  Thank you for posting your pictures and details of the treatments.  I am anxious to watch these fade as you go through the treatments.  Keep us updated.  

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