I am 60 years old.....in years only... My...

I am 60 years old.....in years only...
My TummyTuckJourney begins with this entry "Hello everyone!!!!!" TIMES A TICKING!!!!! Less than 2 weeks September 16th is my surgery. I am amazingly calm, a bit unusual for me because I tend to be hyper and a bit anxious at times....I am totally on board with my surgery, knowing it is the right choice for me...dropping over 50 pound fron 210 lbs. to 156 lbs. over the past year.... the old fashioned way....DIET, lifestyle change and good choices...
I have been learning to live everyday to its fullest, loving myself because I am worth it, and believing in myself, MY REALSELF.....
that's is why I chose my user name LIveLoveBelieve

L@@king forward to getting my Tummy Tuck as well as Lipo on my flanks the all so mushy LOVE HANDLES;)..... As the days are crossed off the calendar I have mixed emotions my thoughts are like the wind, wrapping my mind around my thoughts , I am taking this Giant Leap.....and it's for Me!

Any helpful suggestions will be totally WELCOMED.....the minutes a ticking away quickly
I don't know anyone who has personally walked this path...
THE TUMMY TUCK PATH....Realself is wonderful it opens up a forum to keep us connected with wonderful peeps!
Hoping to connect with others. :)
I had my pre-op doctors appointment 2 days ago and my pre-op testing today....
As they say in the game of poker I'm ALL IN.......
Thanks everyone for letting me rant on.........
i was thinkin how very very lucky you r ,to be able to have the op done,just look at your photo and know that all that change in what you eat ,that has now helped you to loose so much weight,how pleased you should feel with yourself ,and now comes the icing on the cake ,and i look forward to the after photo,and i guessing your b saying u wish u done it earlier,your going to b fine ,and even happier x doris
Thanks for your kind words....prior to my weight loss I never thought about myself and the possibility of transforming my lifestyle as well as my body.... things are a changing......Loving myself and believing in myself has made the difference.....A life's lesson that took 60 years to sink in. I will try to update with photos thru this journey.....
Good luck and stay positive!!

HIGH POTASSIUM Pre-op bloodwork needs a second l@@k

I got a phone call from my Doctors office yesterday, some of the blood tests I had
done pre-op stuff concern them High Potassium and something about my calcium levels.....
I am totally FREAKED that this is going to interfere with my Tummy Tuck surgery scheduled 10 days from now.... The doctor needs the lab to repeat there tests......
Of course I went bact to the hospital yesterday right after I got the phone call ....for more blood to be drawn Pre-op.

I spent way to much time last night, trying to figure out what could be happening.
G@@gle is a great tool......but one that could paralyze you, if your allow it to ..
Hopefully it has nothing to do with my Kindeys......High Potassium levels are connected.....gotta shut down the Internet......overload of information......

Anyone else ever have High Potassium Levels Pre-op? I should of listened better to my doctor when was reviewing my blood test results, I didnt write the details down about my calcuim levels just that it is also concern. #1 Rule take notes...
Breath deeply, Stay postive, Reach out, Chill.......

Doc said that these level world concern my anesthetist prior to surgery ......
NOT GOOD!!!!! Enough to even cancel.....
What is going on??????
I am so ready to have my surgery....
TRYING to be Positive but now I am totally worried.....
I keep l@@king at my rolls of fat....they need to be gone,,,,I need this surgery to move forward.....
I'll know on more Monday, once the new bloodwork is studied.....
Thanks everyone for letting me ramble......
I'll keep u I'm my prayers
Here's hoping your surgery can proceed! I haven't had my blood work done yet but I do have the requisition so better get it done on Monday which will be 9 days pre-op. My surgery date is Sept. 18th. I am so thankful for having found this website!
Thanks BB, I am trying to stay positive, hoping my blood work won't be a set back. You and I are both set next week....Sept 16 (me) and Sept 18 (you) for our life changing transformation. My nerves have gotten the best of me this weekend, when this happens I get hives....I'm trying not to obsess... I have been trying to keep my surgery private only telling my 2 adult daughters, one of my 4 brothers a favorite niece and of course my hubby,.... I hope to get away without telling other people and friends....It will be on a (need to know basis) I like your back-ache plan, might work for me!!!!

7 Days from today!!!! Countdown I've been on pins and needles...Hopefully all is good....

I had addition pre-op Blood work on Friday because high potassium and questionable results.....I've been on pins and needles all weekend waiting to hear from my Surgeon hopefully early-up in the day.
I am so ready to have my surgery, I have been fearing there will be a delay,or worse.
I need suggestions, a list if the most important things to get prior to my TummyTuck. I have a shower seat, toilet riser, regular recliner, baby wipes, arnica....pretty short list I need suggestions!
Just pacing the floor until I hear something about my blood work, then i'll deal with it.
I will update later once I hear from my doctor.....
I had the tummy tuck and breast reduction done 5 months ago, best thing I ever did. I'm 59 years young and have more confidence now than I have ever had. The surgery or recovery were not really all that bad. I had a allergic reaction to the steri strips and that set me back a little. Once the drains were out it was smooth sailing. The one thing that I am a little concerned about now is my abdomen is still really tight and swollen, but I did read that could take up to a year to subside. Will keep u in my prayers and good luck.. just keeping thinking positive about the end results
Thanks for the support and prayers....good new my blood work is perfect, I have no idea what happened....My surgery is still set for next Monday Sept 16th. I'll follow your progress, your look wonderful, I hope the tightness subsides soon.
I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction 5 months ago, the best thing I ever did for myself. I'm 59 years young, I have more self confidence than I have ever had, and instead of always getting dressed in the dark, it doesn't bother me now to leave the lights on. The only real issue that I had was an allergic reaction to the steri strips, which set me back a little, but once that cleared up, it wasn't that bad. I feel like my stomach is still swollen and feels tight, but everything I have read says that could take up to a year to resolve. I will keep you in my prayers, good luck.. Just keep thinking of the end results and you will not be sorry.

Surgery still ON.....7 days per-op.....BLOOD WORK Perfect....

I am totally thrilled to say...all my worries..... I had over last weekend have vanished. I was so afraid my surgery would be postponed, but it's not. The second set of Blood Tests were perfect. EVERYTHING will move along as scheduled THANK GOODNESS!
I even took the time today to bring all my houseplants inside to my sunroom, and decorate for Halloween. I won't be climbing into the attic later had to do it now.
Getting my ducks in a row as they say!
Yay !!! Happy to hear its on!! I'm on the 16th too. I can't believe it's one week away!! I also decorated for fall! Trying to stay calm.

Tummy Tuck 6 days away....trying to stay CALM!

It's only 6 days till I get my Tummy Tuck, then I'll understand everything I've been reading here on RS, and need everyone's help and wisdom even more....
I am trying to remain Calm, but that is not easy, when my mind and nerves are start to get the best of me I take a deep breathe, I remind myself be positive, My TT journey is just beginning.... then I try to keep busy , been sorting thru my clothes finding loose and cozy things to set aside...to make it easier for my hubby to find when I want them, ( I am the person that has to find my hubby's stuff for him most of the time for time LOL ....I'll have to pass the torch, let him take care of me during this new and exciting CHAPTER IN LIFE.... We've just celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary.... I'm looking forward to the sequel...... Title: Post TT.
:)) Big Smiles :)). ((Hugs ))
Congratulations on your weight loss and decision to have a TT! I had mine at 47 about 4 months ago and LOVE it! Best thing I ever did and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Quite honestly the worse part is the anxiety/excitement before the TT and the swelling afterwards. For me it was painless and I'd do it over again in a heartbeat! You're going to love your new body! Again, congratulations and happy healing!
Good morning! Thanks for your kind words, it sounds like your surgery has been a great experience for you that's wonderful. I know there is going to be pain, I have always had a kangaroo pouch, and getting rid of that will be Oh So Sweet! I had rotator shoulder surgery 2 years ago and survived that pain...it was a long recovery and very painful in the beginning. I am 60 years young, knowing in my heart this is the best thing I could do for myself to look and feel better. Over the last year losing the weight, changing my eating habits ,lifestyle changes all for the better has taught me that. I LOVE ME ... No one can care for me better than me. Life is Good! I just posted about all the salt I eat...l know that will be a problem post-op so today I'm starting to cut back. Only 5 days (minutes are ticking away) getting my ducks in a row! (((Hugs)))

{ 5-4-3-2-1 } Blastoff!!!!! I mean Tummy Off!!!!

Good Morning Ladies!
{ 5-4-3-2-1 } Blastoff!!!!! I mean Tummy Off!!!! LOL
I've been reading reviews since the wee hours of the morning!!!!!
I guess I have to much time on my hands, and excess skin on my tummy...
Hoping the next 5 Days speed by quickly....
After reading about swelling post-op I know I need to cut back radically on sodium in my diet, I've stopped eating most sugar in foods, except a few fruits .... SALTy foods are my guilty pleasure ...green olives,sharp cheeses, I love Crazy Janes salts (every flavor made). I add salt to everything, guess I have to change that habit for the next several months starting today, it won't be easy.
Hummmmmmm! Any suggestions
yes please .. and remember your the light of the world and the salt of the earth
hi I jus reading about how exicited you are about this procedure im scare to tell you the truth im 51 and I have love handle that don't go away with exercise n I've had try every diet there is< I be following you GOOD LUCK N LOTS OF BLESSING MAY THE LORS BE WITH YOU N I KNOW HE WILL BE

Taking a Deep Breath!!!!! 4 Days left

Only 4 days now Monday September 16th TT Day!
I've been to busy to worry thoughts of my upcoming surgery,thoughts do creep in and out of my subconscious... Mostly positive happy thoughts....excited that I am doing this for ME.
I posted picture of me in really tight pants LOL , I think my belly looks like a Butt, and girls I know you'll agree IT NEEDS TO GO! Yes!!!! IT REALLY NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!
I Picked up these pants at a yard sale and decided to try them on....will use this pair of pants one of these days post-op...time will tell
Until tomorrow. ((((Hugs))))
Make sure u have clothes that are easy to put on and shoes . Water Gatorade , medicine and don't for get to wax or shave that are cause it will b a minute
Good luck for monday I'm am starting to get really nerves now hope u have a nice chilled weekend xx
Happy 40th anaversery ! Good luck on your surgery Monday . Congrats on your weight loss . Looking forward to reading more of your journey .

Still HANGIN' in there 3 day countdown. Just got a phone call!!!!

Still HANGIN' in there 3 day countdown. Just got a phone call from the hospital reminding me to be there Monday Morning 11:30 am. No food or drink after midnight
I know it's just a Blink of the Eye in the big picture of life, BUT in the ( here and now )
it's a biggie....perhaps the BIGGEST Personal Choice I've ever made for myself concerning my body, except my choice to change some of my ( old learned behaviors,) Starting to eat healthy was the first thing for me....totally learning to except me for me. ( I yam who I yam )
Love myself..... Everyday unconditionally!
It took me 6O years ....I guess I'm not a quick study BUT I'M getting there.
I guess I need an overnight bag for the hospital...
Hummmmmmm! Slippers, robe, I'll wear their gown. Hair Brush, toothbrush/ paste
Cozy clothes, slip on shoes. Pillow for the car ride home
What am I forgetting???????
Suggestions Thanks (((( hugs ))))
Ohhhh I love you! You did a great job in the weight loss...not an easy feat! I am very excited for you 1) I know that tummy bulge will be gone and you will be so happy and 2) you are before me...-lol! I just did my blood work this past week and an EKG for my doctor and medical clearance letter, .which they only require the EKG if you are over 40--sheesh...they just keeping rubbing it. -huh?- hahaha but really..I am glad he does it...it gives me peace of mind too....lets keep touch...takes lots and lots of hoots NOW----so when you feel tired, and are wondering if it was "worth it" in two weeks--take a look at your current photos...and you will KNOW IT WAS WORTH IT!!! kiss kiss...
Darn autocorrect..... Takes lots of PHOTOS now....
Today flew by....just now checking in to my profile page... thank you, I'll post to your site soon. (((Hugs)))

TIMES A TICKING!!! 2 days Pre-Op Lots of Distractions! Thank Goodness! It Helps pass the day

2 days Pre-Op Lots of Distractions! Thank Goodness! It Helped passed the day!
It's late Saturday night i am physically exhausted and that's a good thing. I know I'll sleep we'll.
Tomorrow will be the day before my TT....
I am going to pamper myself, eat light, rest, make sure I am ready in body and mind for sure!!!!
(dot my i's and cross my t's)
good night and well wishes to everyone healing!
You got this
(((Hugs))) I just posted on your profile page....... It will only get better!
Gooooo Baby!!!!

My advice " LOVE YOURSELVES " 1 day Pre-op

Thanks for the well wishes from everyone...
Tomorrow September 16th is my Surgery!!!!! 1:30pm
It has been wonderful reading everyone's profile on RealSelf....
A huge help for me personally following everyone's progress...
To know we're not alone.
My husband of 40 years is a quiet, gentle man with a great sense of humor, he is supportive, and will care for me Post-Op, BUT he will NOT talk with me 24/7
about my TummyTuck .....
RealSelf has been the most wonderful outlet for me prior to surgery.....KEPT ME CALM! To know, I we can reach out to each other.
It's such a great feeling....(sorta like a Congo line at a wedding ) holding onto everyone.( Sometimes I crack myself up with my scenarios LOL!!!!!)

Tomorrow is my surgery, I am 60, not exactly a spring chicken! LOL I don't feel 60, Pre-op I've been told I look better than I have in 25 years ..losing more than 50 pounds just got the ball rolling!
I have learned so much in the last year ....most of all how to LOVE MYSELF that is where my journey began
GIRLS, That is the best advice I can give you, Our lives can only get better...once we open our hearts to ourselves .....the rest will follow
I'll update soon. Relaxing is my plan for the day!!!!!!!!!
Till tomorrow
Prayers going your way. . . I am 3 weeks post op as o fTuesday. I am 64 years old so hang in there you can do it too!!!
Thanks for the good (((((Vibes))))) Post a bit more about yourself.....I'd like to hear about your journey
Thank you but it will only get better . Hugs right back at girl

I night before my Tummy Tuck!!!! New Pictures!!! Comedy relief!!!!!! Saying good-by to MY OLD BELLY BUTTON R.I.P.

A moment of silence for my 60 year old belly button and all the surrounding skin on my belly and more......tomorrow we are going to be separated!
We're going to stop sleeping together & waking up together.
My TummyTuck Surgery is scheduled for 1:30 pm
I will update again tomorrow
Good-Night Ladies... (((Hugs)))
oh LORD im nervous for you and excited be prayin for you as well , but I know in my heart is going to be successful pray before and after , you have the best doctor and staff that have your back keep calm and faithful
Well be thinking of you and hoping for a successful surgery. Keep calm and embrace the flat side.
Good luck thinking of you today hope all goes well xx

Tummy Tuck at 1:30 9/16/2013

Surgery not till 1:30..... No coffee this morning, what's a girl to do? I am ready for "the flat side" I will try to post tonight when I'm up to it !
All you gals have been wonderful Thank You!!!!
Good luck ;)!!!! See u on the flatside.
Good luck!
Best of luck. My mom got her TT last year at 59 and she looks AMAZING. She also feels amazing and is so happy.

Crossed over to the Flat Side A very long day now some rest

Surgery went really well..... Thank you for the good ((vibes))
Updates to follow I am now On the Flat Side now BABY!!!! And very tired
Picture of my new friend. It is great to hug ! Pain buster
Great to see that you made it to the flat side! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Looking forward to reading your updates! Tomorrow it's my turn!
By eight tonight my Tt sister you will be on the flat side we are waiting on you with open arms.
Hope you have an easy recovery. My surgery's on Thursday, so I'll be right behind you. I'm 64, so we should have a lot in common. 4 times a grandma, with one more on the way. Can't wait to meet you on the flat side!

1st Post-Op ***Times a Changin'*** It's all up Hill

My 1st Post-Op day!!!!!
Times a Changin' I am now on the Flat side it is UP Hill from here. I can only take Baby Steps... One Day At A Time to Healing!!!!
My 60 year old classic frame just got out of the Body Shop (that's how I'm looking at it today ) Yesterday my Tummy Tuck journey became official.
My husband just wanted my surgery over with ( he was worried for me) My brother,who has always been supportive, always here for me since we were ida is so instrumental in my weight loss, truely my Jiminy Cricket That a a story in itself , Flew in from out of town to help.
All the good (((vibes))) love and (((prayers))) have been prior to Surgery the Best
Rest this evening
good night
I'm glad you're getting help. Take it easy. Hope u have a fast recovery
My Bro is going home tomorrow it was the best having him here to help me The first 3 days post op have been rough ....the best thing he is a great cook..he made a weeks worth of meals and put then in the fridge.
Easy does it is the best motto for a while. Take your pain meds, sleep, drink lots of water! Try to get down lots of protein too! Congratulations girl....you did it!

Times a Changin' Day 2 Post-op Gasssssssssssss! Ouch.....

It's uncanny how relaxed I was yesterday and still am today Day 2 Post-Op
Yes, there will be pain....Mostly when I am getting up and walking
It is a ***bee-otch*** I know the outcome is sooooo worth it....lts the cherry on top, the brass ring.....
The day of surgery I was in such a good place mentally, the nurses and my surgeon made me feel so relaxed, especially the DRUGS... LoL.....very relaxed....
My surgeon marked my body, I pointed out a couple of zones to Lipo we had not talked about....my Doc even marked my package zone for extra Lipo to smooth the fatty area down below my incision .... Wow!!!!
I referred to my surgeon as my sculptor I think he got a chuckle out of that.....then to the operating room...
I don't remember anything after that. I was ready....
I woke up after surgery wrapped like a mummy.....and two days later I am still wrapped up...
After surgery my doctor was pleased.... he removed about 5lbs from my Tummy and another 2lbs ++++ from flanks.... Now that weight loss one o one!
I will make an appointment today for tomorrow .....
I think all the bindings and surgical tape will be removed ....my unveiling. I can't wait to share the experience and pictures...
Real-self has empowers us women to understand and help others
We can share our experiences, pain,fears,and knowledge to comfort,and support each other.
We have been given this opportunity to lean on each other. ( Damn I sound like a preacher) ...LOL ( I really am not.....) thank you everyone and RealSelf...
Now if I could only PASS GAS.....and Poop! LoL
((((Hugs)))). B back Later
My pesky brother is giving me a hard time girls....he found my hubby's candy drawer & he can't stop eating it LOL. My Jiminy Cricket Thinks I am going inhale it all in my first Post-op depression.
Girls ......what are your thoughts...
I have never been one to hold in a fart!! Let them rip. I am an every day regular person so not going for 5 days was intense for me and I felt really bad until I went. Just listen to your body, if it says eat, then eat, if it says don't then don't, if it says fart then fart. If you are on pain meds eat something with them or you will get sick and that is no fun. Happy Healing.
I hear ya...listen to your body is a good rule...good advice Tomorrow I go to my 1st Post-op doctors visit. It's gonna be like "Christmas Morning" unwrapping the new me ,I will post some pictures I am very excited (((Hugs)))
I bet you will be so happy, you'll pee!!!!!-lol... Take photos for sure... You are gonna look great....

Can't waiting to have my unveiling tomorrow afternoon!

Tomorrow afternoon I see my surgeon 1st visit Post-Op....
It's gonna be like "Christmas Morning" unwrapping the new me ,I will post some pictures...
I am very excited (((Hugs)))
Yay! Can't wait to see Your results . My post op is Monday!
I just posted to your profile.....please read!!! I am such a worrywart..... Getting up and walking often really helps lessen the pain.. ((((Hugs)))) It's gonna be soooooo worth it. ((( Be Positive )))
Well I hope you get everything you want for christmas!!

My unveiling later this afternoon! 3 days Post-Op

My brother left early this morning after giving me love and support the last 7 days before and after my Tummy Tuck....he cooked enough high protein meals for the week...being here to help me,supporting my husband so he didn't have to go it alone before and after my surgery , providing comedy relief ( example) ....he said, "THAT DRAINS WERE THE WORST LOOKING set of GONADS HE HAD EVER SEEN. (Oh it hurt so much to laugh) all of the above and more....... PRICELESS!!!!
I slept fairly well, forced myself to get and walk,and pass gas LOL 24/7
Hope to get it movin' ( ya all know what I mean )
Astonished I feel as strong as I do.
I get my surgical wrap off late this afternoon.... Can't wait for see "THE FLAT SIDE"
Can't wait to see them!
Good luck would love to see ur pics :)
How are you feeling today and I hope you are fine. Now you are on the flat side doesn't it feel so good? You look good to even with the drains in.

My first peek......at THE FLAT SIDE Day 3 post-op

My first peek......i really am on "THE FLAT SIDE" Day 3 post-op I've been waiting all day....and I'm not disappointed... I had no idea what to expect...I think my new belly button is quiet a bit higher than my incision OH YEAH! That's a good thing...
My friends I am exhausted tonight my witty side needs a rest......i can't find WIT WHEN I HAVE to Sh-- !!!!!! LoL......I will return tomorrow with a new attitude.... (((((Hugs)))) to all who are healing. (((Positive Energy )))) ((((Good Attitude))))
Good Night

Oops! I forgot the picture

I forgot the picture that's the best part
"it's Christmas morning"
Present to myself wrapped and unwrapped

Unwrapped for the first time

looking brilliant babes congrats you have a fantastic result how are you feeling?? and your belly button is super cute by the way im hoping i can keep mine fingers crossed or i might end up with a dent only thats due to a previous hernia repair where they cut my belly button stem so it may die but i still have hope!! take care and rest plenty x
The last two days went by quickly, I've been with my legs elevated because of swelling and water retention....I am stronger everyday...I can't stop SMILING....last year this time I never would of dreamt I'd be on the FLAT SIDE...having a TT never entered into my mind until I was successful losing weight and truly caring for myself....well the rest is history.. I LOVE MY NEW BELLY I hope your getting on well, I'll check in on your homepage ((((Hugs))))
Love the Belly Button!!!

Swollen... Looks like Buddha tonight! **** I LOVE MY NEW BELLY ****

I'm back tonight after a couple days of REFLECTION .... It's all good!!!!!
I am now 6 days post-op and I feel wonderful... I am so happy :-)
I have had Quite a bit swelling in my belly,legs and feet, I understand it happens...
I cut my sodium intake & kept my legs elevated .....things are a bit better tonight.
I napped more than I probably needed to throughout the day
with my kitty cat.....she's great to cuddle with,
usually she sits on my belly, today I found it curious she didn't even try to climb on me....like she knew I was (((healing)))

I took off my CG a while ago, I needed to breathe damn it's tight..... i was rubbing my new belly..... kinda felt like I was rubbing Buddha
Aw! I think some of the animals do know when we are healing, like your kitty!
Helps get me through the day ! ^••^
Looking good. Happy Healing

Can't do much else but ((( Heal))) I'm writing "MY STORY"

Can't do much else but ((( Heal))) Sooooooo I'm writing "MY STORY"
I'll post it soon

My story.... How my journey began!

This is my story how my journey began.... The husband.... (aka The wizard) and myself (aka the frog) working in my garden... Yep that me sitting down on my butt.. I weighed over 212 pounds. I got tired very quickly and had to sit down often, The Summer of 2012 ,I was not in very good shape .... ya think? LOL ...The old woman across the street in her 80's Asked if she could take our picture ... Because we were working so hard On that hot summer day. Of course we said she could take the picture.
A few days later The old woman in her 80s thought we might like a copy of the picture ...OMG!
Who was that Frog faced woman,Sitting on a milk crate? Reality smacks me in the face OUCH!!!!!! Bam,Pow, Uck!!!
It was totally in-your-face moment!!! That was me sitting there on the milk crate , for sure ,It be me hummmm.
That picture the old woman brought me was one of the best gifts I ever Received . I use this picture as a tool. I look at it often, I remind myself no one got me fat but me. No one Forced me to over eat But me ...
I allowed it to happen to myself. I took responsibility. I wanted to change.
That was August 2012 My eyes were wide open ...
I began dieting again ....dieting really never worked for me... I needed a total change....
My brother who I call my Jiminy Cricket came to visit August 2012 Shortly after the dreaded picture was taken. We about my weight, He knew I needed help ,he needed help As well He was going to have major foot surgery that following week. Jiminy Offered to help me get my life back...
I packed my bags and off I went for three weeks.. The wizard was fine taking care of himself ....
I would help Jiminy and he would help me... The beginning of intense Boot Camp!
My first lesson was how to "Love" myself... Perhaps the hardest lesson I had to learn. I was resistant to loving myself but then I opened my heart... I finally said "I love me" And I meant it!!!!
I started to believe... my self-esteem needed attention .... Emotional baggage was put to the curb. My inner healing began
During those three weeks I changed my eating patterns
Jiminy Cricket Helped me to decide on Atkins-based nutrition.....
I read two books :
1) Gary Taubes ( why we get fat)
1) The new Atkins for a new you
I read These books over and over chapter by chapter. Over and over Finally what they were saying in the books Started to sink in ... Boot Camp with my brother was very very intense... My brother gave me unconditional love & support.... After Boot Camp .... I made a 100% lifestyle change... I've always had a good sense about Nutrition
I learned that FAT does not make FAT burns FAT ya gotta read the books!!!!
The weight came off slowly And has stayed off. For the first time in many years I totally began to LIVE

It's now the summer of 2013....
I saw The old lady who took my picture that hot summer day 2012..
She walked over again came up my long driveway ( a bit out of her way) to tell me how good I was l@@king .. She noticed how much weight I have had lost.
I thanked her for Taking that picture that hot summer day August 2012.....
I told her how instrumental she was it was having that picture.
Well almost 60 pounds later ,
Here I am. It's been a journey
My biggest lesson learned was
the end
Im so happy for you, you look fantastic!
Thank you

The frog and the wizard

Picture The summer of August 2012
If your drains are draining less than 25cc they can absolutely be removed. CG is for support, it won't hurt not to wear them. All the data supports it makes no difference in the healing. However I would wear mine for support especially when I was walking or it hurt worse. Whenever I laid down I would loosen it alot.
Wow. Welcome to the flat side. I'm kinda part way there. I have to have mine modified thursday. Your story is so inspiring. I've gained 5 lbs since last week and my surgery is thursday! So I'm gonna do adkins till surgery. You inspired me!
You're a true inspiration. I hope and pray I have such a positive outlook when I go thru this on 10/16.

This time last week Hummmm! 7 days post -op

This time last week I was just leaving to go to the hospital For my tummy tuck surgery... Hummmm! Now I am 7 days post -op I am feeling wonderful, Proud, Almost pain-free, Ready to embrace the rest of my life! That might be pushing it.... let Me change that.... the rest of the day!!! LOL
Yesterday I shared my story... While posting on someone else's profile, I Cracked myself up... She was dreading putting her pictures on her profile page... The pictures That we post are truly a diary of our future....
I said To her ...Do you remember the movie The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY
I said, us girls here At RealSelf have a few things backwards....
We Start with The UGLY, THE BAD, and The GOOD......
Think about that, There's As saying "Till I've walked in your shoes"
We are all different sizes... Shapes, Colors, Ages, And the list goes on ..... In the case of a Tummy tuck....We all have to start somewhere....lets call that a BBD (bad belly day) When we embrace in our body and mind, What we want for our future.....hence "The Bad"
"The UGLY" That's an easy one..(Us GirlsLoveYes) Yeah! we'd Love to see Ugly Go away!
Finally, "The GOOD" hummmmmm Well I, think I've run out of cleverness.... I guess because GOOD is different for everybody.... _ _ _ _ !!!!! You have to fill in the blanks yourself. We all want to be our personal best... So for the rest of the day I guess I am going to
LiveLoveBelieve. Wink Wink
(((Hugs))). (((Healing)) (((Good Vibes))
When my daughter is home and we have a kitty cat sitting on our lap We say I'm stuck!!!!!
Well I am stuck!!!! LOL
Glad your doing well! My cat wanted to jump up on the bed on to me and caught her self in mid jump, like she knew it wasn't a great idea. Funny how they sense their surroundings. Great story you have! Never to late to improve yourself!
I was just reading about your Drains Ouch are they any better now? I had a bit of stinging and pinching as well seems like I was putting a little bit too much tension on them... I hope you got some relief today. Did you ever notice when somebody yawns you tend to yawn as well.... It's just a reflex you can't control. But when your cat yawns at you and you Yawn back That is some serious sleep deprivation I've had insomnia Haven't my had much sleep in a week... I guess it's all the adrenaline I hope you're healing well... And you can get some sleep... Your Looking good get some rest! Nice belly button!!!!!! :-) ((((Hugs)))).
Ya I'm good. Guess the drain clogged during the night. I trained myself when I was about 15 not to yawn when everyone else does. I hated feeling so impressionable. I'm restless. I thought about getting my bike out, lol! Tomorrow I'm going to try to get out and do something. Even if it is just a car ride. Hope your doing well too! I feel kinda deformed today, I have hips and a waist, so weird.

TIME To: Take out the drains...... I got Spunk

Yesterday it was day seven post-op It was just one week ago that I had my tummy tuck...
I went to my surgeon late in the day Yesterday . Doc took out my Drains I asked him what exactly to expect ,He told me it might pinch or burn a bit I took a breath, The one on the right came out very quickly not much of a big deal ... The one on the left The drain must of been much higher up in my abdomen.It didn't really hurt But felt so odd....My left hand was resting on my Buddha Belly (I call it that because I'm still quite swollen) I felt the drain hose moving down under my skin.... Not painful it just a really felt weird.... Just part of the Tommy tuck experience...

I asked how I was healing ... Compared to much younger girls ...
I was reassured I was doing as well or better than most having a tummy tuck....
I think he likes my Spunk...

I sure feel like I have it Spunk!!!!!

Doc thought my bellybutton looked great... His nurse Rachel removed the stitches She was so gentle I didn't feel a thing..... It's official I have a newborn bellybutton..
It's a Cute One!!!!

Oddly, All that made me a bit nervous.... I was a concerned that
That area might not be healed enough.... I was wrong Everything is looking just right

Reality Just smacked me in the head

I am not a doctor... Just trying to be a model patient. LOL

I love my new flat belly!!!!!
I'm starting to look to buy a new compression garment.... I do not want one With legs and a crotch....

Any suggestions. Perhaps a corset type!!!! Suggestions welcomed
Sending warm hugs, And healing to everyone
Wow ! LLB I loved reading all your posts !! I think I may be babying myself too much ! I lay around alot and reading your blog and BLBNM I am not moving enough , my surgery was the 20th , 1 day after my 52nd birthday . And I have kinda just layed around . Sounds like I need to take a short walk today. You sound like you are doing amazing., thanks for all your updates and encouragement.
Spunk is a good thing!! Gotta have it lol. When my drains came out, looked as if he was getting ready to start a pull string motor!! WHEW felt like they was wrapped around my eyeballs!!
Having the drains removed ,It was definitely a most peculiar feeling... I've enjoyed my newfound liberation... To say the least, Makes pulling up your pants a pleasure. LOL

Nine days post – op My bellybutton debut

I just posted pictures of my Buddha Belly ( all bruised the Lipo suction)

I'd like you to meet my
"new bellybutton" I think I've got a winner! Girls I haven't had a bellybutton that could see the light of day for years ........omg..... I love it!
Hugs to all who are healing!!!!!
Remember, LiveLoveBelieve
Wow a whole new you. You look fab!
How are you?

Stilled Bruised ((Healing)) MY INCISION "A NECESSARY EVIL " 11 days Post-Op

Finally...a good night of sleep at least 6 hours straight ......yesterday, was a long day with moderate activity. OUTSIDE the house, when I got dressed I kept my compression garment on under my clothes, making me aware, that I am still healing!!
Tried to pull pro-op jeans , no way were they going to ZIP
....(under my CG my Doc wants me to keep extra pressure in certain areas...so I also have a good sized hand towel spread across my body ,...cinched under my Fashionable "necessity" AKA CG (quite the fashion statement)
Digging into a pile of Jeans.....earmarked to pass onto a charity ....I was delighted to find a larger pair jeans .... I was able to easily pull up and zip with ease ....It was shocking....even thought I felt like I had a "FAT SUIT ON..... "
My Belly was FLAT....it didn't even l@@k bad....my waist was defined.... It was out the door ....
The first stop was back go Doctor Rayfield my surgeon... 10 day Post-op...
He checked my stomach....he was making sure fluids were NOT building up under my skin , he seemed pleased, Doc told me to keep wearing (the necessary) aka CG for another week or so..... He said it was unlikely I would get any FLUID at this point, but not impossible... He took the tape off that was covering my incision( that did not hurt at all)

WOW only 10 days since I had my Tummy Tuck.......the incision is totally healed.....my stitches will devolve over time and the skin will flatten.....
It's an ongoing (((healing))) process.
Doctor Rayfield said call it anything looks different or if I had any questions call...
HE WISHED all his clients were as cheerful as me. return in 2 weeks....
I guess my GUSHY side was showing ......how can I not be totally thrilled..
y'all know
I LOVE MY NEW BELLY .........I really REALLY do.......

In my mind when I say to myself.... I DO " I really REALLY Do"
I kept hearing it with a little LISP..... hummmmmmmmmmmmmm
Then I had my Ahhhh haaaaaa moment.....
One of my childhood favorites PORKEY PIG Ahhhhhhh. Haaaaaaa. Mystery solved
I loved thar little pig LOL

We my hubby and myself .were out and about the rest of the morning ,visited an elderly aunt....she kept looking at me and finally said (" you've lost weight"). I see her often , so the fact that I did drop over 50 pounds would not of been why she complemented me. Even with my Fat Suit on...the necessary CG.
I don't why. Hummmmmmmm. It made me feel good. My response to my aunt was yep. I'm still working on it....I'm a work in progress. My inner smile was beaming!!!!!

I really am trying to fly under the radar...being that I have told so few people.....
Girls.....I just might have a problem. I Can Tuck.... Yes ,I said TUCK.....

The Word of the Day. TUCK IT.......TUCK IT....TUCK IT.....
You over there....just Tuck it

ok enough of that......When I got home I Zonked out...
3 hours later...I felt better ...

It 11 says post- op now and I am posting this...... I hope you are enjoying my journey
Took pictures .......hope ya like my pussy. ^..^. Just kiddin
Happy Halloween (((((Hugs))))
Lol, we have very similar preop bodies and one of the fist things i thought of after deciding on surgery was that i wont have to search high and low for long shirts to cover my front butt
Your day come along soon.... and then you'll be able to TUCK IT too.. You're right ,we Did have similar body types.... My tight pants picture showed my front butt . It's hard to believe that I don't have it anymore... I know I'm going to like it here: The Flat Side .....Is worth everything we have to go through.... Healing is a process!!!!!
Thanks its reassuring to see someone so similar to my shape. What was your weight? Hight? At surgery? How about weight now?

Oh tuck it. It was ELMER FUDDDDDDDD.

Oh tuck it. It was ELMER FUDDDDDDDD. I blew that one.
I DO. I Really REALLY DO. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really DID !!!!!! LOL
Girls ... Porky pig HE COULD USE A TUMMY TUCK..... What do you think ????
My hubby just said..... In his words " Dear SOMETIMES YOU CAN BE A Real
LOONEY TUNE !!!!!!!! "
And that's why he live ME
Today I'm going to rename my compression garment... Being that it makes me feel secure I will refer to it as "The necessary" Yes a basic requirement of life.... And I really think in the big picture of life. As my pop used to say "The jig is up" I'm going to flip it over to your profile now I just peaked at your pictures and you look awesome!!!!
Good morning to you too :) that is the first thing I go for is a cup of coffee, this is Day 9 , I need suggestions on how to get comfortable sleeping, I am not comfortable with the binder of for on , I feel like if I stretch I will break something open . SUGGESTIONS please ? I am going on an outing today for a pedicure , that isn't to much it will be relaxing ! And the pedi chairs are perfect ! I love getting up and reading all your posts , soooo fun, I look forward to my mailbox being full ! It's fun to do this journey with someone who can relate ! Ta ta for now !
6:30 AM... Brewing Morning coffee. Feeling much better, Laughter doesn't hurt anymore. I'm healing beautifully... I'm still not going to push it, It's Saturday I'd love to go to yard sales... And I might even sneak in a few, I haven't driven yet since my surgery (At this point it would not be a problem... ) Getting out and walking will give me more exercise... Then I get sitting here playing with my Electronic devices..LOL I'm not familiar with Suki Stackhouse... But I think she visited me 12 days ago.. I've got 2 curious (Vamp) Holes in my pubis.. Hummm. The area ( where my drains were) Is healing. But under the skin, Is quite tender... It feels as if I have a Peanut sized (Still in the shell).. Lumps under both of them... I'm sure it's from the trauma of having the drains There and then Removed. I hope it will soften over time. If it gets any worse I'll have to call my surgeon, For Peace of mind ..... It does hurt a bit when touched... Anybody ever have Similar Lumps???? If I can find my Uggs I'll post another picture of Puss n boots !!!! Hahaha Starting my day with laughter... ^••^ (((hug))) LiveLoveBelieve

A new name for MY "Compression Garment"

Good morning instead of the adrenaline rush, (I'm living my dream..)
running on an overdose of caffeine...

As I was preparing for my tummy tuck, Several months ago.. feeling my Jelly belly Flip-flopping Side to side in bed ....Easing into slumber. ... I would think about Dorothy, (that was my mother's name) But not That Dorothy.... I would think about Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz...
I would think about, What it was going to be like.... Having my tummy tuck... I would Lay there in bed feeling my loose skin,
Anticipating what it would be like, Not to have all that skin..... But like Dorothy, When morning came ..........I wasn't in OZ Anymore..... And that skin , Well I still had it.... Just hanging around....

On September 16, 2013 ( That afternoon I journeyed Back to OZ....)
My wizard waited for me, Along with my Jiminy cricket... I went into surgery... I was confident I had a brilliant surgeon... a Talented man, With his Steady hands... With his skill He Would be Able to sculpt my body, To make my dreams come true .
The anesthesiologist made me feel very comfortable.. In fact they really knocked me out... In no time at all... I woke up...... I was on the outside looking in..... I was not in Oz anymore .....I was on the Flat Side of OZ...... the end.
Oh yes, and on the flat side OZ I still have my Wizard after 40 years of marriage he's a keeper.....

Okay now to talk about my compression garment.... My first thought was to call it my depression garment..... No girls were not about depression we're about healing...... So that one went out the window...

I will now call my compression garment "The necessary"

The definition Mirriam Webster.... "Absolutely needed". Yep that be it..... "The necessary" I like the sound of that.

All you girls have a wonderful day... Me and my little buddy "The necessary". Are going to do the same.

One More subject:

I've had so much time the last 12 days.Since I had my tummy tuck
To reflect...
Got me thinking about a saying my pop used to say:

"The jig is up"

I think I now understand what it means...(This scheme of Deception is revealed....((( Foiled ))) )
I'm have been feeling so good, becoming more active , Slowly easing back into daily routine.
I know I'm still healing.... I really Shouldn't push Myself ...after all I am 60 years old. LOL

I am improving does this mean my husband's not going to wait on me hand and foot.... Will he figured out that I'm really doing much better, stronger day by day. After 40 years of marriage I'm going to try to milk it a little longer..... But

I am pretty sure "The jig is up"
It's Saturday, I'm going to take a ride in my car And if The car happens to stop at a yard sale.... That's just out of my control..

To my friends that are healing, & those Preparing themselves for their day .....To wake up one the flat side of Oz
(((There's no place like flat))))
I have had a muscle repair Love! Your blog did hurt my tummy. I enjoyed reading all the way!
Hey Honeydoo72. I like the way that rhymes... I give you credit for taking one such an enormous Kindness to yourself.... With three little children It's refreshing to see that You are looking at the big picture... And that Mr. grumpy gills Is on the train, When he's not trying to sneak in a nap.. Ha ha You asked How do you stay with the same man for 40 years . Being together 40 years with the same man.... I don't know who should get the gold medal me or him... To sum this up in a few words, Oh you read my blogs I rarely have a few words... I was a wild child of the 60s and 70s... Make love not war, At the time I met my wizard He was clean-cut and just got out of the service ...pI had tried just about everything else... It was the late 60s and the 70s ....When the subject of marriage was approached.. I thought why not live together Why get married??? But there was my family and his Italian family to be considered... They were totally old-school and marriage it would be... Not always a Bed of roses.... It took a bit of adjusting, I tend to be on the hyper, ADD, ADHD, A true all or nothing personality... As you can see by the postings on making on RealSelf.... I put it all out there... Now my wizard on the other hand, Is the most gentle laid-back loving , a bit introverted Man...... Who's got Quick wit, awesome sense of humor... Ain't hard to look at either!!! Wink wink And the story goes on.... I too am enjoying my recliner iPad and remote... Happy healing my friend I will follow your postings Keep milking it You can thank Mr. grumpy gills once you're healed LOL ((((Hugs)))). LoveLoveBelieve
Oh crud there's a bunch of typos sorry about that... One thing I forgot about that for your marriage, He married a quiet gentle man I think of him as Valium... He calms me As if I'm on drugs..... LiveLoveBelieve

I'm good At dishing it out ....NOW I have to practice what I preach" 12 days post

I'm usually bright eyed and bushytailed a true morning person.... But this morning, I think I'm still in recovery... Hi my name is LiveLoveBelieve ..... (This is tummy tuck anonymous Isn't it ) I thought I Knocked on The right door...
All along I've said , " I am not the preacher "
In fact I know I'm still in recovery...

We all can't be like my #1 Competitor .... Y'all know who I'm talking about ...BBNM ......hahahah
I think she's actually part android... Just kidding!!!! I'm so happy, She is such a strong woman For being in the 60++++ Club. We rock!!!!!
I'm only 12 days post – op Whatever was I thinking !!!!
Yesterday I felt like I got (a get out of jail free card) You know from Monopoly..... My husband was leaving for the day, To help a friend... Like a little kid reaching inside the cookie jar... I felt so good I Got dressed, Grabbed the car keys... I decided to go shopping... My day didn't start or end with shopping ...
For some unbeknownst reason my car kept stopping....I Must've gone to a dozen yard sales.. In and out of the car , Of course I knew I had to be careful Slowly carefully getting Getting in and out Of the car .
Yard sales are Just one of my Secret addictions.....I love yard sales ,I love junk. At 60 years old I truly need nothing... It's the thrill of the chase...
$3.00 A very sweet princess dress for my granddaughter.. I got my bargain for the day.. $10.00 For the gas I spent driving around...

Then off to target... Found two very nice camisoles, lots of spandex.... With the hope that "The Necessary "aka CG Won't be necessary for much longer... But I do think I'll be wearing it for a while...blahhhhhh Well, You all know that when you get a store like Target .... They have everything... I needed creamer, Fresh fruit, I never thought I'd be saying Sexy bikini underwear.... Well they just happened to... fall in my cart.... LOL

Then I stopped by our friends house to see how my wizard was doing His carpentry skills ...Still intact I found a yard chair sat under a Maple-tree, And relaxed .... Sitting there Was lovely The sun was warm, With a nice breeze... And no mosquitoes! (I just had to add that)
By then it was After 4 o'clock.. I was exhausted ..
I started scheming in my brain to get takeout food For dinner. Totally too exhausted to cook.... At least that was my plan and I'm sticking to it...

By 6 PM my wizard put away his tools, On the way home picked up takeout at a new seafood restaurant... Broiled seafood combo Platter for the both of us to Share,(I still don't have much of an appetite but I was hungry)

Finally I was home in my recliner... Like Nancy Kerrigan saying whyyyyy
Whyyyyy. FYI (If you didn't know Nancy Kerrigan was the Olympic ice skater that was beat up Back in 1994. )
I guess I am my own worst enemy At times... a self abuser... Just call me Tonya Harding( Tonya Harding hired the hitman that beat up Nancy Kerrigan .....) LOL
Blogging to you girls About healing, Taking it easy, Not taking my own advice... Totally Insane .....
by 8 o'clock Last night I felt like crap... So tired I couldn't think straight...
I sat in my chair To read my emails.... I had not the mental energy, physical awareness.... Oh crap I got that one backwards..... Meant to say "mental awareness..... Physical energy." LOL
I sat quietly... Reflected on my day... Told myself, This healing things a process.....

So today my friends.... He and my new best friend "Recliner"
Are attached at the hip....
So that's what I did yesterday, Way too much activity.
I don't think I'm any to Worst

Me and my best friend "Recliner"

It Ticks ...me off when I post my update And I'm still babbling on...& on....
I didn't get to edit the last paragraph...
I was saying I don't think I'm any worse for wear .....
But I did learn yesterday....
All us girls at "Tummy Tuck anonymous" No matter what step of the Tummy Tuck Ladder we are on..... Either preparing for surgery or healing...
We Must be kind to Ourselves Prepare our minds and heal our bodies.... For me , My name is LiveLoveBelieve .... And I've been on the flat side for 12 days. Like I said yesterday The flat side of OZ. :-)
No matter what your age....

There's a lot going on both inside And outside..
We all should just be so proud of ourselves... That we've made this decision, To love our bodies.. And live our lives to the fullest...
((Hugs)). LiveLoveBelieve

Okay, BBNM. Tag you're it!!! LOL
WOW, what a difference with those same pants!!!! You go girl!
Thanks!!!! For an old broad I feel pretty good!
Loved reading ur review! I wish i wouldve found it sooner. Your transformation is coming along great. I know what you mean about rubbing buddha's belly. Ive been rubbing mines too like when i was pg. i cant wait to see you in 2 more weeks!

" Brevity is the Soul of Wit... Can't believe the freakin' pants Fit" it's been 2 weeks today....since I crossed over the the

OMG! Same PANTS same place ......
the wall of shame....the wall is now my "HAPPY PLACE. ......just renamed.....

Saw the pre-op Pants ( my yard sale find $1.00 ) this morning...the ones from previous pictures that I was adorning....

The pants that my BUTT BELLY just looked like Jelly.....
"Why not try them back on ....." I said to me....try them on and we will See...

Check out the pictures....and you will see me...the pants they fit....hehehe

Good morning all my friends ...... Word this morning is "BREVITY"
Brevity is the soul of Wit.....
Composing in my mind....more to come later....
((((Hugs)))). I Love Being ME......
Oh my gosh !!, both of you bbnm and llb crack me up!!! Love it ! Can't believe you can wear clothes aor should I say a suit and be comfortable ,I am still dependent on my CG :)
Sometimes the ocean just calls for me... I Live so close there's no excuse We should go over and walk Along the beach every day. During the winter On mild days... Especially Posted my daily blog ... It did feel really weird Today without The necessary aka CG..... I know my doctor tightened all my muscles..... In my belly he then Sewed me up like a Victorian corset.... Without the necessary aka CG I realize.... I feel like I am a Victorian corset... LOL Everything is so tight.... But Today at the beach it was worth All the discomfort.... Struckin my stuff down the beach... Priceless You'll have to get back in your bathing suit next week after you get your drain out.... I'm going to flip over to your blog... I have a quick couple questions for you! Hugs LiveLoveBelieve
The way you tell your stories is so original and unique and so CREATIVE!!! LOVE reading every one of yor blogs! What a comparison---old 1972 Oldmobile versus MADEOVER 60 year old woman! Bet your 60 year old motor is running more smoothly than that 1972 old car. It would cost your husband MUCH more money to restore th t old car than the cost of your TT!!!! He's clearly a great guy that husband of yours, not begrudging you anything you want! I'm sure he's loving your renovation too!! Even if they'd never admit it a lot of guys prefer a skinny woman at their side! Ever hear a guy whistle at a big, fat woman???

15 Days Post-op. Renovations complete...."Time to get on the Road Again".

15 days Post-op.
Good Afternoon everyone...I had a good night sleep, It was the first night In 2 weeks , I got to sleep In bed next to my WiZard...
I can only lay flat on my back, I might add , it's an aching back, propped with a wedge and pillows... It's difficult , it burns and causes shooting pain at at the edges of my incision to lay on my side.... Whenever will I be able to roll over, just lay on my side ? ( I am a side sleeper)

Getting up to Pee during the night, was easier than I thought it would be.... 5am wide awake, I did not want or disturb My Wizard , Back to the recliner..... iPad by my side...
At that time, early in the morning my mind starts to churn .... Sleep no longer an option!!!

I've Enjoyed writing ( Some would say rambling ) & reading Daily entries here... on RealSelf ...

Such exciting times we are sharing. Crossing over to the The Flat Side! we don't walk alone.... Tummy Tuck anonymous, A sisterhood TT ers , Live Interaction Real time...were walking in the same shoes ....
Okay enough of that... Ya get the idea :-)

Somewhere in what I write, I think there is a message. LOL

My wizard, just thinks I'm full of hot air... Telling me like it is, Says I'm obsessed with this Blog. Blah blah blah.....

I just started thinking about a word : "rationalization"
We all Rationalize.... (We Make excuses) ... On occasion we sabotage ourselves... By rationalizing...When we rationalize, then we pay for it. (We justify Our behavior....)

I used to think whether or not I. could eat that one piece of Chocolate... After all, chocolate is full of antitoxins.... And they're good for us right?

I would say to myself , "self" I'll take that extra mile walk Tomorrow... I can eat These two extra pieces of pizza. "Not"
We can't help ourselves it's , what we all do it... It's human nature.
If you flip, the way you think to Self-awareness & consciousness Can make for change .. Then we become accountable..
Moving on.....

How many of our husbands are gadgets guys, buy the newest phone...the fancy car...motorcycles , & all of that leather stuff that goes with it ! ( Hummmm Nothing wrong with leather LoL ) ....Xbox ... Video games.... Play golf ... On and on and on.... I think you get my drift.... It's okay if your men indulge Themselves it's human nature.

(FYI I love men)

so many of us feel like we have to Control our excess spending ....but then we. buy that new CD of pair or earrings any way.....the money could or should be used or saved..... Grrrrrrrrrr

RealSelf women want to improve our bodies, Live our dream, make our fantasy come true, Move onto the flat side... Indulge ourselves......

We agonize about spending such a huge amount of money on ourself....
We feel self-indulgent ...... We want to heal our inner spirit follow our dream .... Spend the money, Live the dream. I say yes!!!
We should and baby I did... It didn't send us to the poorhouse it did cut into our retirement... But my pop used to say "You can't take it with you"
Now to continue.... Really I'm not done chatting it up yet!!!! My blog really does have a punchline...

Now I'm going to rationalize....... No Nix that word..
Hypothetically Speaking I'm going to be self-indulgent!!!

I am like the old car, The 72 Oldsmobile 442 ...(the one my wizard indulged himself with When he got out of the Navy) ,when we first met In 1972.... It was a Beautiful yellow muscle car, it could blow anybody off the road... Back in the day When we were young and carefree....

My scenario is:
I am that OLD CAR 60 years old Model ..... I'm not a motorhead but I know that old cars can be renovated...... Some can be priceless!
I have a lot of good years left in me... My chassis was a little rusted rough around the edges..... My inner tubes were overinflated (It was evident by the way I overflowed my pants)
I put myself in the body shop.. September 16, 2013
My surgeon Dr. David Rayfield .....Laced up my interior like a fine Victorian Corset (Thank you Dr. Rayfield)
Removed the X-cess In my case skin (My overinflated tires..)
Removed excess fluids. (Lipo)
(Again thank you) Merci Tusind Tak Gracias !!!!!
Wrapped me in a sham
And placed me in a recliner... My new Refurbished finish almost showroom quality.... Garaged me in a recliner to Heal.....
Available for a ride around the block in a month... My wizard can't wait!!! Wink wink

I told my Wizard ......to justify spending the money for my tummy tuck,
Baby, I am the new car that we are NOT getting!!!!!!
I'm the old car that you Loved so much, When we first met in 1972
Renovated almost Mint condition!!!! Ready to get on the road again!!!!
The end......


When I first started my journey and decided that having a tummy tuck I didn't realize it would be the first day of the rest of my life.

We are wealthy by no means My husband's been retired and we been on a fixed income for the last seven years.

I knew We were going to be spending quite a pretty chunk of change... My wizard has never begrudge me anything I've wanted.... I'd be looking at things in jewelry cases or in fancy stores and he'd say if you want to get it...
I am like that old car,, The Oldsmobile 442
I see myself, My true self,

Time too, check out the renovations

"Getting my feet wet" 16 Days

This morning I went without my compression garment... Put on my bathing suit hummmm 3 weeks ago that sucker was tight... My bathing suit fit nicely today...
Car is Renovated and out of the shop....
10 minutes Road trip to the Beach .

Yes it is that hot in New Jersey!!! 84°.. Water 69° In fact this is the best time of year the tourists have cleared out...the beaches are very private . Oh yeah and it was a great feeling.... Walking down the beach with my Wizard... I Jokingly said to him, " Can I be your trophy wife? I snickered a little.... He looked at me and said,"You already are". And how damn cute is that.... He always says the right things :-)
Sitting with my chair in the water Not even three weeks since my surgery.... Life is good!

Almost 6 PM I'm back home now in my recliner ....ahhhh, The Necessary aka CG back on I Didn't think I'd say it feels good putting the necessary aka back on It gives me such a secure feeling ,my belly Is swollen again like Buddha ...

I'm home. Exhausted.. Relaxation Is the plan for the rest of the Evening.....
After sitting in my wet bathing suit a Portion of the afternoon...
I did have a bit of a burning Sensation along my incision.... Skin Along the incision is healed completely , I believe the salt water Is good for healing. I am No worse the wear.
Tomorrow's another day
((( Hugs)))
Glad you were able to enjoy some time away.
How wondeful! I hope you got out today as well!
Overdid it again today..tonight chilllin' why am I pushing myself so hard? When am I ever gonna learn.....gonna our myself....I don't practice what I preach..grrrrrr

Our lives are a "Real Soap Opera.... " I've certainly got the "Gift of Gab "

Good Morning,

My disclaimer...( These picture were made available, because of my Sister Tummy Tucker BlubberBelly No More...who shared with all us gals her latest updated photos...) she is one "Funny Flat Tummy Tucker...." Hehehe
If anyone is following our TRUE Journey.....Well, her and I have a bit of "ONE UPMANSHIP going on......
We both are +60 year old women who in the AUTUMN of our Lives literally. ( Fall 2013 ) We have been blessed ..... We have WONDERFUL lives, & supportive husbands...we have on our own terms embraced our inner WOMAN..l ( no one else ) endeavored over to
" THE FLAT SIDE OZ....." That is a description about what my journey has become....written about ( Day 12 Post-op )
I know these pictures have been previously been shown. But SIDE by SIDE....
I'm even blown away....

For me I wear " the necessary" CG, at night and most all the day,.in the morning FLAT Belly......
I am still swollen in Flanks...either my Doc didn't Lipo enough fat out. I'm hoping that's not the reason... Nevertheless puffy....
There is a lot of swelling on my LOVE HANDLES.....I think I'm just worrying for. Nothing....it hasn't even been 3 weeks... All my TT sisters are reassuring....you say it's gonna get better, take shape,
Well my waist is pretty funny.....like the LARGE Hourglass the Evil Witch turns over in the Original Wizard of Oz....... My WAIST is on the HALF HOUR.... One side of me is contoured ....if I do say so QUITE nice....my left side....NO SHAPE at all.....like down the top of a Ski Slope....STRAIGHT....hummmm no contour yet!!!!
I imagine my DOC took equal amounts of fat.... I hoping the contour will take shape in the future....

Yesterday I used a warm washcloth and soap...to loosen tiny scabs....around my New Belly Button...( I'm still have a love affair with my new BellyButton) in fact I knew it was LOVE AT First Sight...
My Old BellyButton had become a recluse....hiding in my caverns of fat for years....hidden in the darkness... My excess skin enabled the 'Ol BellyButton to hide from the light of day barely able to be seen.....SOOOOO
Ya can't miss something ya can't see!!! LOL

I took a warm washcloth soapy water to loosen tiny little scabs on the outer rim.....
I said " BELLYBUTTON. You clean up pretty good....I said...." It took only a couple of minutes and the crusty stuff dissolved....I'll have a BB photo shoot within the next few days.
I've been rubbing both BIO-Oil and Palmers onto my incision.....I don't think it will hurt to change it up and use 2 different products .. The incision needs stimulation. it is numb and thick in areas. It needs to smooth out...... it's looking good to me...
A Side by Side photo will be posted soon....

My mind is like a soap opera.. "Days of our BellyButtons " "As the Bodies Changes" " General Anesthesia ". okay enough.... Hehehe
I am a an Old bored Broad with alot of sitting around healing to do...... your have to forgive ME after-all ...... "I am old enough to know better... Young enough not to give a TUCK... "Oh yeah I think it was suppose to be care......LOL

A lot of YOU are young TummyTuckers could be " ALL MY CHILDREN ". LOL
anyone reading my semi-daily BLOG already knows.....
My mind is a whimsical, yet a serious place....willing to give emotional support all ya ......Ya just have to do is open up....SHARE.....yet more with the personality of
Jekyll & Hyde ..... Heckle & Jekyll ..... Mutt & Jeff ..... Tom & Jerry.... The coyote & the Roadrunner....etc....

On the same Soap Opera theme....WE all made this CHOOSE as WOMEN....what channel to put on...preparing to make these change to our bodies WE WALK TOGETHER.....
I might be dating myself I am a Child of the 1950's...their Titles hold True: for all us women around the world...

Search for Tomorrow.....Love of Life....Valiant Lady....Woman with a Past...The Best Years... North of 60.......Crossroads....Take the High Road....The Cut....The Newcomers...,The Brighter Day....General Hospital...Bright Promise...The Best of Everything...The Bold & the Beautiful....Love is a Many Splendored Thing..... And finally.........Where the Heart Is
All.....Titles that could be used describe........our Journey here at RealSelf....akaTUMMY TUCK ANONYMOUS

Today is another slow paced day in ((( healing ))))
Sending (((( healing hugs ))))). ((((( good vibes ))))). Be kind to yourselves...
Another masterpiece of an update!!!! My day has been quite dull so far but your update cheered me right up (as usual)!! It's cold and overcast here and I'm not feeling terribly energetic or motivated to get out. I'll be going to a movie tonight and hopefully have a few good laughs.
LOVE the side by side!! Looking great Mama!
Isn't that amazing, when you compare side to side pics? You're doing so wonderful, no doubt it's that great attitude. You've rubbed off on me a bit, I've been embracing the good instead of wallowing in the bad and find I am improving faster. Thank you. :)

Oh...WE HAVE PROBLEMS !!! Trying to avoid.. scratchin' like a hound

For some of you girls this may have a "R" rating...reader beware!!!!!

Just when I was going to ask my surgeon about resuming physical married activities in the near future........yes it's true just because we've been married over 40 years..... I certainly am not dead ( in fact I'm pretty sexy ....with my cute little Betty button and Flat Belly.... and my Italian Wizard hummmmmm well he's Italian...that should say it all. LOL

Something like this has occurred at this time in our marriage....
to keep us apart...in fact forcing us to sleep I separate rooms..
Why now, when I am feeling life a songbird flitting around....Proud as a Peacock...
Lovin' Life.......

My Wizard...aka Husband while helping a friend several days last week outside....exposed himself to a massive amounts of Underbrush .......my Wizard caught Poison Ivy...what started as a few blotches..Now the ugly truth.... his arms and upper body...covered with poison Ivy oozing, itchy...
I am scared to death it's going to come over to THE FLAT SIDE...

The Wizard has to sleep alone: ( as in the old rhyme )
....the wizard sleeps alone--- the wizard sleeps alone ----high ho the dairy oh
The wizard sleeps alone....

I am Truly afraid his Poison Ivy will spread and I'll get it on my binder or clothes ..etc... I am washing everything ....yuck..... I am treating him like he has leprosy...
I do feel bad for him....having to be so distant.... Just when I am at the point of my recovery that we could of gotten together. ..( If ya get my drift ). Wink wink It ain't happening now!!!! LOL

Thru out the weekend I stopped at several yard-sales...I love flea markets, but mostly yard sales.... Finding treasures, discarded items...giving them a new meaning... Got a laundry basket full of little girls clothes very lightly worn and all the right size.... for about $6.00 for my granddaughter. What a bargain

My stamina is getting stronger.....My body healing well....my BellyButton is lookin' pretty good.... I'll post a side by side later ) both my incision and belly button...

I am starting to put a very soft EAR plug like ( memory foam) in my belly button to give it an open appearance.... If anybody knows how long i should keep it in my navel daily....I don't want to use a marble like others before me have used ( I think a marble would be to big...)
I don't know why I want to do this ...l just think it would be more defined...
Any feedback ???

I am also going to check with my surgeon Monday.. About swelling in-between the top of my pubis and the incision...there is one area that is excessively swollen looks like a Walnut under my skin...
is it fluid buildup ???? Any feedback??

That's all Folks....
Gotta wash the Wizards bed sheets.....
Can't get the lyrics out of my brain!!!! The Coasters - Poison Ivy Lyrics

Poison ivy, poison ivy
Late at night while you're sleepin'
Poison ivy comes creepin', around

A common cold'll fool ya
And whooping cough can cool ya
But poison ivy, Lord'll make you itch

You're gonna need an ocean of calamine lotion
You'll be scratchin' like a hound
The minute you start to mess around

La da la da la da
La da la da la da

((((Hugs)))) ((((Healing)))) (((( Good Vibes )))) ((((Positive Attitude))))

I just got over poison ivy about 4 months ago. Nasty, bumpy, weeping mess. Now about being contagious. The poison part of the ivy is the oil on the vine and that's what gets on the skin. Once the oil is washed off, it's no longer contagious. Meaning you can't touch a bump, then touch another part of your skin and then break out. BUT, anything hubby touched before he showered could still have the oil on it. Good idea to wash anything he touched before showering like his clothes and bath towels. Praying everything heals as it should. You look awesome.
Thanks all I know is I'm not getting anywhere near his poison ivy... Just had fun with my camera and posted side-by-side before and after pictures... Your day will be here soon.... I'm thrilled!
I might sequester myself when it's my time. That incision really scares me.

Compare Pictures Side by Side

Having fun with the camera side-by-side updates...... This is the shortest Update you're going to get from me!!!! Enjoy the pictures I am.
Even though you're still swollen you still look awesome!!! You'll be as flat as a pancake before you know it!!! LOVE the side by side shots!!!! Fun little program, eh?? I wish I had taken one of those bent over BEFORE shots too. Darn, now there's no going back!!! I'm a bit more swollen than usual today after walking for an hour and doing a bit too much around the house. Also my appetite is back and my sodium intake is probably too high!!
You're looking great! Congrats!
Thanks!!!! Three weeks today! Just posted more side by side belly button pictures...

Belly button pictures... Side-by-side 21 days.

Hi girls it's been three weeks since my tummy tuck Surgery. My body is still healing, a bit of swelling, I still require wearing The necessary
My belly button is awesome and my incision is healing well! I had fun taking side-by-side photos here's one of my belly button .
Before surgery and three weeks after surgery!
Old belly button Is a frown ..... A smile upside down. :(
I think I like my new belly button !
In fact, I love my new belly button!

Being able to share my story, Getting to know a lot of you girls has been wonderful part of my journey. A huge part of healing...
It is a sisterhood of sorts Helping each other , Listening to each other ,working through the pain, Sharing laughter, Healing and Encouragement.... it's all good!!!!!

anyone wondering if they should do this for themselves....
It's only been 3 weeks a mere 21 days....
I reach down where is my rolls of fat used to be .. I am Flat...
I know I will be forever changed...
I catch a reflection of myself In the mirror.... I truly like who I see...
it's not only me who has this feeling,

It's all you girls who've walked this path before me!!!!
Thank You for letting me read your stories & For being so selfless.....
sharing , caring, it all helped me make the decision to move forward...

If I can help anyone all you need to do is ask... (((Hugs)))
Glad things are looking good for you. Thnx for the pics. Hope you continue to have a smooth recovery
Thank you ! every day is a bit brighter... When I wake up my tummy is flat like a pancake... By midafternoon the swelling begins .... Once my internal stitches dissolve I imagine everything will Smooth out!!!!! Not bad for an old broad if I say so myself! (((Hugs)))) LiveLoveBelieve
LLB- you are so refreshing!--I love your blog- :0) Rock on Mama!

Ahhhhhhh So many Clothes... Gotta Clean the Closet!!!!

I am OVERWHELMED.....trying to loosen the Load....the load of oversized clothes in my closet, my life....
Totally overwhelmed, losing weight and gaining weight so many times over the years.... You know girls what I'm talking about...if the pants are tight ( maybe next month....they'll fit then..., I'll lose weight they'll fit....GOTTA SAVE THEM...
When you'd lose some weight ( better save the loose pants...might GAIN... Might need them again if I gain......
Hope not, but better save them too.
The UP & DOWNS....
Boxes,containers,closet full of the WHAT IF I NEED THEM...oh that's such a nice sweater, OH I wish I could wear that again...
Then like most women Oh a SALE.... we buy more ...and more...every season more
Weeding is something ya do in the yard....can't toss those clothes...get a grip...

I always pushed the larger clothes to the back of the closet and that is why I am
I'm on the FLAT SIDE till death do us part!!!! LOL
I'm 60 years old....just had a life changing ahhhhhh haaaa moment....
My BODY has changed...I will never wear these oversized garbs....
I FEEL so good ( and without sounding totally conceited ) for a old woman, I'm kickin' it ....
LOOKING pretty good. I might even push the envelope and say...
"SEXY AT 60"
( old baggy,unbecoming oversized garbs....) shouldn't be part of my future...
I need to give myself permission to let all these garments gooooo
Truly MATERIAL items, a little PUN FUN.....
Making piles, filling boxes, saving WHY..... OH Please let me figure this out quickly...

Anybody else have this problem..
For the remainder of the week .....cleaning out the closet.....

Not related to my Surgery.... I am posting pictures and a Video
"My Wizard rescuing ^..^ my GOOFY long HAIR CAT. "
last night....Meow. ^..^ Meow he was missing all day it rained most the day...
^..^ I heard him, it was dark, finally UP in a tree 35-40 foot up there was our Goofy Cat...
Meow. ^..^
I called for my Wizard, who came toting a large ladder.He could not reach the goofy cat who was crying Meow-Meow. ^..^
My Wizard got a cat basket and attached a 6 foot extender ( a 6 foot 2X4 ). ^..^
Hoping the Goofy Cat had 1/2 a brain...
Video....GOOFY CAT does have 1/2 a brain
Rescue complete....and not even THANKS
Once again a cat ^..^ gets his humans to serve him!
Good night girls

Cat rescue

Pictures of goofy cat rescue
Sorry girls I'm trying to post the video and I'm not having much success try later
Hi how are you doing?
Hey lady are you ok ? 
Hey where you at?

Updated pictures 4 1/2 weeks post-op

I have to brush the cob-webs off my keyboard...Time has gotten away from me Sorry.... I really didn't fall off the face of the earth, maybe a bit of post-op depression---maybe not...
I tried to sit down and post quite a few times, but one thing lead to another and I blew if off, keeping busy with everyday things, at the same time feeling a bit guilty...
Sorry to all my RealSelf friends....I feel like I've been detached, and that isn't who I am :-)
******* I get the prize for being the worse communicator ********
I think I had a bit of a Pity Party going on and I was the only one on the guest list.... GEEZ LOUISE
I'm back girls....it irks me that I've been such a poop!
Now I got that out of my system...how are all my friends healing ? I have thought of ya all often...

It's Friday, in 3 days my Wizard and myself leave for 2 weeks in Ireland, to stay with our daughter, husband and grandson...
I am so happy that my body has healed so well from my surgery and this trip is possible.
I took a couple of NEW pictures to update my - incision - and my belly button.
Most mornings I wake up and it's still a bit surreal....The Flat Side OMG!!!!!!
My closet is emptied out of most all my "Big Girl Clothes" such a great liberating feeling... I am comfortable in a Size 8-10....Girls,I definitely can live with that
Later Friends
Yay! Your back , I was worried about you. I'm glad your feeling better . Have a great trip to Ireland!!
Welcome back!! You were missed!! you are going to have so much fun taking that flat stomach on a European Tour girl!!
Looking great!!!!! Have fun in Ireland..

Another Itchy Bitchy night

Itchy Bitchy Venting....Grrrrrrr
This is what's going on with me again tonight...Hives itchy bitchy hives....
I've been getting Hives on my head under my hair & along my incision almost daily for a couple of weeks....they settled in on my New Flat Belly again tonight Grrrrrr
Sharing pictures....cause I can .LOL
I've coped with Hives for many years they are my achilles' heel...my body acts out.....
I totally think it's caused by stress...,it's been a challenge getting ready for our trip... But it has finally fallen in place. Bags are packed,passports and everything ready....
Trying to Relax, and remain Positive.. I know this to will pass...
Thanks for listening...tomorrow night off to Ireland
(((Hugs to everyone))))
Hope your doing good !
(((Hugs and Happy New Years!!!))) Talk to you soon!
Another friend checking in. How are you LLB? Hope your trip was good. How's the tummy?

Reflections 2013 NEW YEARS EVE UPDATE

NEW YEARS EVE 2013 update!!!!!!
Hello Everyone,
I know it's been a long while since I've posted
As the minutes tick by and this year 2013 ends....
An afternoon of Reflection...
Sitting in my recliner silently being grateful for so much.
I decided enough is enough.
At different times in my life since I've been in my 30's.... I have allowed hives to rule or ruin moments in my life.
The past two months, I've stayed to myself wallowing in self pity...it really hasn't changed a thing... Still itchin'& bitchin' LoL
I thought about the saying... "If I cant't say something nice don't say anything."
Hummmmmm ya might ask "how's that working?"
Well it's NOT!!!!! After smacking myself along side my head I've woken up opened my eyes grabbed my iPad and here I am :-)
Sharing the good & the bad is really what this site **RealSelf** is.....
isn't it my friends. The simple word SORRY....sums up my silence.

HEALING from my September 16th TummyTuck Surgery has been remarkable
I will post new pictures early up in January 2014.
My weight is maintaining under 155.... Although it is up 3-5 pounds.....
I do question how with all the holiday temptations that were constantly surrounding me, I highly recommend the almond Biscotti... LoL!

New Year Eve 2013 reflecting on myself......
My new flat Tummy reflecting back at me in the mirror

New Years Eve 2013 reflecting on my Friends and Family.... I am grateful to everyone who supported me thru this journey....
Please know, even if I haven't written to you...you've been in my heart!!!!!!
Happy New Year 2014 to all my **REALSELF** friends

(((((Healing & HUGS)))))
You look great!
Just read your story....it was great! Thank you for sharing your humor and life with all of us. Congratulations on the restoration. Give the Wizard a hug....sounds so much like my Prince Charming :-D
My wizard keeps my spirits up, he is a quiet gentle man, with the most amazing sense of humor, I think after over 41 years together it rubbed off. Laughter definitely reduces stress... My upcoming surgery 2/12/2014 for my Breast-Lift-Reduction will complete my body sculpting makeover..... Thank for reading my story, glad you enjoyed it. Are you planning a transformation yourself? ((Hugs)) LLB

*** 4 months post-op Photo -update ***

Hello to all my RealSelf friends!!!!!
It's now been four months post-op I feel wonderful, very happy with my choice to have had a TummyTuck at age 60.
I wanted to post a couple of new updated photos of my results.
My scar is beginning to fade
I do have a ripple (dogs ear) on my right hip area ( this is going to be repaired/fixed next month during my next surgery......
Yes girls.....
Surgery Feburary 12 I am going to have a
Breast-lift /Breast reduction.
My G-cup breasts are going to be down-sized and lifted .....
Doctor David Rayfield my trusted skilled cosmetic surgeon will once again do the surgery.
I will add this procedure to my
Real-Self profile.
I need a crash course of what to expect ......from all you wonderful woman who have walked this path.
Enjoy my updated pictures of my Tummy. (((( Hugs to all )))))
What a transformation! Congrats to you! I also had a breast reduction (years ago) and I am still SO happy I did! (It was in 1997). I am 11 weeks today with my TT.
Thanks gal, just read your profile your l@@king Great! Slow and steady your still healing inside....I know I feel my little lumps here and there under my incision and in my belly......My internal stitches in my tummy.....my permanent corset!!!! It's what keeps. us Flat (a small price to pay) Tell me more about your Breast-Reduction....I am just starting to gather information A crash course of what to expect.. I have been told it's a easier surgery than our TT 's ;-). Hummmmm (((Hugs)))
It's definitely a lot easier than a tummy tuck! OMG! Mind you, it hurts and there's healing involved, but nothing like this TT 9in my opinion). I had it done in 1997! I went from DD's to a C. I am now a B cup due to weight loss. I love my little boobs! I have full sensitivity in my nipples and I was even able to breastfeed (mainly pumping) when I had twins in 2011. I was told I would probably not be able to ever breastfeed (I was 22 when I had the surgery). In any case, you're going to be so happy you did it! I posted a picture as well in my Review under the 10 week mark showing how WHITE my scar is from that surgery.

I am REALLY doing it.....Breast-Lift-Reduction ***scheduled 21 days from today*** February 12th 2014

Yep, After having such a successful TummyTuck just 4 months ago, my results are better than this old broad would of hoped for....
I joked about by sagging Boobs shortly after my Tummy Tuck...my girls 34G Boobs lost their resting place, ( they used to rest nicely on my upper belly roll ) they now are hanging lower than ever. TMI LOL

I started contemplating a Breast-Lift-Reduction shortly after my tummy tuck Sept. 2013 . Reading my friends profiles here on RealSelf , so many successful surgeries opened my eyes wider to my possibilities.... Smaller Breasts might be in my future.
At that time my husband ( AKA my Wizard) didn't even want to enter into a conversation with me about my Boobs....
Well this 'Ol gal now 61 years ain't gettin' any younger.
Why not.... Grab the Brass Ring
So my last TT appointment with a Doctor Rayfield I also scheduled a consult to be coincided for a Breast-Lift. I scheduled my Breast-Lift-Reduction surgery that day.
(FYI after almost 41 years of marriage, my Wizard knew it was fruitless to try and discourage me once my mind is made up)
I did let him know before I signed the contact LoL
Surgery 3 weeks from today 2/12/2014.
I am beginning prepare myself once again for a life altering positive change.
I am not clear which review I should post this on....Tummy Tucks or Breast-lift-reduction. I'm gonna put it on both profiles for now....
((( hugs to all who are healing))) (((good vibes for all preparing for surgery)))
Wishing you the best on your next journey.
Thanks Good hearing from you old friend... I am preparing myself for Round 2 . I am very excited to have a Breast-Lift-Reduction... I just posted a couple new pictures wearing Jeans to send to my Brother (aka Jimity Cricket) (((Hugs))) LLB
Good to hear from you again ! Your tummy looks great , & I can't wait to hear about your new boobs! Good for you!

*** Totally Tucked Today *** just over 4 months Post-Op*** l@@king Pretty Tucking g@@d

Hello All.....
Put my Jeans on this morning, tucked my tank, put on a belt, grabbed my iphone
Snapped a couple of pictures.
4 months Post-Op.... Feeling like I l@@k pretty TUCKIN' good for a 61 year old Broad.....
Ya know were always checking out our incisions... l@@king closely at ourselves since our Tummy Tucks.
Well, I wanted to send my brother ( my Jimity Cricket ) an updated photo of my results...I've never showed him any Half/Naked shots.... SERIOUSLY GIRLS .
He's my Brother LOL
WANTED to Share a couple of pictures wearing clothes......
Rock those jeans lady!!! You definitely have me inspired to get movin once I'm healed. (((Hugs back at ya)))
I had my pre-op appointment for Breast-lift today....added more Lipo to be done on my flanks... 2/12/2014 I do have a slight difference between my left and right side, since my TT. My right side is fluffier, I can pinch an inch....I could live with it but, I thought what the heck...while I'm under anesthesia GETerDone.... LOL a bit more Lipo on my flanks, it added $$$ but only for my surgeon... The operating room , anasteslist were already included in my current contract... What ever was I thinking ....signed the contact yet again, made plans to include more Lipo on 2/12/2014. Ahhhhhh!!! Compression garment yet again... (((Healing Hugs HappySuzy))). (((Rest my Friend)))) LiveLoveBelieve
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anesthesiologist SPELL check Sucks LOL

Pre-Op appointment today!!! Added additional Lipo on my flanks

Pre-Op appointment today!!!
28 Jan 2014......
14 days pre
Had Pre-Op appointment today
15 Days time is ticking 2/12/2014 will be here be I know.
I was relaxed talking with my doctor, he went over exactly what is going happen the day of surgery. He said he feels my Breast-Lift-reduction will be really successful, a big change for me.
Got scripts to be filled for antibiotics to start the day before surgery, already had pain meds from my TT ( they are still good)
During my Breast-Lift,
Doctor Rayfield is doing a revision ( tiny dog ear) on my TT incision.
A result from healing after my tummy tuck.
We talked about a having him do a bit more Lipo on my flanks
You are getting your boobies lifted to the ceiling on my birthday!! We both are getting presents that day!! I did that surgery years ago. It was the best one ever, I can go with no bra ( not like I ever do) and no one could tell.
Yep gonna raise the ceiling on your B-day..... LOL I can't imagine waking up with smaller B@@bs but it's happening on the 12th. If I can wear t-shirts this next summer...or even a halter top I will be so happy...... D-R-E-A-M-I-N-G Yep. I will be so happy :-) (((Hugs gonna get some smaller Jugs)))). LOL LiveLoveBelieve
You are looking awesome!! You are going to look even more fabulous after your lift/reduction. Pillows are handy with BR recovery too. Especially under your arms when you are resting.

Times a ticking 14 days countdown to Breast-Lift added extra Lipo

Yesterday at my Pre-op appointment . I made the decision to get a bit more FAT off (My Love Handles ) while I'll be in surgery

The anesthesiologist and operating room were already included in my original estimate ....Scheduling allows for up to 3 hours ....the timing would work out....
Doc will have to add an additional fee $$$$ ( I expected that.... Only $600 additional ) I felt that fair, for what I was asking. I'm thrilled,
I know I never would schedule having this Lipo removed in a separate surgery.
I said to myself . SELF why not let Doc **tweak** this area contour it a bit more..... just get this additional Fat taken care of during my breast-lift.

More Lipo OH NO !!!!!! compression binder again what ever was I thinking LOL. (((hugs)))
It's all good. LiveLoveBelieve
Your Story has been amazing and so are you :) Good luck for the next chapter of your story, looking forward to the updates :)
Love your story and can't wait to read the next chapter. Good luck on the BR next week and happy healing.
Thanks for connecting AND READING MY STORY , yet another RealSelf friend who is going to travel the PATH TO THE FLAT SIDE........... I have continued part 2 of my transformation breast-lift-reduction on my profile....a little confused where to post my updates so I post in both profiles Age is just a number my friend!!!!!! 7 days from today next Wednesday 2/12/2014 ......it will be an uplifting day for me :-) ((Hugs)) LLB

Why more Lipo??? ••••pictures do tell the story

Just a quick update with side-by-side pictures.... It was hard to talk to my surgeon about getting more Lipo... My tummy tuck was such a fantastic transformation for old gal . I love my TT results tweaking a little extra , I might even say on my right side I can pinch much more than an inch... Eight days from today 2/12/2014 i'll be back in a binder again....Hummmm it's all good... Going to post some pictures of my new post surgery bras as well.. As well as that Inch I can pinch.. :-)
I'm 16 days away I'm excited for you
Thanks, 2nd faze in my transformation ( hugs) LLB
congratulations!!!! best wishes for your upcoming surgery!

Morning Coffee & Humor

My Wizard ( oh yeah for those of you who don't know that what I can my Hubby) just brought morning coffee and this joke...on a tray.
He finds haha's is just about everything of course B@@bs have been pretty much daily chatter with us lately LOL
Just got a call from my surgeons office , my surgery time got moved to 10 am this coming Wednesday 2/12 . It had been scheduled in the early afternoon....I am happy going earlier in the morning :-)
I haven't gotten many supplies in for this surgery except post-surgial bras & some soft flannel to keep the bras from rubbing (thanks HappySuzy) what else do I need?
Oh yeah I have Arnica . Ahhhh what am I forgetting ?

Times -a-tick-tick-ticking•••••••••• I'm a bit Anxious , more excited to get these girls under control
Enjoy my Wizards Humor

Morning coffee and B@@B Humor

My Wizard ( oh yeah for those of you who don't know that what I can my Hubby) just brought morning coffee and this joke...on a tray.
He finds haha's is just about everything of course B@@bs have been pretty much daily chatter with us lately LOL
Just got a call from my surgeons office , my surgery time got moved to 10 am this coming Wednesday 2/12 . It had been scheduled in the early afternoon....I am happy going earlier in the morning :-)
I haven't gotten many supplies in for this surgery except post-surgial bras & some soft flannel to keep the bras from rubbing (thanks HappySuzy) what else do I need?
Oh yeah I have Arnica . Ahhhh what am I forgetting ?

Times -a-tick-tick-ticking•••••••••• I'm a bit Anxious , more excited to get these girls under control
Enjoy my Wizards Humor

PS. I posted this on my boob profile too!
Woo hoo you will look awesome!
You make me smile :-) I l@@ked into a crystal ball this morning .... Bathing suit shopping is in my future. LOL LLB
You will love your new girls!! Will be thinking about you and sending positive energy your way! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us. I made my TT appointment and my surgery is April 28th! Can't wait! Take care!

Tomorrow 2/12/2014 my Breast-lift at 61 years old LOVING MYSELF

Tomorrow is my Breast-lift 2/12/2014
11 Feb 2014 1 day pre

Tomorrow morning Wednesday 2/12/2014 is my Breast-Lift 10am, I am ready....
I am confident and relaxed that I have a brilliant Doctor.
Luckily for me time did't drag...this last week flew by.

This morning I got a phone call from the surgical center , giving me all the details for tomorrow arrive 10am no jewelry photo I.D. Comfortable clothes **yada yada yada.....I must have someone to drive me and bring me home, Of course my Wizard will be with me.
Thankfully my nerves aren't getting the best of me (((No sign of getting Hives))) for me that's a big deal usually my body acts out and hives take over....so far I'm controlling them :-) shhhhhhh anxiety drug help! LOL

I wanted to take a couple of last minute pictures of the girls this afternoon. I will post one ( I used a measuring tape ) Hummmmmm.
It will be interesting to see an after shot once I get my Girls Lifted .....

My Wizard has provided comedy relief all day, he wanted to have a going away party everytime I walked past him. He brought GROPING to completely new levels...what can I say HE's Italian. TMI Hands down, I refused his offer to help me take pictures, just another way of hanging around me trying to say FAREWELL to the girls.... What is it with Men And B@@bs ??????
I'm in big trouble once these puppies are PERKY... LOL. said with my normal touch of humor girls.
I want to Thank everyone for caring and sharing here on RealSelf.
I'll do my best to update soon......when I'm able
(((Hugs to all who are Healing)))
As always, LiveLoveBelieve
So glad it went well!! I am not sure what they say, maybe welcome to the high side? Cause they are higher not because you are actually high. Lol
Well, you are a little high from the anesthesia! Welcome to the perky side?
Gotta think of a good saying....Hummmmm for now I just happy to be downsized....love my downsized B @@bs... Healing for the weekend LLB

Breast-Lift Complete 2/12/2014 Can't keep my right eye opened Grrrrrr what's going on??!

When I was awaking from surgery my right eye wouldn't stay opened, not from the surgery appeared sore like an eyelash in it but worse sight in the eye seems fine :-). Thank goodness !!!
I couldn't keep my eye opened and it hurt ...scratched??????? At the hospital they tried to flush it, called an eye doctors gave
Medicated drops
if it's no better in the morning I'll go to a eye doctor
Something is going on ....grrrrrr as a results I have to Keep it Closed, can't read much , tying on my phone way to hard.... This sucks it certainly. It is taking my mind off any Breast pain. LOL. I will be in touch when I am able my friends .
Thank you for all the well
Details will have to be another time LLB

While I was writing this my surgeon called to check up on me. I filled him in on what was happening. he said my surgery was perfect... Well that made me smile. Good night my friends
After my surgery I woke up with a fat lip (and a huge cut). I am sure that is from intubation. Always makes you wonder how gentle they really are when you're out. Feel better...glad to hear it went well. :)
I have also wondered how gently the OR staff rolled me from side to side for lipo of my hips and flanks because I have had one heck of a sore shoulder with limited mobility since my TT, something I didn't notice pre surgery. When we're under we're totally flaccid like a rag doll and I can see it happening if they're not paying total attention. So I think it's possible to accidentally get poked in the eye when they're putting on the oxygen mask.
BBNM I have no idea what they do to us once we're put to sleep. Did you have shoulder pain at all prior to your TT ? It's curious ....the staff at the surgical center seemed a bit overly concerned..... or at least to me it seems they went out of their way to get medicated eye drops from a local eye surgeon...when the surgical center called me today they had also mentioned to the other doctor in that group I might be calling....hummmmmm thank goodness my eye seems fine today...last night it was dreadful both open and closed it bothered me.... Later my friend Oh yeah for my Lipo my doctor didn't roll me ( he said he marked my body and just had to do guess work ) because of my breasts were still being sewn by his nurse Rachel ( they work as a team) ....he did all the Lipo while I was on my back.... Lipo is not an exact science at least he was honest and told he how he was doing it! XXOXX LLB

Gotta stay medicated....today my eye has improved...my B@@bs are sore

Day of Breast Surgery... We arrived at the surgery center 10am all my medical information was completed on the computer earlier in the week, it made checking in a breeze....paid with plastic (of course we are usually all self-pay).
Within a few minutes my name was called, I kissed My wizard goodby, went into the back I was put into Cubby #4 that my waiting area.... There was a cozy chair and a gown, the nurse took vitals put the shunt in my hand. Within a few minutes Doctor Rayfield came in the cubby, he marked my body, he agreed my right flank needed the additional Lipo ....it needed to be resized. He did his drawings on my Breast, we talked again about what Breast-size I wanted to be.
Final decision, a Full C-cup to do what he has to. I feel so comfortable with Doctor Rayfield, even standing in for of him in my birthday-suit very much at ease... I literally was about to put my body, into his very gifted hands to sculpt by new Breasts.

Doc. asked me about my hives , I've been trying so hard to keep them under control, taking chill pills for the last couple of weeks. It isn't easy keeping a chronic condition under control......I showed Doctor Rayfield a big hive on my forehead the size of a half dollar...the anesthesiologist was in the room listening ( the anesthesiologist said that if I had others he would have to cancel surgery.)
Well, I shut up quickly because I knew my hives were in their hatching stage and I would be getting more.( in fact I had some hives thru my scalp..that's what happens when my nerves get the best of me.
Today, I have hives right now....day after surgery...it isn't anything unusual for me...just a itchy-bitchy-Problem I deal with.

After Doctor Rayfield marked my body for surgery , I got my camera and snapped a couple if pictures. I'll post a couple pictures one pre-surgery and one of me wrapped like a mummy.
While I was waiting to go to surgery I put myself in a G@@d place.... relaxed my body & mind .........closed my eyes did breathing exercises and meditated ...
Soon a nurse came to cubby #4 to bring me to the operating room.
I got into a relaxed position, on the operating table.....time pasted Doctor Rayfield and his trusty nurse Rachel worked together , I remember nothing, time passed & the surgery was over....My wizard was in cubby#4 waiting, as I began to wake up (it was obvious something was wrong with my right eye ) the nurse Larry, washed my eye our with saline , they called an eye specialist he suggested Neomycin & Polymyxin B sulfates & Dexamethasone (I just read it's a Ocular steroid. )
All the fussing with my eye prolonged the afternoon, finally My Wizard helped me get dressed and we went home....I began nesting in my recliner...my body was sore, I have been keeping on top of the pain meds...

It was so frustrating last night, I needed or should say I wanted to write a little on my profile....grrrrrrr after futzing around I finally was able to write a little , just to let ya all know I survived.....it was hard to hold my eye opened I almost forgot about my b@@bs .... Unbelievable distraction...woke every 4 hours during the night for meds and walk
This morning my eye still felt a bit funky, but my vision was fine and I can keep it open. Today was totally a day of healing......l I slept most of the afternoon, all I did was relax. I need to force myself to stay awake right now.
Doctor Rayfield has me taped and wrapped tight, Tomorrow , I am allowed to take the tape and compression stuff off, get a shower.....OMG I GET TO SEE THE GIRLS!
I have no idea what to expect... After I get cleaned up tomorrow, I'll take pictures

A NOTE TO Everyone who sent me good wishes YESTERDAY AND TODAY THANK YOU!!!!! I
I have made the personal choice to Keep my Breast-Lift surgery private, not sharing details with very many friends and family... It Makes well wishes from all you girls that much more SPECIAL....IT MEANS ALOT , THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH....we really share a common thread......
G@@dnight my RealSelf friends, As always , ((((hugs)))) LiveLoveBelieve
Glad all is done and you are now on the healing side! You are such a strong woman =) I'm sure you will look fantastic!!
So glad to hear you're doing well. I thought about you all day the day of surgery and of course yesterday too! After going through the TT, breast lift is a piece of cake! Looking good already and as I said my breast are still perky since 1997 surgery. Complete sensation which is always a concern while making the decision for surgery. It's great to be able to include extra tweets at the same time!! Happy healing, take care!!!
So happy your doing great . I know how you feel about your hives . I have had internal shingles since I was 17 . The itching is no fun . Happy healing ! Hugs !

2/14/2014 Happy Valentine's Day unwrapped my little B@@bs.....LoVe-loVe-LOvE the girls!!!!!!

I couldn't wait to unwrap myself this morning 2 days after my Breast-Lift-Reduction Surgery....I swear it felt like Christmas morning LOL
My Wizard put a heater in the bathroom to warm room, he's thoughtful like that :-)
Of course I grabbed my camera, taking pictures every step of the way....
I had a compression binder around my lower body, sterile pads, gauze, and tape....I couldn't wait to get it off my skin. We carefully peeled the gauze with dried blood off my body, the tape encompassed my body, we pulled it slowly & carefully not knowing what to expect .....I was lucky I didn't get any blisters from the tape that was directly on my skin.
We removed everything except the steri-strips that protected (covered) the incisions.
At that moment I was feeling tired so I decided not to wash my hair, just a quick rinse ....it was good enough...we tried to scrub some of the ink off, from my Doctors marking pen.
It felt so good to have all the wrapping off, I had totally l@@ked like the Michelin Man...I was l@@king at my Little B@@bies.....OMG!!!!!! Is that really my body????? I have such a good feeling & I am very HAPPY.....my B@@bs look PERKY and I already have feeling in my NIPPLES.

My hubby, just smiled his words "they L@@k GREAT.
I snapped a couple of selfies... ALL THat activity wore me out....I finally put my post-surgical bra on....put squares of sterile gauze along the incision so nothing rubs.. Put on cozy clothes, hubby brought me my second cup of coffee with another JOKE..... I LOVE THAT MAN, my Wizard........I AM A LUCKY WOMAN.
THats it for today, I LoVe my new b@@bs ...Doctor Rayfield Thank you!
As always, ((((hugs to all who are Healing ))) LiveLoveBelieve
I dedicate the rest of my day to healing.....thanks to all my RealSelf friends
I am feeling so emotional lately (yeah, I'll use that excuse) but I just re-read your entire blog and then I had a little cry. I'm 55 and I can only hope to look as good as you! I've lived with being heavy for many years then be left with all this hanging junk. I think it finally sunk in that it really is a possibility :) Thank you and enjoy that sexy new body!!
Hey girl, after I read your profile you've had ups & downs. Heck you've been planning for your transformation for a long time, I can't imagine the anxiety of waiting....when my cosmetic TT journey started at age 60, I was scheduled my TT the day I met my surgeon..... Sometimes ya just feel the timing was right I knew Dr Rayfield was my choice from our first meeting, even only after that one & only consult , within one month of our consult had my TT. I didn't have all the build up over 1 year planning.....I don't know how you did it .... BUT girl REALITY is coming your day will be here soon... Me, this 61 year old.... Well a this old gal learned A lesson late in life....( I Gave myself Permission to LOVE myself ). I never put myself first I was ways a giver..... So you my dear must put yourself FIRST LOVE Yourself so much it's all that matters is YOU ...Your Positive attitude, LOVE yourself knowing this decision you have made is for YOU .... Why ? because You LOVE you.....DO ME A favor.....STOP reading this right now.....put your arms around yourself and HUG yourself :-) Thanks ...... no matter what your age loving ourselves giving us permission to LOVE ourselves is a hard lesson to learn ( at least it was for me ) I hope my scribbling helped sometimes I feel like in mothering...LOL Be in touch....(((hugs back at ya))) as always LiveLoveBelieve

Oops! Forgot to post the Cartoon from My Wizard?..

My Valentine morning humor served with my second cup of coffee :-)from my Hubby.....LOL
Look at you in those jeans!!! you look great!
Thanks for sharing your journey. Yesterday I was having a really down day. And thanks to you, I managed to put a few smiles on my face. I spent most of the night reading your story. And I asked myself if a 60 yrs woman is so strong and can get through this why can't I ? So today I woke up with a positive attitude and will do what I have to do get out of my slump. Thanks a millions ((( hugs )))
I posted with out finishing. You look amazing and you are an inspiration !!! Thanks oh and you name matches perfect with your whole persona.

5 days after Breast-lift 2/16/2016 I took all the tape off

I needed to take the tape off my Breast-Lift incisions , and my nipples.
Partly because it looked so gross. & of course was curious.

I have quite a bit of oozing and very raw red skin, (not where the incisions is but on the side of my breast) I felt like the tape just collected germs. I SLOWLY removed the tape, on both sides of my breasts. The raw red areas (it looks like the skin under a blister that loses the skin, ) well that needed to be exposed to air....smothered under all that tape wasn't gonna help the healing process..not that I'm a nurse I thinks it's just common sense .

My boobs are bruised, my nipples looks pretty good to me, my incisions sore, there are a couple of spots oozing, so I am putting medicine I had leftover from my TT surgery ( I used to use it on my BB......)and I'm using sterile gauze pads . I tuck them inside my compression bra. I thought tonight I'd post a couple of pictures feel free to make comments after all it's my first breast lift ....
I slept a lot today...stopped taking OXY. Tylenol is all I've used today.

Posting 3 side by side photos
I think they really show how high up my girls are now.
(Hugs). LiveLoveBelieve


2/16/2014 My typo up above made me laugh...
Looks great! Hows the pain? I see your scar/incision is a full anchor. Mine was a half anchor so the middle was extra tight, pulling, and itching!!!! Hope youre feeling ok doll. What a big difference!
It's been a rough day....,this to will pass.. I just need so e extra rest...my pain isn't bad at all...I stopped pain pills 2 days ago...only Tylenol....sorry to hear about your itching I am thrilled I see my Doctor tomorrow. LLB
Hope you have a better day tomorrow doll!

Today, 5 days post-surgery :-( Bloated-Constipated-Tired-Sore-with a Low Grade Fever

Most of the day I have been dragging just haven't been myself all day.
Tonight I took my temp, it's low-grade not quite 100degrees.( I took 2 Tylenol that should bring it down)
I'm bloated,probably just full of poop (nothing seems to be working) psyllium husk is usually my go to fix. (I'll take some more colace & MOM at bedtime )
My body is swollen a bit of (swell hell) perhaps the Lipo,or surgery in general...I've been keeping my compression binder on most of the time.
With out saying , of course my B@@bs are bruised and tender( they are oozing a bit, I am tending to the open blistered areas & keeping the area clean & dry.

Tomorrow morning, I have my first Post-op appointment with Doctor Rayfield
I've already taken all the Steri-strips and tape off...without really knowing if I should of. The tape was wet from body fluids, seemed like a breeding ground for infection really pretty gross. ( Common sense kicked in ) I was extra careful taking the tape off around my nipples, I had no idea what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised the nipple area. The rest of the incisions are tender. I'm keeping it covered with sterile gauze pads next to my skin.

I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow , expecting another snow storm here in New Jersey. (((Hugs ))) LIveLoveBelieve
Feel better soon. Lipo is a hard recovery and causes serious swelling. Take it easy.
You are coming along!! I love the cartoons your wizard shares. Those are cute. I wish I had thought of taking a picture with the tape measurer to show the difference in height. That was a good idea. The difference is awesome. Keep taking it easy!! Happy Healing :)
Congrats , they look great!

A.M.**********B.M. wake-up call :-) LOL

After being so Grumpy last night thought I'd share. :-)
Sure got rid A lot of my BloATinG. LOL
It's a good day! I don't seem to have a fever, shower time !!!

It's snowy & icy outside will leave
early for my Doctors appointment
((( hugs ))) LLB
So glad to hear you're doing well. Love reading your posts :)
Just updated my 1st Appointment since Surgery it's been a Good day so happy with my Lift! Hugs LLB
Yayyy... So glad to read that you are feeling better god bless u

1st Breast surgery post-op appointment with Doctor Rayfield

1st Breast surgery post-op appointment with Doctor Rayfield
19 Feb 2014 6 days post
I swear I never have to wait more than 10 minutes when I go to see Doctor Rayfield. I was taken back , got into a gown, a few minutes later, Rachel came in the room ( Rachel is Dr.Rayfields surgical nurse). Well she came in to remove the tape.... OOPS!!!! (. L@ks like I did her job. ) I had no idea that I wasn't suppose to take all the tape off & the Steri-strips. I explained to her about the oozing , and wanting to keep it dry and clean.... NO HARM DONE.
The good news Dr.Rayfield came into the room, he reassured me that (I DID NO DAMAGE They just like to wait until the first appointment ) he was totally pleased with his handi-work my nipple height exactly what he wanted. Once swelling & the bruised areas heal looks like i'll end up a NICE C-cup. He did point out to me, bruised areas near my armpits Doc said , he added a bit of additional Lipo to thin it out....an eye for detail my doctor has.
The Lipo he did on my flanks, Dr. Rayfield seems to think it will balance out the unevenness I had...I know I'll be happy to have a bit less fat there (I'm glad I added it.) we really didn't talk about the stitches in the area I had the dog ear revision, but it looks,better.

My next appointment is this coming this Friday morning Dr.Rayfield is going to remove 2 stitches at the base of my B@@bs. Apparently those 2 stitches are the only ones needing to be removed, the rest of the stitches that hold my b@@bs together dissolve as I heal, and my skin begins to smooth.
I know my incisions from my TummyTuck healed just fine, With my B@@bs it should work the same ......but for some reason it makes me nervous
That's my update today! Tonight my b@@bs feel swollen and tender... I don't seem to have a fever right now, Dr.Rayfield said, low grade under 100 degrees was nothing to worry about my body working to heal, take Tylenol
Tomorrow I'll take some more pictures.....
(((Healing Hugs))) LiveLoveBelieve
Hello to you & hope your Dr visit went well today. I know your exhausted!! It seems so long ago for me now, but Your recovery will zoom & then look out for this HOT momma:):) lol Happy healing. Hugs!!!
Looks great! What handiwork he has...
I don't think you'll have any regrets at all with Doctor Rayfield, make sure all questions you might have are asked.... He is easy to talk to, a good listener & an excellent board certified surgeon. I know both procedures he's done for me have been excellent, I am still healing from my breast-lift , I can tell you i am happy with my results, and am healing nicely ......Today My Wizard and me walked the new Ocean City Bridge from Somers Point - to the visitor center...a nice hike and it's not even been 2 weeks since my surgery. (((Hugs))) when is your surgery date jean1970 ? As always , LiveLoveBelieve

10 day Post-Op Breast-Lift B@@bs. fell Angry & Sore but I'm healing nicely

22 Feb 2014 9 days post

9 day Post-Op Breast-Lift B@@bs. fell Angry & Sore but I'm healing nicely,
I went this morning 2/21/2014 for my second Post-op for my Breast-lift.
I told Doctor Rayfield that by breasts felt angry and sore, I took a couple of pictures, and I'll post them. After examination he said I'm doing great, I
Will improve daily, call the office if I need anything at all. Next appointment 2 weeks. On a 1- 10 scale I'd say I'm a 8...... Big hugs to all healing...
As always LLB.
ps adding another. Picture
Looking good ...
Thanks !!! tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my Breast-Lift...everyday gets better LLB
you look awesome - congrats!!! I just had a reduction/lift AND a TT together. I'm 12 days (I think - foggy brain) post-op today and my ONLY concern (other than feeling puffy in the tummy and not so "flat" today) is that one side of my body has a beautiful indent at the waist while the other does not. Observing old photos, I may have always been this way. But not quite this much! I hope I get a left waist to match my right. Anyway, you're going to love the reduction - I had it done at 18, so this is my second (yeah, yeah, they grew back. You can read my review... ) Cheers and happy healing!!

It'll be 2 weeks Tomorrow since my Breast-Lift..... Feeling much better!

It'll be 2 weeks Tomorrow since my Breast-Lift.....
26 Feb 2014 13 days post

Just a quick update, my b@@bs are feeling much better than they were last week, my incisions are still sore but the healing is coming along.

Keeping busy with family matters, taking for focus off myself a few hours a day.
For the last several days My Wizard and I have been spending most of our days with an elderly Aunt who just turned 94 yesterday ( she has been on Hospice, she is failing, her time to transition is close, She is the last family member of her generation, she is ready to move on. Being able to spend time with a loved one at the end is sad but at the same time it makes me feel good, surrounding her with love puts LIFE into prospective, LIFE is Precious....

Thinking on that line.....We only go around once, we who have made decisions to improve our physical bodies....We , show-ourselves LOVE and Courage to improve our quality of life, be in control of our physical bodies, improve our Self-Esteem for OURSELVES, because we love ourselves.
Our futures are unknown, living in the here and now are what we are doing. It's all good....
For all that are Healing or preparing for surgery..... ((Hugs))
AS ALWAYS LiveLoveBelieve
Nice boobies!
Thanks still healing :-)
awesome, thanks for the encouraging words

New B@@B side-by-side pictures ~~~~"A picture is worth a thousand words" ~~~~ VISUALIZATION ~~~~

"A picture is worth a thousand words" ~~~~ VISUALIZATION ~~~~
2 Mar 2014 18 days post

"A picture is worth a thousand words" ~~~~ VISUALIZATION ~~~~
It's been just over 2 weeks now since my Breast-Lift 2/12/2014
I've been getting some side by side photos together....
Loving my Smaller B@@bs!!!
I'm feeling strong and healing nicely a few raw and tender areas
(honestly I think my left Boob is a bit larger than righty... I'm not all that concerned just two weeks after my surgery...time will tell)

My pictures show I am still healing....my skin is shedding old layers of skin as I heal....I am peeling as I had a bad sunburn, I haven't read this for other gals, have other had layers of skin peel away on their breasts?
Also I had additional Lipo...on my right flank... two weeks into recovery I am not sure the Lipo even made a difference...definitely going to chat with Doctor Rayfield I paid additional $$$$ was hoping to see a change, it's only been two weeks ...the JURY IS STILL OUT!

Just a chuckle :-). LOL

Showing my Tummy Tuck incision....Almost 5 months post-op....
OH how true!!!!!!
Yes its expensive! Lol! You scar looks great! Mine is still very purpleish red.. But smooth!
There are some days my scar is more purplish... All depends on the lighting the way it looks in pictures. Mine is smooth except where I got my dog-ear revision & Lipo 3 weeks ago.... It's expensive but were worth it LOL LoveLoveBelieve
Hey there LLB!! You are so early in the boobie recovery so I would not worry about any unevenness. And on the lipo, also, same thing I think you are just swollen. Give it some time my dear, because despite that, you are looking FAB!!! Your scar looks amazing! I wish mine were that thin and flat and pretty much invisible!

I think I have a BULGING LIGAMENT Under my Breast down running down towards my Belly button

Good morning ladies , I am looking for answers today and WONDERING if anyone has had this happen after a Breast-Lift.
I think I have a BULGING LIGAMENT Under my Breast down running down towards my Belly button.... A few days ago I felt bruised or tender underneath my left boob, after giving it a bit of attention I realized it was a raised and tight ( it's really tender) running down my tummy towards my TT incision.( It feels hard like a piece of solid rope, pulled very tight.)
My right side has a similar bulge but not as painful, & it is only under my breast.....( SO FAR )
It's interesting I Googled my symptoms..... No big surprise it brought me to REALSELF...... I am pretty sure this is what's going on....it's referred to as Mondor's Disease of the Breast. If that is what's going on, it'll go away hopefully cause its a bit painful (just a little bit)
Picture from google of area affected. ( just an illustration )
Anybody else dealing with these symptoms ?
Looking good lady!! I hope the inflamed breast area/symptoms go away quickly.
I got them when I had my BA in 2008. They were scary! I called my doc and she said oh, those are mondor's cords, it will go away. here's what I found " Mondor's Cords are actually inflamed veins, can be single or multiple, and may be on one or both sides. Although painful, they are completely harmless, do not cause travelling blood clots, and will eventually go away in a month or two. There is no specific treatment advised, but some patients say that aspirin and warm baths are helpful. If heating pads or hot-water bottles are used, they must not be in contact with the breasts themselves..." Don't worry, they will go away.
also, it seems its a pretty common occurrence after BA/BL. according to wikepedia, no specific cause other than recent trauma to the area.

Posting pictures of bulges or vein 4 Mar 2014 20 days post

Posting pictures of bulges or vein
4 Mar 2014 20 days post
The pictures really aren't very good. Posting pictures faint raised lines under the skin ~~~ maybe ya can see what I'm referring to~~~
I called my surgeon I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9:30.... It really is not painful I'm just curious what could be causing this A very strange anomaly
I had a breast lift it's been 5 weeks and under my breast I have a few things like that like two or three raises looking veins very tender and sore especially if I raise my arms wrong. Think they are getting better though I was going to ask dr when I go on the 18th. But thanks for keeping us up to date :) and you look great !!
Thanks :-) According to my doctor this swelling will resolve itself, hopefully for you by the 18th you'll be okay. My doctor said sometimes there are several veins just like you mentioned. I guess I just panicked... I am relieved its nothing serious this blog certainly helps research all sorts of issues... Happy healing LLB Gonna check out your lift now :-)
It looks like what our friend Svejuca had. She had a Mondor's cord, and it did cause her discomfort from what I remember.

Doctor Rayfield says not to worry

Doctor Rayfield says not to worry
6 Mar 2014

22 days post
Swollen ligament nothing to worry about .
Being checked yesterday makes me feel reassured, this will go away by itself, Doc wanted to be sure there were no bleeds under the skin ruling out clots etc. He sees this from time to time after BL & BA, also, I have seen other gals here on RealSelf who have similar swellings . Heat & massage are effective treatments but not necessary. It'll go away in due time.
Okay I guess I panicked, Doctor Rayfield checked to see how my Breasts are healing.... He was pleased and said to give it time...
I can't believe it just over 3 weeks since my girls were downsized.
I don't have any true restrictions, I can return to the gym, light weights & swimming next week. My friends I need motivation.. I have the winter doldrums and a bit of Lazy LOL
Hi LLB-- enjoyed your posting from TT through BR and lipo! You were soooo right to do it, and so brave. Your wizard is like mine: he felt that I could not be happy with this 64 yo body -- in fact, I was feeling VERY depressed and having those negative "why am I still living?" sensations. Not at ALL appropriate for someone with the joys in my life. It's amazing how one's outer shell (body) can affect ones entire self-worth. I am sooo much happier now that I have a waist again, and I went on to have a face lift, too. Still awaiting a "good feeling" about that! It's only 3 weeks post in 2 days, so too early to tell. Whatever, wanted you to know that even post-operatively I enjoyed your postings very much! Have a great life in your new, improved body!!! MVPT
Wow and wow! I just read your review and LOVE it. The photo of you toes up in the sand looks like a 30 year old not a 60 year old. 60 is the new 40! I'm so happy for your journey. Any reflections of your summer post new you? Would love to hear any "firsts" or anything you were able to do or more importantly anything you felt more confident doing that you did not feel confident doing before?
Just checking in to see how you're doing? Is the vein gone yet? I hope you're enjoying your new you :)
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