I Made it !! 1st Day Post-op pre-Preg Body Here I Come - New Jersey, NJ

Hi fellow TT's, I've been following the site for...

Hi fellow TT's, I've been following the site for weeks and reading all of your stories. I'm now days away from a body change that is way over due. I'm so anxious yet so scared at the same time. A little about me... I'm 40 and have two awesome boys ages 10 and 8 both were c-sections. I'm 5'1 and 120 lbs ... my ideal weight should be around 110. I gained 53 lbs with my first and he left me all stretched out. I'm having a hernia repair, full tummy tuck with MR and lipo.

I have a great husband but one who works constantly and has very little involvement in getting the boys off to school, to practices, homework or even bed. I handle pretty much everything, the boys, the house, my husband and a job. Because of this lack of help I've put off this surgery for the past 6 yrs. I just decided that he'll have to step up and handle things for a little while because I deserve this !!

Anyhoo, I've prepared and made lists. I've purchased all the items that everyone on here has said to get. I've made tons of food and have it all in the freezer. I still have to clean and do the last of the laundry but I think I'm ready. The nerves are another thing - I'm scared to death. My biggest fear isn't the pain but of not waking up. Does anyone else feel this way?? I can't stand the thought of leaving my this earth for a procedure that I opted for and that I didn't really need to do. Ugh... I'm driving myself crazy
Please give me any suggestions that you may have to help me through to the flat side. I appreciate you all and thoughts and opinions. I've posted a couple of my before (gross) pics. I look forward toward to not knowing my friend "Pooch" anymore :)

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Getting all the last minute things done today. ...

Getting all the last minute things done today. Although I thought that mentally I was ok I must be a nervouse wreck because my stomach is in knots. I also woke up this morning with my period which I was not expecting! yay me :) Please give me any last minute advise that any of you "flat side" peeps may have - thanks

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So I just called the hospital and I have to be...

So I just called the hospital and I have to be there tomorrow at 7 am. I'll be staying one night but I'm not packed yet. I'm beginning to freak out a little. I've been following so many of you and your recovery experiences. Positive thoughts !!!!


I'm also from NJ and I am 2 weeks PO. I had the same fears your having I cried my eyes out the night before. When I got to the operating room I was still crying cause of my fears. I was out in the count of 5. Tips tell the anesthesiologist you get very very nausea and so do your family from anesthesia. They take extra precautions if you say that. I do get sick and I told them this and I woke up fine :). Make sure you have rented a lift recliner!!!!!!' I thought because I had a csection I wouldn't need one I was wrong wrong wrong! I ordered one when I got home 195.00 for a month from a medical supply store . I'm still sleeping in it. the to toilet seat riser I couldn't live without. I also bought the generic icy hot patches and placed them on my back before going to sleep last night. I woke up feeling so much better . Good luck you can't be over prepared for this surgery. I packed a clear container with everything I needed I even put a small flashlight . Here's what I have/ had multi vit ,halls, MOM, thermometer , colace, Chapstick, hand sanitizer .gas X ,Benadryl ( to help me sleep),suppositories, tissues ,arnica. antibacterial wipes, bromelain, and all pain meds. Stay on top of your pain meds !!!! Don't not try to be superwomen ! The clear container helps so you can see everything . Everything I listed I have used and needed especially the gas X Alot of Water bottles and 1 bottle of prune juice. Good luck and remember day 1,2 ,3 are the worst after that it gets better i think if I would've had the chair lift from the beginning my my first days would have been easier. It allows you to get up at your own pace and brings you to almost a standing position, also a memory foam pillow for behind your back helps alot. Lots of pillows ( keep your feet elevated at night ) to prevent blood clots also ask the hospital before you leave for surgical stockings to wear during the day. Eating Kiwi helps 3 a day and walk around every 2 hours .Pineapple for the swelling be prepared I'm so look like spongebob right now and I'm watching my sodium .You have alot of down time as you can see by the book I'm writing to you .lol you'll be fine :).
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Wow - Thanks, you gave me so much great info. I just called the hospital and I need to be there at 7 tomorrow. So glad that your recovery is going well. I'll check in again after the procedure... if I'm not too loopy
You'll be first then :) . Yes keep me posted . No worries you'll be fine . Jersey strong sweetie

I'm sitting in the hospital waiting to be taking...

I'm sitting in the hospital waiting to be taking back. My stomach is in knots. I hate the hospital gown cause it's too big & my butt's hanging out. I'm just hoping I'm making the right decision. I thought this morning that its not that bad and maybe I should stop wanting to be perfect. I keep coming back to how horrible I feel in a bathing suit & tight tees. All update you all when I'm on the other side. Happy thoughts :) :) :)


Thinking about you:)  Send updates when you are able.

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Good luck to you! Keep us posted on your journey. I am 9 months post op now and can tell you it is the best decision I ever made! First few days are hard, but it gets easier. I was feeling the same way you were pre-op. totally normal. Good luck!
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Today is my 1st day pre-op and I feel exactly as I...

Today is my 1st day pre-op and I feel exactly as I expected. I'm sore but the pain is manageable. Last night was rough. I was unable to pee till 9:30 which was 7 hrs after they had taken out the catheter. When I finally went on my own it was just a few drops. My bladder was so swollen that the pressure made my incision feel like it was ripping open. I'll update more later, right now the pain killers are making me sleepy.


Hi Prepreg thank you so much for the great advise, I will do what you told me, I will let them know how I feel... By the way, my surgery is on march 22 of 2013, hahaha, see how nervous I am that I was thinking that we already were in 2014. So having said that, I just realized that your surgery was just 7 days ago, please let me know how are you feeling...Take care..
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OMG I can't believe that I am reading this history because I feel the same way. Im so scared to die because of this decision. I am going in to surgery on march 22, 2014. Please if you or anyone read this pleaseeee I need some advise in how to be paceful, I am also thinking on going to confession, I am not kidding. I loved reading this history, it sounds as if it was my own history about the nervious I am and all...Pray for me!!!
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Hi Fresitasol - I know how scared you are. Kept myself as busy as possible prior to the surgery. When I arrived the morning of the surgery I was trying to have a very low key leaving from my hubby and kids. I was staying as calm as possible as I could especially so my boys wouldn't be scared. The nurses and anesthesiologist knew I was scared so they gave me something to take the edge off before taking me to the OR. Let them know your fears & they'll make you as comfortable as possible. Best of luck to you - ill be following you.

Today is po day 10 and things are going well. I...

Today is po day 10 and things are going well. I did make one crucial mistake which dealt with having a BM. I knew that I should've been preparing for a painful time if I didn't eat & take the right supplements to ease it out. On Tues which was po day 6 I began what would be a 30 hr struggle to relieve myself. To make a long story short, 2 colace pills, 2 suppositories & loads of fiber rich granola cereal later, I finally went.... And went.... And went..
Please listen to what everyone says & begin stool softener immediately & eat fiber rich foods as soon as you're home. I don't wish that pain on anyone.
On another note, today I'm standing almost straight. My abs are still super tight and they try to pull me down. I can only do a few things then I need to sit down. My back is still bothering but not nearly as bad as a few days ago. Each day things get better !!! Happy healing my fellow TT's!!!

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