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I have gotten a couple of consults so far. First,...

I have gotten a couple of consults so far. First, I had my saline breast implants almost 18 years, therefore I would like replacements silicone implants.After 2 kids I was looking at tummy tuck. One doctor suggest mini with lipo and the other a full. Price difference not being much. I am very confused to say the least. I would like to schedule the surgery in oct 2013. In addition I read alot of posts explaining women that 2 years later their upper tummy swelled after tummy tuck. Any suggestions for my confusion and concerns.

mommy makeover

Today I scheduled surgery date. Decided full tummy tuck and replacement silicone breast implants. Excited but nervous. Deceided on surgery date october 10th.

before pic

After 2 kids, one child delivered through c section.The before pic.

went through with the surgery oct 9th

I went through with the surgery....I wish I took off 3 weeks from work. It was hard going back after 12 days. Around 2 and half weeks I had seroma on right side of lower tummy and it was drained twice. I still have a bulge 5 weeks later. Doctor says it is muscle and tissue swelling. I am concerned. I have 3 appointments for a tummy massage. Hope that helps. My replacement breast aug from saline to silicone....I am sooo happy. Glad I made the change. Little to no pain from breast aug.

when will the swelling stop

I am still swelling after tt. It has almost been 6 weeks. Swelling is uneven. Right side is worse and noticeable compared to left side. Has anyone else had this?
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Selected dr godek of toms river nj.

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So happy for you, would love to see more pics :)
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Hey.... how are you doing?
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I had a full tt and ba and lipo with godek this past may and im sooo happy. He is magical ! Pm me if u have any questions. Good luck
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Thank you. I was very satisfied with my saline implants. After 18 years my implants stayed in place when my breast skin and tissue started moving south. Never had one complaint even breast fed my daughter. I choose silicone cause it feels more natural. I am completely aware of the mri's and silent ruptures. Just a little concern it maybe more maintenance than I am used to. Just willing to try something different. I will probably have to replace at least one more time in my life. Why did u choose saline and not silicone?
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If my post op belly can get close to your current belly, I will be thrilled. You are going to look fabulous. Question.Why silicone? What diffences are you hoping for than from what you have no?. I am asking because I am planning to have saline implants placed. I would love to hear your opinion about saline implants.
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Woo-hoo! You scheduled. How exciting!

October will be here before you know it. I hope you'll keep us updated as you get closer.

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