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Getting a Little Nervous - New Jersey, NJ

I am having a complete facelift, neck....upper...

I am having a complete facelift, neck....upper lids and chemical peel under my eyes...how was the compression bandage the first night...and someone tell me what the pain is really like? i don't really have any friends that have had this, and no one rally to talk about this with.When did the swelling go down so i can go out..


All I can add is that you are getting great advice. Financegirl, you summed up most everyone's experiences really well! The thing that I was most surprised at during my recovery was how tired I got the first three weeks. My doctor gave me a list of things to do post-op and the first thing on the list was GET PLENTY OF REST.
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Bett031 , go to the boards and join our group that just completed surgery in March, April, May.. type "if you are having a facelift".... most of us just completed our own facelift procedures and would be happy to help you through it on each phase. It was a tremendous help to all of us to have each other supporting and sharing our experiences. Unlike a lot of posters here, I had absolutely no pain. Took 3 pain pills for the first 3 nights mostly to sleep in the upright position and then switched to Tylenol because I just didn't need anything more than that. Big recommendation: have a laxative on hand if you ARE going to need/use the pain meds because for sure constipation is a side effect of them. That was one great piece of advice I had. You do not want to be straining your neck face at that point for anything! Other than that, the tightness you will experience will be numbness in the areas worked on, most of us found our ears to be very sore for a bit, in front of the ears swollen and numb and the requisite tightness and numbing in the jowls and under the chin. You're having the chemical peel which I did not. I would imagine that will be like a bad sunburn. My Doctor had me use the compression bandage for exactly two days and then nothing else. Really wasn't a big deal. My swelling really started on Day 3 and then moved around. I would urge you to be the "poster-child" for not doing anything at all and staying elevated! In the 2nd week, you will mentally feel like you should be doing more but the fact is most of us have found that this is the time when overdoing it can truly set you back. I did go out in week 2 despite some bruising on my neck (managed with a scarf) and some fairly significant yellow on my face( ran to the store for a makeup primer for that!) I also would recommend you pay attention to your nutirition and health pre and post op because it will only help you heal faster. Everyone's healing capabilities are so varied and while I was just coasting along with absolutely no issues on Day 10 for some reason I ended up with a hematoma that needed to be drained on my neck. It was unusual for sure, but easily dealt with but you just need to be aware of everything. Doctor's beliefs on what you need to do to heal you'll find are as varied as our experiences. Some believe in Arnica, Bromelain, lymphatic massage and compression bandages for weeks, while others like mine do not. Some use sutures and staples, others do not. Each of us has a unique experience to share. Feel free to email me privately with any question you have or respond here, I'm happy to help. Good luck!
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a local

i am getting diprivan and spoke to another PS that does it under a local...what are your thoughts on this?


Bett031, sorry I missed your question on this. Because I have a weird elongated uvula, my doctor opted to be very conservative and do my FL in hospital and did a huge huddle with the anaestician group on whether to do local or general. In the end, they opted to start with local first and if they had to, they would switch to putting me under completely. I was very, very , very happy that they only did a local! I believe my recovery was better and yes, I was able to communicate on and off through the process with them but it was not anything that bothered me. I believe they gave me an anti nausea along with an anti anxiety pre and during the procedure... can't really remember all of it. But , honestly, when I was aware of them working on me, I was actually joking with them about what they were doing on me. No awareness of any pain at all. And not anxious at all. As far as pain, I know there are others who have had a lot of pain post surgery, that was not my experience at all. I had absolutely none. I don't know, I would chalk it up to there being as many varied experiences with this as there are in childbirth. :) Just remember there are always things for pain your doctor will help you with IF you do have any. Going out in Week 2 I was a little self conscious with the bruising and swelling. Scarves were and still are my best accessory! I was fearful people would be thinking I was a battered woman! So in the third week my confidence is building. Still have swelling but none that others would notice. Please keep feeling like you can post and ask questions. I had no one to talk to either about this except my husband. ( I'm sure he's sick of it although never once complained!). That's why we are all here.
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Sorry didn't read--the compression bandage will be OVER the gauze bandages. (You will look like a Q-tip!)
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Bett031--Sorry but I was in a fair amount of pain. And I know what pain is and have a high tolerance. But as you have read, everybody is different. My experiences are to stay on top of it--in other words take them every 4 hours and not wait until needed at least for the first 24 hours. They won't hurt and they will help....The compression bandage the first night will most likely be under bandages, so you won't feel it. It should not bother you at all. In fact if you are like me, it will give you the added security of knowing that your ears will stay flat and everything is protected :) Are you having a general? I don't know what diprivan is....Personally--it's a very long surgery and I am glad I was mentally absent for it.
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coming up soon

well, it's getting close! June 17th is almost here...I am stlll a nervous wreck...Not sleeping well at all...I am glad to have found this site..i have learned a lot!
Can anyone tell me what the first day is like?


Bett031, my PS did not put me out, so I was pretty lucid coming home from surgery. The following day I took a nap in the AM and the PM. Absolutely no pain for me, but I did not have any kind of peel so I'm not sure what that involved. Expect the bruising around the eyes that's sort of a standard and while surprising again, not painful. The most significant thing is really any swelling and tightness. but truthfully it will most likely not be the first day it will be more toward the days after that the bruising or swelling will start. Life Anli1974 I was given anti nausea and anti anxiety in the IV. Good stuff for this surgery! You're going to do fine. :)
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my doctor used propofol, which I guess is the same as diprivan. I think it's easier on the system than a general. I woke up feeling no pain, just discomfort. Oh, and they also gave me anti-nausea and anti-anxiety stuff in the IV, but I don't know which ones. It was nice to wake up with no pain, and dozy of course, but not sick or disoriented. I knew exactly where I was and had a nice conversation with the nurse when I woke up, lol. Just be sure to get lots of REST the first few days, even if you're bored out of your mind. I truly believe that staying in bed and resting and staying pain-free (whatever it takes to do that) makes a big difference in how quickly you recover.
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thank you ...omg i am trying ...just worried about the first day after....


i am up and getting ready...nervous, but hanging in there...let you all know. and thank you everyone! xxoo


Thinking of you today and hope you are doing OK. Let us know when you feel able to type.

day 4

well, today is day 4. would i do t all again? i believe i would. day 1 was a little hard. It was that diprvian ...my eyes hurt, and left recovery like a zombie...sleep has been a problem,.i hear it is from the diprvan . went to the drs yesterday, and had eye sutures out..i am now on my way to getting better. It is major surgery, but if you really want this it will be easier. I cant take much pain. My son was at my bedside and did every thing for me..he was better than any nurse. My parents were here, and friends all day to help...If anyone needs help or support i will be here for you. !!

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face and eye lift

I have 2 questions for anyone who had a face and eye lift...does anyone have red burning ears? and 2 weeks after my lips were done, it still looks like i have excess skin on one eye esp...anyone have any issues like this?


Hi, our cases are very similar, I had an neck lift face lift upper and lower eyes and chem peel on my mouth/chin. The peel was the worst part, and not the results I had hoped for. I also live in NJ not far from Montclair, 55, I also love the results, and I have that pinched red at the corner of my eyes, one more than the other. The dr. said that that was a stitch, and will loosen over time.I went back to work yesterday, and no one really said anything but how was your vacation. someone pointed out my eye looked a little swollen, so I came up with a quick fight with a ladder story (everyone knows I am rebuilding my shore house after Sandy) Last night I ran into a High School friend who said, OMG you never change, you look exactly like you did in High School. You bet it was all worth it!!!!
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I didn't ave eyes done, so I can't speak to that. The ears, though.......oh my ears. That was the worst for me, they just were swollen and hurt. Makes sense because they were surrounded by incisions with staples and sutures. They will get better!
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3 weeks 3 days post face lift

after the bruising goes away...and you don't look 100% or a little distorted ..anyone feel a little down?


Who was your surgeon?
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Bett031 you look great! I can relate to feeling a little down. It comes and goes with me. My husband and someplace I read; said we we not perfect to begin with, nothing is ever "exact". He said to me "everyone has some differences in their face and body" I keep trying to think about his comment when I look at my face and think one eyebrow looks a little higher than the next, crinkle under my ear etc... Hang in there. Right now, we are all examining the surgery with a microscope. Time, I truly believe is a wonderful healing agent, for the body, and the mind.
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Bett031, feeling depressed, blue or "down" is part of the package for many.  It was even in my post op instructions for recovery.  Regardless of the what kind of anaesthesia the PS has used, one can also figure that it takes time for it to get out of our systems.  So it's easy to feel better, but not quite up to par and attach all of this to the work done on our faces and think it should be farther along or it's not quite symmetrical etc and then our minds start working.  You said you were in the medical field right? So you get how long the drugs may affect our bodies.  I remember thinking I had a very "plastic" and "waxy" look to my face post op, and it was a little scary to think it might stay that way.  Keep telling yourself it's only temporary.  Would love to see more before & after pics.  From what I can see you look great! Hang in there.  :) 
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going back in

its almost 1 year, and my dr did an awesome job....but i am going back July 17 to get a little tighter....he def put me back 15 to 20 years, but i ca see my rightside is a little tighter ... so it wil be about 4 hrs in surgery....i am a little nervous .,not too much tho...its just waking up like a zombie i hate...will let you all know..


I DO, My 1 eye is driving me nuts...I am having My lower body done 9/24 and having this addressed...My MD wanted to be sure I could close my eyes... I sure can and have way too much skin on my right eye, Looks bad... and annoying...
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You Look Great....
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