6 Weeks After Lower Eye Lid Surgery, I Have Bigger Eye Bags and Dark Circles

I am very upset and nervous, I used to have fine...

I am very upset and nervous, I used to have fine eyes and now they look so tired!! I am due back in the office in a week or so for follow up, but in the past 4 weeks my eyes literally looked the same without much improvement.

I used to think it's the swelling and over time it would subside, but it hasn't really and I noticed much darker circles under eyes now. I am not sure if I need to take out more fat or reposition the remaining, also I think the dark circle is caused by the remaining fat.

Would I need a filler to smooth out the eye area or additional surgery to correct this? I am so destressed now!

Update Jan 2013 Thanks for all your comments and...

Update Jan 2013
Thanks for all your comments and concerns.
After about 2.5 months I went to another doctor for a second opinion. The other doctor has had a lot more experience in eyelid surgery. According to him, there was still fat remaining that was not taken out (but he did agree that my previous doctor could just be conservative) and that I have some hollowness now which made it look worse. What he recommended was to have another surgery to get the remaining fat out and fat-grafting to position the fat to smooth out the lines and hollow.
In the meantime, he gave me a filler (Juvederm) to fill the hollow. At first it made one eye very bruised for about 2 weeks and some puffiness which made me look odd, but after about 3 weeks I looked more normal and now I am very happy with the result. He said it usually last about 6-9 months. I don't know if I should repeat this or have further surgery. I guess I will wait until the filler wears out and see what I look like then and decide.
So far, my experience from this is that for women who are in late 30s and early 40s, you should be cautious about eyelid surgery. A little puffiness may not be that bad, it's better to be safe because you have much to lose. For women in their 50s and 60s, their eye bags may be much more noticeable and the surgery results are typically more satisfying. Just something to think about before you commit.

I have enclosed a recent pic of my eyes, after the filler.
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I had visited the doctor for other issues before.

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So glad i found this post. i had under eyelid surgery last july for bags under my eyes. My fiance paid for it because he wanted to do something nice for me since i had been sick for a while. The doctor reassured me that nothing would go wrong and i asked him if there was a chance he could take too much fat out. He said that has never happened before and i would be fine. A week after my surgery i looked in a mirror and was horrified that i had what looked like big bruises under both eyes. At the follow up i expressed my concerns to the surgeon and he said it would take more time to heal and that it was fine. A month after that my eyes still didnt look any better. I didnt think my eyes could look worse then they did before my surgery but i was wrong. i didnt sleep for weeks i was so distraught. I went to another surgeon and he confirmed that my eyes were probably not gonna get any better than they were and recommended that i try restylane. it took 3 viles of it to help my appearance. The restylane has since worn off and i am back to ground zero. i hope one day i can find a permanent solution to my problem. I am only 23
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I am now 7 weeks put and doing a bit better. I am far from pleased, but am stArting to see improvement.
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I am glad you are improving. Keep us posted.
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Wow, you are so young. I don't think you can keep on doing restylane at your age. I only had 1 vile of Juvederm and that was a bit too much the doctor used the leftover around my nose and mouth, as he said no need to waste it. The doctor suggested fat grafting and repositioning. I will need to get another surgery (at least for me there was remaining fat that needs to be taken out), they will harvest some fat from my butt and store it. After 3 months when my eyes are healed, they will inject my own fat into the hollow to smooth out the area, at that point they can determine how much fat I need and I think can repeat the injection until it's satisfacory. Because with fat, it will always be there and not dissolve. I have not decided, hate to have to so much to my eyes.... But if you have severe hollow, maybe that's something you should expore. Talk to a few doctors first. Good luck, I can perfectly understand your disdraught, -- I was very depressed myself for a while and when my Juvederm wears off I may be again. :((
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Oh no, did you remove your pic? I didn't get a chance to see it. :(

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How are your eyes now? I had mine done 5 weeks ago and I too have dark circles as well as indentation and a bit of hollowness. I have been hiding behind my glasses for weeks!
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I am now 4.5 weeks out and have seen some improvement, but still also hiding behind glasses as I still am far from happy with results. Trying to stay positive as do. Insists that skin flaps will go back in And that I still have residual swelling. He prescribed methlopredlisone for the swelling. Hoping to see results soon. Lease keep md posted on your progress!
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Actually only 3.5 weeks out
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I am 2 1/2 wks out and feel the same regret. My formerly just puffy eyes look aged, saggy, with. Terrible creases and crevices, lines and circles. Have you experienced improvement?
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I had weird wrinkles and creases for about four months after the surgery. Freaked me out! I think it was just swelling as it went away little by little over time. It is now two years after my surgery and the weird "rolls" and wrinkles under my eyes are gone. I do have some discoloration at the outer corners of my eyes still and some on my eyelids. I am the only one that notices it but I do wonder if those areas will always be slightly darker (purple/brown) than they were prior to surgery...
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That is helpful and reassuring. Thanks. I'm sure any discoloration can be covered with makeup. I'm glad you are happy. Are you happy, overall, with your results? No regrets?
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Overall I am happy with the procedure - my upper lids were completely hanging on my lash line. My only slight regret is that I let him talk me into the lower bleph that I still do not think that I really needed (yet). He was very conservative and no one even noticed I had the surgery unless I told them. The hardest thing was being patient through the recovery. They tell you three weeks but it is more like six months until your eyes feel normal and a year until you see the final result. Hang in there - it really does get better!
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At six weeks you are just barely healing. The dark circles are probably blood from the surgery that will take a while to dissapate. As for the bags they could just be swelling as it takes almost a year before you will see the end result. Cut back on salt and alcohol as they cause swelling. Use light ice packs in the morning and sleep with your head elevated. If after six months you still see these issues then you may want to contact another (different) surgeon for a 2nd opinion. Good luck with your recovery!
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How are you doing now, Tari? I hope things have improved... please update us when you can!

You may also want to post on the Doctor Q&A Forum for some professional opinions.

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