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Hi guys I will be going for my BBL Monday July 15....

Hi guys I will be going for my BBL Monday July 15. I'm 5'3" & 165 lbs. I had a tummy tuck years ago but put on weight due to my HypoThyroidism. I'm very hippy girl but not much of a butt. I've always felt very self conscious about my lack of butt. I'm just praying I get the results I've longed for a nice Bubba Butt like Jennifer Love Hewitt now days LOL :-)

Good luck with your upcoming surgery, I hope everything goes well for you!

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

Thank you soo much I definitely will :-)
Good luck on ur journey to sexiness

Went For PAT's today...

So I had my PAT's today & I'm closer than I was yesterday.... Oh My God I can't wait :-)

Front view/thunder hips

Thunder Hips!!! Hope I can get what I've always wished for....

Thunder hips.

Thunder hips...
Hello lady! I definitely understand; I have hypothyroidism too (Was hyper, but got rid of my thyroid tumor when I was 11) and I know what you mean! This weight stays up and down! -___- I'm hoping/trying to lose at least 20 pounds before my surgery in May 2014! I'm so excited; it's around the corner for you! Congrats hunny!
Thank you soo much mama. Nobody better than u to understand me & my frustration :-) its a roller coaster do us :-( That's awesome girlie Good Luck & I know u can do it mamacita.
U already have a cute shape, so Dr Alkon should def be able to deliver on the good's! 5 more day's good Luck girly!!!

Today is my day... Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you soo much.

Big day for me today. I pray to God I get what I've always wanted. I'm on my way.... Will keep u guys posted :-)
Good luck and happy healing. I hope everything went well.
Thank you soo much.
Hey lovely! Today is the day!!! Can't wait to see our results!!!

1 week Post-op

Hi Guys.... Sorry I haven't posted post my surgery.... First I must say Thank God everything went well for me. Thank YouLord!!!

Surgery went well I really like what I'm seeing so far. Now the pain it's a totally different story.... Oh My God this pain from the Lipo areas is NOOOO JOKE!!!!!! I was really expecting it to be a smooth ride like my previous TT 9 years ago. But heck NOOOO. It's really uncomfortable I'm out of pain meds so I've been taking OTC Tylenol extra strength. I drove to the store yesterday; it was a little mission especially when it's a 6minute drive from my house. Now I'm really worried about going back to work next Monday since I have a sit down job & my commute is close to 45 minutes.

I just want this horrible pain to go away :-( it feels like I have 20 sunburns on top of each other ????????

9 Days post op

Still lots of swelling. But Thank God I'm feeling better today ????????

More pix

Previous pic is a typo it should be 8 days post-op.

slowly but surely process in healing.... but i'm sooooo loving my curves. Thank you soo much Dr. Alkon
Hope u feel better soon. I'm thinking about Alkon since I live in Jersey.. Did u get what you asked for? How was the whole process with him? Sorry so many questions I'm just hoping I dnt have go out if State/ country for good results. Nice bootay by the way:)
Hi mama. I'm feeling better. I'm back at work. So far I like what I'm seeing but I'm just still afraid to loose volume since I'm back at work & I have a sitting job. I still don't have a smooth butt; o think im just rusjing it too im only two weeks in.... but when I saw him last I asked the question if the little lumpyness would go away & he said yes. That's my only concern at the moment. I hate this darn garment with the holes it's sooo hard to try to wear anything a little fitted :-( I'm pretty pleased so far but I can't wait to the final results.

Not feeling the dents :-(

Here's a new pic Not really feeling these dents on my butt just praying everything smooths out sooooooon :-(
Hi. Im new to this site.. How are you? Would u recomend dr alkon? Did u lose any volume?? Plz help me im not sure which dr to choose for my bbl
Hi mama. I would definitely recommend Dr. Alkon. He's extremely professional & I'm pleased with his work. I don't believe I've lost volume but I'm only 3 1/2 weeks out. Some swelling has gone down so in all some volume has gone down a little. But so far soooo good I think it's different with everyone & how your body process's the fat intake. It's been a little hard for me because I have a sit down job & I had to return to work after two weeks & I commute 45 mins to 1 hour each way to & from work. Overall I'm very happy but it has also been an emotional process. Good Luck n I'm here for any advise or anything u would like to know :-)
hey love! you looks great! and about those dents don't stress it, your bbl is still very new, and when u start working out it should smooth out! you have to work out if u want to be firm! =0)

Garment.... Hellllllp Girls :-(

Oh My God I reallly can't wait to get off this garment. I'm running out of clothes to wear that wont make my butt looks soooo much like a brain.... Hellllllllp girls :-(
Hey jerseypink. Hope all is well I am thinking about using dr alkon for a bbl. How do you feel? Did u lose volume? Did your dents go away? My consult is Monday. So anxious. Hope all is well
I would like to use this dr how are your results
You look soooo good! I am wondering how you are doing now?? Can you please post new pics? The dents I feel make your butt look real...they do not look bad at all. I really want to go to him asap but I am trying to get as much information as possible. His site at the moment only has a few pics of bbl.. Why did you wear the compression garment for 28 days? Thanks!!!
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My Doctor was Super knowledgeble & professional. when I went for my consultation; the staff was really professional, attentive & very nice. They made me feel comfortable. Thank God Very happy with my results so far.

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