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So I'm really considering going for my surgery...

So I'm really considering going for my surgery most likely in October (I know very short notice) I'm 5'2 and currently weigh 127 lbs, I was told I need to gain weight but don't know how really. I really am considering Dr. Duran due to all the great reviews from all you wonderful ladies. It's crazy how I would always just lurk and do my research without ever considering logging in and having you guys accompany on my journey but after reading so many reviews and how much support you women give, I feel sort of inspired to help someone else as you all have helped each other....this really is a Sister Surgery community. So with that being said pls give me all your inputs on the recovery house, the recovery process and if anyone wants to buddy up, my loving husband thinks I'm crazy for buddying up with a stranger but I kept explaining how much you all help and support each other and it's def a beautiful thing....can't wait to hear from ya TA TA DOLLS!!!
Ok thanks;)I have no problem gaining.After losing 40 some lbs,I just hate to gain.I look at food & it ends up showing on me lol.I know it'll be worth it though;)And hey,you keep spelling Cortes' name wrong like me.My mind always goes back to using the Z.
It's funny because I went to check your page and told myself the same thing lol what's even funnier is that when I would search him I always did it with an S, I'm a confused soul....
Ahaha,yeah,I've known a Cortez family for yrs so I think that's why I keep spelling it like that.How much weight are you trying to put on girlie?

Before pics

Weight Gaining Tips : High Calorie Protein Shakes, Cake, Ice Cream, Burgers, Beer lol these are the main things that helped me gain 8 lb in a month. Eating late at night helped alot too, Skippin the gym.
thank you @Mariel2013
Yum you just made me want to go buy a case of coronas lol thanx Mariel2013 btw you look fab

Got in touch with Duran

Woohoo so I'm pretty excited I got in touch with Duran through email and then called and spoke to Elizabeth, my date is pretty much set for October 14 only thing now is getting my sitters together (hopefully everything works out smoothly) I'm excited, nervous, happy, anxious uhhhhh I'm just all over the place and now to start getting all these things needed uggghhhhh I have to search around for lists and recovery houses...I forgot the site ppl said to check adnb or something

October 15th

Well since it was a process to do a wire transfer my date was pushed to the 15th instead of the 14th, not much of a difference and thank goodness I didn't book my flight just yet. I haven't even bought the necessities needed yet and I'm still searching for someone to buddy up and a personal nurse for the one night stay at Cipla, I heard its best to bring your own being that at times the nurses are so busy....so please if anyone is searching for a buddy and if you have any info on personal nurses let me know, I hope to hear from you gals soon :-)
See u in DR!
Omw to the airport now :-) have a safe safe flight
Im on flight to santo domingo wooooweeee

after surgery update

Well let me start by saying that it wasn't that bad the first day of surgery then I was awakened to be cleaned and my faja to be put on WHAT A FUCKING NIGHTMARE I can tolerate pain but boy oh boy that shit hurt, I fainted and threw up ugh...the day after which was 2 days post op I felt much better although I didn't want to eat or get up and now I'm feeling great, I'm walking without a problem and eating better....as far as my results well im just waiting til I I don't need any more maxi pads and waiting for the drain to be taken off (which the nurse said it may be really soon because its running clear) woohoo my 2 fears was going to the states with this drain and having dents in my stomach which I'm having my hubby send the lipo foam overnight....happy healing sisters

oops I meant 1 day post op not 2

Any questions feel free to ask
Happy healing!
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